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VCRMM: Chapter 78 Part 1

Xu Sili heard the sound of footsteps and was shocked. He hurriedly turned his face away so the person who came couldn’t see him.

He blinked and forced down the sudden surge of bitterness. His lips pursed tightly together and all his emotions were hidden.

The familiar sound of footsteps froze for a moment before continuing and walking firmly toward him.

Out of the corner of his eye, Xu Sili caught a glimpse of a snow-white coat corner and the gold thread embroidered on it, as well as the straight and slim military pants. Xu Sili’s lips pressed tightly as he finally suppressed his shaky thoughts and looked at the man.

The man stood in front of him and looked down at him.

Xu Sili saw this and lowered his eyelashes again, but the man didn’t let go. Xu Sili saw his right foot retreat as he got down on one knee in front of the throne. Then Si Sheng looked up.

Their eyes met again.

Si Sheng stared at him and reached out to gently touch his face. The gray-blue eyes were filled with doubt and concerns.

“Your Majesty?” He called out.

Perhaps this man’s voice was too gentle or he was too fragile now but Xu Sili couldn’t hold on.

He put his arms around the man’s shoulders and threw himself into this person’s arms. Xu Sili allowed himself to be overwhelmed by his fragile emotions. He relied on the man in front of him who had been gentle to him from beginning to end.

Si Sheng was still steadily on his knees. Apart from the slight backward rocking to unload the force of Xu Sili’s lunge, he was as strong and stable as the strongest rock.

Xu Sili cocked his head slightly and pressed his cheek against this man’s neck. He felt the powerful beating of the pulse and it was like he also absorbed strength.

Si Sheng was half kneeling and finally reached out tentatively to wrap arms around Xu Sili. Seeing that the young man didn’t resist, he raised his palm and placed it on the back of Xu Sili’s head to comfort him gently. He didn’t say anything but this silent tenderness was more fascinating.

At the door, Janice was preparing to walk in when she saw this scene full of warmth and ambiguity. She was slightly taken aback before hurriedly withdrawing from the hall.

She stood in the hallway and was a bit lost.

On the other hand, Li Zhecheng stood there and glanced at her from the corner of his eyes, secretly shaking his head. He had told her earlier than the marshal had entered and she should wait…

In the main hall, Xu Sili was immersed in his own emotions and didn’t find out that they were seen by Janice. He finally calmed down.


The name of the group set by his second brother flashed in his mind again.

This group name contained the characters of all three brothers. It wasn’t only that… could this be understood as his second brother missing him?

However, he was clearly here.

He wasn’t dead. He was in the game.

His sad mood surged again. He felt panic and heartache at the thought that his family might regard him as data in the future.

How could he convince his second brother to believe him?

Xu Sili thought about the text message he had sent to his second brother before the plane crash.

It was just too chaotic at the time and he experienced death. His memory of that time was a bit vague and he wasn’t sure if the text message was successfully sent or not.

In addition, ten years had passed. Did his second brother still remember it?

If it wasn’t sent out or it wasn’t remembered… what should he do? Xu Sili thought with some despair.

Therefore, he didn’t contact his second brother through the communicator even though he could do so. He was afraid that when the time came, even this last hope would be shattered.

Si Sheng felt Xu Sili’s mood change.

He gently stroked the silver hair and said softly, “Is Your Majesty worried about Orchid Moon City?”

He didn’t think this was the case based on Lord God’s performance at the meeting just now.

So… what happened?

Xu Sili buried himself in the man’s neck and shook his head slightly while sniffing. “I have you and the braves. I believe that the crisis of Orchid Moon City will be resolved.”

“I just…”

He pursed his lips. “I’m in a slightly bad mood.”

Si Sheng hugged him and whispered, “Why?”


Xu Sili stopped. He couldn’t tell Si Sheng the reason. This was his biggest secret.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Si Sheng’s eyes dimmed slightly but he didn’t ask any more questions. He just nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll wait until that day. This servant…”

He paused before continuing, “I also have something to tell Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili, who was still sad, couldn’t help blinking. He straightened up and looked at Si Sheng.

“What is it?” The purple eyes were curious but not as sad.

Si Sheng shook his head.

“Once that day comes, this servant will tell Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili scrutinized Si Sheng. This guy seemed to have a secret as well.

Yet according to Si Sheng’s words, it was an exchange. He was willing to tell Xu Sili once Xu Sili said it. Wasn’t this guy setting a trap?

Xu Sili looked suspicious. He couldn’t help but try it. “What is it?”

Si Sheng didn’t speak. His lips curved up as he reached out to fiddle with the young man’s hair with an expression of ‘If you don’t say it, I won’t.’

Xu Sili frowned slightly and pulled back his hair. This guy loved playing with his hair.

“By the way, you seem to have told me before that you have a father-like existence?”

Xu Sili suddenly remembered something and asked.

The distance between them at this moment was too close. It had surpassed the distance of an ordinary monarch and minister but Xu Sili didn’t notice it.

