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VCRMM: Chapter 77 Part 2

Xu Yuheng read this reply and couldn’t help glancing at him. Then he didn’t pay attention to Baifeng and continued to eavesdrop on the action plan of these three NPCs.

In fact, it wasn’t eavesdropping. They were ‘corpses’ lying in this room in an obvious manner and it was hard not to hear the conversation.

Soon, they grasped the general information.

The number of traitors in Orchid Moon City wasn’t much. The old man mentioned approximately ten people. Of course, they couldn’t rule out that there were members he didn’t know.

They would take advantage of when the border guards were at their weakest in three days in order to attack Orchid Moon City’s guardian array and completely destroy it with bombs.

After the destruction, they would use the blood of the golden weasel to blend in with the interstellar beasts and leave.

In addition to preparing for this plan, the three days were to complete preparations to leave Orchid Moon City completely. After all, the destruction of the guardian array meant Orchid Moon City would become extremely dangerous.

These people cherished their lives very much and didn’t want to stay here for a long time.

Xu Yuheng recorded everything in case he missed any details.

The three of them only remembered Xu Yuheng and Baifeng’s bodies when they finished their conspiracy.

“What do we do with them?” Beina asked.

Elder Bryce waved his hand. “Rouse, drag them out of the town and find a place to bury them. Make it clean and don’t let anyone catch you.”

The black-cloaked man nodded. Then Beina asked again, “Elder Bryce, have you heard… the matter of the brave?”

Elder Bryce nodded.

“They seem to be coming from the central town.” He sneered. “Do you believe the legend of the braves?”

Beina hurriedly waved her hand. “I watched the video from the town. They are… very weak.”

“Then that is the end of it.”

Elder Bryce was indifferent. “They are a bunch of clowns. Who knows if they are actually liars in disguise?”

“Even if it is real, they have nothing to do with us.”

“Instead of believing in people who came out of nowhere, it is better to believe in the mighty Bewatt Empire. After all, His Majesty Arnauton has been helping us.”

Beina didn’t say anything else. The black-cloaked man turned into a shadow again, crawling on the ground and devouring the bodies of Xu Yuheng and Baifeng.

The shadow had become larger and the movement speed had slowed down.

He sneaked silently through the town. A dark elementalist of the warrior department was the king of the night and it was difficult for anyone to find him.

Once he finally arrived outside the town, the black-cloaked man appeared again. He looked at the two corpses on the ground and didn’t do it himself. Instead, he directly found a cliff and threw them down.

In any case, this place would be occupied by interstellar beasts in three days. There was no need to dig a pit and dirty his hands.

An unknown amount of time after he left, there were small movements from below the cliff.

“F*k, this guy is too ruthless!” A young man scolded in a low voice.

Xu Yuheng was sitting on the ground at the bottom of the cliff while Baifeng looked up at the top of the cliff, cursing.

It had been half an hour since they died so they chose to be resurrected in place.

If they chose to resurrect nearby, it was likely they would be resurrected in the central town. This meant that their rush during this time would be abandoned.

Xu Yuheng didn’t take care of Baifeng but called up the video he shot just now to examine it carefully.

After the resurrection, they didn’t receive a mission reminder but this wasn’t the point. He wasn’t very concerned about the mission reward.

This matter concerned his brother. Xu Yuheng couldn’t help but become serious. No matter what, he couldn’t let their plot succeed or Xiao Li’s situation would become very dangerous.

For NPCs in the game, dead was dead and they couldn’t be resurrected. He knew this and even Old Wang couldn’t do anything about it.

If the little emperor in Imperial City was really his Xiao Li then Xiao Li only had one life!

He would die.

This realization made Xu Yuheng panic.

He had no way of accepting his brother’s second death. He had to protect his brother. He wouldn’t allow anyone to take his brother’s life again!

Thus, this crisis had to be resolved.

The time given to him was a bit short. In three days, how could he find the top NPCs at the border and make them believe his words?

This video was recorded with the game’s features and couldn’t be shown to them.

Moreover, if this group ran away this time, who knew when they would act next? It was difficult to prevent something for a long time.

The best thing to do was to kill them when they acted!

It was just that Xu Yuheng had no clues about the specific action he should take.

He edited the video, opened the forum and wrote a post.

The wisdom of three ordinary people together could match Zhuge Liang. He believed in the wisdom of the players. Perhaps he could get some inspiration from the forum.

Meanwhile, as Xu Yuheng was worrying about how to let the officials know about this and believe him—

The Roland Imperial Palace.

Xu Sili woke up early in the morning and received a surveillance video from Xiao Wu.

These days, he had completely transformed into a salted fish.

He ate and drank every day, slept at night and didn’t think about anything in the morning. Even if he got up, he would go into the music room and ignore everything going on outside. He only concentrated on the music he liked.

It turned out that the empire was still moving at an established pace even without him.

He even gained a level, officially breaking through level 20 and reaching the two star level.

Then his level got stuck.

The experience bar no longer moved and all his experience accumulated. He could only continue to level up when Imperial City was upgraded to Lv 3.

However, it took him two months to rise to two stars. By the current standards of the Roland Empire, he was already a supreme genius. There was nothing to feel sorry about.

It was okay to slow down a bit. He had to give others a way to survive, right?

