VCRMM: Chapter 79 Part 1

Xu Yuheng definitely didn’t kick people for no reason.

After kicking the new players out of the mercenary group, he accepted the applications of other people.

Except for those who weren’t online, around 80% of the 200 players in Orchid Moon City had sent an application to Xu Yuheng. He approved 96 players and there were only around 20-30 players left from Orchid Moon City.

As for the players from the other main cities, they were all ignored by him. It was because the summoning order could only summon players in the same city.

The cooldown of the summoning order was 24 hours. After the skill cooldown finished, he would summon the 48 people currently in the mercenary group.

As for those who were left, they would have to wait for the day after tomorrow.

Whether they could be summoned over or not was unknown.

It was because the situation was changing rapidly. The time for the traitors to blow up the circle was set for the night after tomorrow. Perhaps their operation would begin before he could gather everyone.

The new players were very active. Xu Yuheng was still doing his operations while the mercenary group channel was filled with frequent comments and discussions.

The Mercenary Association branch of Orchid Moon City was set up in the border town and no player had ever thought of registering as a mercenary because there was no mission guidance.

Therefore, no one knew that the mercenary group in the game was actually the game guild!

“F*k, I always thought that the guild system for Starry Sky wasn’t released yet!”

“The novice guidance of this game really isn’t good at all. It feels a bit half-finished. I don’t know if it will be perfected when it is the public beta.”

“I think this is quite fresh. I might cough up blood when exploring the wilderness but this ultra-high degree of freedom is challenging!”

“Yes, there is a sense of substitution like I am on an adventure traveling in another world.”

In addition to the people discussing the guild system and the function of the mercenary group, there were also those who cued Xu Yuheng.

“What about the leader of the group? How come I don’t see anyone?”

“Yes, what about Group Leader Yushu Linfeng? Can you tell me how you set up a mercenary group? In addition, how did you change to an elementalist? Did you receive any hidden missions.”

“Right right, God Yushu Linfeng. How did you set up this mercenary group? Are there any restrictions? Can you tell us about it? Our team is willing to buy the strategy guide. You can set a price.”

At first glance, it seemed like the high ranking players of the pro teams came to snoop on the information. This immediately caused the disgust of ordinary players.

“Please, can’t you chat privately with the group leader if you want to find out the information? Isn’t it too ugly to just come in and ask for the strategy?”

“That is to say…”

This remark attracted the agreement of many people.

Xu Yuheng himself didn’t pay much attention to it but his Yushu Linfeng ID was already famous in Orchid Moon City and the entire Starry Sky Age.

He was the first player to organize a team battle against NPCs, the first player in Orchid Moon City to successfully become an elemental and within a few days, he overheard the plot of a traitor NPC to blow up Orchid Moon City’s guardian circle and successfully received the protection mission.

Now he was the one who built the first guild organization!

If such a person wasn’t a bigshot then who was a bigshot?

At this stage, the game had just begun. If they could quickly accumulate advantages in the early stage, they could grasp more of the initiative. This can often be converted into more resources in the later stages.

This was the reason why professional teams sent people to enter the game in advance.

Game companies also needed teams to help promote momentum. This was a win-win cooperation.

Meanwhile, ordinary players admired the strong.

These professional players might’ve played well in other games and were famous in the game circle but this was a new game. There was no way.

As the first game guild, Yusiqing had such a powerful president that many ordinary players really wanted to join.

In addition, playing games was very lively but it was more fun to play together!

Then someone soon received information.

“Group Leader, I read the forum post. It is said that you previously added a wave of people, gathered them in the border town and then kicked them. Is this true?”

“Group Leader, are you summoning people to do the task of defending the city together?”

At this time, Xu Yuheng finally got all the operations done.

He saw the conversation in the group channel but didn’t speak. He dragged all the members of the group, including the players who had previously been kicked by him, into a team.

The team size limit was 500. This was very friendly to players at this stage.

He didn’t speak any nonsense and posted the elite task of guarding Orchid Moon City on the public screen.

At present, only he and Baifeng had received this task.

The rewards for the task were quite rich. At the very least, all team members were drooling after seeing the rewards.

There was no need to mention the reputation and experience point rewards. The item rewards alone included the primary health recovery potions. There were 100 of the copper and wood quality each and this was followed by 100,000 Escher coins.

