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VCRMM: Chapter 84 Part 2

Li Lai probably saw his confusion and sighed. He looked at the players and said in a low voice, “My Lord, take a good look at the braves and feel them with your spiritual power.”

The administrator was a half star elementalist but he was a warrior and couldn’t use spiritual power. Even so, he had his own way of judging.

He understood what Li Lai meant and changed his perspective to look at the players. Then he was shocked!

Oh my god!

His eyes widened and he looked at Li Lai in disbelief, suspecting that his feelings were wrong.

Li Lai nodded at him.

“There is nothing wrong with you. They are all elementalists and most of them are of the spiritual department.”

He explained in a heavy voice, “There were 81 of them when departing and half died on the road… there is still a squad left on the other side of the Neria River. I will pick them up tomorrow.”

The administrator stared at Li Lai while feeling that this person was suffering from hysteria. Then he looked at the 30 braves before him and felt the elemental fluctuations that weren’t weak from their bodies…

He couldn’t help covering his heart.

The administrator immediately understood why Li Lai was guilty.

This was a loss of nearly 50 elementalists and most of them were of the spiritual department!

Was he joking? This was murder!

The administrator’s gaze toward Li Lai changed. He didn’t show it too obviously but his attitude was obviously much colder.

Then he thought about the death of nearly 50 elementalists and Orchid Moon City, which was supported by more than 100 one star elementalists, and just felt sad.

“Li Lai, you should be court martialed!”

“Admiral Joyce… I will also report it to His Majesty! You were derelict in your duties and joked with the lives of elementalists! You should be punished!”

The administrator lowered his voice but his grief could still be seen.

Li Lai lowered his head and listened silently. He obviously agreed with the administrator’s words.

On the other hand, William was also surprised.

Anyone who saw so many strange one star elementalists at once would be surprised.

The health of the players might be low but their level really went up to 10 i.e., one star elementalists.

William could roughly see their strength by observing the elements around them through spiritual power.

Therefore, like the administrator, he was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

Due to the proximity, the administrator’s reprimand of Li Lai vaguely reached the ears of the players.

They had been together for so long and formed lifelong friendships. They had a deep sense of belonging to Li Lai, the leader of the team. They saw him being lectured like this and were immediately unhappy.

“This old man seems to be sending Captain Li to court?”

“F*k, Captain Li just brought us over. He wants to put Captain Li in a difficult situation? I can’t stand it!”

“That’s right, I can’t stand it!”

The group was agitated but Qing Yan shouted in the team channel, “Shut up!”

There was silence in the team channel.

During this time, Qing Yan had established a lot of prestige among the players but it was obvious that some players currently weren’t convinced.

Then they heard Qing Yan say, “Didn’t you hear that the administrator is blaming Li Lai for the death of the elementalists? Who died on our mission?”

“Aren’t they all our people? They have resurrected in the central town of Orchid Moon City and aren’t dead.”

“However, they don’t believe us so they want to convict Li Lai.”

She gave orders to the teammates who had died on the road earlier.

“Have you all resurrected? Can you choose someone to come over as a representative and prove that you aren’t dead?”

The moment she finished speaking, someone replied to her on the team channel. “Sister Qing Yan, I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Someone here in Orchid Moon City has built a mercenary group. The mercenary group is like a guild. The leader of the group has a summoning order that can summon all members in the same city to his side!”

They had been on the road and didn’t have time to learn about these things. Now that they were free, people rushed to share the information they gained.

“Now this side has triggered a mission to protect Orchid Moon City. It is only an elite mission but the rewards are 100,000 Escher coins and 200 health medicines!”

“The one who triggered it is the leader of the first mercenary group in the game called Yushu Linfeng.”

“He has to protect Orchid Moon City and find the 10 traitors to complete the task. Now is the time when he needs manpower. Do you want to contact him to see if we can help?”

Of course, helping was just a polite way of speaking. The main thing was to get a piece of the pie!

Moreover, the players from Imperial City had learned skills from the NPCs in the escort team. Their level was definitely stronger than the players of Orchid Moon City.

There was no reason why Yushu Linfeng wouldn’t cooperate with them unless he was one of the extreme advocates of his town.

The players on Qing Yan’s side all lit up when they heard this but Qing Yan was frowning.


Were there other nations beside the Roland Empire? Their exploration of the game so far was just the tip of the iceberg and this was very important information.

At this moment, a friend request emerged in the void in front of Qing Yan.

[Yushu Linfeng has requested to add you as a friend.]

Yushu Linfeng?

Qing Yan raised an eyebrow and chose to accept.

On the other side, Xu Yuheng saw Qing Yan accept his friend request and hurriedly sent a voice call request.

The situation was urgent so he didn’t want to talk nonsense.

“I am Yushu Linfeng, the leader of the Yusiqing Mercenary Group. I have watched the live broadcast of the escort team before. Now you are the captain?”

