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VCRMM: Chapter 74

White mist rose from the bath, dyeing the entire palace with hazy colors.

No one came here during the day.

Even at night, the bath wouldn’t be used without the order of the emperor.

Si Sheng controlled the sound elements and isolated all sounds from the outside world. This temporarily ensured that no guards or maids would disturb them.

He put the young man on the couch beside the bath. Then he crouched down in front of the young man and reached out to unbutton the young man’s clothes.

Due to the hug just now, the young man was stained with blood. Some of it belonged to Si Sheng and some to the interstellar beasts. It was obviously an embarrassing appearance but it made Si Sheng’s mouth dry for some reason.

In particular, his eyes and nose were red and his eyes were soft. This made people want to throw him down and bully him fiercely.

Si Sheng lowered his eyelashes to hide this dangerous thought.

He dedicated himself to removing the young man’s clothes quietly and intently. There seemed to be no traces of evil thoughts at all.

The faint pain from his temples and the fatigue caused by physical exhaustion made Xu Sili’s thinking dull at the moment.

He stared quietly at Si Sheng until the last button of his coat was undone. Then he seemed to react and asked, “Do you want to take a bath?”

Si Sheng paused, looked up at him and nodded.

The young man’s brow furrowed slightly and there was a hint of disapproval in his expression. “However, you are injured.”

Fatigue made his speech much slower. He sounded soft and revealed a concern that couldn’t be ignored.

Si Sheng’s heart was warm.

He raised his hand and touched the young man’s cheek. Seeing that the other person didn’t respond, he dared to stroke the skin with the palm of his hand.

The gentle touch made his heart flutter.

“It’s fine now,” he whispered. “It is just dirty and uncomfortable.”

“Can this servant use this bath with Your Majesty?”

Xu Sili looked at him.

This person was really dirty. He was covered in blood and the smell was very bad. He looked very tragic.

He nodded. “Then I’ll help you.”

Then he raised his hand to unbutton Si Sheng’s clothes.

Si Sheng held the wrist and gently curved his lips at the young man’s doubtful gaze.

“Let this servant do it by myself.”

Then he asked, “Your Majesty, why do you look so tired?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips. He remembered the scene of seeing his second brother, lowered his eyes and leaned forward. He wrapped his arms around Si Sheng’s neck and gently rubbed his cheek.

“I used your skills…” He answered truthfully.

He somewhat forgot if he had told Si Sheng about this before but it was fine to let Si Sheng know now.

Si Sheng didn’t seem surprised and only said, “Will using my skills cause you a lot of burden?”


Xu Sili responded in a low voice, acting docile and with the appearance of being ready to answer any questions.

Si Sheng lowered his head lightly and continued to remove the young man’s clothes.

Xu Sili closed his eyes slightly and meekly cooperated. Apart from touching the top of his pants and dodging in a slightly embarrassed manner, he didn’t resist the whole time.

Pieces of clothes stained with blood fell down. In the mist, Si Sheng picked up the young man, stepped into the hot water with his bare feet and walked into the bathing pool step by step.

He sat down cross-legged on the edge of the bath. Si Sheng had the young man turn with his back to Si Sheng and then embraced him.

Si Sheng picked up the hot water and gently poured it on the other person’s body. He stroked the long silver hair and washed away the blood staining it.

Xu Sili leaned back against the man, squinting his eyes to enjoy the service.

The heat made him dizzy and the comfortable temperature made him sigh. Tiredness surged up and he was dragged into a dark dream.

It was just that… his subjective consciousness didn’t want to sleep.

It was painful.

Then he felt the man’s palm caress his chest. A cool energy came from the palm, slowly nourishing his body.

This nourishment made his hollowed out body slowly regain some strength.

Xu Sili opened his eyes and looked at the palm against his chest. It glowed slightly blue and he understood what Si Sheng was doing at this moment.

He frowned. “You stop.”

Si Sheng paused. He saw the young man leave his arms, turn around and stare at him angrily. “You are making up your own mind again. Who told you to use water healing to help me recover my strength?”

“Don’t you know what is going on right now? If you have this magic power, why not use it on yourself?”

There was strong dissatisfaction in the beautiful purple eyes but the concern in his tone couldn’t be ignored by anyone.

Seeing that this person had regained a somewhat rosy face, Si Sheng held the young man’s cheeks with both hands and gently pressed his forehead against the other person. “It is this servant’s fault. Your Majesty, don’t be angry.”

