VCRMM: Chapter 77 Part 1

Blow up the guardian array?

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help frowning when he heard this. Even Baifeng removed his playful smile and became serious.

They hadn’t seen it yet but they had played the game for so long that they knew what the guardian array was.

The reason why the five main cities of the Roland Empire could survive in the presence of interstellar beasts was due to these five guardian arrays.

The administrator of Orchid Moon City abandoned the central town because the guardian array of Orchid Moon City was very fragile. There were holes from time to time and the border needed more people to defend it. Finally, the focus of development was simply on the border.

If Orchid Moon City’s guardian array was blown up, there was no need to think about the fate that the civilians would face after being exposed to the interstellar beasts.

The fatal thing was that the population of Orchid Moon City was concentrated around the guardian array. It would be too late to escape once the interstellar beasts invaded in a large number.

The loss of Orchid Moon City was a matter of certainty.

Based on the current strength of the players, it would probably take a long time after the game entered the public beta to regain the lost land.

For the past few days, they had been watching the live broadcast of the escort team.

The one star interstellar beasts ranged from level 10 to level 19 and increased exponentially in strength. 

A level 10 interstellar beast had no less than 10,000 health and had high defense. Based on the players’ current level, a team without 20 people would never be able to beat it.

It would be fine if they could kill the beasts one by one but the fatal thing was that the interstellar beasts had a characteristic. They liked to gather together. It was easy to attract a group of them when hitting one.

This was why it was difficult for the NPC army to clear the road. In addition, the AI of the interstellar beasts was very high!

They weren’t at all like the brainless monsters of past online games. They had sharp senses and excellent survival skills, just like real wild animals.

It was easy to attract their attention when something disturbed them and this would trigger an unpredictable chain reaction.

In short, it would be very difficult for players to get back Orchid Moon City in the current stage if it was lost.

Moreover, even if it could be taken back, those NPCs…

They would all be dead.

There was no need to mention others. Just the thought of the Jayne siblings dying at the feet of the interstellar beasts caused Xu Yuheng and Baifeng to be in a solemn mood.

Losing a main city…

Was this game crazy? The full service hadn’t even opened yet and they were engaging in such an exciting plot?

Xu Yuheng secretly turned on the recording system.

So far, he and Baifeng hadn’t received a mission task. Perhaps it was because they were in a state of death.

After the young woman asked this question, there was a brief silence in the room. Then the old man asked softly, “Beina, are you afraid?”

The woman called Beina bowed her head at his sharp eyes.

She murmured, “If… If Orchid Moon City is lost, we will also become the food of the interstellar beasts.”

“There is no need to worry about this.”

The old man narrowed his eyes and took out a small bottle from his sleeve. “This is what His Majesty Arnauton gave to me. Do you know what it is?”

Beina and the black-cloaked man looked over with curiosity.

“This is the blood of the four star beast, the golden weasel.”

The old man saw their surprised expressions and pride flashed in his eyes.

“You should know how strong the four star beasts are, right?”

The two people nodded.

Not to mention a four star beast, the army of the Roland Empire had to pay a huge price just dealing with three star beasts.

At this moment, the two of them couldn’t help but yearn for the Bewatt Empire who could easily hunt four star beasts.

The old man sensed this and nodded with satisfaction.

They were betraying the Roland Empire just to survive. They weren’t wrong!

He had experienced too much. 100 years old, the Roland Empire might’ve had its vitality damaged after the natural disaster but it still had enough strength.

Then what about 100 years later?

Many of the original cities didn’t exist! In the end, only these five crumbling cities remained and the Orchid Moon City where they were located had become an isolated island.

This decaying empire would eventually be destroyed by the interstellar beasts.

They were just accelerating the process. This was a natural trend and there was no way to stop it. It was only by following the trend that they could gain enough capital in advance to survive.

“The golden weasel’s body odor is so strange that even some five or six star beasts don’t dare to approach, let alone those below three stars.” The old man continued.

“We just need to smear the blood of the golden weasel on our bodies and we can safely escape to other cities. Someone will pick us up at that time.”

The black-cloaked man listened to the words with a look of awe and excitement on his face.

Five or six star beasts…

This was only heard about in legends but the old man said it so casually.

Of course, he didn’t think that the old man had the strength to deal with five or six star beasts. However, he had a lot of contact with the people of the Bewatt Empire. It must be those lizardmen…

The black-cloaked man rubbed his hands together and looked at the young woman.

“Beina, it is already this time. Do you still want to back down?” He persuaded her.

“I know you are soft-hearted but don’t forget something. You have participated in so many operations before and killed many soldiers. Even if you leave the organization, the Roland Empire won’t let you go.”

“Isn’t this a great opportunity now?”

“The strongholds in the Imperial City have been destroyed and this is precisely when we make some meritorious contributions. We just need to complete this matter and it will definitely be a great achievement! Elder Bryce might even be able to leap to the top of the leadership due to this great achievement.”

“At that time, we will have left Orchid Moon City and will definitely be able to obtain much better resources than we have now. Will our status be low when the Bewatt Empire takes over Escher Star in the future?”

Beina bit her lips, her eyes flashing as she was clearly moved by the prospects he described.


She was a bit hesitant when thinking of the lives of the tens of millions of people in Orchid Moon City.

