VCRMM: Chapter 75 Part 2

Old Wang had also watched the live broadcast of the game.

In the live broadcast, Snow Roland’s image deviated from the design of the game team. He seemed to be…

Growing up too quickly?

The current image had undergone a very significant change from the teenager they tested before. They studied it and found it was because Snow Roland’s level had increased a lot.

This was also thanks to the upgrade system that relied on infrastructure to obtain experience points. It seemed that this golden finger was a bit too big.

After some discussions, they felt that this growth rate was within an acceptable range.

After all, Snow Roland was now on the throne.

He needed to grow up quickly—this was someone they had put in a lot of effort to create and there was such a special emotional bond. They didn’t want him to suffer any misfortunes.

Moreover, the current image was closer to the appearance of the person who died. Maybe this was also a good thing for the Xu family.

“Mr Xu, I hope you and your parents can understand. We have tried our best.”

Old Wang finally said.

“Furthermore, you might need to control yourself. If you show too much abnormal behavior in the game, there might be unpleasant things.”

Xu Yuheng understood what Old Wang meant.

According to his thoughts, Snow Roland in the game should just be an NPC with the appearance of Xu Sili. Snow Roland actually had his own logic and life.

If he suddenly ran to Snow Roland and confessed to be a relative, he might be treated as an assassin…

Xu Yuheng was somewhat speechless.

The problem was that Snow Roland ran up to him to recognize their blood relationship…

His heart was beating fast. He was a bit excited but there was still some disbelief.

“Is there really no other hidden setting?” Xu Yuheng confirmed it again.

Old Wang was almost speechless.

He said so much but this person still didn’t hear it?

Snow Roland was actually a commemorative NPC who could be set up more simply. They could’ve even created a ‘Xu Sili’ with the same experience in the game.

After all, this was a game with an interstellar background. It wasn’t impossible to create an environment like Earth.

However, the prototype’s willpower was more special. He wanted to be the emperor, the ruler. He wasn’t interested in a perfect ‘clone’ of himself.

He had also died too early. The game team only collected his appearance data and didn’t have time to do a full investigation of the rest.

Therefore, after consulting with Xu Sili before his death, the game team unanimously decided to design him as the emperor of the novice planet.

They would also add a little extra setting to make him strong enough without breaking the balance of the game.

In short, they had put a lot of thought into this role but the direction of the design was different from what the Xu family had expected from the beginning.

Old Wang was very helpless but he could understand Xu Yuheng’s mood. Thus, he still explained it patiently.

Xu Yuheng finally made a decision and hung up the phone.

He sat blankly on the couch. He was smiling but tears formed in his eyes.

It seemed like… it was real?

OF course, all of this had to wait until they met again. He could only find out if Old Wang lied to him or not after confirming it.

He didn’t think that Old Wang had such acting skills but he was used to being cautious. He didn’t like someone lying to him, even if it was for him.

There was one more thing that no one knew except for him and Xiao Li…

Xu Yuheng slowly let out a breath and silently wiped away his tears. Then he lay down in the game cabin again.

Early in the morning, sunlight shone through the stained glass and Xu Sili woke up from a dark dream.

He opened his eyes slightly in confusion.

Seeing the sunlight entering, he irritably grabbed the quilt and covered his head. Then he turned sideways and buried his head in the source of warmth beside him.

Just as he was about to fall asleep again in a daze, his thoughts that had been suspended for a night suddenly became active.

Source of warmth?

This thought flashed in his mind and finally chased away his sleepiness. It made his consciousness clear up again.

He reached out his hand and explored in front of him.

It was hard and flat with a bit of movement. The surface was a bit soft. It was warm with a slightly hot temperature and…

He felt a small bulge.

What was this?

Xu Sili frowned. He felt it with his fingers and then pinched it.


He heard a man’s muffled groan.

Xu Sili’s somewhat hazy consciousness became completely clear. He opened his eyes and through the dim light that penetrated the quilt, he saw the man’s chest in front of him.

He couldn’t help freezing.

Everything that happened yesterday was constantly replayed in his mind.

After taking a bath and falling asleep in the afternoon, he remembered he was woken up at night due to hunger. He ate, lay down again and fell asleep until now.

The body of the man in front of him naturally belonged to Si Sheng.

He didn’t know if it was because he didn’t sleep well or because of something else, but Si Sheng’s belt was loosened. Then he just accidentally…

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He gently pulled Si Sheng’s robe together and carefully tied it for him.

