VCRMM: Chapter 85 Part 2

There was a long silence from the other end of the phone.

Finally, he heard his older brother sigh deeply before saying quietly, “I will help you contact a psychiatrist. Take a rest for a while. From tomorrow, don’t go to the company or play games.”

“No! Wait!”

Xu Yuheng thought in his mind that previously, he might’ve argued with his older brother. However, now he met Xiao Li and his spirits had eased considerably.

He didn’t confront the big boss head on and said, “The closed beta will be over soon. There are only a few days left.”

Xu Fengqing seemed convinced and didn’t continue the topic. “You can play the game but don’t interfere with the progress of the game.”

“Old Wang has told me a few times that the game is progressing too fast and he is a bit worried. The reason why we are being attacked this time is mainly due to this.”

Xu Yuheng was a bit speechless.

Listening to these words, it meant the game team was putting the problem of the game’s fast plot progression on his head?

It was obviously Xiao Li…

However, not only would no one believe it but he had done a lot to help carry the blame for his brother.

Okay, it was all his fault.

It was fine as long as the game team didn’t think of Snow Roland and find Xiao Li to make trouble. Who made him the older brother?

Then again…

Who did Xiao Li fall in love with? This stinky boy, was he really eaten by a pig?!


Xu Sili suddenly sneezed.

He rubbed his nose. Was he cold or was someone thinking about him?

A cloak fell on his shoulder with melting warmth and the familiar smell that belonged to a man.

Xu Sili didn’t have to look back to guess who was standing behind him.

His lips curved slightly and he asked, “When did you come?”

Currently, they were standing in the pavilion in the garden.

Xu Sili’s work had just come to an end so he went outside to walk around and relax.

“I just arrived.”

Si Sheng tidied up his hair and continued speaking, “Arrangements have been made by Wen Jishan. This servant will leave for Orchid Moon City tomorrow morning.”

“What time is it?” Xu Sili looked at him and asked.

“Six o’clock in the morning.”

Si Sheng replied while looking deeply at the young man with longing in his eyes.

“It is too early. You can sleep a bit longer. You don’t have to send me off.”

The words Xu Sili were about to say were blocked. He raised an eyebrow but there was a smile in his purple eyes.

His spiritual force swept around him but he wasn’t quite certain. “Have the secret guards withdrawn?”

He didn’t see the favorability labels but this didn’t rule out someone hiding somewhere and being blocked by something, so he couldn’t see it.

Si Sheng nodded. He reached out, picked up a strand of the young man’s hair and wrapped it around his fingers.

“This servant is here and they aren’t needed.”

His words were domineering but they were very convincing.

Xu Sili felt an inexplicable sense of security in his heart as long as Si Sheng was present.

Sure enough…

Strength was the final word.

He thought so before reaching out and putting his arms around the man’s waist, burying his head in this person’s arms.

Si Sheng froze before quickly relaxing and embracing him back.

“I’m a bit cold,“ Xu Sili whispered. “Give me a hug.”

Si Sheng remained silent while his hand caressed the silver hair.

Then he whispered, “Winter is coming.”

Xu Sili suddenly remembered that in the Game of the Gods, it was winter when he manipulated the princess to rescue Si Sheng, who was still a little slave.

He remembered that it snowed in Wangcheng that day and it was very beautiful.

It was the day that he saw Si Sheng for the first time.

At that time, Si Sheng was still so weak. He was naked and skinny as he curled up in a cage, heavy shackles on his wrists and ankles.

Looking back on it now, Xu Sili still felt sad.

Xu Sili suddenly released Si Sheng. He slowly pushed this person away before… he lifted Si Sheng’s right hand.

The man’s palm was covered with scars and thick calluses. It was as he had seen before, rough, vicious and not good-looking.

Si Sheng looked down before curling up his fingers to hide these ugly scars.

He actually had a way to remove these scars.

It was just that the wounds on his heart could never be removed and he didn’t want to erase these traces of the past.

In addition to the scars left during the slave period, there were some left behind from when he trained and fought for Lord God after being favored by Lord God.

Every time he saw these traces, he would think of the past.

He looked at the young man’s brow that had softened.

In fact, after getting along during this period of time, he felt that Lord God was a bit different from what he imagined.

Perhaps it was the change in roles that made Lord God no longer the same as the past when he was a… believer who could be discarded at any time.

Si Sheng’s palm tightened into a fist. He was immersed in his own thoughts when two slightly cold hands held his fist and soft fingers gently opened his fingers.

It was one by one, as if peeling off the walls of his heart.

The darkness in his eyes faded as he looked at the young man. Si Sheng saw the other person bowing his head slightly and kissing the scar on his palm.

