VCRMM: Chapter 86 Part 2

Xu Yuheng was stunned by this scene.

He felt that the players were already quite ferocious. He never thought that the NPCs would be even more ferocious.

Then after the initial shock, he quickly gave orders on the voice channel. “Everyone, scatter! Don’t go near the NPCs!”

The players, who were completely confused by this change, heard the command and instinctively ran away.

This group of NPCs had gone crazy!

The moment of reunion, which should’ve been warm and emotional, instantly turned into a terrifying murder scene.

Of course, it was actually only a few instructors who overreacted. Edith calmed down first and hurriedly stopped the instructors from releasing skills.

Fortunately, they were all only half a star and had no magic power after two skills.

“Dean Edith, what is going on…”

The female instructor who buried the two players alive was teary-eyed, as if it wasn’t her who had just buried people alive.

In fact, it was just a subconscious move. Her Small Hill technique generally couldn’t kill people. Who would’ve imagined that this ‘ghost of the braves’ would be so fragile?

Meanwhile, the metal instructor who released the blade saw the bloody wound of the player who fell to the ground and finally calmed down. He realized what he just faced wasn’t an attacking ghost.

After seeing the player’s face and recalling how this brave sacrificed himself for them on the way to Orchid Moon City, the instructor was simply panicked and regretful.

He hurried over and tested if the player was breathing.

“Wu~ Dean Edith… What should I do? I killed him… I killed a brave. I taught him skills before… wuu… I didn’t mean to kill him…”

The instructor hugged the player’s corpse and cried. “I just pierced his stomach. I didn’t expect him to be so weak. He suddenly jumped out to scare me and I thought he was a ghost trying to attack me…”

For a moment, only the instructor’s cries filled the vast warehouse.

The players who had scattered and found places to hide didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they saw the scene.

In mid-air, the three players who were killed on the spot were in the form of ghosts.

The player whose body was being hugged couldn’t help cursing. “F*k, you killed me yet you are still babbling. You are the weak one!”

“Silly X, don’t cry while hugging me. Your snot will fall on my face! I’ll be resurrected later!”

The other players also felt wronged. They hadn’t expected the soft and weak-looking female instructor to be so fierce when acting. However, now there was a comparison so there was no harm.

They saw the energetic player and kindly reminded him, “Brother, he can’t hear you if you scold him so much. You might as well chat privately with God Yu and ask him to help you get your body back.”

The player finally remembered and hurriedly sent a private message to Xu Yuheng.

Xu Yuheng was speechless after receiving this private message.

He hadn’t hidden too far. Once the instructors calmed down, he walked out with the other players following him.

Edith was feeling flustered by the metal instructor’s cries when she saw the players following Xu Yuheng. Most of them were familiar faces.

She couldn’t help asking, “You… can you really be resurrected?”

The players nodded. They had spent time together on the road before and their impression of Edith was very good.

“Yes, didn’t we tell you before?”

“Yes, we can be resurrected. You didn’t believe it even after we said it 800 times and now you have actually hurt us!”

Everyone felt helpless about this but at the same time, they also felt more and more that the NPCs of this game were extremely intelligent.

Regarding this matter, the most unfortunate ones were the three players who lost experience points in vain. They also had to be ghosts for 30 minutes.

Edith’s words woke up the instructors, especially the metal and earth instructors who had just acted.

“Can they also be resurrected?”

The female instructor pointed to the corpses of the players and asked timidly. Her weak appearance didn’t look like a person who just smashed people with a mound.

This contrast was being recorded by some players.

In the future, they should stay away!

Of course, some people felt this was very interesting. At the beginning, some players were recording and just happened to shoot this absurd and funny scene. They prepared to edit it and upload it to the forum.

Who would’ve thought that this gentle and polite group of NPCs would fight so fiercely?

Xu Yuheng was very considerate when faced with the female instructor’s question and didn’t drag it out. He gave a positive reply. “Yes, just wait for half an hour.”

All the instructors sighed with relief.

The scene just now was a bit embarrassing but who made the players a group of heartless people? It wasn’t them who died. How fun was it to watch the play?

The instructors wanted to collect the bodies of the three players who were accidentally killed. However, it wasn’t known who started it but the players started standing in front of the corpses for a group photo.

The two players who were buried alive by the small hill received special attention. They were smashed to the ground and covered with blood but from the players’ point of view, they were covered with golden liquid which was especially beautiful!

“If you want to take pictures, take them before they are resurrected.”

“Haha, I just recorded a video. I’ll edit this later and see how these three unlucky guys were attacked by NPCs!”

The three ghosts in mid-air were unhappy.

It was a pity they couldn’t speak in the voice channel. Finally, they had to shout on the forum that there was a fee for taking photos!

