VCRMM: Chapter 76 Part 2

Xu Yuheng glanced at it a few times. Sure enough, there were messages asking why he was able to change classes, if he had completed a hidden mission or simply wanted to hug his thigh.

Right now, everyone was waiting for the elementalist NPCs of Imperial City to come and set up a branch in order to complete the class transfer mission. He suddenly changed classes and this was indeed eye-catching.

Add the killing mission of the central town last time and Xu Yuheng was currently considered a celebrity. He was even more attention-grabbing than some professional players.

Xu Yuheng ignored the messages and set it up as ‘Do Not Disturb.’ He didn’t have the energy to care about these things now and would talk about it later.

He looked at the crystal ball on the ground and the appearance of the silver-haired young man smiling at him popped up.

Xu Yuheng’s eyes softened. He picked up the crystal ball and wiped it carefully with a handkerchief before putting it away.

Baifeng was next to him and watching him while eating fish. Baifeng couldn’t help asking, “Brother Yu, what is that crystal ball for? By the way, I just saw the system announcement that you have transferred classes. Is it true?”

Xu Yuheng frowned slightly.

“Did you touch the crystal ball?” He asked.

“I touched it.” Baifeng nodded. “It fell in the grass. I was afraid you would lose it so I picked it up.”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help being a bit puzzled after hearing this.

He touched the crystal ball again. Then he recalled the previous scene and had Baifeng hold it in both hands.

Baifeng didn’t know the reason but he did it anyway.

However, nothing happened.

Xu Yuheng touched his chin. He could only guess that a condition was needed for this crystal ball to trigger the player’s class transfer.

He once again felt a bit warm when thinking about the silver-haired youth who came so far to give him this crystal ball and let him change classes.

He actually almost believed that the silver-haired young man was Xiao Li but he still needed to see this person again and get the final confirmation.


Would the young man still come to see him?

Xu Yuheng paused before holding his forehead and sighing helplessly.

Based on Xiao Li’s personality, the estimated probability was very small.

Don’t look at his usual appearance of being quite cold. In fact, he was actually pampered, willful and clingy.

If that person was really Xiao Li… he was hurt so he would probably be hiding under the quilt and crying right now.

Let him take the initiative to find Xu Yuheng again? It would probably be hard.

Xu Yuheng shook his head and put away the crystal ball again. He finished eating the fish with Baifeng and continued on the road.

The plan to go to Imperial City hadn’t changed. It was just that he had to deal with the company’s affairs in the next few days so he didn’t have much time to stay online.

Baifeng didn’t leave him behind. During the time when he wasn’t online, Baifeng would stay in the same place and have fun by himself.

The map of Starry Sky Age was very perfect. So far, no one had found any bugs. Traveling in the wild was like traveling in reality and there was no lack of fun things to do.

Due to this delay, the journey to the border was extended a few days and some players caught up.

These players couldn’t wait for the elementalists to set up a branch in the central town. They were ready to try their luck at the border to see if these elementalists could let them complete the transfer ahead of time.

After Xu Yuheng knew this, he could only increase his speed on the road so as to not get to the border only to find that the escort team had already rushed to the central town and he had missed them.

Regarding the problem of the long distance, some players posted in the forum that they hoped a teleportation array or higher speed transportation would be built.

Otherwise, all their game time would be spent on the road instead of playing. This game was designed to be realistic but it didn’t need to be so realistic!

Unfortunately, the game team didn’t give them a positive response.

Xu Yuheng had read the information and knew these things would gradually appear as the game progressed. He also understood that Old Wang wouldn’t open the back door for him so he didn’t bother with it.

Finally, by the time it was a week before the end of the first closed beta, they reached the border of Orchid Moon City.

According to the information received from the forum, the escort team hadn’t arrived yet.

In fact, it had been a few days since Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai’s planned arrival time. The reason the escort team hadn’t arrived yet was entirely due to be dragged back by players.

These guys who didn’t do anything without a profit always found opportunities to let the NPCs help them level up. Now in this 162 person team, almost all of them had reached level 10.

Naturally, there were many players from other main cities insulting them on the forum. After all, if they delayed for a day then it meant their class transfer and level up would take place one day later.

However, the players in the escort team naturally didn’t pay attention to this type of garbage. In the wilderness, they basically didn’t have time for the forum posts.

This was especially the case in the later stage. It was really difficult to keep the NPC warriors from dying so the scolding on the forum gradually faded.

After watching the live broadcast for so long, they also developed affection for these NPCs and even remembered their names and faces.

No one wanted to see NPC casualties.

It was because the NPCs were too real, as real as the most ordinary people around them. In addition, they were trustworthy, had noble qualities and could sacrifice themselves for their teammates at any time…

This also caused a lot of trouble for the players.