At present, most of the players were still doing the daily missions for a few hundred Escher coins. Now 100,000 was a mission reward!

Everyone was jealous, including some powerful game gods of the professional teams.

In reality, everyone wasn’t poor but it was only the first internal test and the recharge option wasn’t added! Moreover, the number of people in the internal test was limited and they couldn’t collect much money even if they wanted to.

On the Starry Sky Forum, one coin was sold for 10 yuan but the amount that could be received still wasn’t much.

Now there were many people on the forum who were looking forward to the opening of the server as soon as possible.

What about a 50,000 yuan game cabin? They would get the money back as soon as they earned 5,000 Escher coins!

The price would definitely drop in the later stage but they would definitely make a profit in the early stage. It was because the professional teams and the RMB players were playing with a time difference.

So what was the concept of 100,000 Escher coins?

One million real coins!

Everyone’s blood was boiling, especially when Xu Yuheng said he would give the 100,000 Escher coins as a reward.

If these 100,000 Escher coins were divided equally, everyone could get at least 1,000. This was 10,000 yuan if sold so everyone was excited.

Wealth moved people’s hearts. Xu Yuheng understood this truth very well.

How to put it?

Both he and Baifeng had received the mission so he only gave half of the rewards. There was nothing bad for him.

In addition, he wasn’t ready to take out the really valuable health potions.

“The video has been posted on the forum. You should know that according to Elder Bryce, there are 10 traitors in total.”

Xu Yuheng turned on the microphone and said in the channel.

“If I can complete the mission and get 100,000 Escher coins, I will take 20,000 and divide it equally among everyone involved. The remaining 80,000 will be given to the top eight in terms of damage output. It is 10,000 per person.”

Many people now knew that the team system had an output leaderboard.

“This mission is related to the future of Orchid Moon City. It isn’t only the lives of civilians but the future development of players in this city.”

Xu Yuheng said in a low voice.

“We are already behind Imperial City, if we lose our base camp, what will happen… everyone has been playing games for so long. Don’t you already understand it?”

Everyone nodded and some players with a playful mentality slowly removed their smiles.

It was because Xu Yuheng was right.

According to the abnormality of this game, there was something else to worry about if their base camp was lost. Could their rebirth point be modified?

If it couldn’t be modified, it meant they only had the 10 resurrections in place every day. It was estimated that there weren’t many players who would die so many times a day but they would naturally have less advantages than other players.

In addition, how could they escape to other maps after the main city was lost? Did they have to die again and again?

Death was losing experience!

This would further widen the gap between them and the players of the other main cities. No one wanted to see something like this happen.

“Therefore, Orchid Moon City must be defended.”

Xu Yuheng said, “At present, I’ve contacted the senior NPCs of Roland. They are also aware of this conspiracy and are discussing countermeasures.”

The moment he said this, some people’s eyes lit up while others couldn’t help worrying.

“These NPCs… are they reliable?”

“What countermeasures can you negotiate with them?”

“Stupid, this is a plot set by the game. They will definitely have to come out when the time comes.”

Xu Yuheng waited for them to quiet down before saying, “That’s right. We also need to prepare on our side.”

“There is a 24 hour cooldown on the summoning order. Tomorrow, I will summon the people who are still elsewhere.”

“It is highly likely that we are the only ones who can perform this mission.”

“I said those things in the beginning and it isn’t too late to quit now. If the time comes and your temporary change of mind leads to an error in the mission…”

His voice became gloomy.

“Then don’t blame me for preventing you from mixing up in this game.”

There was a sinister anger in his voice.

This sounded uncomfortable but everyone knew that this bigshot did have this capital.

If nothing else, these 200 health medicines were tempting enough.

The new health medicine might’ve been added to the faction warehouse and the reputation required wasn’t much, but it was limited to only those on the escort team.

In addition, all the things exchanged in the faction warehouse were bound.

It could be said that the escort team from Imperial City earned a lot of money by relying on this epic mission and it made many people jealous.

Now they finally encountered a large task that belonged to their own city. Only the stupid ones would refuse.

Xu Yuheng waited a while. Then he found that no one else came out to speak. He nodded in satisfaction and started to share information with them to discuss the plan of action together.

They were a group of top-notch old players. In terms of heart, there might not necessarily be someone who could beat them when it came to dirty tricks.

Proofreader: Purichan

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owo worm
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