VCRMM: Chapter 85 Part 1

Xu Yuheng waited but Xiao Wu didn’t say anything.

He had to soften his voice as he asked, “Xiao Wu, tell your second brother. What did you see?”

The little robot held his cheeks, cocked his head and worried about it for a moment. Then he shook his head and said, “I can’t tell you this.”

He didn’t understand it very well but he had a certain feeling. If he told his second brother, his brother wouldn’t kill him but…

Si Sheng might.

That guy was so fierce. It would be troublesome if he found out.

Xu Yuheng pursed his lips. He wondered if he should continue this topic.

As a result, just when Xiao Wu thought he was safe, he suddenly heard Xu Yuheng say loudly, “Did you see Brother kissing someone?”

“Wow, how did you know?”

Xiao Wu replied instinctively. His electronic eyes flashed and they were filled with worship as he looked at Xu Yuheng

Xu Yuheng got a positive answer and couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

Was Xiao Li… in love?

10 years might’ve passed but in his perception, his brother was still a little child who hadn’t grown up. Now he was told… Xiao Li was in love? Which girl was robbed by him?

This news shocked Xu Yuheng.

Then he soon thought of something again and his expression became solemn.

Xiao Li debuted in an idol group when he was a teenager. Then the group disbanded and he went solo. It was only at this time that he gained achievements.

The reason the group disbanded…

The captain of the group and a young actor indulged in a fake drama that turned real and retired to get married. The other two members also got a license to get married…

Yes, the second eldest in the team married the youngest.

Xu Yuheng recalled this long distant memory and got the chills.

No way? Xiao Li wouldn’t, right?

In addition to his brother robbing a girl, there was a possibility of his precious brother being robbed?

Xu Yuheng’s face was ashen.

The slow-witted Xiao Wu finally realized something when he saw the change in the other person’s expression.

Just now… did he make a slip of the tongue?

Ah, it had nothing to do with him. It was Second Brother who was too smart! He guessed it himself!

“Xiao Wu…”

The moment Xu Yuheng opened his mouth, the little robot shook his head desperately like a rattle.

“Xiao Wu doesn’t know, Xiao Wu doesn’t know anything. Xiao Wu is going to monitor Bryce. Goodbye, Second Brother!”

Then the little robot immediately disappeared.

Xu Yuheng, “……”

He looked at the communicator and spun around in place, his face full of irritation.

What type of situation was this?

Who was Xiao Li in love with? An NPC or player? Male or female? Above or below?

“Brother Yu, what are you doing here?”

Baifeng had just come online and left the tent in the military camp when he saw Xu Yuheng wandering around with an ugly expression.

Xu Yuheng suddenly heard this person’s voice and stopped. He opened his mouth but finally didn’t have the good sense to say he was worried about his brother’s affairs.

“When did you come online?” He asked.

Baifeng didn’t know anything. “Just now.”

Xu Yuheng nodded. “Then I’ll take you to go and change classes.”

“Change? An elementalist? I saw that they are all talking about this in the mercenary group channel.”


Xu Yuheng took him to find the chief administrator, who had just sent a message. The administrator had received orders from Imperial City and was willing to cooperate with them.

Rather than changing classes at the barracks, they found the elementalist instructors who had just arrived and led them out of the barracks on the pretext of escorting them to the central town.

All the players in the escort team were offline. Apart from changing the nutrient solution to solve their physiological needs, everyone hadn’t been out of the game cabin for nearly two weeks. They couldn’t stand it no matter how fun the game was.

They thought that the elementalist instructors would obediently stay in the barracks and wait for them to go online to establish the elementalist branch division together. Unexpectedly, they were intercepted by Xu Yuheng.

After leaving the barracks, Xu Yuheng turned the car around and took the elementalist instructors directly to the warehouse he had rented earlier.

Edith sat in the back seat of the swaying, old floating car in a slightly dazed manner.

She was the leader of the elementalist instructors and would become the branch chief in Orchid Moon City. Yet in fact, she wasn’t very old. Therefore, the experience of the past two weeks was like a dream for her.

She originally thought there would be heavy casualties on the road but due to the protection of the braves, not only were the instructors fine but the soldiers who protected them also survived.

Then she thought of the braves who died and her heart was heavy.

The braves always said they could be resurrected but she had never seen it with her own eyes and didn’t believe it.

She thought of Professor Belen who told her this information and bit her lip. She didn’t know how the professor was doing…

There were no replies to the messages she previously sent. She didn’t dare think about it too much and could only pray silently in her heart.

Soon, Xu Yuheng took them to the border town.

The instructors were a bit panicked when the floating car drove into the warehouse.

The chief administrator had told them about this in advance but it was normal for them to be afraid when they were brought to such a strange place in a land they weren’t familiar with.

Under Edith’s appeasement, the group calmed down. They set up the tables and took out the crystal ball.

There was originally only one crystal ball and it was a spare copy which made it slightly less accurate. Now they had improved their testing method and wouldn’t fully trust the test results of the crystal ball.

