VCRMM: Chapter 79 Part 2

They were plotting on one side and on the other side, Xu Sili was looking through the forum when he received news from Xiao Wu.

After hearing the words relayed by the little robot, Xu Sili didn’t know whether to say if this little guy was too innocent or if his second brother was too sinister and could even trick a child.

However, he was happy that his second brother knew about the artificial intelligence.

Just now, he had looked through the future forum.

In the other timeline, the bombing of the Orchid Moon City guardian circle didn’t happen. At least, he didn’t see any players discussing it.

Snow Roland had died before the first closed beta and Joan replaced his brother as the emperor.

At that time, Joan was still a child and all government and military affairs fell on Si Sheng and the ministers.

Perhaps the maid Mary wasn’t exposed at that time or even if she was exposed, Si Sheng didn’t destroy the strongholds of the traitors in Imperial City. So in the early game, the place where the traitors were active was still concentrated in Imperial City.

Snow Roland died inexplicably and the Bewatt Empire might’ve been confused. They didn’t shed all pretenses of cordiality with the Roland Empire so the actions of the traitors weren’t as intense as it was now.

They chose to lie dormant and approach Joan while continuing to infiltrate. They even developed player forces during the game’s public beta.

This aroused Xu Sili’s vigilance.

The players were a bunch of chaotic guys who didn’t even need benefits. There was nothing they couldn’t do as long as they found it fun.

Joining hostile factions and exploring new ways to play was commonplace for them.

However, Xu Sili was now the leader of the Roland faction and he couldn’t allow this.

Players must firmly have the mark of the Roland Empire. Even if a player betrayed the empire, the betrayer must be a street rat crossing the street. This way, a large-scale betrayal wouldn’t occur.

The gap between the Roland Empire and Bewatt Empire was too great.

He had seen the video sent by Xiao Wu and realized the strength of the Bewatt Empire. There were many things they could do that the Roland Empire wasn’t capable of at the moment.

This could be seen from the bottle of blood from a four star beast and the fact that they didn’t loot his second brother’s armor and weapons.

Thus, he couldn’t afford to gamble.

The mission to guard Orchid Moon City this time was a good opportunity.

Players had a sinister and cunning side but they also had a simple and coaxing side.

He wanted to use this opportunity to build momentum for them.

Make them the brave heroes of the empire and let them reap the honor, flowers and applause from the NPCs. Once they really liked this nation, they would willingly fight for the empire.

They would be welcomed by all NPCs as long as they were loyal to the empire but once someone betrayed the empire…

It wasn’t just the NPCs of the Roland Empire. The players would also be divided. He just had to guide it a bit and there would be countless people chasing and killing the traitors.

The only way was for these traitors to flee into the wilderness or Bewatt Star. Don’t even think about being on Escher Star any longer!

Therefore, players had to participate in this mission. They had to play an important role or even be the main force.

According to the feedback from the front lines, the escort team would probably reach Orchid Moon City tomorrow.

At that time, all the players could transfer classes and learn skills, slightly improving their strength. As for the traitors, Xiao Wu had already mastered the information of six people.

These six had communicators. Meanwhile, the remaining four were still being screened.

As long as they were ready to act, these six people would definitely contact the remaining four. Therefore, he could catch the others by closely monitoring the whereabouts of these six people.

“Xiao Wu, share the information you have monitored, the deployment of Orchid Moon City and all the information about this matter with… Second Brother.”

Xu Sili instructed.

“Tell Second Brother that this mission will mainly be entrusted to him and the braves. The empire will cooperate. If he needs anything then you can satisfy it.”

The defense situation of Orchid Moon City wasn’t optimistic. During his discussion with Wen Jishan and the others, the proposal to search the entire city was rejected first.

This was probably one of the reasons why the traitors had no fear.

There weren’t enough people in Orchid Moon City. Even if they were exposed, they could easily escape.

After a discussion, the safest way was to use Xiao Wu’s intelligence to arrest the people before they acted.

However, whether they could catch everyone or not depended on luck.

It was because these traitors were obviously in the army and the NPCs of Orchid Moon City who would carry out the arrest operation were also soldiers of the army.

They would definitely alert the enemy when dispatching the army.

If they were lucky, they might be able to arrest the six people and seize their weapons and explosives. If they were unlucky, they might not be able to catch a single one.

Xu Sili agreed with his second brother’s view that these tumors must be eliminated. Otherwise, Orchid Moon City would have an accident sooner or later.

The players might be able to create a miracle.

As for Xu Yuheng’s request for him to obediently stay in Imperial City and wait for Xu Yuheng to come, Xu Sili couldn’t help having some expectations.

Second brother… did he believe Xu Sili?

Then on second thought, he felt that he shouldn’t have too many expectations. After all, the role of Snow Roland was originally designed to give his family sustenance after his death.

His second brother coming to him didn’t necessarily mean that Xu Yuheng believed him.

Even so, the news cheered him up and his mood became much happier.

So in the evening when Si Sheng came back from his official duties, he obviously felt the emotional change in the young man.

It was no longer like the previous days when his entire body seemed lazy and he couldn’t be motivated for anything. There was no longer the sad emotion on his face like in the morning.

The young man seemed to have returned to the way he had been before Si Sheng left Imperial City to hunt the three star beast.

