VCRMM: Chapter 81 Part 1

The seventh traitor?

Xu Yuheng’s pupils shrank when he saw Xiao Wu’s message and he hurriedly checked the information of the seventh traitor.

He just never expected the seventh traitor to be…

Someone he knew!

“Second brother, now the traitors know they have been exposed. What should we do now?”

A small robot emerged above his communicator.

He looked at Xu Yuheng with electronic eyes and asked anxiously.

Xu Yuheng gritted his teeth.

Today, he and Baifeng went to the barracks to do things in a secretive manner. Unexpectedly, they were found by a traitor.

He was careless…

Would these stinky rats in the gutter continue to act after they knew their plans had been exposed?

Nevertheless, this was fine.

Xu Yuheng’s expression relaxed slightly. At the very least, he now knew the identity of the seventh traitor. This person took the initiative to expose himself. This time it was worth it.

At the same time, he felt a bit heavy.

There were still three people who hadn’t been exposed. If they were also hidden as deeply as the seventh person then this Orchid Moon City…

Xu Yuheng shook his head.

The plot setting of this game was quite brain-burning. It was estimated that some high level players would like it.

He thought this while calmly saying to Xiao Wu, “Don’t panic and continue to monitor them. Don’t let go of the slightest clue and find the remaining three traitors as soon as possible.”

As for whether the traitors would cancel the bombing of the guardian circle… this depended on the decision making ability of the organizers.

If it was canceled then they could at least ensure that no NPCs would be injured or killed due to this incident. They could catch the exposed traitors one by one.

It might be a bit more troublesome but it made no difference to the players. After all, they wouldn’t have come to play this type of character raising game if they thought it was troublesome.

Once the traitors fell, the task of guarding Orchid Moon City was likely to be completed.

If it wasn’t canceled and the traitors continued to act, they would naturally proceed as planned.

This was the benefit of having first-hand intelligence.

If it wasn’t for the purpose of catching the remaining three people they would’ve already been able to catch the traitors now. The power of an artificial intelligence was vividly shown in this incident.

Xu Yuheng smiled.

His family’s Xiao Li was very smart. He started the planning early and even came up with such a weapon.

The presence of Xiao Wu meant he should be able to manage the empire much more smoothly.

“Focus on monitoring Bryce. He will probably be in a hurry right now.” Xu Yuheng instructed. “Once people lose their cool, they are prone to making the wrong decisions. Perhaps he will bring us a small surprise.”

The little robot nodded ignorantly while his electronic eyes looked at Xu Yuheng with admiration.

Xu Yuheng saw this and thought about something before saying, “Xiao Wu, you can change your image, right?”

The little robot nodded.

“Then why don’t you change to a human form?”

“However, Xiao Wu isn’t a human.” The little robot tilted his head and answered in a confused manner.

Xu Yuheng thought about it before nodding. “Okay, as long as you like it.”

“Like?” The little robot blinked. “I don’t know…”

There was more confusion in his voice. “My brother said that liking something is a happy emotion. When doing something or owning a certain product, you like it if you feel happy.”

“It is just that I was originally like this. I haven’t thought about whether I am happy or unhappy so I don’t know if I like it or not.”

Xu Yuheng hesitated as he saw the confused little robot. “Then why… don’t you try it? Try more new things. This world is very interesting.”

Xiao Wu watched him become gentle and nodded slightly. “Yes! Thank you, Second Brother. Xiao Wu likes you!”

Xu Yuheng was slightly startled. As he was feeling stunned, the little robot’s image flashed and he ran away without a trace.

Xu Yuheng turned around and shook his head, but there was a clear smile on his face.

By the time Xu Yuheng went offline, it was already past midnight. He had to go to the company for a meeting the next day so the things in the game were temporarily handed over to Baifeng.

He might’ve left a message in the game but once he came out, he still sent a message to Baifeng with his newly purchased phone to remind him of the relevant matters.

At present, they were still acting according to the plan. Once the escort team arrived in Orchid Moon City tomorrow, they would organize the players of Orchid Moon City to change jobs and learn a few more skills.

In order to increase their tacit cooperation and to level up, he had already spoken to the chief administrator in advance. He asked them to let the players form a group to fight if any interstellar beasts broke in tomorrow.

As for the matter on the traitor’s side, it depended on Xiao Wu’s monitoring of the situation…

He thought about these things and felt a bit hungry. He was just about to go to the kitchen to get some food when there was a knock on the door.

He opened the door and found his mother standing in the corridor with a tray containing a bowl of noodles.

Mother Xu saw him and smiled. “You finished playing the game? I cooked you some noodles. Eat while it is hot.”

Xu Yuheng’s heart softened and he took it with a smile.

“Thank you, Mom. I was hungry and was just about to go to the kitchen.”

Mother Xu was startled when she saw that he no longer forced a smile. Then her smile widened even further.

She said, “Okay, you can eat more.”