He received a positive reply from Qing Yan and asked again, “Did you tell the NPCs that players can resurrect?”

Qing Yan pursed her lips. “We said it but no one believed us.”

“None of you resurrected in place?”


“That’s fine. Don’t let the NPCs know about it for a short time.”

Qing Yan frowned. “Why?”

“There are traitors in the military of Orchid Moon City.” Xu Yuheng didn’t hide it. “They might be hidden among the people who received you today.”

“The infinite resurrection is our trump card. We should hide it before we catch all the traitors.”

Qing Yan nodded slightly but didn’t cooperate. “Why should I listen to you?”

Xu Yuheng paused.

Then he soon heard Qing Yan’s tone soften. “Cooperation isn’t impossible if there are benefits.”

Then she gave him an analysis of the pros and cons and introduced the strengths of the Imperial City players.

Xu Yuheng didn’t care if it was Orchid Moon City or Imperial City as long as he could catch the traitors as soon as possible.

In any case, Bryce had postponed the plan to blow up the guardian circle. He could summon the players in the group today and then continue summoning people tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Eventually, he agreed to Qing Yan’s conditions. In addition to 50 health medicines, he would also tell them how to set up a mercenary group once the matter was completed.

In addition, it was necessary to prove Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai’s innocence as soon as possible once this mission was over.

This made Xu Yuheng feel strange.

It turned out that it wasn’t just him. There were also others who took the NPCs to heart.

He shook his head and hung up. Then he prepared to organize the players who were still on standby offline to go to the elementalist instructors to change classes together.

Currently, the players in Orchid Moon City could only complete the change through him. Otherwise, they would have to wait until the elementalist instructors went to the central town to build the elementalist branch division.

Once he summoned the players of Imperial City over tomorrow, he still had some things that could be given to the players of Orchid Moon City but he wasn’t going to give them money.

Being able to change to an elementalist early was their reward, whether they liked it or not. After all, he had enough manpower now.

Xu Yuheng had just found the administrator and explained his intentions when information from Xiao Wu came again.

“Second Brother, Second Brother, the second traitor has sent a message to Bryce again.”

Xu Yuheng’s heart moved.

The second traitor was William, the wind elementalist who taught him skills yesterday!

He contacted Bryce using a different communicator. His anti-tracking ability wasn’t bad but in the end, he wasn’t a match for the powerful artificial intelligence.

Xu Yuheng glanced at the information a few times and couldn’t help sighing with relief.

This NPC really noticed the players and looking at his tone, he was extremely shocked by the players who were all elementalists.

Xu Yuheng blinked when he saw the last message and he smiled slightly.

“The brave must be strangled in the cradle before they grow up!”

Xu Yuheng shook his head. The players… could they be killed? Wouldn’t it be nice to conspire honestly? Why provoke the players?

However, there were currently two other main cities that didn’t have people sent to build their own branch divisions. The players who hadn’t changed to an elementalist were very weak in combat…

Then on second thought, the first closed beta was about to end. The traitors and players probably wouldn’t be able to make trouble with each other.

“Xiao Wu, keep an eye on Bryce.”

Xu Yuheng asked softly, “Did he contact anyone else apart from the seven known people?”

“No more,” Xiao Wu replied clearly.

Xu Yuheng was a bit disappointed but he knew that he couldn’t be in a hurry. He let Xiao Wu continue to fish. It was good if he could catch one. Even if he couldn’t catch another traitor, he had to grasp Bryce’s plan.

At the end, he couldn’t help inquiring about the situation on his brother’s side.

On that day, the two of them separated unhappily and Xiao Li left crying. He didn’t know what Xiao Li’s situation was now. Was he still hiding in bed and crying?

“My brother is very good.”

Then Xiao Wu spoke in a confused manner, “I think he is in a good mood. He has been talking more with Xiao Wu.”

Xu Yuheng was relieved.

“It is good that he can figure it out on his own. I am relieved for the time being.”

He nodded while thinking that he would later speak to the administrator about following the escort team back to Imperial City. Then he heard Xiao Wu’s slightly naive and curious voice.

“Second Brother, Second Brother, have you ever kissed someone?”

Xu Yuheng paused and looked at the image belonging to the small robot in the communicator.

This… something was wrong.

As an artificial intelligence, it was normal for Xiao Wu to be curious about humans kissing but there should always be an opportunity that made him ask this question, right?

“Of course.” He thought about it for a moment. “By the way, why are you asking this?”

“What does a kiss feel like?”

The little robot raised his mechanical arms and held his cheeks, his tone innocent and ignorant. “I wanted to ask my brother but I was afraid he would be angry and hit me.”

“Why would he be angry and hit you?”

“Because… I accidentally saw it secretly…”

Xu Yuheng’s heart skipped a beat.

Secretly… what did he see?

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