VCRMM: Chapter 81 Part 2

Elder Bryce looked at the cut off communicator and the quiet room before sighing bitterly.

It was true that he worshiped the Bewatt Empire but he actually knew very well that it was difficult to guarantee if Arnauton would actually give him the promised power after the Bewatt Empire took over Escher Star.

The best outcome was to use the power of the Bewatt Empire to immigrate to another planet…

Now he couldn’t afford to lose the backing of the Bewatt Empire.

Elder Bryce’s expression soon became determined.

Since he couldn’t refuse, he could only change the action plan… the best way was to act immediately and catch them by surprise before the military took action.

Unfortunately, their planning was only half complete.

The risk would increase by countless times if they acted in a hurry so…

Postpone the action plan!

It would be postponed to the third night. They would make a surprise move when the garrison thought they had abandoned their plan and were lax.

…This was the only thing they could do.

Elder Bryce made a quick decision and soon started a new round of planning.

Meanwhile, not far from Orchid Moon City at the Neria River, a group of unkempt people were approaching the iron chain bridge in the middle of the river.

“F*k, we’re finally here!”

Jianyu Xingchen looked at the iron chain bridge not far away. He compared it with the information that Li Lai had shown them before and couldn’t help letting out a long sigh of relief.

They just had to cross this bridge and it would take them only half a day to reach Orchid Moon City.

It had been almost two weeks since they left Imperial City! In these two weeks, the players followed the entire time and none of them were offline for more than a short time.

Who knew how they had survived this high-intensity march? Their bodies might not feel tired but they were mentally tired!

However, they only dared to complain on the internal channel. After all, the NPCs were much worse than them.

It could only be said that this mission was worthy of the epic rating.

They started off with 81 players and now there were only 49 players left. Most of them were professional players and the few support players like Ah Caizi barely followed because they were well protected.

The thing that was worth celebrating was that none of the NPCs died!

Including the instructors, the escort team had a total of 111 NPCs, all of whom weren’t dead. Injuries were inevitable but the persistence of the players meant that these injured soldiers were brought along.

Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai’s feelings were very mixed.

The lives of his comrades were saved but the braves sacrificed too much…

They were all elementalists!

He felt blood dripping from his heart. At the same time, he felt more and more that the braves were crazy!

He could clearly feel that they weren’t cold-blooded. On the contrary, they were full of warmth in many situations. It was just that they were so indifferent to the death of their companions.

They even showed contempt and scorn for their sacrifice.

The even stranger thing was that they thought their companions would be resurrected and were already waiting for them in Orchid Moon City.

Therefore, Li Lai thought that the braves might not be able to withstand the pressure and this resulted in a mental disorder!

Many soldiers who stayed on the battlefield for a long time actually had this type of problem.

He regretted it but he couldn’t do anything in such a situation. After all, it was very dangerous and they were still moving in a hurry.

Fortunately, they finally came to the chain bridge over Neria River.

They just needed to pass through the chain bridge and they could reach Orchid Moon City in half a day. Someone would pick them up to go to the city and his mission this time would be completed.

“Everyone, rest in place and we’ll cross the river at dawn!”

The silver flying fish of Neria River were most active at night and their activity would decrease a lot in the early morning. It was a good time for them to cross the iron chain bridge.

The players had become accustomed to following orders.

Everyone sighed with relief when they found out they could rest for a while. They found a safe place and went offline one after another.

The game might be fun but reality was also important!

The NPC soldiers had seen this phenomenon before. They even voluntarily defended the players when they saw the players start to stay still.

Such interactions were recorded on the live broadcasts and warmed the hearts of many casual players.

Hua Sui found a tree. He checked that there were no problems before sitting against the trunk. He saw the happy picture underneath him and pursed his lips.

Now he was already the highest level player.

He was level 15 and his health had reached 4,000.

It was still not enough in front of NPCs but in terms of players, he was undoubtedly number one. In particular, he had the Glorious Radium 3000 given to him by Li Lai.

He could even kill a low level two star beast independently using kiting.

He really enjoyed the thrill of these kills and felt that there was no game more interesting than this.


There had been some change in his attitude toward NPCs.

“Hey Hua Sui, you ran up there again!”

A voice was heard. Hua Sui looked over and saw a figure emerge from the shadow of a tree before finally turning into a man.

