VCRMM: Chapter 8

Could he use Si Sheng’s skills? Xu Sili carefully read the introduction on the light screen. He hadn’t expected there would be such benefits in choosing to retain the consciousness…

He understood the reason after thinking about it a bit. Presumably after the consciousness was eliminated, the puppet was equivalent to his second incarnation and the skills were also his. Thus, they couldn’t be under his control or it would affect the balance. The maintained consciousness was different. The puppet had its own consciousness and might not be obedient. So as compensation, he could use the skills of the puppet.

Xu Sili was a bit excited. Now he had the ability to protect himself! As for the third ability, it was directly ignored by him. In a short period of time, the possibility of him getting along with Si Sheng was infinitely close to zero. After all, this guy had just tried to kill him. Xu Sili simply couldn’t trust him. It would be good if they could make peace with each other.

Xu Sili called out the puppet page. There was only Si Sheng on the page and it was a super clear 3D image. It was much better than the profile pictures for the die-hard fans. He licked his lips and enjoyed Si Sheng’s beauty while in a good mood. It might be a relationship where he fought to his last gasp but he couldn’t deny that Si Sheng’s appearance did fit his aesthetic.

Afterwards, he quickly looked at Si Sheng’s skill tree. The skill of staring someone to death had to be learned! Soon, Xu Sili found the skill.

[Thunder’s Wrath]

[Description: A must kill technique that gathers all the energy in the eyes and causes a fatal blow to the enemy by releasing wind pressure with the power of a thunderbolt.

Skill level: Lv 10 (full level)

Elemental damage: + 200,000

Required magic value for release: 10,367

Attributes: Light, thunder, wind (the owner can ignore the attribute requirements)]

Xu Sili knew the attack was powerful but he hadn’t expected it to be so powerful. One hit was 200,000 damage! It had to be known that his own health was only 3,000 while Janice had 40,000 health. This blow could kill five Janices.

It was only when Xu Sili calmed down that he saw the magic value needed to release it. 10,367? There was an extra zero. He glanced at his attributes panel.

Magic: 0/600

His current magic value was only 600. He had used the singing skill Capture previously and this emptied it to 0. There was no automatic recovery. Xu Sili was speechless.

“Hey…” The silver-haired young man sitting cross-legged on the bed sighed deeply. Then he soon cheered up again. “I can’t be ambitious. There is no need for a must kill skill. There are other skills..”

He muttered softly while his eyes fell on the air in front of him again. More skills appeared on Si Sheng’s panel. What a good guy. All his skills were full level. It seemed that Si Sheng’s character was really set by referring to the values of Xu Sili’s data in Game of the Gods. Many of the skills were those he had used before.

Xu Sili clicked his tongue with an unspeakable feeling in his heart. He looked through it slowly, scanning all the skills before finally sighing lightly. Even the lowest magic consumption skill required + 5,000 magic. This was far from what he could use right now. Even if it was a warrior skill, every hit required 100% of his physical strength when he used it.

Physical strength was the mana of a warrior. As the level increased, i.e as the physical fitness increased, physical strength would also rise. The problem was that Snow Roland was obviously of the spiritual elementalist type.

His physical strength would be slow to improve and it probably wouldn’t be able to catch up with Si Sheng who was both a warrior and elementalist. If he used Si Sheng’s warrior skills, he would be in a lot of danger if it wasn’t a must kill skill. After all, in the literal sense, his physical strength would be cleared and he wouldn’t be able to move.

Xu Sili’s eyebrows lowered. Forget it. Right now, he barely had the ability to protect himself. As long as he didn’t run into an opponent that was too strong, one blow should be enough. He breathed out and felt better again. He turned off Si Sheng’s skill tree and took a look at this person’s personal panel.

Personal level: Lv 79

It wasn’t the full level that he expected. He didn’t know the maximum limit of this game but it shouldn’t be 79. According to the thinking habits of the Chinese people, it should at least be an integer, right? Si Sheng was so strong right now that it was abnormal. Unexpectedly, there was still room for improvement. Still, Si Sheng was now his puppet. The stronger Si Sheng was, the better.

Subsequently, Xu Sili closed the panel. He didn’t sleep but tried to meditate according to Snow Roland’s memories. Meditation could help the magic value rise quickly. His magic value was in an empty state and this made him a bit uneasy. It was necessary to return it to full.

He tried it and soon found himself in the right state. It was a very mysterious feeling. He seemed to have entered another perspective. Although his eyes were closed, he could ‘see’ the surrounding scenery in a vague manner. The closer he got to ‘seeing’, the clearer it became. Yet after going a bit further, it was like there was a veil that made it very hazy. He couldn’t see clearly even when working hard.

In addition to this, the most important thing was the light spots floating in the air. The small light spots of different colors were randomly distributed in the air and this was a picture that hadn’t been seen in Snow Roland’s memories.

Xu Sili curiously wanted to touch them but he found the light spots were like children. They ran away laughing. He tried a few times before giving up. He continued to meditate and restore magic in the way that Snow Roland did.

Gradually, a few lavender light spots broke away from their partners, as if hesitating about something. Then they hesitantly approached Xu Sili. There was clear enlightenment in Xu Sili’s heart. These lavender light spots should be the sound element.