It was noisy but the crusade against the game company stopped a little bit.

In addition to the group photo, there were players from the metal and earth departments who enthusiastically surrounded the two instructors and expressed their desire to learn the two skills just now.

Flying Blade!

Small Hill!

This was too cool! The PK magic skills had to be learned!

By the end, the instructors were numb.

They never seemed to know what the braves would do to make them stunned but now they took it for granted.

In general, the braves were still to their liking. The braves might be a bit nonsensical but they could be trusted at key moments.

So… just get used to it.

Xu Yuheng found Edith. The young dean of the branch division was still in shock.

In addition to being a nation of elementalists, the braves could be resurrected infinitely!

Their strength might be slightly weaker but the feature of infinite resurrection could completely make up for this.

Edith felt horrified as she looked at the laughing braves around her. She no longer dared to look down on them and there was an indescribable solemnity deep in her eyes.

These braves must be won over and couldn’t be offended!

She had to report this important information to the imperial family and the patron saint!

Just then, she heard the young man who had been helping them speak. “Dean Edith, can I trouble you to step aside and talk?”

Edith was still shocked but how could she dare to refuse? She hurriedly nodded. “Yes.”

They went to a corner and Edith couldn’t help being vigilant when she heard Xu Yuheng ask her to keep the information that players could be resurrected a secret first.

However, what type of shrewd person was Xu Yuheng? He saw her thoughts and immediately mentioned to her that there were traitors in Orchid Moon City.

Edith couldn’t help being stunned.

She had been studying at the academy and she never thought that someone would commit treason.

“Why did they betray us? What is in it for them? If they betray the empire, who will they swear allegiance to? Do they want to set up a nation themselves?”

Edith asked many questions in a row. She obviously didn’t believe Xu Yuheng’s words.

“At the moment, this is still a military secret.”

Xu Yuheng’s voice was solemn. “Once the operation is over, perhaps you can learn about it from the military, Dean Edith.”

“Before that, please keep it a secret for the time being. If the traitors change their plans because they discover our characteristics then Orchid Moon City will probably be in very big trouble.”

Edith bit her lip and finally agreed.

Before she left, Xu Yuheng kindly told her, “I won’t let you wait too long. Please be patient.”

Edith nodded and walked back in a trance.

Just then, Xu Yuheng’s communicator rang.

It was a message from Xiao Wu.

The eighth traitor had finally been revealed. Then Xu Yuheng’s expression became solemn again when he saw the specific information of the person.

He didn’t know the eighth traitor but… she was a two star elementalist.

Add the wind elementalist William and this was already the second two star traitor! It should be known that there were only six two star elementalists in Orchid Moon City…

Xu Yuheng sighed. This spy movie was about acting… if it wasn’t for Xiao Wu, who would’ve thought of it?

He examined the latest plans of the leader of the traitors, Bryce.

He had scheduled the operation for tonight but postponed the plan until the night after tomorrow.

This gave them time.

Xu Yuheng wasn’t ready to let the players continue to waste time offline. His current team, including the people from Imperial City, already had more than 100 people.

They might be elites but they still needed to develop cooperation.

Therefore, he spoke to the administrator and requested to allow his people to go out of Orchid Moon City to hunt monsters and level up in the wilderness!

Once outside, they could be bolder with their use of elementalist skills and didn’t need to be afraid of exposing their strength.

The administrator was astonished by his proposal. It was too dangerous and he refused without thinking.

However, Xu Yuheng was backed by the emperor. After the administrator refused, he quickly received an order from Imperial City.

It was to listen to this brave called Yushu Linfeng and try to satisfy all his demands.

The administrator had no choice but to agree to it.

Xu Yuheng was naturally happy about his younger brother’s protection. He didn’t take these 100 people out to show off. Instead, he asked the administrator to send people to the border town in the name of catching the traitors.

The traitor’s side already knew about the leak and it would be too unreasonable if the army didn’t act at all.

The soldiers of the escort team acted as manpower and drove a few floating cars to transport all the ‘suspects’ away while the players mixed in.

They arrived at the barracks and secretly left Orchid Moon City with the cooperation of the administrator.

The entire team consisted of players so they had no scruples about joking around.

Several players from Imperial City gathered together and talked about the unfortunate fifth squad.

“Captain Li seems to have gone to pick them up. My guess is that they will arrive in the afternoon. Should we go to meet them?”

They discussed it with Xu Yuheng. Meanwhile, on the other side, Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai successfully crossed the chain bridge of Neria River and reached the other side.

At this moment, he was nervously searching the edge of the forest but the result made his face turn ashen.

The fifth squad…

They are all missing! They also couldn’t be contacted on their communicators!

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