This was the only dark elementalist among the NPC soldiers and his strength had reached the one star level. Hua Sui was now level 15 so he could see the information of this soldier.

Wang Hu, level 13, a dark warrior.

He served as a scout in the team and was responsible for guard work.

His level was two levels lower than Hua Sui but Hua Sui didn’t underestimate him. It was because…

Wang Hu’s health reached more than 40,000. It was more than ten times his and even Wang Hu’s attack was a multiple of his.

If it wasn’t for the Glorious Radium 3000, he wouldn’t be able to beat the other person on his own.

In the past two weeks, they spent all day and night together. Wang Hu took him as an apprentice and taught him many dark skills.

Wang Hu’s contribution was indispensable to Hua Sui being so strong right now.

Hua Sui glanced at him and didn’t speak. He just took out a fruit from his pocket to eat.

“Stinky boy, give me one too!”

Wang Hu sat down beside him.

Hua Sui nibbled on the fruit, frowned impatiently and took out another fruit to throw at the other person.

Wang Hu nibbled and ate the fruit with him.

Wang Hu looked at his comrades resting quietly below and suddenly said, “Tomorrow, we will cross the iron chain of death. You should be careful.”

“I know.” The teenager frowned impatiently and looked like he didn’t want to listen at all.

It was just that Wang Hu’s words had obviously increased today.

“You are gifted. You learned everything at once and the key is that you can use it, unlike some of your companions…”

“Hua Sui, live well and don’t die.”

The boy’s chewing on the flesh of the fruit slowed but he soon returned to normal.

“There are so many words. You take care of yourself!”

Wang Hu glanced at this person and shook his head.

He silently ate the fruit before turning into a shadow again and disappearing from the tree.

Hua Sui watched him disappear and snorted. He threw away the core in his hand and leaned against the tree trunk, closing his eyes.

He didn’t really sleep and used the shadows to observe the movements around him.

This was also what Wang Hu had taught him and he digested it very well.

Unknowingly, the light in the sky became brighter.

After a night of rest, the escort team finally regained its spirits and set off again.

The instructors were carried by NPC soldiers.

There were only three iron cables and the total length was over a thousand meters. In order to avoid accidents, they were divided into five squads.

They weren’t completely unprotected passing over the iron chains. They used special ropes tied to the iron chains and moved over little by little.

It was just that this method had a drawback. It greatly reduced their movement speed and increased the time they stayed above the river.

Once early morning passed and the silver flying fish were active again, the danger would increase exponentially.

In the past, there had been cases of soldiers hanging from the iron chains and being killed by the flying fish.

The heads of these flying fish were as hard as iron and could even shatter rocks, let alone fragile humans.

The only way was to wear full body armor but in order to march in a hurry, the soldiers wore light armor. It was impossible to achieve such protective measures.

Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai weighed it and decided to abandon this protective measure.

It was because this time, there were a full 12 wind spiritual elementalists!

After the five squads were blessed with the Light Body technique, they could achieve a quick movement.

The only problem was that players weren’t trained to pass quickly through the 1,000 meter long rope.

Of course, this problem was well solved.

There were only 49 players left and it was possible to assign dozens of soldiers to help carry them.

Finally, Li Lai gave an order and the first squad set off.

More than 30 people gathered.

They followed the rhythm and controlled the distance to be two meters between each person, so as to not create a heavy burden on the iron chains and to effectively avoid collisions.

Under the blessing of the wind elementalist’s Light Body technique, the soldiers ran on the iron chains like they were flying.

As everyone held their breaths, the first squad passed the iron chains smoothly and reached the other side safely.

They gave this news and quickly started to investigate the situation on the other side to clear any possible danger.

The second squad followed.

Then there was the third one.

The beginning went surprisingly smoothly, making the players relax their vigilance. This lasted until the fourth team when the silver flying fish in the river suddenly became active.

The originally calm river surface suddenly became lively.

The flying fish moved through the air. A silver light flashed and it looked beautiful and romantic.

However, it was deadly to the soldiers and players passing through it.


Finally, the first soldier to be knocked off appeared.

A flying fish collided with his waist and he was pushed into the air and fell toward the river.

Waiting for him below were river beasts with large mouths and fierce teeth.

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