VCRMM: Chapter 78 Part 2

Orchid Moon City, the border town.

Xu Yuheng saw that the mercenary group’s application was approved and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

He had read the regulations. A mercenary group required 50 people to apply and two people couldn’t even register for a mercenary team. Yet his application was approved.

If it wasn’t a bug…

He glanced at Baifeng, who was studying the mission notice board and then at the somewhat old robot in front of him.

Xu Yuheng licked his dry lips and tentatively called out, “Xiao Li?”

The robot ignored him and just blinked the cartoon eyes on the screen.

Xu Yuheng hesitated for a moment but he didn’t give up. He continued to whisper, “Snow?”

The robot still didn’t respond.

Xu Yuheng sighed.

Could it be that he guessed incorrectly? No, this shouldn’t be possible.

Old Wang wouldn’t open the back door for him and he believed that it was impossible for such a bug to appear based on the level of Starry Sky Age.

He whispered again, “I know you are helping me. You…”

He didn’t continue the later words.

It was because he saw the robot’s electronic eyes blinking a few times frantically, looking a bit guilty.

Suddenly, Xu Yuheng had an absurd feeling in his heart.

This robot… why did it seem to be alive?

The information he received didn’t say that there was artificial intelligence in Starry Sky Age, right?

Still, this wasn’t necessarily the case.

This was a game with an interstellar background but the Roland Empire had a low level of civilization. Since there were robots, the existence of artificial intelligence wasn’t a big problem, right?

Xu Yuheng thought about it before saying to the motionless robot in front of him, “Are you an artificial intelligence?”

The moment he finished speaking, the robot’s electronic eyes blinked quickly. Its mouth opened and closed and it stuttered, “You… how do you know?”

Compared with the mechanical voice just now, this voice was much more human-like and was vaguely childish.

Xu Yuheng was also shaken in his heart.

It was actually tricked by him. This was… real!

Xu Yuheng stared deeply at the robot in front of him. No matter how shocked he was in his heart, his face was always calm like everything was under control.

“I guessed,” he replied.

“How did you guess?” The robot asked like a curious baby.

“Did Snow let you come?” Xu Yuheng didn’t call ‘Xiao Li’ again but used the in-game name.

“You are talking about Snow. Do you mean Snow Roland?” The robot asked.

“Yes.” Xu Yuheng nodded.

Then the robot said in a very worried manner, “Brother didn’t say if I can tell you this. I… I’ll go and ask.”


Xu Yuheng stopped it. “Wait.”

Xiao Wu stopped and looked curiously at the human warrior called Xu Yuheng in front of him.

His brother cared a lot about this human being.

Thus, he couldn’t help paying a bit more attention.

In any case, he now had many doppelgangers and they were enough to help do most of the work without delaying things.

“What is your name?” Xu Yuheng asked.

Xiao Wu didn’t worry over it and answered, “My name is Xiao Wu.”

“Xiao Wu?” Xu Yuheng raised an eyebrow. “Who gave you the name?”

“My brother gave it to me.”

Xiao Wu looked at Xu Yuheng.

His brother said that he had to find a way to help if Xu Yuheng had any difficulties so—

This Xu Yuheng was a good man!

The pure intelligent life came to this conclusion very simply. Xu Sili was special to him so he inevitably felt more closeness and trust toward Xu Yuheng.


Xu Yuheng looked at the robot and easily came to a conclusion.

Was this artificial intelligence created by Xiao Li?

“I know your name is Xu Yuheng.”

Xiao Wu spoke with pride in his voice.

He might be monitoring the entire Roland Empire but he never communicated with anyone apart from when he occasionally disguised himself as a robot of the Mercenary Association.

However, no one had ever seen through it. Today was the first time! He looked at Xu Yuheng and couldn’t help wanting to say a few more words to this person.

Xu Yuheng frowned. If he suddenly encountered an artificial intelligence in reality, he might feel it was creepy but… this was a game after all.

Moreover, this little guy called Xiao Li by ‘Brother.’

He said, “You can call me Second Brother.”

“Second Brother?” Xiao Wu blinked his electronic eyes.


Xu Yuheng nodded and inadvertently glanced over his communicator. He couldn’t help asking, “Can you run into my communicator?”

“How did you know?” Xiao Wu was surprised again.

This guy is so smart! He was as smart as Brother!

This was how Xu Yuheng got the answer.

It was no wonder why he thought it was strange before.

How did Xiao Li find him so accurately? At that time, he just thought Xiao Li had a skill to locate and find people. Now it seemed that it was the credit of this artificial intelligence.

Then he thought of something else.

Yes, this communicator was so finely created that it looked like a big product at first glance. Meanwhile, it only needed 10 reputation points to be obtained. This was very wrong.

Wasn’t it just for the convenience of this little guy to monitor the players?

Yet if it was put this way, didn’t it mean… could Xiao Li directly control what was in the faction warehouse?

Xu Yuheng frowned.

This wasn’t impossible to guess but as an NPC, it was quite strange to have this ability even if Xiao Li really crossed into the game.