After sacrificing themselves for NPCs, many players chose to revive nearby.

They were already very close to Orchid Moon City so they could choose to resurrect at the birth point of Orchid Moon City.

Of course, there were players who were idle and had nothing to do. After being resurrected in place, they took risks and ventured into the wild. It was just that their chances of surviving alone were too small and it was basically hard to live for long.

However, some people managed to collect the dragon blood grass and Siberian cocklebur.

These could be exchanged for reputation in the faction warehouse and the reputation given was very high. It was a good thing.

These locations were marked by players, recorded in a strategy post and posted on the forum. It was estimated that once the players’ level increased, they would come here to collect it.

The border of Orchid Moon City was much more prosperous and densely populated than the central town.

The floating off-road vehicle was more eye-catching here. Xu Yuheng put it away the moment he saw the border town in the distance.

Some players reported on the forum that there were rogue bandits who would rob players. Of course, after being robbed, the players would organize a group to steal it back.

This was probably a gameplay but Xu Yuheng didn’t want so much trouble.

He might’ve become a wind elementalist but he hadn’t learned any skills. Therefore, he was currently no different from ordinary players except for the increase in the speed of his actions.

It was already midnight by the time he arrived.

Xu Yuheng still had to go to the company the next day so he said goodbye to Baifeng and prepared to go offline to rest. However, he inadvertently saw a shadow moving rapidly on the ground.

Due to the level gap, the specific information of the shadow couldn’t be detected. Still, the fact that there was a level gap meant…

The shadow was an NPC.

He and Baifeng glanced at each other and didn’t move.

Since their bodies took 10 minutes to disappear after going offline, they had specifically found a corner in the alley to hide. This meant they weren’t discovered by the shadow immediately.

Right now, they held their breath.

The shadow moved to a house not far away. Then it transformed into a phantom human figure and lightly knocked on the window.

The wooden window creaked open and the shadow silently crept in.

“Brother Yu, have we encountered a hidden mission?”

Baifeng’s voice entered his ears. It was the communication system between players so it ensured their conversation wouldn’t be heard.

Xu Yuheng frowned. He was intent on going to Imperial City and didn’t want extra trouble. Still, there was no reason to refuse a mission that was sent to his door.

In addition, he saw Baifeng’s eager eyes.

Baifeng had sacrificed a lot of game experience to accompany him so Xu Yuheng was actually a bit sorry.

He thought about it before saying, “Go and take a look.”

Both of them were players. The scene just now was a bit weird but they didn’t have the slightest bit of fear.

They cautiously approached the wooden house.

In the dead of night, the lights were extinguished.

The two of them walked silently to the window and listened intently.

Inside the room, the shadow wriggled and transformed into a figure in a black cloak. There were two people in front of him.

Just as the figure in the black cloak was about to say something, the older man in the room raised a hand to stop him.

The man in the black cloak was feeling a bit confused when he heard the old man snort coldly. “There are two small bugs. Solve them first.”

Under the window, Xu Yuheng and Baifeng hadn’t heard any sound when they found something invisible strangling them. Fortunately, they had lowered the pain and didn’t feel much.

The two of them only had a 1,000 health so their health was directly emptied out before this thing could exert too much force.

It was a very straightforward death.

The three people in the house frowned. How could these little bugs be so weak? Even three year old children felt stronger.

They were puzzled but they didn’t say much. The man in the black cloak opened the window and dragged in the two corpses that had fallen softly in the alley.

The old man checked them carefully.

“How is it?” The man in the black cloak asked.

The old man picked up a dagger. “This is a standard weapon from the Flanders Interstellar Federation. They should be from the imperial army.”

“The army? So weak?” The man in the black cloak muttered.

The old man nodded in agreement. Then he threw the dagger back at the corpse and shrugged. “In any case, they are already dead. It doesn’t matter.”

“There is no one around, right?” He asked the third person.

The third person, a young woman, shook her head. “No.”

The old man nodded. He was about to speak when he suddenly stopped. He cautiously examined the two corpses with a device and confirmed that they didn’t have any eavesdropping devices on them. It was only then that he started to talk about the conspiracy.

They didn’t know that above their heads, two transparent figures were floating in mid-air and looking down at them.

“Wow, Brother Yu. It turns out to be like this after death.”

Baifeng’s private chat message appeared in front of Xu Yuheng’s eyes. He glanced at Baifeng and the young man winked at him. However, they couldn’t speak in the soul state.

Xu Yuheng rolled his eyes and continued to look down at the three NPCs in the room.

The old man asked, “What about that matter?”

The man in the black cloak nodded. “I have written down Orchid Moon City’s border defenses.”

“Very good.” The old man said.

At this moment, the young woman bit her lip and hesitated. “We… are we really going to blow up the guardian circle of Orchid Moon City?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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