Then the young man raised his head, purple eyes reflecting a soft starlight.

“Si Sheng, you have suffered.”

Si Sheng once again felt something in his heart shattering. He opened his mouth, wanting to call this person Lord God like before…

In the end, he stopped.

He didn’t dare to take the risk or break the intimacy that the two of them had finally established.

He had always been very cautious when dealing with Lord God, who was placed at the tip of his heart… except for last night.

He looked at the young man, touched the other person’s soft cheek and whispered, “If the past was so that this servant could stand by your side and embrace you like this then this servant is willing.”

Xu Sili felt…

Si Sheng really had some means when talking about love.

He should’ve been somewhat immune after hearing it so many times but in fact, he was still moved when he saw these gray-blue eyes that were like the bright starry sky.

He stared at Si Sheng before going on tiptoe and pecking the man’s lips.

Then he said, “In addition to standing next to me and hugging me, you can also kiss me and…”

He leaned toward Si Sheng’s ears and whispered two words.

Si Sheng blinked as if surprised that he would hear such inelegant words from the young man’s mouth. But…

He loved such a Lord God.

He asked somewhat solemnly, “Are you serious?”

The young man slightly nibbled on his ear in response.

Si Sheng took a deep breath and without any hesitation, he directly hugged the young man in his arms. They disappeared from this place and he fulfilled his obligations as a lover…

The next day, Si Sheng was dressed neatly.

Before leaving, he kissed the young man’s snow-white back. He stared deeply at the young man’s sleeping face before quietly leaving. He got on the military shuttle that had been on standby for a long time.

There were 50 elementalists from the engineering and production teams on the military shuttle, all of whom had signed up voluntarily and had said goodbye to their family and friends.

At this moment, they saw the marshal appear on the shuttle with a solemn face and couldn’t wait to straighten their backs. Their military posture was meticulous and they wanted to leave a good impression on the patron saint of the empire.

Si Sheng’s eyes swept over them. He didn’t immediately carry out a military mobilization and speech but just being looked at was enough to inject this group of elementalists with chicken blood.

As the patron saint of the Roland Empire, Si Sheng was even more prestigious than the imperial family.

It was because he truly managed to turn the tide at the most critical moment and saved countless lives with his power.

It had been only three years since that time and this wasn’t enough to make people forget his kindness.

“You should know what the next task is. After arriving in Orchid Moon City, you will start construction and production. This is related to His Majesty’s future plans for the empire,” Si Sheng declared.

Previously, he would be too lazy to say this. For him, his only mission was to guard Roland.

Now everything was different.

Si Sheng recalled the way the young man lay on the table and looked at the drawings, racking his brains to write and draw, so Si Sheng couldn’t sit back and watch others trample on his efforts.

“I don’t want to see anyone being lazy.”

“Do your job well or else…”

He spoke indifferently. Every word was light but the people present were cold and sweaty. They didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

This was the coercion of the strong.

After Si Sheng killed the nine star beast last time, his level rose by a rank and he officially reached eight stars.

Meanwhile, the elementalists present were half a star at most. The gap between them could be described as a world of difference.

Not only did they worship Si Sheng in their hearts but the natural fear of the weak toward the strong made them not dare to disobey Si Sheng’s orders at all.

Si Sheng’s eyes swept over everyone present. He saw that the shock was almost over and put away the pressure.

“Let’s go,” he ordered lightly while taking a seat in the front without saying anything else.

Everyone sighed with relief. The marshal was very scary but they had to say… he was really too strong.

As expected of the patron saint of the empire!

The military shuttle took off slowly and headed to the border. It crossed the barrier of the guardian circle and headed all the way to the furthest border.

They were about to cross the border and enter the dangerous wilderness but Si Sheng didn’t have the shuttle stop.

“Keep flying, fly at a high altitude.”

Si Sheng cherished words like gold but the pilot was sweating profusely.

He had never flown over the border before!

There was no safe passage to Orchid Moon City and people would die!

After seeing the marshal with a cold face and exuding a low air pressure after getting on the shuttle, the pilot finally summoned up the courage to say, “My Lord, this can’t be done. T-There are flying interstellar beasts…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Si Sheng told him.

The pilot was about to cry. How could he not worry about it?

However, seeing the cold-faced marshal, he could only grit his teeth to the end. Under the shocked eyes of everyone in the group, he piloted the flying shuttle into the sky!

Someone tried to contact the shuttle but it was too late.

Seeing a group of interstellar beasts flying in the distance and about to smash the shuttle to pieces, someone screamed and watched helplessly as—

This normally lawless group of flying interstellar beasts actually avoided them?

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