VCRMM: Chapter 83 Part 2

At this time, Si Sheng was going to lift the quilt. He hurriedly pressed it down strongly.

The two people looked at each other.

This stalemate ended when Si Sheng held the piece of small clothing and reached into the quilt.

The young man pursed his lips. His eyes were slightly closed, his face was red and even his eyes were a bit red.

Si Sheng finally dressed him. He saw the young man’s face that was as beautiful as a red rose and his eyes darkened slightly.

It was just that he restrained himself.

He reached for the trousers and put them on the young man.

Xu Sili stood up and looked down to see the man bending down and fastening his belt for him. Then his clothes were neatly arranged.

He had never been served like this except for when he was a child.

After coming to this world, he rarely let his maids serve him even if he was the emperor. Now…

He looked at Si Sheng and didn’t know what to say, but his eyes were soft and watery.

Si Sheng raised his head and saw this pair of eyes.

He involuntarily reached out his hand and caressed the young man’s hot cheek with his palm. He said softly, “Your Majesty, don’t look at your servant like this or else… this servant won’t be able to resist kissing you.”

Xu Sili looked away and whispered, “Then kiss me…”

Si Sheng stared blankly before smiling softly. He straightened up, held the young man’s face and kissed the slightly pouty lips as the young man wished.

The kiss didn’t last long. Si Sheng let him go when Xu Sili was still a bit unsatisfied.

He gently held Xu Sili’s cheeks, foreheads pressed together and their eyelashes touching each other. This made it so Xu Sili couldn’t help fluttering his eyelashes.

His heart was pounding when he heard the man say, “Your Majesty, I am willing to be your most perfect lover so…”

“Promise me that I am the only one, okay?”

Xu Sili was slightly stunned.

The man’s voice was low and filled with a type of careful restraint. This made him feel that his heart was pierced by something and he was inexplicably distressed.

He thought the reason Si Sheng was angry with him was because he made Si Sheng his lover.

A lover naturally wasn’t a good identity so he had been feeling guilty.

He didn’t expect that the reason why Si Sheng was angry with him was because… he thought he would be just one of Xu Sili’s lovers?

Xu Sili felt that he was a bit wronged. He might be the emperor but he never thought of opening the harem. How could he have such thoughts?

He couldn’t help but gently push Si Sheng away.

He looked into the man’s slightly dull gray-blue eyes and sighed. “Of course, you are the only one.”

“Do you think there is anyone in this world who can compare to you?”

Si Sheng listened to the young man’s understated words and felt that there was no more touching love story in this world.

He pursed his lips and smiled. There was a hint of sweetness in his smile.


He answered without saying anything else. He bent down to pick up the silver suit vest and continued to put it on the young man.

Xu Sili left him to his own devices and looked at the message that Xiao Wu sent him.

Huh? The seventh traitor surfaced?

Oh, they had penetrated into such high ranks? He looked at the character information transmitted by Xiao Wu and couldn’t help sighing.

In addition to the traitor’s information, there was also the monitored conversation between Arnauton and Elder Bryce, the leader of the traitors in Orchid Moon City.

He had to say that artificial intelligence was awesome!

The elder probably never imagined it. He thought he was acting secretly but his every move had been completely exposed to their surveillance.

Xu Sili silently lit a candle for him and continued to look at the surveillance information sent by Xiao Wu.

Hey, the plan to blow up the guardian circle was… delayed?

If this was the case, could the Imperial City send over a helping hand?

After all, there were presently at least seven elementalists among the traitors, including two star elementalists. It was difficult for the city’s army to deal with them, let alone the players.

Orchid Moon City’s defense was already in jeopardy. If there were any personnel losses, they would be greatly damaged, even if the guardian circle wasn’t destroyed.

Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng, who was carefully fastening his coat, and asked after thinking about it, “If you take the elementalists engineering team with you, how long will it take for you to get to Orchid Moon City at the earliest?”

Si Sheng paused before replying softly, “Around two days.”

Xu Sili inwardly gasped. He had seen the video of the escort team marching in a hurry. At their speed, it would take them five days at the earliest. Meanwhile, Si Sheng could shorten it by more than half!

He calculated the time and felt that it was possible.

“Okay. I will instruct Wen Jishan to organize the manpower and you will set off tomorrow morning!”

Xu Sili said what he would do and quickly contacted Wen Jishan to ask him to arrange the engineering team of elementalists. Considering the food shortage problem of Orchid Moon City, he added 20 wood elementalists.

Wen Jishan received the order and made arrangements without stopping.

Time was a bit tight to arrange over 100 elementalists in just one day.

After all, the teleportation circle hadn’t been built yet.

Given the current situation, going to Orchid Moon City wasn’t just a great risk but they also had to be mentally prepared to not be able to return for many years.

Even if the soldiers couldn’t resist, from a humanitarian perspective, they needed some time to say goodbye to their family and friends.

If they set off tomorrow morning, they should be able to arrive before the traitors blew up the guardian circle.

In fact, he could let Si Sheng leave now but he was a bit worried that he would startle the enemy.

The guardian circle meant that when Si Sheng entered Orchid Moon City, he would have to contact the chief administrator. He couldn’t enter without people knowing.

Right now, there were still three traitors who were hidden. They might be high level leaders of Orchid Moon City and if they kept hiding like this, they would be very troublesome in the future.

