VCRMM: Chapter 82 Part 1

The sun was shining and the silver fish flew in the sky.

The falling soldier with a player on his back didn’t give up struggling even at this moment.

Due to the Light Body technique and the support of the wind element, his speed of falling was much slower than usual.

After the initial panic, the warrior endured his waist injury. Before falling into the water, he adjusted his posture, stepped on a flying fish with one foot and used his strength to kick up.

“Bai Zhou, quickly use the green vine technique!”

Qing Yan’s voice rang out in the team channel.

The player who was being carried by the soldier finally regained his senses. He opened his mouth and shouted. A green light flashed from his hand and a green vine was released to wrap around the chain in the air.

However, the iron chain was too far away from them.

It was at least a hundred meters away. Due to the limitation of strength, the vines released by this player called Bai Zhou only reached 50 meters. It was far from enough!

Seeing the vines fall before reaching the goal, everyone couldn’t help holding their breaths.

Qing Yan, who had reached the other side of the river, saw this scene and couldn’t help gritting her teeth.

She really wanted to rush back onto the chain to save people but there were warriors on the chain rushing over with players on their backs. If she rushed up, she would definitely collide with them and it would only add to the chaos.

It was so hard to reach this point. Was the mission still going to fail?

Bai Zhou on the soldier’s back was about to cry.

He was accustomed to keyboard online games and was a game otaku. Even if he was known as a god, it was only limited to online games. This holographic game…

It was too f*kig real!

He saw the silver flying fish constantly brushing past under the evasive movements of the soldier, saw their vicious teeth, smelt the fishy smell of the river and saw the huge river beasts that only appeared in horror movies below…

Bai Zhou really cried.

“Bai Zhou, you… jump down.”

Just then, Qing Yan’s voice was heard again.

The team channel became quiet and only Bai Zhou’s gasps were heard.

The next second, he responded in a tearful voice, “I know. Ah Caizi, make me look handsome!”

In this situation, he had become a burden. In any case, players could be resurrected indefinitely while their mission would fail if an NPC died!

“Roger, I hope to see you again later.”

Bai Zhou endured the fear of being eaten by the interstellar beasts and said, “Live well. Don’t die.”

The soldier who was dodging the flying fish couldn’t help his expression changing when he heard these words. He said with red eyes, “Don’t let go! I can take you up! I can!”

Just as he was talking, he was hit in the abdomen again by a flying fish. Fortunately, the fish was moving upward. He might be further away from the iron chain but at least he didn’t fall into the river.

“Brother, thank you for taking care of me during this time. I’ve caused you trouble.”

Bai Zhou didn’t understand why he was speaking this nonsense when the other person was just an NPC.

He didn’t look at the river beasts below. He closed his eyes and turned the ambient volume to the lowest level. In any case, there was no pain. He just had to wait and it would be over.

The young man persuaded himself like this. Then he let go of Roger’s body and jumped backwards.

He heard Roger’s roar. Roger presumably wanted to save him but was stopped by the silver flying fish.

Bai Zhou’s nose was a bit acidic.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t be resurrected. No matter how many times he said it, these NPCs didn’t believe him. They were sick in the head! However, this really poked his heart…

According to the Light Body technique on his body, Bai Zhou would fall into the river after around one minute and become a feast for the river beasts.

He was calculating it in his mind. Yet after around 40 seconds, he felt a sudden tightening around his hand. A force was exerted on his hand and he started to rise diagonally upward.

Huh? What was the situation?

Bai Zhou opened his eyes in a hurry and saw that the green ivy wrapped around his hand and tightened. Under the impetus of the green vine, he was rapidly approaching the iron chains.

Fortunately, he wasn’t hit by a flying fish during this process or his health bar might’ve been emptied.

Who saved him?

Bai Zhou wanted to see clearly but his body was constantly swaying in the air along with the green vine. If it wasn’t for the fact that his sense of realism had been adjusted to zero, he probably would’ve vomited by now. This meant he couldn’t see what was happening above him.

The soldier Roger also noticed this scene and was overjoyed. He heard the command of the captain through the headset and stopped paying attention to Bai Zhou’s situation. He used the flying fish as stepping stones to approach the other side.

“Roger is 6666.”

“F*k, this game is amazing! NPCs can still use light footwork? Can we do the same?”

“Hurry up and start the server. Ahh, I want to play!”

It might be 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning but the casual players in the live broadcast room had waited early. They saw the special effects that were like a movie and couldn’t help passionately filling the screen.

As for why Bai Zhou didn’t fall…

In the middle of the iron chain, a dark shadow shot out and was pulled into a thin and long black thread that wrapped tightly around one end of the green vine.

