VCRMM: Chapter 86 Part 1

The sun rose in the east, piercing through the clouds and shining on the streets of the border town.

Shops opened one after another and people started their day.

Xu Yuheng and Baifeng were walking down the street.

They had just bought fresh milk from the market and swept through the bakery. Now they were carrying enough food for a dozen people as they headed to the warehouse.

The moment he went online this morning, he saw the 10 elementalist instructors looking at him sadly. It was only then that Xu Yuheng remembered that these NPCs also needed to eat.

This was why he rushed out to buy food for them.

There was only bread and milk. Let’s eat it for now since there was no decent breakfast store in this remote area.

Back at the warehouse, the two of them distributed the bread and boiled fresh milk.

“I prefer soy milk to milk, as well as steamed buns and deep fried breadsticks. It is also good to eat steamed buns with condensed milk.”

Baifeng also bought a cup of milk to drink but he didn’t touch the bread. These coarse breads were hard and tasteless. Eating them could replenish physical strength but he disliked them.

“What is soy milk? In addition, steamed buns and deep fried breadsticks?”

Edith couldn’t help being interested when she heard his words. “Is it the food from the braves’ hometown?”

Baifeng grinned. “Yes, soy milk and deep fried breadsticks are a perfect match! There are people who have written special love songs about it.”

The young man was handsome and his smile was like a little sun. It was clean and refreshing and people couldn’t help wanting to say more to him.

Xu Yuheng watched from the side and shook his head. Then he continued to count the players who would come over today.

“It turned out to be like this.”

Edith tore the coarse bread in her hand and looked at him. “If there is a chance, I really want to taste the food of the braves. It must be delicious.”

In the same way, she was also very curious about what type of world could cultivate a race of all elementalists.

“Hey, there will be a chance!”

Baifeng took a few sips of the milk and poured another cup for Xu Yuheng.

He saw Xu Yuheng drinking absently-minded and wondered, “Brother Yu, do you think it will be a hit if we open a restaurant?”

Xu Yuheng heard the words and couldn’t help looking at him.

Baifeng held the milk and said whimsically, “This game is so realistic. If it is delicious then it can become a gimmick.”

“There are so many foodies in reality but there are also many people who are afraid of getting fat. If they know that the game’s food is delicious and you don’t get fat, do we need to be worried that no one will come?”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help pausing.

He hadn’t really thought much about how to run the game before because all his thoughts were on Snow Roland, Xiao Li’s stand-in.

After entering the game, he had only been thinking about going to Imperial City to see Snow Roland.

However, this game was related to the future of the Xu family.

Now after meeting Xiao Li, his thoughts and emotions weren’t as extreme as before and he could understand some of his older brother’s actions.

Now all the burden of the Xu family was almost on his older brother alone. After Xiao Li’s plane accident, their father was hospitalized for a period of time due to heart disease and retired five years ago.

In order to not irritate him, the company didn’t dare tell him many things and it was the same with this game.

His older brother had always been silent and took care of everything on his own. If it wasn’t for the assistant telling the truth, Xu Yuheng might not have known about Lin Hua’s group of old foxes.

Xu Yuheng had been addicted to the game during this period of time. In the eyes of his older brother, it was estimated that he wasn’t doing his job properly. He also ‘created trouble’ by affecting the progress of the game and allowed the opponent to attack.

Baifeng’s words reminded Xu Yuheng of something.

In addition to helping his brother protect the company, improving the players’ experience was what he should do now.

A game was a game after all. The Xu family invested so much money and should receive something back. How to attract players and how to earn their money needed to be a matter of careful consideration.

At present, in terms of his experience, this was a good game but all aspects of gameplay were immature. Perhaps it was because the game group was mostly engaged in scientific research but many things were too idealistic.

For example, as far as he knew, Starry Sky Age didn’t plan to open the game recharge service.

They didn’t plan to do this because they feared it would affect the currency system of the game and cause an economic collapse.

Xu Yuheng didn’t agree with this point. No game company would do this.

However, this was a problem that needed to wait until at least the public beta. Now the game group and Xu Company were in the process of arguing and there would definitely be relevant plans later.

