VCRMM: Chapter 80 Part 1

Si Sheng didn’t answer immediately.

He gently took the young man’s hand and placed it in his palm.

Xu Sili blinked and finally recovered his concentration. His light-colored eyes lowered slightly and his gaze fell on their overlapping hands.

His hand wasn’t small but in Si Sheng’s hand, it suddenly looked more exquisite.

Under his gaze, the man’s five fingers slowly spread out. It seemed unintentional but in fact, they forcefully squeezed apart his fingers. Then their fingers interlocked.


Xu Sili didn’t know why but he suddenly felt his heart skip a beat.

He stared at their hands in a daze. Then he heard Si Sheng say, “Your Majesty can take a guess.”

Huh? Guess about what?

Xu Sili blinked again. Then he quickly remembered what the two of them had just talked about.

Yes, Si Sheng said he had a way to get the elementalist engineering team to Orchid Moon City safely…

His eyes lit up and he asked, “Do you mean the passerby aura? Can you use it for groups?”

Si Sheng nodded. It didn’t make much difference if he gave it to one person or a group of people.

Of course, he had other means beside the passerby aura but seeing the young man’s excited eyes, he didn’t say much. He just nodded in agreement.

Then he saw that Lord God was even happier.

Si Sheng saw the young man’s sparkling eyes and felt a slight stinging in his heart.

Obviously, these skills were given to him by Lord God…

Now he was troubled by these things.

What happened to Lord God that made him so weak?

Si Sheng frowned slightly and a bit of pain appeared in his eyes. Then in an instant, they became unclear again.

This… wasn’t it great?

The current Lord God relied on him. If Lord God never restored his original divine power, did this mean…

Lord God could never leave him again?

Xu Sili didn’t know that Si Sheng had an ancient fierce beast locked up in his heart that was hiding in the endless darkness and always staring at him. Once stimulated, the beast was ready to burst out and drag him into the abyss…

Of course, at present, this fierce beast hadn’t encountered the opportunity to run out.

“Si Sheng, you are so nice!”

The young man’s lips curved. His beautiful purple eyes were shining and Si Sheng’s appearance was reflected in his round eyes. His eyes were soft and focused.

He smiled softly and then asked, “When will you escort the team of elemental engineers over? Would 100 people be too much? Can you handle it?”

“No problem,” Si Sheng replied softly.

Then he watched the young man lean over. His entire body snuggled up against Si Sheng and his head rested on the man’s arm.

His long, straight silver hair fell like a waterfall and rested in front of him, as light as nothing.

Si Sheng stared at the strands of hair.

At this time, he heard the young man’s voice suddenly become lower. “Then won’t you be gone for many days?”

Si Sheng’s heart moved slightly.

He used his other hand to pick up the young man’s soft hair and hold it tightly in his palm. He suppressed his trembling soul and whispered, “Your Majesty, are you… reluctant to let this servant leave?”

Xu Sili didn’t answer for the first time.

He raised his eyes to meet the man’s gray-blue eyes. Now there was no cold ice in the eyes. There was only tenderness and warmth.

His eyes moved slightly and fell on the man’s lips.

The crystal chandelier emitted a soft light that sprinkled down on top of his head and fell on Si Sheng.

He didn’t know why but Xu Sili felt that at this moment, Si Sheng’s entire body was glowing. He was s*xy and charming, especially his gorgeous rosy lips. It was as if there was a type of seductive charm.

He was really… very good-looking.

Such a thought flashed through Xu Sili’s mind. His remaining rationality made him change the subject.

He said, “Si Sheng, I will find a way to unlock the puppet technique on you.”

Si Sheng was stunned and all his warmth and tenderness suddenly shattered.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the young man. He saw the other person’s seriousness. His thin lips formed a straight line and an icy chill emanated from him.

Xu Sili noticed his mood change.

He looked at Si Sheng with some confusion. Wasn’t this…

Wasn’t this what Si Sheng had always wanted?

Weren’t all the things he had done before and now about unlocking the puppet technique?

Xu Sili had to admit that Si Sheng was very attractive to him and made him feel infatuated.

In particular, the moment when he was heartbroken by his second brother and realized that Si Sheng’s health bar was almost completely empty, he realized the weight that this man had gained in his heart.

However, he always maintained a hint of sobriety.

Si Sheng killed Snow Roland in another time and space and was about to kill him when he first crossed over.

It was the puppet technique that changed his fate.

He turned Si Sheng into his puppet, controlling this man. In his cognition, this was the beginning of Si Sheng’s change.

Si Sheng’s attitude became very strange two days after becoming his puppet.

