VCRMM: Chapter 84 Part 1

In the afternoon, the sun in the wilderness was still blazing.

There was a huge bird in the sky that passed by. The wings that covered the sky and the sun created a fierce wind, uprooting the trees on the ground directly into the air.

The interstellar beasts in the forest fled everywhere due to this unpredictable disaster.

Somewhere behind a small hill, more than 100 people crawled on the ground and hugged the rocks around them. A bowl-shaped transparent wind shield was propped above their heads, helping them reduce some of the pressure and preventing them from being blown away by the wind.

Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai, the escort team finally reached the border of Orchid Moon City this afternoon.

Orchid Moon City was different from Imperial City. The guards were able to defend the border area but they couldn’t move out like Imperial City to slowly remove the threat of interstellar beasts.

In the distance, they could see a long city wall.

The city wall was around 10 meters high. At a distance of around 100 meters outside the city wall, they could see a transparent light curtain that shone slightly in the sunlight.

This was the barrier released by the guardian circle. After the beast wave three years ago, it had been protecting Orchid Moon City.

It was said that Orchid Moon City would already be flattened to the ground by the interstellar beasts if there wasn’t this barrier.

Imperial City also had a similar protective barrier.

However, they were on the military shuttle at the time so it didn’t seem as real as it did now.

Beyond the guardian barrier, there were large and small interstellar beasts with a strength of at least one or two stars.

Originally, it would’ve been a bit tricky to pass but the wings of the unknown bird caused considerable damage to the vegetation on the ground and caused many interstellar beasts to flee.

This created an opportunity for the escort squad.

The players were still looking up at the sky. The huge flying beast was so close to them just now that they could see the feathers on its wings.

However, the bird was still a bit further away from them. It was because when a feather fell and landed beside them, they realized how big the feather was.

It was more than a meter long and the height of half a person.

If it wasn’t for the past two weeks of military life and the severe suppression of the vice-captain, this group of players who weren’t afraid of the sky would probably have screamed.

At the very least, the casual players in the live broadcast room exploded after seeing the bird.

This was like a fierce beast that only appeared in movies through special effects but it could be seen in a holographic game! Not only could it be seen but it could also be touched!

One player took advantage of the wind pressure to sneak back and grab the feather not far away.

Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai saw this scene but didn’t stop it.

The huge bird in the sky should be a four or five star beast. Its feathers were a good material and had a deterrent effect on one or two star beasts.

As for why it appeared over Orchid Moon City?

It was estimated that winter was coming so it was migrating.

This bird was probably just the vanguard and there would be more large birds and beasts flying in the future. They generally didn’t attack those on the ground but it was best to stay away when they were grouped in large numbers.

Once the figure of the flying interstellar beast was gone, Li Lai released his spiritual power to observe the surroundings. At the same time, he used the communicator to contact the administrator of Orchid Moon City.

They wouldn’t be able to enter Orchid Moon City without the administrator’s permission.

“The escort team from Imperial City is here!”

The administrator received the news and immediately rushed to the city wall without stopping. At the same time, he informed the army that had been arranged earlier in order to respond.

He was preparing to get in the car when he accidentally encountered the wind elementalist who had returned from the outside. It was the wind elementalist who taught Xu Yuheng the wind system’s skills yesterday.

“Oh, William, it looks like another interstellar beast has broken in today?” The administrator stopped to ask him about it.


William’s face was slightly tired and haggard.

“The situation is becoming worse. If we go on like this, the soldiers won’t be able to endure it.”

“I understand.” The administrator signed before quickly perking up again. “The escort team from Imperial City has arrived.”

“There are quite a few elementalists in the escort team. Maybe I can apply to the emperor to let these excellent warriors stay to help us. Then your burden will be greatly reduced.”

William paused before smiling. “That is great but… the loss rate of the escort team in previous years was very high. I don’t know about this year…”

He didn’t continue but there was a hint of regret in his expression.

The administrator nodded heavily before quickly patting him on the shoulder. “This time, the braves also came with them. Perhaps they can bring some surprises.”


“Yes, they came out of the summoning formation. This time, they came with the escort team.”

“Oh, it is the legend of the braves… are they very powerful?” William asked.

The administrator shook his head. He had received some information and knew that the strength of the braves was somewhat difficult to say.