The moment he tied the bow, the quilt covering his head was lifted slightly and Si Sheng’s handsome face appeared in front of him.

He looked down, gray-blue eyes like the night sky.

Neither of them spoke.

Xu Sili stared at this man for a while. It had really been an accident just now but at the moment, there was an inexplicable sense of doing something bad and being caught.

He pursed his lips again and finally decided to… play dead.

The young man closed his eyes again, raised his hand to grab the quilt that had been lifted and covered himself again, turning over on the bed.

He had his back to Si Sheng and adjusted his sleeping position, prepared to sleep again.

He had slept for a long time yesterday and was awake now, but he didn’t want to get out of bed.

Ever since he had arrived in this strange world, he didn’t have much time to truly relax.

He never stayed in bed or slept in.

Every day, it was like being whipped. He kept thinking about how to protect the empire, develop the economy, upgrade and build the teleportation array, meet his second brother earlier and other messy things.

God knew how lazy he was originally. He was only a bit more lively when it came to playing games and music.

What time did he have now to do any creating?

He was building an empire so there was the occasional feeling of playing an infrastructure game, but the pressure wasn’t the same.

Each decision concerned countless people. It was the lives of tens of millions of people.

The burden on him was very heavy. Seeing his family earlier and letting them know he wasn’t dead was the chain that he wound up to keep himself going.

Now he was a bit upset.

He wanted to be lazy, to calculate nothing and think about nothing. He wanted to be a waste emperor for a few days.

In any case, there were many outstanding talents. It wouldn’t make much of a difference to the nation if he was missing for a few days, right?

There were Wen Jishan, Qiu Zheng, Chi Yu and many people working hard to make this empire better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have them there?

It was the same without him…

Yes, this was how it was.

Xu Sili persuaded himself like this and prepared to be a salted fish with no desires. However, the man beside him obviously didn’t think so.

Just as he closed his eyes and was starting to develop sleepiness, he felt an extra arm around his waist. A strong, iron arm wrapped around him and he was dragged over.

He approached the man’s chest, felt the man’s chin rest on his head and rub it lightly.

He was willing to accept such closeness.

Just as he was about to turn around and hug Si Sheng, he felt the man’s hand on his waist move slightly.


His belt was loosened and half of his silk nightgown hung down slightly due to losing its restraints.

He felt the man’s palm.

It was warm and wide. The skin of the palm was a bit rough, reminding him of the scars on the man’s palms and the calluses formed by using weapons

Xu Sili frowned and reached out to hold this person’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

The young man’s voice was hoarse and contained the dryness and laziness of just waking up. It sounded inexplicably seductive.

A rustling sound was heard.

Xu Sili felt the chin resting on his head slowly move to his shoulder. The man’s mouth opened slightly and a breath slightly sprayed on Xu Sili’s earlobe, making him a bit hot.

“I’m doing… what Your Majesty did to this servant.”

It was a very serious and businesslike tone but the content was a bit…

Xu Sili’s face was hot.

His eyes were dazed as he said dryly, “That… it was an accident. You are the one who slept without being dressed properly…”

Before he could finish speaking, a muffled laugh rang in his ears.

It was very light and the sound was like air vibrating in the chest cavity. It was like the vibration of the best sounding cello. For Xu Sili, who was a voice con and sound elementalist, it was so good it almost made his heart stop.

He froze and forgot to hold this person accountable.

As for Si Sheng…

He was actually just testing it.

He wondered if Lord God would be annoyed at him. After all, there were some things that couldn’t be done as a subordinate.

However, Lord God pampered him more than imagined.

Then he couldn’t be blamed… for taking a mile.

“It is this servant’s fault.”

He admitted his mistake very obediently before saying, “This servant is willing to make amends.”

Make amends? Xu Sili was still fascinated by this moving voice so his dull thinking made him a bit unresponsive when hearing the words.

After all, it came with no context.

Then he soon knew what was meant by amends.

The man’s arms exerted a bit of strength and Xu Sili changed from lying on his side to lying on his back. His head also emerged from the quilt.

Due to this action, his robe slipped even more.

It was just that he was in the bed and didn’t feel cold…

He lowered his gaze and looked at the quilt that was bulging in front of him.

Soon, his pupils shrunk slightly and a muffled groan overflowed from his mouth. His fair cheeks were quickly dyed a red color.

Si Sheng, this guy actually…?!

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