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VCRMM: Chapter 82 Part 2

“Why are you so heavy? You should lose weight!” The boy’s scolding voice came from the creeping shadow.

“It is because you haven’t absorbed enough of the elements and you’re still too weak.” Wang Hu’s voice was heard.

“I am weak? Who is the one who became useless after stretching your shadow?”

“Stinky boy, if you have the ability to stretch your body for 2-300 hundred meters then try it!”

“Then I’m better than you!”

The master and apprentice bickered. Originally, due to the blessing of the Light Body technique, they could move across the iron chain in just one or two minutes. Now it took them 10 minutes to do it.

Once they reached the other side, Hua Sui’s shadow spat out Wang Hu and he himself changed back into human form. He was so tired that he gasped on the ground.

The previous training at the barracks made him used to the 70% realism setting. He didn’t adjust it to 0% like others and this might also be the reason why he had improved a lot.

The moment they successfully landed, everyone couldn’t help cheering. Of course, this was quickly suppressed by the vice-captain.

Crossing the river didn’t mean that the crisis was over. There would be trouble if the noise provoked interstellar beasts.

Of course, it was also troublesome now.

Looking at the last squad left on the other side and the flying fish that had become completely active, it was obvious that this wasn’t the best time to cross the river.

“Captain, what now?” Someone asked.

Li Lai glanced at the other side and then at the four squads beside him. There were a total of over 120 people. He hesitated before saying, “The fifth squad will rest on the spot and wait until the activities of the flying fish reduce in the early morning before crossing the river.”

“The first to fourth squads will follow me and immediately go to Orchid Moon City!”

He always remembered that his first mission was escorting the 10 elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City.

The 10 elementalist instructors had already been transferred over. The remaining fifth squad were all soldiers and braves in charge of the rear.

There were the braves so the soldiers didn’t have to worry about insufficient supplies.

Once he sent the ten elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City, he could come back to meet them. This was indeed the safest method.

Obeying orders was engraved in the bones of soldiers and the NPC soldiers had no opinions. The players had some worries but there was really no better way at the moment.

Looking at the state of Wang Hu and Hua Sui, it was a bit unrealistic to rely on the two people to transport the fifth squad.

For the safety of the fifth squad, Li Lai communicated with headquarters and Admiral Joyce agreed to let the flight monitor stay to help the fifth squad.

After all, the two major dangers had been safely passed. Based on Li Lai’s ability, there should be no problem bringing the group to safety.

Before leaving, Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai was still worried and told the captain of the fifth squad a lot of precautions. Then he heard that the players were impatient so he set off with the four squads.

More than a hundred people quickly merged into the forest and soon disappeared.

Over the Neria River, the silver flying fish flew. The sun rose higher and higher with the blue sky in the background.

Sunlight penetrated through glass and shone into the room through gaps in the curtain, falling onto the exquisite and gorgeous big bed in the bedroom.

The silver-haired youth had his eyes closed and was sleeping. At this moment, his light-colored eyelashes trembled and he opened his eyes.

He had just woken up so the beautiful purple eyes were still dazed.

He frowned slightly and sat up slowly.

His silver hair cascaded down and covered his shoulders and slender back, as well as the faint traces of ambiguity on his delicate skin.

Xu Sili pinched his brow. The moment he moved, he covered his waist in an uncomfortable manner. The quilt wrapped around his chest also slipped down, revealing his bare upper body.

He lowered his eyes and couldn’t help being startled when he saw the marks on his body. The memories of last night slowly flooded his mind.

The young man’s beautiful purple pupils contracted slightly as if in disbelief. His neck creaked and twisted as he looked stiffly to his side.

His side was empty.

Huh? What about Si Sheng?

Xu Sili blinked. Could it be that the memory of last night was just a colorful dream?

That wasn’t right. If it was a dream then what was the situation of his back pain?

So… Si Sheng ate him dry and ran away?

A hint of anger appeared on the young man’s face. However, he soon heard footsteps and hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover himself. He turned around, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

He heard the rattling sound of a tray being placed on his bedside table and the faint scent of milk mixed with bread gently floated over.


Xu Sili’s stomach growled in an unsatisfied manner.

He blushed slightly but still closed his eyes. He pretended that the growl didn’t come from him and kept pretending to be asleep.

Then he felt the mattress sink down and a body exuding warm air got into the quilt and hugged him from behind.

“Your Majesty.”

The man leaned on his shoulder, slightly bearded chin scratching the smooth skin and making Xu Sili feel a bit itchy.

He knew he couldn’t pretend so he had to open his eyes. He turned to his side and looked at Si Sheng.

The blond-haired man was wearing a snow-white shirt with two buttons undone at the neckline, revealing cold white skin and faintly lean muscles.

