VCRMM: Chapter 87 Part 2

The player lying in the grass was still holding a stone in his hand. He saw this scene from a distance and his mouth dropped open in confusion as he stared.

Xu Sili, who was observing with the flight monitor, also saw everything that happened and felt a bit surprised.

The interstellar beasts…

They were even more ferocious than he had imagined.

This was still on the plains and the danger was much lower than the forest. Who could resist this method of doing things in groups?


Now there were players!

“God Eight, 666. We let you attract aggro but it turned into a large-scale brawl scene?”

“God Eight! It is worthy of you!”

“Hahaha, I’m laughing to death. A murder case caused by a stone. 6666.”

The player called God Eight was lying in the grass. He listened to the jokes of his teammates in the voice channel and couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

He was a dark warrior who was good at lurking. The fight between the two groups of interstellar beasts couldn’t affect him.

“Captain, what now?” He asked in a low voice in the channel.

It was like this and it wasn’t easy for the players of other squads. It was because other types of interstellar beasts were also getting involved and the range of this nonsensical ‘fight’ was gradually expanding.

“Mix in with them,” Qing Yan’s voice rang out in the team channel.

This was the leader’s permission so that even players who temporarily blocked the team’s voice could hear it.

“We can be resurrected in place even if we die.”

“In the team mode, there are two big factors when it comes to experience gained: the output damage ranking and critical damage to monsters.”

“For example, those who deal the last blow will have their experience points doubled.”

Qing Yan licked her lips. “The current big melee mode is beneficial for us. Find the opportunity to strike. Then once the melee is over, the corpses of these interstellar will also be a huge wealth.”

If it was just them grinding down one interstellar beast one after another, how long would it take them to empty the health bar of these one and two star beasts? In addition, these beasts like to get together and act in groups.

Such a big scuffle was a good way to grab experience!

Qing Yan was originally crazier than others and such an exciting big scene would only make her more excited.

“God Eight, go and create more bloody scenes.”

“The other dark warriors, learn from God Eight. Remember, the more chaotic it is here, the greater our chances!”

Everyone thought about it and agreed.

In any case, they could be resurrected on the spot when dying. There might be a wait but they just had to do enough damage before dying and they would get experience points.

Give it a try! A bike for a motorcycle!

None of them were lacking the instinct for gambling, especially when the benefits were large enough and the losses were within the range they could afford.

All the players were excited, including God Eight who had made a ‘divine move.’

The moment Qing Yan gave the order, he turned into a shadow again and moved forward away from the direction of Orchid Moon City. He moved past the interstellar beasts that were looking this way but weren’t ready to participate.

He was excited but he didn’t lose his mind.

If a powerful interstellar beast was provoked and rushed to the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City, they would be guilty of death.

For the casual players watching the live broadcasts, when had they ever seen such a big scene apart from movies and television?

For other online games, a large scene like this would have disconnections every minute, not to mention various delays and frame drop problems. Meanwhile, they were watching this live broadcast and could feel the same smoothness as usual.

“This game is too awesome! When is the game helmet coming out? I’m going to play it ahhhhh!”

“The public beta will have to wait until at least next year. Isn’t there a second closed beta?”

“F*k, just open the game! I want to play it! If all the monsters are beaten by them, will we have any room in the future?”

“I want to ask a weak question. Aren’t the game mechanics of Starry Sky Age very unfriendly? Why do you all want to play it so much?”

“Brother, aren’t you watching the live broadcast? Aren’t you excited when you see this picture? Don’t listen to the brainwashing packages issued by those marketing accounts. You must have your own judgment ability.”

“Yes, it is only a closed beta right now. It isn’t even a public test. Even if there are bugs, it can be updated and improved in the public beta! This is an epoch-making holographic online game!”

It wasn’t known if it was a water army or a person sincerely asking a question but the moment these words came out, they were scolded by various casual players and didn’t dare speak again.

There were indeed a lot of brainwashing packages about Starry Sky Age on the Internet but it was basically stable in the game circle. In addition, this wave of smearing even caused more people to know about the game.

It could be regarded as a blessing in disguise. There was a wave of advertising done in disguise.

Looking at the game again, the players attracting the monsters had successfully angered a group of interstellar beasts.

There were around four interstellar beast herds attacking each other and the ground trembled. Nevertheless, the players who caused it weren’t afraid and just continued to go further to provoke more trouble.

[Player Qing Yan has dealt a critical blow to the ‘Rhinoceros Lv. 10’ and the experience value is doubled.]

[Player Bai Zhou has assisted in killing the ‘Striped Beast Lv. 11’…]


The message notifications refreshed on the team channel and soon reached the level of swiping the screen.

Players continued to level up or were killed and trampled by the interstellar beasts because they couldn’t dodge in time.

Ah Caizi hid in a tree and shivered while broadcasting live.

She was a water player and the only skills she learned were water healing and water fog. She was a support role and wasn’t aggressive. She naturally didn’t want to go down to hunt monsters.

However, her level was very high among players. She was level 12.

It was because she was a water healer. During the escort mission, Li Lai and the other NPCs took special care of her. She could gain experience with water healing so she gained a lot of experience.