Based on the quality of Starry Sky Age, Xu Yuheng believed that it would definitely become a phenomenon-level blockbuster game once the portable game helmets were released.

There was still time and he might be able to do some pushing.

“You are right.” Xu Yuheng nodded. “This is a very good idea.”

The praised Baifeng couldn’t help smiling.

“Do you have any other ideas for the game?” Xu Yuheng wondered.

“I have a lot of ideas.”

Baifeng sat down next to him. “How powerful are the elementalists? Not only can they fly in the sky but they also have other skills we could never think of.”

Xu Yuheng was seriously listening to the other person’s opinion when he felt something wrap around his waist. His heart jumped and he looked down to find that a vine had wrapped around his waist at some point.

As he watched, the vine bound him and slowly lifted him around one centimeter off the ground.

He had lowered his sense of realism so he didn’t feel any pain even if he was tightly restrained. He looked up and saw Baifeng smiling at him in a harmless and simple manner.

“Brother Yu, look. Is it fun?”

Xu Yuheng supported the glasses that had slid down the bridge of his nose and released two wind blades, cutting the vine.

“Let’s get down to business and don’t make trouble,” he stated while putting his feet on the ground.

Baifeng pouted and continued speaking, “This feeling of releasing magic is very fun but the game hasn’t publicized much in this regard. It seems they aren’t paying much attention to it.”

“I’m very interested in the Light Body technique but unfortunately, I chose the wood system… Brother Yu, quickly learn the Light Body technique or a flying technique and take me to fly!”

Xu Yuheng saw his ecstatic expression and couldn’t help smiling. “Perhaps we can shoot a game promotional video together.”

Baifeng blinked in a slightly puzzled manner.

“Why do you want to do this? Starry Sky is such a big company and doesn’t it have the money to do advertising? Once it is the public beta, the absolutely overwhelming advertising and marketing will be seen all over the world. Do they still need us?”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help but cough.

There was really… no money.

This game really burned money. The Xu family had spent hundreds of billions on it. How could they have any money for advertisement?

Previously, they went on the hot search due to Xiao Li’s prototype and this was actually a pleasant surprise. The company had pushed it a bit later but the money invested wasn’t much.

He thought about it before saying, “I received an internal message that Starry Sky might be holding a promotional video competition so… I wanted to give it a try.”

“Competition?” Baifeng regained his energy. “What are the rewards?”

“It isn’t clear yet.”

“I see.” Baifeng scratched his head and became excited. “Okay, let’s start preparing first and we will win the championship!”

Xu Yuheng sighed with relief when he saw this matter had passed and nodded with a smile. “Yes.”

Then he looked at the number of people online in the mercenary group. It was just in time for all of them to arrive.

The 24 hour cooldown had passed so he shouted in the channel and summoned the last batch of players from the city.

Xu Yuheng had already summoned players once yesterday so the instructors were already immune to the strange racial skill of the braves.

At this moment, they were nibbling on bread and drinking milk until—

A player rushed to an instructor to say hello and the instructor squirted out all the milk.

The player couldn’t dodge and was sprayed all over his face. He was staring angrily until he heard the female instructor next to him scream.

“You… ghost!”

Then she screamed and fainted.

The 48 players summoned today included the 32 Imperial City players who died on the way here and resurrected in the central town.

This was the plan Xu Yuheng made after negotiating with Qing Yan.

At the moment, the 10 instructors were surrounded by 30 old acquaintances and their moods could be imagined.

After a moment of silence, the scene suddenly became chaotic like the start button had been pressed.

The female instructor fainted and an overly frightened instructor attacked the player who appeared in front of him with a smile in order to surprise him.

“Flying Blade!”

The skill belonging to the metal system appeared in an instant and a dagger with a sharp blade appeared in mid-air, directly plunging into the player’s abdomen.


A bloody critical hit damage value appeared above the player’s head and his health bar was instantly emptied.

Before he could react to what happened, he fell straight down with his eyes closed.

“Ahhh, ghost, don’t come here!”

Another female instructor screamed. A small mound appeared above everyone’s head and smashed down, burying two players alive on the spot.

Proofreader: Purichan

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…their reaction to the surprise is both funny and scary at the same time…
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