The thin thread kept shrinking and pulled Bai Zhou up to the iron chain.

This scene didn’t look exciting but it was actually very thrilling. it was because with Bai Zhou’s health, he would probably die if he suffered two or three hits.

If he was hit and killed along the way then the rescue would be in vain.

“Sister Yan, w-who s-saved me?”

Bai Zhou was thrown up and down in the air but he was still in the mood to ask this.

“It is Wang Hu.”

Wang Hu was a dark warrior who could use dark martial arts. He transformed himself into a shadow and then stretched out, barely wrapping around the green vine and saving Bai Zhou.

Everyone sighed with relief, including Bai Zhou himself.

He might still be dangling in the air but he didn’t have to be torn to shreds by the river beasts. He was very happy.

It was just that he became happy a bit too early.

There were more and more flying fish soaring into the sky.

Finally, Wang Hu’s shadow completely shrank back to the iron cable and he transformed back into human form, pulling Bai Zhou nonstop with his hands…

Behind him, a silver flying fish opened its mouth wide in order to bite his neck!

Wang Hu sensed the movement behind him but he couldn’t dodge it.

It was because the vine connected with Bai Zhou couldn’t last long. If he avoided the fish, it would inevitably delay time. However, the practice of turning his body into a thin thread just now was a heavy burden on him.

For a short period of time, he could no longer turn into a shadow.

He gritted his teeth and prepared to endure it.

No one could help him—the river was too dangerous and even the captain couldn’t risk the chain again.

In any case, four squads had crossed the river safely. Even that kid Roger had relied on the Light Body technique and his superior physical strength to safely reach the other side.

Right now… it was up to him to see if he could save this stinky boy called Bai Zhou.

He might also be an elementalist but on the battlefield, priority should be given to letting the spiritual elementalist survive. This was one of the rules and this Bai Zhou was also a wood type…

He had seen the live broadcast of Mercenary Town. How much grain could a wood elementalist produce?

If this boy stayed in Orchid Moon City and grew a lot of grain, he would definitely be more valuable than Wang Hu.

These thoughts were fleeting. Wang Hu quickly pulled the green vine in order to pull up Bai Zhou before the vine broke.

He just needed to pull Bai Zhou into the captain’s mental range and the captain could bless Bai Zhou with a wind shield and safely pull him to the other side!

The sound of the flying fish soaring through the air was getting closer and closer. Then—


A laser projectile penetrated the belly of the fly fish. It didn’t kill the flying fish immediately but the trajectory was deflected. The flying fish brushed past Wang Hu’s shoulder and fell into the river.

Li Lai, who was preparing to rush over, slowly stopped.

Reason told him that he couldn’t go over.

The river was too dangerous and he had no way to ensure his own safety. He was the leader and couldn’t have an accident or the remaining 100 or so people would probably die on the next part of the road.

However, he couldn’t help thinking about it when Wang Hu was in danger.

He had sent Wang Hu over…

He didn’t want to watch Wang Hu die.

Fortunately, the tragedy didn’t happen. He saw the color of the laser projectile and recognized who it was.

This was the Glorious Radium 3000 that was with Hua Sui!

The teenager that Hamm had mentioned to him!


Wang Hu’s whisper came from the headset.

Li Lai’s mind returned. He sensed it carefully and found that at Wang Hu’s pulling, Bai Zhou had entered the range of his spiritual control. He hurriedly blessed Bai Zhou with a wind shield.

The wind elements gathered around Bai Zhou and formed a protective shield with a diameter of two meters, blocking the impact of the flying fish.

This wind shield consumed a lot from Li Lai and even he could only bless one person at a time.

His face was pale but he remained silent as he controlled the wind element. He held up Bai Zhou wrapped in a wind shield and slowly moved him to the other side.

 Wang Hu saw this and sighed with relief.

He looked back and saw a shadow wrapped around the iron chain beside him. It might be a bit eerie to others but he felt very kind.

“Thanks, stinky boy.” He grinned.


Hua Sui snorted disdainfully. Then his shadow moved closer to Wang Hu.

“Don’t move, I’ll take you over.”

Wang Hu was stunned. He hadn’t expected this kid to even learn this skill? He had only taught it twice!

Sure enough, talent was enviable…

He didn’t move and barely managed to cover his body with the dark elements so that Hua Sui could better wrap around him.

This was the skill that the black-cloaked man had used to throw away Xu Yuheng.

After wrapping around Wang Hu, Hua Sui’s shadow area expanded a lot and the creeping speed slowed down.

It was slow but at least they could avoid being attacked by flying fish.

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