VCRMM: Chapter 83 Part 1

Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng. He saw that there were bright stars in the gray-blue eyes again and couldn’t help grinning.

“Not angry?”

He wrapped his arms around the man’s neck, approached him and pecked the beautiful lips again. He was just about to retreat when he was chased and his lips held.

The man pressed a hand against the back of his neck, not giving him the chance to escape.

Xu Sili didn’t want to escape either.

Si Sheng kissed him tenderly, with devotion and enthusiasm and a type of affection that fascinated Xu Sili.

This was a reconciliation, right?

He thought in a confused manner.

The two of them kissed each other in a lingering manner and almost sparked a new round with dry firewood.

This time, Si Sheng thoughtfully didn’t bully him.

He even pressed a palm to Xu Sili’s waist.

A faint blue light shone under the quilt. Under the nourishment of the water healing technique, Xu Sili hummed and rubbed comfortably against Si Sheng’s chest.

“Does it hurt?”

Si Sheng asked in a low voice.

The cool feeling of the water healing technique came but Xu Sili’s face was red. He buried his face in Si Sheng’s arms and was so ashamed he couldn’t speak.

Due to the puppet technique, Si Sheng couldn’t hurt him, if… this type of thing counted as an attack.

Naturally, it didn’t hurt.

Saying these words aloud would break his bottom line but for Si Sheng’s gentle care, he felt sweet in his heart and couldn’t refuse.

After a while, Si Sheng’s water healing technique stopped. Xu Sili put his hands on Si Sheng’s shoulders and rested his chin on Si Sheng’s heart.

“I was almost killed by you just now…”

The young man murmured softly like he was complaining, but his soft voice made people feel numb.

Si Sheng was stunned.

He lowered his eyes and saw the young man’s silver hair scattered over his back with faint traces seen through the silver hair.

It was blue-purple and looked somewhat shocking on the young man’s fair, flawless skin.

His eyes flickered slightly and showed a bit of distress and guilt.

“It is this servant’s fault… this servant shouldn’t have been angry with you…” He said while his palm touched the young man’s back.

A blue light flashed and the bruises quickly disappeared.

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

So he was finally admitting that he was really angry before?

As for the marks on his body… they were all from sucking and he didn’t feel any pain at all. Even if Si Sheng was angry with him, Si Sheng was very careful when dealing with him.

Seeing Si Sheng’s frown and slightly uneasy expression, Xu Sili couldn’t help reaching out his finger. His finger pressed against the center of Si Sheng’s brow as if wanting to smooth out the folds.

“So don’t be angry with me in the future.”

Xu Sili declared while pressing.

“You pressed a gun against me and stomped on my chest with your boot and I didn’t care about you…”

He recalled the scene when he first came here and the strength in his hand couldn’t help increasing a bit. There was obviously still resentment in his heart.

Si Sheng stared before reaching out to grab the young man’s wrist, stopping his movements.

Xu Sili watched him and frowned slightly.

Wasn’t he right?

Before he could say anything, the man suddenly wrapped an arm around his waist and rolled him over.

Xu Sili was stunned at first. Then he came back to his senses and stared at this man with purple eyes, faintly annoyed.

His heart that had been originally full of tenderness suddenly cooled down and he was a bit disappointed.

Last night and just now, he had already coaxed him so much. Did this man still want to use this method?

Xu Sili wasn’t sure how he would explode if Si Sheng dared to force him again this time.

However, what he thought didn’t happen. Under his stare, the man leaned down slightly and warm lips touched his forehead.

Xu Sili was taken aback.

The man’s strength was very light, almost like a dragonfly. There wasn’t the slightest bit of desire, only pity and heartache.

This kiss lasted for a long time until the ice in Xu Sili’s eyes melted.

He probably understood what Si Sheng was doing…

Sure enough, Si Sheng slowly left his forehead and moved down to kiss him lightly on the chest where he had previously stepped with his boot.

The bruises there had long disappeared but it was a mark that was hard to erase from his heart.

Yet at this moment, Xu Sili clearly felt the imperceptible complaint hidden in his heart start to loosen with Si Sheng’s loving kiss.

More sunlight came in through the gap in the curtains and fell on the man. His blond hair shone brightly in the sunlight and his long eyelashes hung low, forming light shadows under his eyes.

He tilted his head slightly and kissed the young man’s heart. He licked slowly with the tip of his tongue. It was obviously a purely thoughtless movement but it was s*xy and messy.

The young man’s cheeks were stained a slight red. His fingers clutching the sheets couldn’t help tightening and his nails were somewhat white because of force.

Thump thump.

He felt his heart pounding really hard like a drum. It must be heard by the man.

He stared at Si Sheng without blinking. Finally, the man raised his pale gold eyelashes and stared softly into his eyes. Xu Sili turned his head sideways with a red face.

From the corner of his eye, the man leaned over, touched the top of his head and approached him.

He felt the man’s high nose rest against his jawbone and his breath sprayed gently on Xu Sili’s neck.

Thump thump.