As Si Sheng entered the emperor’s palace, Xu Sili was sitting crossed-legged on the sofa. There were a few maps spread out on the table in front of him that were marked with pencils.

In addition to the maps, there was a treasure box full of star cores that was opened and placed aside. Underneath were the one or two star cores around the size of a green bean and at the top was a three star core that was soybean-sized.

As for the first-sized nine star core, Xu Sili kept it in his storage capsule.

This was a treasure and SI Sheng had paid a huge price to get it. He would die of heartache if he lost it.

Xu Sili was doing some screening.

At present, out of the three level 2 urban areas required for Imperial City, only Doha Town was lacking. It was expected to be completed by the end of next month and would rise from level 0 to level 2.

In this way, Imperial City could be upgraded to level 3.

However, the upgrade of Imperial City wasn’t enough. If he wanted to establish a two-way teleportation circle, the level of the other main cities must be upgraded to level 2.

The population and energy stones had already been reached to upgrade the main city to level 2. The headache was the urban areas.

In order to upgrade the main city to level 2, at least two urban areas that were level 1 were needed.

After spending an afternoon sorting it out, he found that the only one that met the conditions was Glass Sea City.

Glass Sea City had three level 1 urban areas. He just needed to upgrade Imperial City to level 3 and put the level two star core in place and Glass Sea City would be upgraded immediately.

The one with the worst development was Orchid Moon City.

It was probably because the guardian circle there was the most vulnerable and the military and civilians were tired of dealing with the interstellar beasts that could break through the circle at any time. Orchid Moon City didn’t even have a single level 1 urban area.

The border towns that met the infrastructure needs weren’t able to upgrade due to the problem of food and clothing, let alone the places close to the center.

Therefore, a lot of work still needed to be done in order to build a teleportation circle in Orchid Moon City.

Still, Xu Sili wasn’t too anxious.

There was only one week left for the closed beta so he couldn’t catch up anyway. The second closed beta would only open after three months of game time.

He still had three months to concentrate on the development of Orchid Moon City first. As for the other three main cities…

There was no need to care about Glass Sea City. Twilight Frost and Seizing Star could wait for the second closed beta. Then there would be new players coming in and a large number of outstanding people to be used.

Xu Sili sorted out his thoughts and studied the map of Orchid Moon City in order to consider how to develop Orchid Moon City faster and better.

The elemental engineering teams were definitely needed.

The problem was that escorting elementalist engineers over there was quite difficult.

There was no local elementalist division in Orchid Moon City.

In such a harsh environment, ordinary young and strong people were basically recruited into the army, let alone the elementalists.

Therefore, there were no elementalists over there who could be used for infrastructure and construction. They could only rely on Imperial City to transport them over.

Also, the problem of Orchid Moon City’s food and clothing could be solved by players.

It was just that the first closed beta would be over soon. It was necessary to let the players transport a large amount of food to the military of Orchid Moon City before they left.

Now they were preparing for the mission to deal with the traitors in the border town. Xu Sili didn’t issue a mission that would distract them at this time but he instructed Wen Jishan to dispatch the granary.

Imperial City wasn’t lacking in terms of staple food.

It was because the wood elementalists were very powerful and Wen Jishan had people open up the wasteland on a large scale, increasing the output of Black Valley. Other crops were also grown in addition to Black Valley.

Perhaps he was stimulated by Xu Sili previously but Wen Jishan was now committed to eliminating the hungry and cold population in the entire Imperial City. After the people in the slums moved to Doha Town, the food and clothing rate could be guaranteed and the granary of Mercenary Town was absolutely indispensable.

Xu Sili didn’t have much reserves on his side so he would let Wen Jishan dispatch it first. This way, it could be seamlessly connected.

Then the matter returned to the question of how to send the engineering team over. Xu Sili was spinning his pencil and frowning. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice when Si Sheng came.

It wasn’t until Si Sheng coughed softly that he noticed there was someone around him.

Xu Sili wasn’t frightened. Rather, he was delighted.

“You’re back.”

The young man smiled slightly and pulled him to sit down. Then he prepared to pour tea for Si Sheng.

“I can do it myself.” Si Sheng held his hand.

Xu Sili blinked and nodded.

Si Sheng looked at their two overlapping hands and didn’t move away. Instead, he used his other hand to lift the teapot and pour himself a cup of tea. Xu Sili was thinking about Orchid Moon City and didn’t notice that his hand was still being held by someone. 

“Your Majesty seems to be troubled?”

Si Sheng took a sip of tea and put down the tea cup. He grasped the young man’s hand and scratched the palm with his finger, consciously or unconsciously.

If it was yesterday, Xu Sili might’ve been tempted by him but now he was focused on upgrading Orchid Moon City and didn’t have the heart to think about anything else.

He even retracted his hand to grab the map that was open on the table.

He explained casually, “I was thinking about how to get the elementalist engineering team to Orchid Moon City unscathed.”

The young man focused on the map.

Si Sheng glanced at him and then at the palm that had been taken away. He couldn’t help pursing his lips.

He thought about it for a moment before saying softly, “Perhaps this servant can help Your Majesty.”

He was satisfied to see the young man put down the map and glance at him with surprise. “How?”

The beautiful purple eyes stared deeply at him and contained only him.

That’s right.

Si Sheng thought it should be like this.

Proofreader: Purichan

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