He shook his head and decided not to think about it for the moment.

“So Xiao… Snow now knows the situation on the side of Orchid Moon City?” Xu Yuheng guessed.

This little guy could monitor them so he had probably already told Xiao Li about the conspiracy of these traitors, right?

“You are really smart!”

Xiao Wu already really admired Xu Yuheng.

He obviously didn’t say anything. How could this human being know everything? Even though he had super high computing power, he could only calculate probabilities. There were often many inferences.

He looked at Xu Yuheng with electronic eyes that turned into stars.

Xu Yuheng was relieved.

The information could be conveyed. Based on Xiao Li’s personality, it would be impossible for him to sit idly by and Xu Yuheng’s pressure could be reduced a lot.

“So Snow asked you to help me?”

Xiao Wu had already given up the struggle. He calculated this answer shouldn’t hurt his brother.

So he replied, “Yes.”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help lowering his head. The corners of his mouth were raised in a smile but his eyes were slightly wet.

This awkward stinky boy…

He could obviously use a communicator for contact but he had to send an artificial intelligence.

“Okay,” Xu Yuheng said. “You let him stay in Imperial City and wait for me to find him. Then we will talk clearly.”


Xiao Wu noted down these words and asked, “Do you have anything else you need help with?”

“Regarding Orchid Moon City, what is the action from Imperial City? I need to know.”

“I will ask Brother about this.”

“Yes, go find him.”

Under Xu Yuheng’s gaze, the robot’s electronic eyes visibly trembled for a moment before returning to calm.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

The completely formulaic mechanical tone indicated that Xiao Wu had already gone.

Xu Yuheng couldn’t tell if Xiao Wu was truly gone or not but he didn’t care too much. He took the badge of the leader of the mercenary group and walked to Baifeng on the other side of the hall.

He was standing under the mission bulletin board and looking at the missions on the bulletin board in a daze.

“Let’s go,” Xu Yuheng said.

“Yes,” Baifeng replied. Then he followed Xu Yuheng out of the Mercenary Association’s headquarters.

Xu Yuheng stood on the edge of the street and glanced at the mercenary group panel.

After the mercenary group was successfully registered, the panel was activated and similar to what the game group had given him.

The so-called mercenary group could be understood as a game guild.

There was no concept of a ‘guild’ in Starry Sky Age so the guild panel was designed as the mercenary group panel.

Now on the mercenary group panel, there were only two people: him and Baifeng. The design wasn’t much different from other game guilds.

Daily missions, weekly missions, points, mercenary group benefits, a warehouse and garrisons etc. The warehouse needed an encampment to open it but it wasn’t needed for the time being.

It was just that as the leader of the group, Xu Yuheng had a special skill—the summoning order.

By using the Summoning Order skill, he could summon members of the mercenary group in the same city to his side and it could be used once a day.

This skill was the reason why Xu Yuheng set up a mercenary group.

The moment the mercenary group was formed, the game system once again carried out a full server announcement.

There were a few seconds of stillness and the world channel exploded.

Countless applications flew over. Fortunately, Xu Yuheng closed the message reminder early in the morning.

He sifted through them and approved the applications from members of Orchid Moon City to join the group. The mercenary group was quickly full.

It was a level one mercenary group and he could only have 50 members at the moment. If he wanted to expand the size, he needed to do tasks to level up the mercenary group.

Xu Yuheng didn’t care about this. He told everyone to get ready on the mercenary group’s channel and went to the town to rent a hidden warehouse.

He confirmed there was no one near the warehouse before clicking on the Summoning Order button and summoned all the members of the group.

The players soon responded to his call and appeared around him one after another.

Everyone was excited.

This skill was too cool!

The leader of the mercenary group Yushu Linfeng? They had to hug his thigh. Even if they couldn’t hug it, they had to secretly learn how to set up a mercenary group!

They were elites of major game teams and definitely weren’t really joining the mercenary group. They were just here to gain experience and the strategy guide.


[The leader of the group, ‘Yushu Linfeng’ has kicked you out of the ‘Yusiqing’ mercenary group.]

Apart from Baifeng, all the players who just joined Yusiqing received this message.

What was going on here???

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

LMAO he just wanted to summon them and help him and Baifeng 😂😂.

Thanks for the chapter! 😘

2 years ago

Thank you very much~♡♡♡♡

SYNth.etic Tesseract
SYNth.etic Tesseract
2 years ago

I can imagine the following scene repeating until everyone from Orchid Moon City arrives:

[System: Your application has been accepted. You are now a member of the ‘Yusiqing’ mercenary group.]

Before they can cheer,

[The leader of the group, ‘Yushu Linfeng’ has used the Summoning Order skill to call you. Do you accept?]

And just as they nod like pecking chickens and reappear on the other side,

[The leader of the group, ‘Yushu Linfeng’ has kicked you out of the ‘Yusiqing’ mercenary group.]

The players: This is cool? But I feel that something is wrong?? But I just have no evidence???

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your hard work!O(≧▽≦)O

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