Between Si Sheng falling in love with him in just a few days and Si Sheng doing all of this just to please him and regain freedom, Xu Sili undoubtedly believed the latter more.

However, he had no way to refuse Si Sheng’s ‘currying favor.’

Therefore, he hadn’t thought about the relationship between the two of them and always controlled himself not to indulge in it. Now…

He seemed to be unable to resist.


“Your Majesty, did this servant do something wrong?”

The man maintained his original posture and looked down at him.

He seemed calm but it could be seen from his reddened eyes and clenched teeth that he wasn’t as calm as he looked.

Did he do something wrong?

This question had been in Si Sheng’s mind since a long time ago.

If he hadn’t done something wrong…

Why did Lord God stop appearing? Why leave him in that dead darkness for so long, so long that he thought he had reached the end of the world…

Why throw him into this world after remembering his existence again while refusing to say a word to him?

He just wanted to… listen to Lord God’s voice again…

Xu Sili opened his mouth and looked at this man with some confusion. He couldn’t understand Si Sheng’s eyes but he was instinctively flustered.

“I… I just want to give you freedom.”

If at that time, Si Sheng was still the same as he was now then Xu Sili… then he…

“This servant doesn’t want freedom.”

Si Sheng squeezed his hand and said in a low voice, “This servant just wants to stay by Your Majesty’s side and protect you.”

“Please don’t remove the puppet technique. Please don’t… cut off the only bond between us.”


Xu Sili stared blankly.

He didn’t understand why Si Sheng had such strong feelings for him and couldn’t help suspecting that this was acting.

Yet at this moment, his heart was beating violently in his chest and the throbbing sensation couldn’t be faked.

“I don’t know if I should believe your sweet words…”

Xu Sili stared at this person before stretching out the hand that wasn’t held. He touched Si Sheng’s cheek, eyes confused.

“It is just that I want to kiss you now.”

Si Sheng was stunned and stiffened like a block of wood. He watched as the young man leaned over, shiny lips pecking gently at his mouth.

It was just a small peck but Si Sheng seemed to be electrocuted. Numbness spread from his lips to his entire body.

He had been looking forward to this kiss for so long.

Now that it actually came, his brain became blank and completely lost the ability to respond.

Xu Sili’s kiss definitely didn’t stop here.

He had long wanted to kiss Si Sheng.

The two lips that he had been thinking about for a long time were as soft as he guessed. Other than that, there seemed to be no other feeling. So…

He had to taste it a few more times.

Xu Sili withdrew the hand that was being held by Si Sheng. He held the man’s handsome face with both hands, tilted his head slightly and opened his mouth to cover this man’s lower lip.

The patron saint, who was deeply admired and loved by the entire empire, seemed to be frightened by him. Si Sheng was motionless and let him act as he pleased.

Then he was welcomed…

Xu Sili thought like this and touched the man’s soft and warm lips one by one. He slowly stuck out the tip of his tongue and gently licked and kissed it.

This indifferent and domineering man had such soft lips, as fresh as the tea that had just been drunk.

It was his first kiss.

Of course, Xu Sili didn’t know that his first kiss had been taken away by someone long ago when he was asleep.

At least subjectively, this was the first time he had kissed someone.

Therefore, he had no skills, just pure and wild exploration and enthusiasm. Even so, this made Si Sheng deeply fascinated.

Soon, Xu Sili wasn’t satisfied by such a posture.

He felt tired from lifting up his neck.

So in disgust, he got up and sat on the man’s lap.

He hooked both hands around Si Sheng’s neck. He saw the man’s lips that had been kissed rosy and smiled. Then he pressed the man against the sofa and kissed him again.

The young man’s long silver hair fell down and intertwined with Si Sheng’s blond hair.

Si Sheng’s mind finally returned.

He passively endured the young man’s unruly kiss until this person was about to retreat. Then he reached out, put his arms around the young man’s back and opened his mouth to cover the other person’s lips.

Xu Sili’s eyes widened slightly.

He felt the man’s tongue sticking into his mouth. The tip of their tongues touched and the feeling that was like an electric shock made him a bit fascinated.

Soon, his eyes blurred.

The bedroom was very quiet apart from the crinkling sound of the sofa and ambiguous sounds.

Some time passed before the two of them separated.

Xu Sili slumped in Si Sheng’s arms, resting his head on the man’s shoulder while gasping heavily.

As for Si Sheng, apart from the slight redness of his cheeks, his breathing wasn’t disturbed at all. This was very unfair.

Si Sheng hugged him quietly.

Both of them might be a bit excited by the kiss just now but they held each other like this and enjoyed the beauty of the moment.

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SYNth.etic Tesseract
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