They seemed to find no danger and the small light spots suddenly accelerated. They frolicked around Xu Sili before finally stopping between his eyebrows. Then they lined up one by one and carefully entered the young man’s forehead.

Xu Sili suppressed his curiosity and carefully felt the changes in his body. The small light spots merged into the skin between his eyebrows and disappeared, but he could feel that they weren’t really gone. As for where they were hiding, he wouldn’t find out for a while.

Xu Sili had his eyes closed so he didn’t see that in front of him, the light screen kept giving notifications.

[Succeeded in absorbing the sound element through meditation, experience +1.]

[Succeeded in absorbing the sound element through meditation, experience +1.]


The experience bar was rising slowly and steadily while Xu Sili focused on meditation, not knowing anything.

Time passed.

Deep in an alley in Roland’s Imperial City.

A sharp blade crossed a man’s throat and Si Sheng quickly withdrew before blood gushed out. Gray-blue eyes stared indifferently as a man crashed to the ground, slowly losing the breath of life.


The rush of footsteps came late.

“My lord—”

The captain of the city guards came with his group of subordinates and he was overjoyed to see Si Sheng and the last person on the ground.

“This traitor almost escaped!”

“My lord is still so powerful!”

Si Sheng took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the blood on the blade. He asked lightly, “What about the others?”

“They are all arrested. Anyone who resisted was killed!”

“Yes.” Si Sheng nodded. “Continue to clean up the next place.”


Si Sheng saw them leave and was about to follow when he suddenly stopped. He covered his chest and felt it carefully. Abruptly, he raised his head to look at the tall tower in the distance. It was the commanding height of the entire Imperial City and the location of the imperial palace of the Roland Empire.

His brow furrowed tightly and there were waves in his deep eyes. After a while, it wasn’t known what he thought about but he slowly calmed down. He took one last look at the palace before withdrawing his gaze and following the city guards.

The night became deeper.

In the bedroom, the old clock that hung on the wall had its pendulum ticking. Time moved bit by bit. The moon slowly sank in the sky and the rays of the rising sun penetrated the clouds and spread to the ground, diluting all the filth of the night.

A new day belonging to the Roland Empire had begun. A ray of sunlight came in through the closed glass window and the glass vase on the shelf reflected it onto the face of the silver-haired young man. He didn’t realize it because he was still obsessed with training.

It wasn’t known how long it took before the young man’s eyelashes trembled slightly and his eyes slowly opened. He hadn’t slept all night but he still looked radiant. His purple eyes were as clear as the purest crystal, beautiful and dazzling.

After gradually returning to his senses, the light in his eyes gradually diminished and hid in the depths of his eyes. Before he had time to examine the results of last night’s practice, he caught a glimpse of a tall figure standing by the window out of the corner of his eye.

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed slightly. He hurriedly grabbed the Glorious Radium 4000 beside him and looked over there vigilantly. Then he saw a pair of gray-blue indifferent eyes. The blond-haired man stood in front of the huge window of the bedroom, looking back. The bright sunlight came in from behind him, coating him with a shallow halo.

Xu Sili’s stiff back slowly relaxed slightly. It turned out to be Si Sheng. Unlike last night, Si Sheng was now his puppet. He might still have some fear in his heart but he wasn’t panicked anymore. Xu Sili reached out a hand and pressed it against his slightly sore waist. He had maintained a sitting posture while meditating all night and he was feeling a bit overwhelmed. He wondered, “When did you come back?”

The relaxed tone was like an ordinary greeting. Si Sheng watched the young man quietly. The long and soft silver hair was a bit fluffy and messy. The nightgown was also loose and he didn’t show the majesty that a royal family member should have. As he reached out his hand, the collar was pulled, revealing his fair and delicate skin and half of his collarbone.

The young man didn’t hear an answer and looked over with dissatisfaction. The handsome, small face didn’t have the past timidity and cowering. In particular, these purple eyes were no longer dull and lifeless. it was as if they had been injected with soul and thoughts today.

Si Sheng stared for a long time before his gaze fell on the bare feet exposed outside the quilt. The young man probably noticed his gaze and quickly curled his toes, shrinking back and hiding them under the quilt.

Si Sheng raised his eyes and met the young man’s purple eyes that were filled with a bit of coldness and alertness.

“What are you looking at?”

Si Sheng didn’t avoid the eyes. He and the young man stared at each other before he suddenly used flash and approached. Xu Sili just felt his eyes blink and the man appeared by the edge of the bed like a ghost.

The tall man stared down at him condescendingly, putting a lot of pressure on Xu Sili. Then Xu Sili thought about the Backlash skill and calmed down again. He pursed his lips and whispered, “You should feel it? You can’t shoot me now or the attack will backfire on you. It is uncomfortable to be knocked down by your own attack, right?”

Xu Sili felt that his tone was moderate. He was now in a dangerous situation and perhaps he could shake hands with Si Sheng for the time being. As for the rest, it would wait until he became stronger in the future.

However, he didn’t expect the blond-haired man to suddenly raise a hand to pinch his chin with an index finger and thumb, leaning closer to him. The man’s gray-blue eyes were terribly deep, like a deep abyss. Xu Sili heard him ask in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

Proofreader: Purichan

Thank you to teaiyuh for the lovely sketches of our main characters! :blobhighfive:

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