“Beina, you must know that it is only a matter of time before Orchid Moon City is breached.”

The black-cloaked man continued to tempt her. “You have been operating around the border. Haven’t you noticed it? The frequency of holes in the barrier protecting Orchid Moon City is getting higher and higher.”

“Just today, they appeared in the southeast, west and east.”

“How long do you think the current situation of guarding the array can last?” He said in a deep voice. “It will be one or two months.”

“Is it possible for Orchid Moon City to turn the tide in one or two months? It is impossible.” The black-cloaked man declared firmly.

“That’s right.” The old man also nodded. “Sooner or later, Orchid Moon City will perish. If that is the case, it is better to do it ahead of time so we can get some benefits.”

Beina’s face paled. She hesitated for a moment before asking in a somewhat puzzled manner, “Why do we have to let Orchid Moon City fall? If the people of the Bewatt Empire are so powerful, why can’t they send troops to rescue us?”


The old man didn’t become angry at her words and just sighed. “If you want to blame someone, blame the little emperor who just ascended to Roland’s throne.”

“Originally, he promised to hand over Escher’s authority and His Majesty Arnauton also gathered his army in preparation. Then the day before, the little emperor suddenly regretted it!”

The eyes of Beina and the black-cloaked man widened. Apparently, this was the first time they had come across this top secret information.

The old man continued to speak, his voice full of anger.

“After regretting it, the little emperor suddenly stepped up his efforts and destroyed all of the organization’s strongholds in Imperial City. Now there has been no more news for a month. It is estimated that those people have already…”

He shook his head with an expression of regret on his face.

“Therefore, the reason we have to take such an extreme approach is because the little emperor forced us!”

He gritted his teeth.

“He is the one who clung to his authority and refused to let the Bewatt Empire send troops to Escher Star, killing so many people.”

“Blowing up the guardian array of Orchid Moon City is to teach him a lesson and to let the people of the empire see the ugly face of the little emperor.”

The old man said gloomily, “If he is sensible and accepts the assistance of the Bewatt Empire then Orchid Moon City won’t be destroyed.”

He hid the small bottle in his sleeve and spoke in a low voice.

“His Majesty Arnauton has contacted me. The army of the Bewatt Empire is on standby. Once the little emperor sends an agreement to the Interstellar Alliance, he will lead powerful reinforcements through the safe passage into Escher Star.”

“Based on the strength of the Bewatt Empire, do you think these one or two star beasts will be their opponents?”

“Once the time comes, Orchid Moon City will be rescued.”

“Some people might be sacrificed but there are also many people who will be liberated from the shadow of the interstellar beasts. They will live a peaceful and happy life under the rule of His Majesty Arnauton.”

The more the old man spoke, the more excited he became. He patted the two people on the shoulder and told them in a loud voice. “It is normal to have a burden in your heart. Just keep in mind that you are doing the right thing and your hearts will be redeemed.”

Beina looked at the black-cloaked man. She still couldn’t bear it but she was obviously convinced.

There was nothing wrong. They were doing the right thing.

They were fighting to save the nation. The Roland imperial family was the culprit preventing everyone from achieving happiness!

The old man looked at the two of them and smiled with great satisfaction. Then he narrowed his eyes and discussed the next plan with them.

Above their heads, Xu Yuheng floated in a soul state and couldn’t help admiring the old man.

It wasn’t known if he really thought this way or just wanted to brainwash his two subordinates but his words could really deceive people.

For example…

“Brother Yu, is this really the case? Is it really the fault of the emperor of Roland?” A few lines of text appeared in front of him.

Xu Yuheng turned to look at Baifeng. The boy was frowning and seemed distressed.

Obviously, he was also fooled by the old man’s words.

“Of course not.”

Xu Yuheng called out the input box and replied. “Let me ask you, how can they guarantee that these aliens will treat Roland’s people well after taking over the Roland Empire?”

“Are these aliens really doing charity? Definitely not.” He continued.

“They can incite these people to betray their nation and use the lives of tens of millions of people in Orchid Moon City as a bargaining chip. This is enough to show their character.”

“They are cold-blooded aliens who don’t care about the people of the Roland Empire at all. They should just want the resources of this planet.”

Xu Yuheng analyzed it. “Based on Escher Star’s current situation, it is probably difficult for them to obtain these resources effortlessly.”

“In this case, do you think these aliens will sacrifice their own people to deal with the interstellar beasts or will they use the captives of the Roland Empire first?”

“Will they accept the relatively gentle approach of clearing roadblocks or will they adopt more drastic measures that don’t care about casualties?”

Baifeng wasn’t stupid and he would understand as soon as Xu Yuheng said this.

In addition, aliens…

The moment this word was used to describe them, Baifeng immediately became wary of the Bewatt Empire.

He nodded and looked at Xu Yuheng’s chat history again before typing with a smile.

“Brother Yu, you are so clever.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Thank you for your hard work!

SYNth.etic Tesseract
SYNth.etic Tesseract
2 years ago

Baifeng: Brother Yu, you are so clever!
Xu “Brother Lover” Yuheng: *flashing glasses and a knowing smirk* Of course it’s because my Xiao Li will never do such a terrible thing. It must be the aliens that are wrong!

Si Sheng, sitting backstage behind his emperor: *squints* … *glares* *hugs his emperor possessively*

1 year ago