Si Sheng looked up into the young man’s eyes.

His scrutiny and curiosity were clearly written in the purple eyes, as if he wanted to get an answer from Si Sheng’s face.

A father-like existence…


Si Sheng’s lips curved up slightly when he said this but there was no smile in his eyes.

Xu Sili was keenly aware of something. The slight curve of the lips hadn’t changed much but he could tell when it was sincere and when it was fake. Did that ‘father’ treat Si Sheng badly?

As for why there was such a ‘father’, Xu Sili had no doubts. He just thought this was the arrangement of the game team to improve Si Sheng’s data.

He saw Si Sheng’s expression and couldn’t help raising his hand and gently stroking the corner of the man’s mouth with his fingers. “We won’t talk about him. Don’t be sad.”

Si Sheng paused and the corners of his mouth softened.

He stared deeply at Xu Sili, his pale gold eyelashes lowering to hide the fleeting darkness in his eyes.

He actually wanted to ask if Lord God had ever remembered him during the years he was abandoned. Did he ever remember… that there was such a humble believer who had been waiting for his call in the dark abyss?

In addition, what did he think of Si Sheng now?

Lord God was very weak and didn’t want to recognize him. Si Sheng could understand.

However, their relationship had become so close. Lord God… what was he thinking?

“This servant isn’t sad.”

Si Sheng’s voice was low and contained the haze of memories. It was like a lover’s whisper.

“This servant… loves him.”

Xu Sili froze slightly. It was hard for him to imagine that the word ‘love’ could come out of Si Sheng’s mouth so easily.


Loving one’s family was a natural thing. There seemed to be nothing strange about it.

This was even though Si Sheng’s tone and expression made him feel a bit strange.


Xu Sili responded and didn’t continue the topic. He instinctively refused to mention the ‘father’ that Si Sheng loved so much.

He leaned back against the throne. His eyes fell on the jewels of the armrest and he suddenly called out, “Si Sheng.”


“Are you going to handle the military affairs?”

Si Sheng’s eyes darkened.

This was… driving him away?

He pursed his lips and was about to open his mouth when he saw the young man reach out and gently pull on his sleeve.

“Then come back early.”

The young man didn’t look at him. The light-colored eyelashes were drooping down but there was no longer indifference in his voice. Instead, there was a bit of softness. “I… I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”

Si Sheng saw the young man’s red eyes and his breathing and heartbeat quickened. He closed his eyes and finally couldn’t hold back. “Your Majesty…”


“Can this servant kiss you?”

The man spoke abruptly in the empty hall.

Xu Sili sat up straight on the throne and looked down at his marshal.

The handsome and extraordinary blond-haired man was down on one knee, looking up at him slightly with gray-blue eyes full of devout seriousness.

Xu Sili’s gaze unknowingly fell on his lips.

These lips were really beautiful. They weren’t thick or thin and the color of the lips was as gorgeous as a red rose in the snow.

His Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Xu Sili should’ve refused the abrupt request but looking at this handsome face, he finally nodded.

At the same time, doubts rose in his heart. Why did Si Sheng suddenly want to kiss him?

However, his brain was about to go offline.

Then he watched as Si Sheng leaned over.

The man’s face gradually enlarged in front of his eyes. He could see the smooth and delicate skin, the fine fluff on the skin, the shallow lines of the lips and then…

The man kissed him on the forehead.

Xu Sili blinked. He felt the soft touch on his forehead and his heart rate slightly quickened but…

Why was it a kiss on the forehead?

The man backed away as he was feeling sluggish.

This kiss was like a dragonfly touching water. Si Sheng was restrained no matter how overwhelmed he was in his heart.

Si Sheng looked at Xu Sili and lightly touched his cheek. “Your Majesty, this servant will be leaving first.”

Xu Sili nodded in a daze.

He watched Si Sheng get up and leave, the cloak behind him swaying as he walked. After a long time, Xu Sili couldn’t help cursing in a low voice.

What was he regretting?

Xu Sili rested against the armrest of the throne while rubbing his lips with the back of his hand.

He frowned and thought about it seriously.

After thinking for a while, Xu Sili finally came to a terrible conclusion.

He wanted to kiss Si Sheng.

It also seemed to be the case for a very long time.

This was scary.

Those two beautiful lips appeared in front of him and were really… close…

Xu Sili frowned.

It must be that Si Sheng’s lips were too beautiful. He had never kissed anyone so Si Sheng’s words aroused his thoughts.

That’s right. It should be like this. It couldn’t…

Xu Sili shook his head and no longer thought about it. He opened the future forum with a little bit of a desire to escape.

He was confident about Orchid Moon City but who knew if there would be any accidents?

He wanted to see if the same thing had happened in another timeline. Was this event arranged by the game team?

If it was really the game’s set progression, was it possible for him to set it?

The posts during the first closed beta had long been submerged in the old history. They could be retrieved but it would take him some time to find out what he wanted.

Xu Sili searched through it carefully, almost forgetting the passage of time.

Proofreader: Purichan


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