Xu Sili felt that his heart was beating faster. It hadn’t jumped so fast even when the two of them were the most intimate.

“Your Majesty, this servant is willing to do anything to make up for the mistakes I have committed against you. Can you forgive this servant?”

The man’s voice was low and pitiful. The long and dense eyelashes trembled slightly and swept over his cheeks, making Xu Sili feel itchy. It was like the tip of his heart was being scratched.

He bit his lip, his cheeks turning red.

“Your Majesty…”

Si Sheng’s voice was heard again. Xu Sili finally couldn’t help pushing him away slightly. He placed his arms around Si Sheng’s waist and buried his face in the man’s arms.

Si Sheng blinked. “Your Majesty?”

“Shut up!” The young man’s voice was fierce but the action of holding him was full of attachment.

Si Sheng couldn’t help freezing. For the first time, his face showed some innocence and confusion.

So… did this count as forgiving him?

After a long time, he sighed inwardly and relaxed. He didn’t hold onto this question any longer.

Some things didn’t require an answer.

He rubbed the top of the young man’s head with his chin and called out gently. “Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili didn’t want to pay attention to him.

This person always used sweet words to coax him, make him feel dizzy and make him lose his rational thinking so he was weak and defenseless when facing Si Sheng.

However, he heard the man ask, “Do you want to eat something first?”


The moment these words were heard, Xu Sili’s stomach started to growl.

To be fair, he hadn’t eaten all night and went through two workouts. Anyone would be hungry, right?

It was just that his face felt hotter.

Xu Sili removed his arms, pursed his lips and said sullenly instead of looking at Si Sheng, “I’m hungry.”

Then he heard a chuckle.

Xu Sili couldn’t help staring at this person. What was he laughing at?

Si Sheng had already placed a tray on the bedside table. It was bread that had been baked in the morning and fresh milk but the milk was obviously cold. 

Xu Sili didn’t mess with his body. He was just about to pick up the milk when it was taken by Si Sheng. Si Sheng carefully controlled the fire element and warmed up the milk again.

He pouted and had no choice but to take a piece of bread to eat it first.

This bread was developed by Janice and the chef under his guidance. It was undoubtedly much better than the coarse bread that was eaten when he first came here.

It was soft and dense with a creamy sweetness. It was close to the level of reality.

The people of the Roland Empire weren’t lacking in those with hands-on ability but they lived in the shadow of the interstellar beast all year round and few people bothered to improve their food.

Even the nobles didn’t spend their energy doing such things.

These things could only be done slowly. He believed that in their future, their lives would keep getting better.

The small piece of bread was only the size of half a fist. Xu Sili finished it in a few bites just as Si Sheng finished helping him warm up the milk.

The milk was hot but not hot enough to scald him. It was smooth and mellow to drink.

Xu Sili finished eating the bread in one go and also drank the milk. His stomach was warm and it was only then that he felt comfortable.

As he was eating, Si Sheng got up and got out of the bed.

By the time he finished, the man was already dressed. He fastened the buttons of his sleeves and exuded an indescribable elegance.

Xu Sili watched him in a daze. Then as Si Sheng fastened the cufflinks and looked over, he pretended to look away indifferently and placed the tray back on the bedside table.

Then he glanced to the left and right, trying to find his own clothes to put on. His body was still bare and he inexplicably felt a sense of shame when looking at the well-dressed Si Sheng.

After they finished up, Si Sheng had taken him to wash. His body was now quite refreshed but…

What about his nightgown?

He was feeling a bit irritable when Si Sheng came to the bed with a pile of clothes and gently placed them on the edge of the bed.

Xu Sili reached out to grab the shirt but the man picked it up one step ahead of him. He shook the shirt open and the gray-blue eyes stared at him tenderly.

“Your Majesty.”

His lips curled up, the intentions obvious.

Xu Sili glanced at him and obediently turned around. He put his arms into the sleeves. Then he put on his shirt under Si Sheng’s service.

He was just about to do up the buttons himself when Si Sheng grabbed him by the shoulder and straightened his body.

Xu Sili lowered his eyes and watched the man half crouching down in front of him before reaching out to do up the buttons one by one.

His expression was extremely serious, as if he was dealing with something important that couldn’t go wrong.

Xu Sili had to admit that he was fascinated by this person again.

This man really seduced him all the time, letting a rookie when it came to love fall accidentally into a trap. It was difficult to fly out of it.

For some unexplained reason, Xu Sili called up the camera system and shot this scene.

Si Sheng did up the last button for him and helped him tidy his collar. Then…

He picked up a small piece of clothing.

Xu Sili, who was secretly taking photos, suddenly blushed when he saw the small piece of clothing.

“This… I’ll do it myself…” he stammered.

The man paused. Then his beautiful eyes curved slightly as he cocked his head to look at Xu Sili.

“Your Majesty, are you shy?”

Seeing this smile, Xu Sili felt his heart thumping again but… but…

Wasn’t it normal for him to be shy?

Proofreader: Purichan

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