Therefore, Xu Sili calmly gave himself a vacation and didn’t know when it would end.

He thought he could rest for two or three months. He never expected that in just a few days, he would receive such a message.

Blow up Orchid Moon City’s guardian circle? Did they know how many people would die? These people were mentally ill!

Xu Sili’s first reaction was to become furious. He had been the emperor for a while and was used to thinking from the perspective of the people.

As for the old man’s slander against him, he was just scornful.

Simply stupid and poisonous!

He immediately ended his vacation and called Si Sheng, Wen Jishan and others for a meeting.

Orchid Moon City was too far away and he didn’t know the situation there. It was better to get advice from the professionals.

Now the main issue was time.

There was less than three days left and it was hard to carry out an effective dispatch over long distances, not to mention that the military should be infiltrated.

That one star dark elementalist… he was definitely in the army!

Xu Sili felt a bit regretful when he thought of this.

Chamo couldn’t do the spatial teleportation for a short period of time. Otherwise, he could just send Si Sheng over. There was the big killer called Si Sheng and would there be any need to be afraid of these people’s rebellion?

Fortunately, he had Xiao Wu and the players!

There was the accurate intelligence of Xiao Wu and the dozens of players escorting the team to Orchid Moon City.

They had reached level 10 or above and finally had the strength to fight.

Their health was still low but if they cooperated well and relied on an elementalist’s skills, they should have no problem catching these traitors.

Before Wen Jishan and the others arrived, Xu Sili called out the mission panel again and started editing an elite mission.

After all, this was his second brother and he was also the one who found such important information. Xu Sili secretly gave him enough benefits while instructing Xiao Wu to provide Xu Yuheng with all the conveniences.

Try to help if Xu Yuheng encountered any difficulties.

The little robot responded positively and went to work again.

He seemed to be full of energy. During this period of time, Xiao Wu had supervised the Roland Empire and didn’t learn badly. He was always happy and worked diligently for Xu Sili.

Xu Sili was a bit apologetic but he saw the rapid increase in intelligence level and felt that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Finally, he let go.

Now the power of artificial intelligence was demonstrated.

He would probably still be in the dark right now if it wasn’t for Xiao Wu.

Xu Yuheng, who was far away in Orchid Moon City, had just left the bottom of the cliff with Baifeng when he received a mission notification from the system.

The trigger mechanism for this mission was really casual… he casually complained as he accepted the mission.

There were mission rewards and there was no need to do it for nothing.

Last night, Xu Yuheng didn’t rest for almost the whole night. After a short nap at dawn, he finally found some inspiration in the information previously given to him by the game team and re-entered the game.

His post on the forum had received a hot response.

A battle defending a main city—this made people’s blood boil and it was also related to the players’ vital interests.

If the city was broken, the players of Orchid Moon City would lose their respawn point and other players would lose a map.

This was a huge loss that no one wanted to see.

In addition, the old man NPC despised them!

This couldn’t be tolerated.

The crowd was furious but many people found that apart from the escort team from Imperial City that was about to arrive, there were only two or three small players at the border.


In the Orchid Moon City defense mission, they had to let the Imperial City players pick peaches? Why were all the good things occupied by them?

Later, the post became crooked and turned into a war.

Xu Yuheng had a headache when he saw this so he closed the forum and quit the game. In fact, he didn’t want to rely on the escort team players because he wasn’t sure if they would arrive in time.

This meant he had to take advantage of the players of Orchid Moon City.

The question was how to get them to the border in a short amount of time.

After a night of research, Xu Yuheng found a way. Therefore, he went to the Mercenary Association branch in Orchid Moon City and found the robot responsible for registration.

On the other side, Xu Sili had just finished his meeting with Wen Jishan and the others when he received a message from Xiao Wu.

“Brother, this brave called Xu Yuheng is applying for the establishment of a mercenary group but there are only two people. They don’t meet the requirements according to the regulations.”

“Do you want me to pass the application?”

The minimum number required to form a mercenary group was 50 and two people was naturally far from enough.

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

What did his second brother want to do?

He didn’t understand but he agreed.

“Okay, Brother.” The little robot responded cutely.

“Reporting to Brother, I have approved their application.”

“After the data entry is completed, the Yusiqing Mercenary Group is officially established. The communicators of the leader and group members are automatically connected to the mercenary platform and their registration information can be viewed through the mercenary system.”

Xu Sili suddenly froze when he heard Xiao Wu’s words.


He murmured the name of this mercenary group and couldn’t help pouting, but his eyes quickly turned red.

Si Sheng happened to see this scene when he walked in.

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Thanks for the chapter!!

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I forgot what that name meant, but I’m assuming that since there was a group that managed to take over Orchid City in the last life, then this is probably the same group. Seems like their reasons for taking over are sorta understandable now, since the old man must have been in the last life too, and had the same plans, and Orchid City was also cut off from the rest too, which really made the people there feel like they were an independent country with no one to rely on but themselves.

I don’t know why the red eyes from Xu Sili though, I feel like I’m missing something from this lol

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Reply to  OHtheNovelty

I’m guessing it’s a combination of the Xu brothers’ names: Yusiqing – Yu from Yuheng, Si from Sili, Qing from Fengqing.

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Thank you so much for your hard work!O(≧▽≦)O

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