The best thing to do was to wait until they were all exposed.

Xu Sili thought so and no longer struggled.

He took out the blueprints he had sorted out last night and continued the construction plan of the main city.

Right now, the local army elementalist divisions had basically been transformed into mercenaries. Doha Town could be upgraded at the end of next month and then Imperial City could reach level 3 but this didn’t mean the pace of construction should stop here.

Imperial City must be constantly upgraded or his level would soon reach a bottleneck period.

As for the main city upgrading too fast and resulting in the game progressing too quickly? He didn’t care so much.

Since Starry Sky Age could be popular for 10 years, it must have its own unique charm. It must have attractive places in any period so that fresh blood could continue to pour in.

After all, in another timeline, new players could join and still play even though their strength was far inferior to the old players. This was a good indication of its charm.

Therefore, Xu Sili wasn’t worried.

Now the Bewatt Empire was staring at him and he didn’t want to be so passive all the time.

Actually wanting to threaten him with the lives of tens of millions of people in Orchid Moon City? He wouldn’t be able to swallow his anger if this vendetta wasn’t repaid!

He had to develop faster.

Therefore, the construction of other urban areas had to be put on the agenda.

Mercenary Town continued to expand toward the surrounding area so in fact, the surrounding villages could be built first…

Xu Sili frowned and pondered on it. From time to time, he took a pen to write and draw on paper.

By his side, Si Sheng quietly watched him.

Seeing the way he was working seriously, Si Sheng didn’t bother him and just occasionally glanced at what Xu Sili was writing.

The young man wasn’t writing in the language of this world.

However, Si Sheng understood.

He originally wasn’t a person from this world and the words used by the young man happened to be from his original world.

He felt somewhat friendly looking at this square font but—

That world had collapsed.

He had seen the destruction of that world with his own eyes and then fell into a long and desperate darkness. He had been on the brink of madness when he was thrown into this world.

In fact, he rarely thought about that world any longer. All his memories were about Lord God.

Constantly revisiting the memories of his past with Lord God was his way to maintain his sanity in the silence of darkness and it was his only sustenance.

The past where he was plunged into the dark abyss was something he couldn’t help fearing when he recalled it, even when he was this powerful.

Si Sheng’s eyes became deeper again as he stared at the young man’s focused side profile.

He could do anything for Lord God.

There was only one thing that couldn’t be done.

This time, he wouldn’t let go. Even if the world collapsed again or even if he fell into such a long darkness again, he wouldn’t let go.

Xu Sili was focused on the blueprints when he suddenly realized something.

He turned his head to look at Si Sheng. The man’s eyelashes were drooping slightly and hid the look in his eyes. However, Xu Sili was keenly aware of the low energy shrouding him.

He raised an eyebrow and reached out to touch Si Sheng’s cheek.

Si Sheng’s heart trembled. He looked up and met the young man’s smiling purple eyes.

He touched Si Sheng’s cheek lightly and said in a playful manner, “What? You don’t want to go on a mission?”

Si Sheng pursed his lips and fell silent.

“Be good.”

Xu Sili leaned over, kissed the corner of Si Sheng’s mouth and whispered, “I can’t bear to part with you but only you can do this…”

“Once you arrive in Orchid Moon City, send me a message. I’ll summon you back so we can meet again quickly.”

Si Sheng listened to the young man’s almost soft words spread in his heart and the haze that almost drowned him stopped again.

He reached out and wrapped his arms around the young man’s waist and rested his head on the young man’s shoulders.

Xu Sili blinked. He wasn’t quite sure if Si Sheng was acting now but this appearance really did make him feel soft.

He tilted his head and kissed the man’s forehead. Then he let Si Sheng hold him and continued to be busy.

Si Sheng closed his eyes, sniffed the smell of the young man’s body and calmed down.

He knew he had a fierce beast in his heart.

If he could get the love of Lord God, he was willing to keep the beast in captivity forever, never letting it appear in front of Lord God…

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2 years ago

I feel like the ending raised a flag 😅 A flag that concerns with the “beast” in Shi Sheng’s heart 😅😅

Hopefully it’ll just lead to a steamy scene instead of angst 🙏🏻

Thanks for the chapter! 😘

1 year ago

I’m very confused about the previous world of si sheng? is that like the own “world” that xu sili created when he was a player himself and so si sheng was thrown into the abyss before coming to the world he currently lived in now??? i don’t knooooow

1 year ago
Reply to  pat

Probably yes since it’s Xu Sili’s game data that was used to create the characters in the holo game. And I have a theory that Si Sheng on the previous game has a high consciousness that went beyond the data of the game and became self-aware. It’s just that he didn’t realized that his world is a game and still perceive it as a ‘real world’. So when XS would log out in the game, SS’s ‘real world’ would be plunged in darkness and when XS would log in the ‘real world’ would light up. So SS thinks that he lose the favor of Lord God whenever XS leaves. This is based on my understanding on what SS said in the prev chaps if I remembered correctly. So when the devs were transferring XS’s game data to the new game, SS perceived it as his ‘real world’ being destroyed. When SS was in that ‘dark abyss’, it was probably his data being stored in the system and going through changes before he was introduced in the game. That is why I think Si Sheng is ‘awake’ and experienced the ‘dark abyss’ and probably thinking what kind of huge mistake did he do that he was inside of that darkness and that lord god never appeared again.

1 year ago