“If the company is too tiring, don’t go. It is good to play games at home.”

Xu Yuheng felt helpless.

If he was still an adolescent child, it was estimated that he would go crooked by his mother’s doting.

“I know. I’ll arrange it.”

“It is late now. Go to bed.”

Xu Yuheng saw his mother nodding and was about to enter his room with the tray when he heard her ask, “Then where are you? Are you a high ranking official in the game?”

Xu Yuheng, “……”

Mother Xu saw that her son didn’t speak and couldn’t help saying in a serious tone, “Ah Heng, you have to work harder. It has been almost a month. You said you would be a high ranking official and take me to see Xiao Li.”

Xu Yuheng had to agree.

She finally left with satisfaction. Xu Yuheng entered his room with his face in his hand and slammed the door shut.

Inside a house, the light was dim.

Elder Bryce sat at the table. He looked at the message from No. 2 on his communicator and his expression was gloomy and frightening.

This room wasn’t the one where Xu Yuheng had overheard the conversation last time. Elder Bryce was very vigilant and would change the location after every meeting.

He hadn’t expected that his last meeting with Beina and Rouse to be monitored!

Now the military knew about their plan of action…

Should they give up?

Elder Bryce gritted his teeth.

He was able to take the position of elder and be in charge of the affairs of a major city due to his experience and brains, not by force.

He had the strength of only half a star but he could make one or two star elementalists obey his orders. This was his wisdom.

Now it was time for him to make a choice.

Based on his previous caution, there would’ve been no need to worry about this matter. The moment he knew the secret was leaked, he would’ve cut off all heads and tails, letting everyone lie dormant again while waiting for a second chance.

Yet this time…

Rouse was right. It was a very rare opportunity.

Their strongholds in Imperial City had been destroyed and the organization was now leaderless. If this operation succeeded, he would likely be the next leader.

He had already achieved this position. How could he not be tempted by such an opportunity?

Don’t look at the number of members he had developed in Orchid Moon City. Each one of them had very high quality. He could do such a good thing despite the environmental constraints of Orchid Moon City. His evaluation in the organization had always been very high.

However, Elder Bryce wasn’t satisfied with this.

Once Orchid Moon City was invaded by the rioting interstellar beasts, he would go to the other main cities.

At that time, he would add a new batch of subordinates. He would also have the merit of blowing up the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City. Even if he couldn’t become the next leader, it should be very easy to be the person in charge of a main city again.

He was tired of staying in Orchid Moon City. The resources were too scarce and he faced the risk of being destroyed along with the city.

If the city was really destroyed, he had a way to save his life but all his efforts would have to be discarded. He would have to go to the other main cities in despair to seek refuge. This wasn’t what he wanted to see.

Elder Bryce tapped the table lightly, weighing the pros and cons.

Finally, he sighed heavily.

It was too risky.

In a situation where the secret had been leaked, there was no guarantee that everything was foolproof. If there were any errors in the middle, the forces he had worked so hard to develop would be wiped out.

Elder Bryce made a decision.

He was going to send a signal to tell everyone to cancel the action and for all of them to lie dormant. Before the army came to the door, he would change his appearance and hide.

It was still easy for them to hide in Orchid Moon City where the population management was loose. This was why they hadn’t been caught so far.

Before he could send a message, a red indicator light lit up on his communicator.

This was the reminder of the special attention that he had set.

The only one marked with a red light was that person…

Elder Bryce’s heart thumped violently.

He took a deep breath, suppressed his palpitations and clicked to answer with trembling hands.

Once he made his choice, a not so clear image suddenly appeared above the communicator.

If Xu Sili were here, he would’ve recognized it immediately—the leader of the Bewatt Empire, Arnauton.

The lizardman was covered in fine scales and it was hard to tell what his expression meant. The eyes of the cold-blooded animal were very ugly.

Elder Bryce bowed respectfully and addressed him as Your Majesty Arnauton.

Arnauton narrowed his eyes, his voice full of coldness. “How is the plan to destroy Orchid Moon City?”

There was a translator so the communication between the two of them went smoothly.

Elder Bryce’s heart skipped a beat.

He suppressed his unease and told the other person about the action plan being leaked and his decision to temporarily halt it.

“Waste!” Arnauton exclaimed angrily.

“This matter has been planned for so long and now you are saying you will give up? Are the people of Roland only good at reneging on their promises?”

He was obviously referring to Snow Roland playing with him.

Elder Bryce was frightened and he said cautiously, “Orchid Moon City will still be destroyed but I hope Your Majesty will give us a bit more time…”

“I’ve given you long enough!”

Arnauton declared coldly, “I want to see results within seven days. I want to let Snow Roland know that there is a price to pay for playing with the Bewatt Empire!”

“If you can’t even do this little thing, don’t even think about getting anything out of me! The Bewatt Empire doesn’t need weak and incompetent subordinates!”

Then Arnauton cut off the communication.

Proofreader: Purichan

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