VCRMM: Chapter 76 Part 1

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After a long time, the ups and downs of the quilt stopped. The young man sitting against the head of the bed also slid softly into the quilt.

His eyes were closed as he felt Si Sheng hug him and let him rest slightly against the man’s chest.

Xu Sili sniffed and reached out to wrap his arms around this person’s neck. He rested his forehead against Si Sheng’s chin and finally, he opened his mouth in a slightly angry manner and bit Si Sheng’s neck lightly.

How could this person be like this…?

Forget about yesterday, today was still…

“Are you uncomfortable?”

However, Si Sheng didn’t care about the bite at all and softly cared for him.

Xu Sili loosened his teeth.

He had never been treated like this before. He had never… been held so carefully in the palm of a person’s hand.

Even his parents and brothers who loved him didn’t achieve this level.

His heart that was originally broken by his second brother was no longer so sad. Rather… there was a warm and swelling emotion that was about to overflow from his chest.

He opened his eyes and looked at the bite mark he had just left on Si Sheng’s neck. It might be very light but Xu Sili still felt some distress in his heart.

He stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked it lightly.

Si Sheng’s body froze and he didn’t move until the young man’s voice was heard.

“Does it hurt?”

His voice was hoarse and soft like a kitten. Even his personality was like a kitten.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Si Sheng whispered.

Xu Sili snorted softly. Si Sheng didn’t seem to have the senses of a normal person. He acted like it was nothing even when he was so seriously injured.

Speaking of injuries—Xu Sili quickly glanced at the man’s health bar.

He found that after one night of rest, the health bar had automatically returned to full. Xu Sili was stunned for a while.

More than one million health…

He was so strong now. Then what about 10 years later when he became the boss of the wild map? He was probably a nightmare for players.

Xu Sili thought of this and was reminded of the fan post. The blush that had originally dissipated rose again.

He struggled to sit up. Then he pulled up his nightgown and fastened it, stuttering as Si Sheng looked over in confusion, “I…I’m hungry…”

He originally wanted to stay in bed but this guy Si Sheng was too…

His eyes fell on the man’s handsome face and his heartbeat accelerated again. He hurriedly looked away.

No, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Xu Sili rolled over and got out of bed. He hurriedly grabbed the clothes at the end of the bed that the maids had put here during dinner yesterday.

He was about to go out to change his clothes. Then he thought about it and looked at Si Sheng. “You go out. I want to change clothes.”

Si Sheng stared at the young man. His eyes swept over the red face but he didn’t disobey the order. He just nodded obediently.

He stepped barefoot on the ground. His body was covered with a blue-black nightgown and there was a feeling of elegance and calmness. Even so, his aura was strong and it was enough to attract the attention of others.

Xu Sili rarely saw Si Sheng wearing this type of clothing. Of course, dressing him up when playing the game before didn’t count.

Si Sheng was always in a military uniform and gave people a domineering and rigorous handsomeness. Now he looked lazier and s*xier in this nightgown.

Xu Sili hadn’t paid much attention to what this man was wearing yesterday. Now he saw it and was immediately attracted. He couldn’t help taking a few more glances.

Si Sheng walked to him step by step.

He stared at Xu Sili, his eyes filled with a bit of warmth. As the young man gazed at him, he reached out a hand and gently tidied the messy hair.

Finally, he hooked the young man’s sideburns behind his ears.

His fingers touched Xu Sili’s ear, making Xu Sili shiver and finally came back to his senses.

Si Sheng smiled slightly. “This servant… will go out first.”

Xu Sili quickly responded with a hum and watched him leave the palace. He was the only one left in the room so he quickly ran to the bed, pulled off the quilt and stuffed it into the storage capsule to ‘destroy any traces.’

He hesitated for a moment when looking at the empty bed. Then he ran to the closet and did the bed again.

He sighed in relief once all this was done.

Xu Sili covered his face as he thought back on what happened yesterday and today. He walked around the room a few times before finally calming down. He changed clothes and went to eat breakfast.

“Brother Yu!”

Xu Yuheng went online and saw Baifeng sitting by the fire, roasting two fish. The crystal ball that had fallen was placed at his feet.

The young man sensed his arrival and looked at him with a grin, revealing two cute tiger’s teeth.

Xu Yuheng pursed his lips.

He thought about how his tears had been seen previously and looked away a bit uncomfortably. Even so, he still raised his feet and walked toward the other person.

“Brother Yu, you came at the right time. My fish is almost grilled!”

Baifeng seemed to have forgotten what just happened and spoke with a smile, “I just picked some spices in the forest. I don’t know how it tastes so try it later.”

This natural attitude made Xu Yuheng forget his uncomfortable emotions. He heard these words and couldn’t help scolding the other person while smiling, “What if it is poisonous?”

“Isn’t there the health medicine?”

“You are the chef. Shouldn’t you try it first?”

Baifeng pouted when he heard this and muttered, “Okay, I’ll taste it first. Who made you my Brother Yu?”

Xu Yuheng shook his head.

Once it was cooked and let to cool down, he reached toward the branch and bit down on the hot fish.

Baifeng’s craftsmanship was very good. The fish was grilled on the outside and tender on the inside. The flavor of the unknown spices was also good. Eating grilled fish in the forest while admiring the lake view gave it a unique flavor.

Baifeng saw that he ate first and couldn’t help blinking. “Didn’t you tell me to eat first?”

“You are too long-winded.”

Xu Yuheng didn’t bother paying attention to him and handed back the branch. “The taste is okay. It isn’t bad.”

Baifeng smiled. “Hehe, if Brother Yu says it is okay then it means it is delicious!”

Xu Yuheng was silent and opened his unread messages to take a look.

He had only been offline for a while but his messages had exploded. This surprised him slightly.

The initial message was to congratulate him on using the crystal ball, successfully completing the class transfer and becoming a wind elementalist.

He was the first player in Orchid Moon City to successfully change classes so he received some achievement rewards and… it was reported on the entire server.

It was understandable why his messages would explode.

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Si Sheng: Happy to be of your service
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