Now looking at the big melee before, she was timid and didn’t want to go down to join the fun.

“Don’t be a coward, Ah Caizi. Dad will send you a rocket launcher. Go down and rush! No cowardice!”

“Haha, I like to watch Ah Caizi like this.”

“Touch the head of Ah Caizi. Don’t listen to them. Just hide in the trees and watch the fun.”

“Speaking of which, zoom in the camera closer to the right. There are two handsome players over there!”

Ah Caizi blinked. She saw this request and looked curiously at the battlefield on the right.

It was the place where the battle had started so it was the most intense. The smell of blood was heavy and the interstellar beasts were inspired to be fiercer.

Of course, the rhinoceros were already fierce by nature.

In this chaotic battlefield, there were elegant figures moving in and out. A dying striped beast was harvested in a few blows and the bright light from leveling up continued to come from them.

Xu Sili also saw this divine scene happening early and noticed these two figures.

It was impossible not to notice because one of them was his second brother, Xu Yuheng.

He wore blue clothes and the glasses on his nose made him look gentle. It was just that the fierceness in his eyes and his calmness and lack of softness in the face of interstellar beasts made people not dare to take him lightly.

Turquoise wind elements gathered around him.

He moved sideways in the air and the long sword in his hand kept stabbing, dealing some damage or attacking the weak spot of the interstellar beasts, causing critical hits one after another.

Beside him was a young man in a yellow outfit.

He was also blessed with the Body Lightening technique and tacitly cooperated with Xu Yuheng. During the action, he used the ivy technique and the dagger in his hand.

This was definitely high level gameplay!

It also wasn’t high level gameplay in the traditional sense.

For online game players of traditional online games, their game consciousness was there and they were ahead of other ordinary players. However, game consciousness wasn’t enough in holographic games.

This would only help them pass the level faster and find the correct strategy faster. Meanwhile, participating in battle often tested their athleticism and combat awareness.

For example, Xu Yuheng and Baifeng. They were only level 5, of course, they were higher than that by now, but they could show a record that other level 10 Imperial City players might not be able to complete with.

“Ahhh, God Yu is so handsome!”

“I didn’t expect God Yu to fight so fiercely when he looks so gentle and polite.”

“Who is cooperating with him? This person is also good. It is like watching a martial arts movie.”

“Oh, God Feng! Yusiqing’s vice-commander is also very good!”

Xu Sili couldn’t see the barrage but he felt that if this scene was recorded and transferred to the forum, his second brother would absorb a lot of fans.

This was fine as well.

After all, his second brother had set up a mercenary group. If his reputation increased then he could recruit more masters in the future. As for whether his second brother had the intention to run a mercenary group…

Let’s talk about it later.

Xu Sili thought so and his eyes were soon attracted to another place.

Not far from his second brother, a shadow quietly approached. Then under his gaze, the shadow transformed into a hand, raised a laser gun and secretly fired a bullet.

Xu Yuheng inserted a sword into the head of a zebra beast, ending its life. Yet after the interstellar beast fell to the ground, the experience point notification he received was:

[You have assisted in killing the ‘Striped Beast Lv. 10’…]

Assisted kill?

He frowned but had no time to think about it. He continued to fight.

However, Xu Yuheng finally became vigilant when he received the notification about an assisted kill for the third time. He realized—


At this time, his communicator made a message notification sound.

Xu Yuheng blinked. Who would use the communicator to contact him at this time? Could it be Xiao Wu?

He controlled the wind element to dodge the attack of the interstellar beast like a leaf. Then he glanced at the communicator.

[Anonymous]: (333,158), someone is snatching the monsters.

Xu Yuheng’s heart moved when he saw this message and he was almost hit by a rhinoceros beast when distracted.

He hurriedly used the flying technique to fly into the air.


Who would give him such information besides Xiao Li? It was also with coordinates.


Xiao Li was in Orchid Moon City? Or watching him from nearby? Or did Xiao Wu send him the message?

Xu Yuheng had one question after another in his heart but he knew now wasn’t the time to think about it.

Someone was snatching the monsters and robbed him of three heads!

How could this be tolerated?

His temper wasn’t very good and he was dissatisfied that he had worked so hard to grind down the health of the beasts only to have them stolen.

He turned around and looked at the coordinates that were sent to him anonymously.

Due to his vigilance, he saw the shadow hiding in the grass. A hand holding a gun popped out from the shadow and the muzzle of the gun was pointed at Baifeng’s side.

Obviously, this monster snatcher saw that he wasn’t moving so he was aiming for Baifeng.

Xu Yuheng pursed his lips and a trace of anger surged in his eyes.

He quickly flew toward the shadow with his sword raised.

The shadow also spotted him. The person quickly gave up on Baifeng’s monster and shot in Xu Yuheng’s direction.

Xu Yuheng ducked to the side and easily dodged the laser bullet. He was unscathed but his speed was inevitably reduced.

This was clearly the purpose of the shadow.

As Xu Yuheng was dodging, the shadow quickly put away the laser gun and scrambled toward the deeper forest at full speed. He was running away.

Proofreader: Purichan

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