VCRMM: Chapter 80 Part 2

Slowly, Xu Sili’s breathing calmed down.

He stared at Si Sheng’s ears—the red color, the crystal clear earlobes and the fine fluff behind the ears.

Finally, he was unable to hold back and blew mischievously into this man’s ear.

Si Sheng jolted for a moment before calling out to him somewhat helplessly. “Your Majesty…”

There was endless pampering in his beautiful voice.

Xu Sili grinned and rubbed his head gently against the other person’s neck. Their ears rubbed together and a sweet atmosphere flowed.

The atmosphere was soon broken again.

“Si Sheng.” Xu Sili took the man’s hand, squeezed his fingertips and said in a low voice, “You… how about being my lover?”

Si Sheng paused.

Xu Sili looked up and observed this person’s expression. He might’ve been a bit impulsive when saying it but he felt that it was okay.

“Lovers?” Si Sheng whispered.


Xu Sili felt a bit guilty but quickly decided.

He had a good impression of Si Sheng and liked to do these intimate things with him but… he couldn’t trust Si Sheng completely.

So he would leave it all to time.

The time he had spent with Si Sheng was too short. It was over two months at best.

As for the time spent playing the game before… that didn’t count.

Xu Sili held Si Sheng’s face and said seriously, “I want to continue to maintain this type of improper relationship with you.”

There was no need to declare it publicly. Just the two of them would know for now.

Otherwise, how difficult would it be if they had a falling out later? He also didn’t know how to explain it to his second brother.

Si Sheng smiled.

“Improper relationship?”

The corners of his lips twitched and his smile looked a bit evil, as if something had been released.

Xu Sili’s eyes looked away. As a good young man with strong roots, it was indeed irresponsible to make such a request but… this didn’t mean that in the future…

Yes, they could make it public in the future?

Just before he could convince the other person, he heard Si Sheng say, “Okay.”

Xu Sili blinked. Si Sheng…

Actually agreed like this?

He sat up straight and looked down at his marshal.

Si Sheng was still wearing the military uniform and his original meticulousness was slightly messed up by Xu Sili, but this unexpectedly gave him more of a casual beauty.

“Are you serious?” Xu Sili asked.

Si Sheng raised a hand to hold the young man’s face. The emotion in his gray-blue eyes were inexplicable and it was hard to guess what he was thinking.

“It depends on whether Your Majesty is serious or not.”

Xu Sili saw this handsome face that was so close and couldn’t control it for a while. He raised his chin and pecked the man’s lips.

Si Sheng’s eyes became deeper.

Xu Sili thought this person was angry so he pursed his lips. “You agreed just now.”


The man nodded lightly.

The silver-haired young man who was hugged by him showed a look of pride on his face, like a child who had eaten candy. Then this look was soon replaced by panic.

It was because his coat was quickly removed and thrown to the ground.

The hem that was tucked into his pants was pulled out and opened to his neck. Then the man put his arms around Xu Sili’s waist and lowered his head.

“Oh… um…”

Xu Sili bit his lip slightly and a flush appeared on his face.

Si Sheng, this guy once again… picked his sensitive spots… no, this wasn’t…

The young man’s eyes were covered with a layer of water.

It was just that he couldn’t completely focus. It wasn’t bedtime and the maids could come in at any time…

However, he was no longer in charge at this moment.

He lay on his back on the sofa and saw the chandelier on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the man pressed against him and thin kisses started to fall everywhere.

“Si Sheng…” Xu Sili tried to maintain the last of his sanity. “What are you doing…?”

The man really stopped.

He looked up, put his hands on Xu Sili’s cheeks and stared at him.

“This servant is fulfilling the duties and rights of a lover.”

Xu Sili blinked. Perhaps it was because Si Sheng’s expression was too serious but this sentence made him a bit stunned.

Soon, he had no time to think.

The man sealed his lips.

The kiss was no longer as gentle and lingering as before. It was full of warmth and sweetness like the spring breeze but was fiery and intense, bringing him a completely different sensory experience.

He was confused and indulged in it. He completely forgot about the construction of Orchid Moon City and his other troubles.

This was a little different from what he had originally imagined.

Yet at this moment, he really didn’t have time to think about anything…

”The escort team will arrive tomorrow?”

In the border town of Orchid Moon City, Xu Yuheng sat in the middle of his hotel room. The communicator was placed on the table in front of him and a small robot was floating above it.

“Yes.” The small robot nodded happily. “Brother said that the braves can go to the elementalist instructors to change classes and learn skills.”

Xu Yuheng nodded. He had already obtained enough information from Xiao Wu.

This operation was safe and it could ensure that the core of the guardian formation wasn’t destroyed.

In order to avoid alerting the enemies, the players who were summoned to the border town had all gone offline. They were waiting for his orders on the Starry Sky forum and were ready to go online at any time.

The mission this time wasn’t mindlessly killing monsters. The NPCs had super high intelligence and they shouldn’t be taken lightly in the process of fighting with them.