Si Sheng looked down at him, gray-blue eyes looking a bit obscure in the backlight.

“Are you going to get up?” He asked.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. How could this person still be so indifferent after doing such an excessive thing to him last night?

He felt very wronged and Young Master Xu would never be wronged by himself.

“You don’t have anything to say?” The young man frowned and asked coldly.

Si Sheng was stunned.

Then his lips curved slightly in a smile. “What do you want to hear?”

Xu Sili felt his heart was blocked when he saw the smile that didn’t reach the bottom of Si Sheng’s eyes.

“Last night… we…”

He gritted his teeth. “It was different from what I thought!”

Si Sheng gently stroked the young man’s cheek, pecked the lips that had become a bit rosy from anger and wondered, “What did Your Majesty think?”

Xu Sili’s train of thought was interrupted by this kiss. He looked at the other person’s beautiful lips and found it hard to pull back his sanity.

“The type of improper relationship I was talking about… it was, it was before… you help me and I help you, that type of thing…”

“You… how can you…”

The young man was furious and finally couldn’t maintain his cold mask.

Si Sheng looked at him with curved up lips.

“Then it is this servant’s misunderstanding.”

He said softly with a hint of wanton evil in his smile. “Then what does Your Majesty want?”

What did he want?

Xu Sili really didn’t know what to do. The things had already happened. Could he still act as if it hadn’t happened?

He hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth slightly. Before he could speak, the man blocked his lips.

It was a hot and intense kiss with a hint of punishment. It quickly drained Xu Sili’s entire body and his brain turned into paste.

In a daze, he reached out and grabbed the man’s neck to kiss him intimately.

By the time he regained a hint of consciousness, he was lying on the bed between the covers.

Behind him, a soft white shirt was attached to his back.

The man’s palm stroked the back of his hand resting on the mattress. His five fingers interlocked with Xu Sili’s fingers and held tightly.

The protest turned into a low moan from the bottom of his throat. Xu Sili involuntarily closed his eyes and felt like a small boat swaying on a stormy sea.

Xu Sili had his head turned sideways with half of it buried in the pillow.

His cheeks were as red as rouge. His mouth was slightly open and he was breathing heavily. There was a faint glint of crystal slipping down his mouth but he had no time to wipe it.

He felt the man’s chin resting on his shoulder. Then Si Sheng leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth gently.

It wasn’t known how much time had passed.

Xu Sili slumped lazily into Si Sheng’s arms like soft bones. His entire body seemed to have no strength.

Si Sheng might not be able to hurt him without the attack power being doubly returned but this didn’t mean Xu Sili couldn’t feel it. The sore feeling left by this movement couldn’t be avoided.

Of course, there were many cool parts.

Even so, he still felt aggrieved. Si Sheng had always been gentle to him. Even when Si Sheng acted strong, it was regarding things like making him sleep and eat.

Xu Sili might be impatient on the surface but he actually felt very comfortable. He was able to let down his guard toward Si Sheng so quickly partly due to this consideration.

Yet today Si Sheng changed his normal behavior.

It was still very charming but Xu Sili sensed Si Sheng’s abnormality.

It seemed to have been since last night… but he still acted fine on the surface.

Xu Sili suddenly looked at the blond-haired man who had his eyes closed.

He thought about it and called out, “Si Sheng.”

Si Sheng opened his eyes and looked down to meet the young man’s clear eyes.

“Are you mad at me?”

He heard the young man ask.

Si Sheng paused slightly. He fixed his gaze on the young man for a few seconds before looking away.

“How dare I?” He whispered.

Xu Sili blinked and stared at the other person for a few seconds. Then his body started to move upward.

Si Sheng frowned but still didn’t look at him.

He knew that his current emotions weren’t right. He should be satisfied about being able to get Lord God, even if it was just as a secret lover.

However, he found himself unable to do so.

He could no longer be satisfied like he was in the beginning when he was happy just hearing Lord God’s voice and guarding his side.

He was hungry for more.

He wanted Lord God to love him with all his heart and soul.

Si Sheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously but at this moment, a pair of hands held his cheeks and turned his face so he met the young man’s lustrous purple eyes.

“You really are angry,” the young man said.

Si Sheng’s heart moved slightly. The next second, the young man lowered his head and kissed him on the lips.

“Don’t be angry, okay?”

Xu Sili’s voice softened and he coaxed the other person. “I don’t care about you bullying me so don’t be angry at me, okay?”

The young man hugged him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Si Sheng stared and felt something shattering in his heart.

“Your Majesty…”

He reached out and murmured while stroking the young man’s cheeks.

The young man slowly smiled and tilted his head slightly, gently rubbing against the palm of his hand like a kitten.

Si Sheng saw this and felt that his heart had turned to water.

As for the matter of being angry, who could remember it?

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