He didn’t continue with this topic and just told William, “Go and rest. I will go and meet them at the city gate.”

“At the very least, the elementalist branch will be built in the city this year. The children will no longer have to venture to Imperial City.”

He was about to leave when he heard William say, “I’ll accompany you. If there is an accident outside, I might be able to help a bit.”

“That would be great.”

The administrator gladly agreed and invited him to board the old floating car. Then they headed in the direction of the city gate.

After arriving at the city gate, William took the administrator directly to the top of the wall and looked out into the distance.

He could immediately see the pick-up team who was meeting with the escort team.

Due to the bird, the interstellar beasts at the city gate had all fled and a large open space was left. It seemed they should be able to reach the city safely before the interstellar beasts gathered again.

The administrator was nodding with relief when he heard William ask, “Who is leading the team this time?”

“It is Li Lai. He seems to be your junior?” The administrator smiled. “He is almost at the two star level. You are both wind elementalists. Perhaps you can have a good exchange.”

William nodded thoughtfully as he watched the escort team meeting the pick-up team and boarding the floating cars. He estimated that there were around a hundred people.

According to the numbers in previous years, the size of the escort team was controlled at around 100 people…

Could it be that they were unscathed this time?

This discovery made his pupils shrink. William glanced at the administrator and asked about the number of members in the escort team this time.

The administrator recalled it. “Around 200.”

Then he also found the problem. He was surprised to see that the five or six floating cars were full and the remaining escort team members could only run.

“It seems that the loss rate this time isn’t very high. It is only around half and there are still a hundred people who survived!”

He was full of relief and William nodded in agreement.

A loss rate of half wasn’t bad. This figure was still acceptable compared to when he guessed that no one was killed.

The administrator was so excited that he rubbed his hands together. After the escort team entered the protective barrier, he called out to William and ran down the city wall with excitement. He stood at the gate to meet the escort team.

The first to enter the city were the warriors carrying the 10 elementalist instructors on their backs. They ran even faster than the floating car thanks to the blessing of the wind element.

After rushing through the city’s gates and seeing the troops of Orchid Moon City, this group of people with gray heads and dirty faces almost cried with joy.

Even the players cheered.

Ah, they could finally go offline!

The game might be fun but they couldn’t stand not going offline for a long time!

However, before going offline, the players first checked the status of the mission.

[Elementalist Branch: Orchid Moon City (Elite)]

[This is a side mission of the epic mission, Elementalist Branch. Please escort the 10 elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City and establish the elementalist branch 1010.]

[MIssion Reward: A large number of experience points, reputation, land construction permit fragment x1.]

The 10 elementalist instructors had arrived safely in Orchid Moon City. They just needed to establish the elementalist branch division and they could get a land construction permit fragment!

It had been almost two weeks of hard work but it was all worth it!

They were just about to go offline to get a good night’s sleep when they were stopped by Qing Yan.

“Bear with it first. Now is the time to increase favorability. If you miss it in this village then you won’t get it.”

That’s right! Favorability!

The moment they heard the benefits, everyone forced themselves not to leave. They followed the large army to gather under the city gates.

The administrator first exchanged greetings with Li Lai. Then he looked at the soldiers of the escort team and his eyes practically glowed.

80 elite soldiers! Add Li Lai, a powerful wind elementalist and they were definitely well-trained, strong soldiers.

They had proved their strength with practical actions before being able to safely survive the crisis along the way.

Of course, there were the more than 30 braves he wasn’t very optimistic about before.

Their breath was still very weak and the strongest was at the level of ordinary people who hadn’t been trained, but they actually followed the entire time.

It had to be said that it was really a miracle!

“Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai, you are very powerful! You can probably be promoted to colonel this time.”

The administrator said with a smile.

Li Lai’s status and ability meant it would be hard to keep him here. Someone had to go back to make a report. Therefore, the administrator had no thoughts about Li Lai, just the soldiers he brought.

Unexpectedly, Li Lai shook his head.

He looked at the players with admiration and sadness in his eyes. “This time, I was able to complete the mission so perfectly thanks to the braves who sacrificed themselves.”

“Once I go back to Imperial City, I’ll plead guilty to Admiral Joyce.”

The administrator was stunned. Plead guilty?

Obviously, everyone was safely brought here. What was the crime?

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