Once everything was arranged, Edith looked at Xu Yuheng and asked, “Where are the people who need to test their talents?”

The moment she finished speaking, a succession of figures appeared in the warehouse. They were the players who received the notification to go online.

Baifeng was the first to rush to the crystal ball to test it.

The instructors weren’t surprised by the sudden disappearance and appearance of the braves and soon started to test their talents.

It was already known that the braves had powerful talent but the instructors were still shocked when the 49 people present and the additional 48 people Xu Yuheng called to come over were all tested and found to have a talent.

So the race of the braves were all elementalists? In addition, they were mostly from the spiritual department? The even more frightening thing was that they could learn any skill at once!

They were few in number but they still terrified Edith.

If their numbers increased…

She couldn’t imagine what the situation would be like. Would it be a blessing or a curse for the empire?

An entire race of people born as elementalists…

This simply subverted her three views.

In the end, Edith contacted Dean Justin, who was far away in Imperial City, to report her findings and concerns to him and to seek his guidance.

She believed that the dean would know how to deal with it with his wisdom.

By the time everyone had finished testing their talent and learning skills, it was already late at night.

Edith and the instructors spent the night in the warehouse.

After nearly two weeks of adventuring in the wilderness, being able to fall asleep in such a stable environment was nothing to complain about for these originally pampered elementalists.

The players who learned the skills were naturally excited and wanted to give it a try.

However, Xu Yuheng stopped them in order to not make a big move. This caused them to feel suffocated so they went to post on the forum to show off.

In addition to Imperial City, their Orchid Moon City was the second main city in the game to have player elementalists!

Playing games naturally required knowing how to act in the Versailles style. (Versailles = Internet slang to describe those who ‘complain’ about something but actually intend to show it off)

There were also players in the escort team who just arrived in Glass Sea City and they were suddenly jealous.

“It isn’t far. Why can Orchid Moon City change classes in advance while we have to wait for the elementalist branch division to be established?”

“Yes, we also want to change classes early!”

“Hehehe, who told you not to trigger the task of guarding the main city. Great god Yushu Linfeng is awesome!”

“Yes, Yushu Linfeng is forever a god!”

The bragging of the Orchid Moon City players successfully angered some players.

“Are the game planners brain dead? Can you be so biased with a free trial? Where can I rate it? I will give this game one star at the most!”

“Is this Yushu Linfeng cheating? I thought he was strange before. Everyone else was still waiting for the elementalist instructors while he transferred to an elementalist in advance!”

“Yes, he either has a cheat, a strategy guide or he took advantage of a bug!”

The direction of the post suddenly changed. Some people sensed that something was wrong but it was too late.

In the blink of an eye, the homepage of the Starry Sky Forum was filled with various related posts, making the originally harmonious forum filled with firepower.

In fact, the problem of unfair treatment in the game had been accumulating for some time. Now some people controlled the rhythm and it immediately detonated.

Then someone transferred the posts of the Starry Sky Forum to other platforms and various marketing accounts and game celebrities came out.

They didn’t use too drastic wording. The opening paragraph affirmed the quality of the game but after two sentences, they immediately changed directions and started all sorts of accusations.

For example, the price of the game cabin was too high, the game mechanism had problems, the lack of an anti-addiction system, tasks that took half a month and disregarded players’ lives, the uneven development of the novice cities, etc.

The previous good reputation of Starry Sky Age somewhat reversed for a while.

Xu Yuheng received a message as soon as he went offline.

He didn’t have to check. He knew that some people had finally made a move. It could be a rival company or the old fox Lin Hua.

He was just about to make a call when his phone rang.

It was his oldest brother, Xu Fengqing.

He heard a sentence as soon as he picked up.

“Are you Yushu Linfeng?”

Xu Yuheng put on his glasses and nodded. “Yes.”

He continued, “I know everything on the Internet and will find a way to fix it.”

“How can you fix it?”

Xu Fengqing’s voice was a bit cold. “Did you really use a cheat or a bug?”


Xu Fengqing’s voice became more severe. “If not, how do you explain the establishment of the mercenary group at this stage?”

Even if Xu Yuheng got the information in advance, it was unreasonable to be able to successfully establish a mercenary group.

It was because according to the game setting, players should first form a mercenary team, complete enough tasks to meet the points requirement and then apply for a mercenary group.

The mercenary group was similar to the guild. In order not to let the closed beta players develop too quickly, the game currently didn’t have a guide mission set up.

At least in the 20 days since the service was launched, it was theoretically impossible for a player to set up a mercenary group.

Therefore, Yushu Linfeng was a bit dazzling.

Xu Yuheng smiled bitterly. At that time, he was just thinking about guarding Orchid Moon City and had been a bit lacking in consideration.

After all, he wasn’t a real player. It was necessary for him to consider the development of the game. The future of this project was related to the Xu family as well as many people in reality.

He looked up at the bright moon outside the window. He thought about it before saying, “Brother, if I was to tell you that it was Xiao Li who opened the back door for me…”

“Will you believe it?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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