Xu Yuheng greeted Baifeng and the two of them disguised themselves. They went somewhere in town, found the NPC who was in contact with them and sneaked quietly into the barracks.

The one who received them in the barracks was the chief administrator of Orchid Moon City, an official position similar to that of a city lord.

The chief administrator was in his early 50s. Half his brown hair was white. He looked in good spirits but his thin face and figure showed how hard it was as the chief administrator.

Baifeng looked at him curiously but stood obediently behind Xu Yuheng. He watched with shining eyes as Xu Yuheng talked and smiled with the chief administrator.

After the communication, the chief administrator of Orchid Moon City nodded.

“Okay, you and your companion can change your clothes and come with me.”

They put on a guard’s clothes and followed the chief administrator out the door. They got into a floating car and headed in the direction of the city walls.

Xu Yuheng observed the layout and equipment of the barracks through the glass window.

He hadn’t been to the other main cities but he had seen the livestream.

If the military camp on the border of Imperial City was like a lion wearing armor, the border military camp of Orchid Moon City was like a wild dog without any protection who had been hungry for a long time.

In short, the misery was visible to the naked eye.

“We only have one spiritual wind elementalist here,” the administrator said.

“Today, there was another hole in the east and a few two star interstellar beasts rushed in. He is over there, leading people to surround and suppress them.”

The floating car looked quite old and it made a creaking noise after moving for a while, as if it would fall apart at any time.

The chief administrator saw that Xu Yuheng was very interested in the floating car and said, “This car has been in service for around eight years and was sent as aid by the Interstellar Alliance.”

He looked at the guardian circle and said softly, “Originally, it should be changed once every five years but due to the beast wave three years ago…”

He sighed and didn’t say anything else.

“Thank you for this time. If it wasn’t for you, Orchid Moon City would be in trouble.”

Xu Yuheng hurriedly said, “We just happened to come across it…”

The chief administrator waved his hand.

“Orchid Moon City still depends on the braves to guard it. The army side is really lacking in skill and we don’t have enough manpower. This side… I can only give you three people at most.”

These three people were naturally elementalists.

Out of the ten traitors, the information received so far showed that the six known traitors were elementalists and the dark elementalist was definitely above one star.

This was a very powerful force, at least for Orchid Moon City.

Even if a great plan had been agreed upon with Imperial City, Orchid Moon City didn’t have enough manpower. Three one star elementalists was already the limit.

The three of them would work together with the braves to capture the 10 traitors. It would probably be difficult to catch all the traitors but this was the only way.

Xu Yuheng nodded to express his understanding but he was actually surprised.

The success rate would definitely increase a lot if the NPCs were willing to cooperate!

Roar! Roar!

They could hear a few deafening roars in the distance before they reached the place where the hole was made.

This was the cry of the two star beast, the lightning tiger.

This was the first time Xu Yuheng and Baifeng had really met an interstellar beast. It was taller than a human and had fierce and brutal eyes. There was a savagery to it that belonged to beasts.

They could feel the ferocity of the beast from a distance. It was like a scene from a 3D movie and it was shocking to see.


Unfortunately, the two star beast was already dying and the bloody marks on its body matched its worn out health bar.

By the time they arrived, it had crashed to the ground and was pinned down by soldiers with long spears.

A figure fell from the sky with a bit of exhaustion on his face. After confirming that the lightning tiger didn’t have any resistance, the soldiers started to gather on the battlefield.

In addition to the lightning tiger, there were several strangely shaped interstellar beasts lying on the ground.

They obviously weren’t a group and had no tacit understanding between them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been killed like this.

The chief administrator took Xu Yuheng to find the wind elementalist. He expressed his intentions and the wind elementalist looked at Xu Yuheng suspiciously.

“Learn skills with me?”

He wanted to refuse. Then he looked at the chief administrator and finally asked, “I haven’t seen you before. Who are you?”

The chief administrator invited him to the floating car before explaining his suspicions.

Finally, the wind elementalist nodded.

“I understand but I don’t think there is any point in cramming like this.”

He said softly, “I’ll act with you the day after tomorrow.”

“This is what I have to do to eradicate the cancer in the Roland Empire!”

Xu Yuheng smiled but he still requested to be taught wind elementalist skills.

The chief administrator himself spoke in person. No matter how much the wind elementalist sneered, he still taught it.

What he taught was the flying technique he just used and the wind blade he had used against the lightning tiger.

There was a notification from the system. Xu Yuheng clicked to study the skills and had a wave of enlightenment in his mind. He was eager to try it but he didn’t rush to show that he had mastered it.

“It seems that learning skills really isn’t that easy,” he said with a smile.

The wind elementalist looked at him and nodded, showing an expression that indicated he expected this. However, the wind elementalist didn’t say anything else.

That night, Xu Yuheng and Baifeng stayed at the barracks.

He was just about to go offline when he received a message from Xiao Wu. It told him:

The seventh traitor has been found.

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