The two of them were almost nose-to-nose and the man’s breathing sprayed on his lips, causing Xu Sili’s heart to skip a few beats.

He instinctively licked his lips while feeling a bit thirsty.

He looked down at the ripples in the water and inwardly sighed. It was already like this. What else could he say?

Xu Sili raised his hand to hold the man’s palm. Under Si Sheng’s dazed gaze, he turned his head slightly and pressed his cheek against the right palm, rubbing against it like a kitten.

He let go of all his defenses and let himself feel the emotion of wanting to be close to this man.

“How are your injuries?” He looked at Si Sheng’s exposed body.

The lean and knotted muscles weren’t the type that belonged to big and strong men. Instead, they gave people a sense of strength, especially the cold, white skin covered with fierce scars.

These scars had several new wounds on top of them that seemed to have just formed scabs. There was also a trace of blood seeping out into the hot water.

Xu Sili reached out his hand and touched a wound lightly with his fingers while carefully observing Si Sheng’s face.

The man didn’t even frown. Si Sheng just looked down at him with a hint of sweetness in the tenderness.

“It will be fine soon.” He didn’t care much about it.

His self-healing ability was very strong. In just a short time, he had recovered a quarter of his health. Now it had reached one-third.

Xu Sili glanced at it and nodded slightly.

“Take it easy. The next time you want to do something dangerous, you have to tell me, you know?”

He spoke very seriously.

It was just that he had cried. Not only did he have red eyes but also a thick nasally voice. This made his warning not very effective.

Si Sheng stared at him and nodded. “Yes.”

Xu Sili saw that the man agreed and softened his attitude. He reached out to touch the slightly hideous scar on the shoulder and whispered, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Si Sheng answered very honestly. Then he wrapped an arm around the young man’s slender waist and dragged the other person into his arms.

Due to this action, friction between the two of them inevitably occurred.

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He looked at the top of Xu Sili’s head before reaching up to stroke the young man’s soft silver hair, his heart also soft.

He used the help of his spiritual strength and clearly saw the young man’s sleeping face.

The young man’s eyes were closed, cheek pressed against him in a squeezed and deformed manner. He was defenseless, revealing a bit of cuteness.

There was a circle of ripples in Si Sheng’s heart, just like a stirred pool of water.

Everything that happened today was something he had never dared to imagine.

He was happy.

He only hoped that such a time could last a bit longer.

Unfortunately, as powerful as he was, he couldn’t resist the flow of time.

Si Sheng pursed his lips.

He sat quietly for a long time. It was only when the sleeping young man unconsciously rubbed against him that he came back to his senses.

“Si Sheng…”

The young man muttered in a low voice, calling out his name while sleeping.

This discovery made the corners of Si Sheng’s mouth rise, revealing a bit of joy. His eyes were also bright like a child getting his wish to eat candy.

He carefully pulled away Xu Sili’s hand but this person was hugging too tightly and too hard. He was worried about hurting the young man and could only coax him to voluntarily let go.

Then Si Sheng hugged Xu Sili and adjusted Xu Sili’s posture so he could sleep more comfortably, while also making room for himself.

He pulled the quilt over Xu Sili and got into bed himself. Yet instead of lying down to sleep, he lay on his side and used the dim light to greedily stare at Xu Sili’s sleeping face.

“Lord God…”

He obsessively traced this face.

Si Sheng’s gaze inadvertently landed on the young man’s red lips and his Adam’s apple moved. Finally, he was unable to restrain himself. He quietly approached and kissed this person.

The young man’s lips were soft and just touching them softly made Si Sheng’s body numb and he was unable to extricate himself.

He stuck out the tip of his tongue and traced the seductive lips carefully. Then he reached out to pinch the young man’s nose. Xu Sili opened his mouth to breathe and Si Sheng took advantage of this to enter.

He seduced Xu Sili.

Xu Sili was in a deep sleep and occasionally gave a small response while dreaming.

Even this weak response was enough to make Si Sheng ecstatic. He felt like he was special to Lord God…

Unfortunately, today Xu Sili slept too deeply.

Si Sheng stole a kiss for a while before letting go. He pressed his thumb to the moistened lips and rubbed lightly.

How he wished that one day… Lord God would take the initiative to kiss him, just like he secretly kissed Lord God.

Si Sheng thought of the series of unexpected developments just now and felt that this day might not be far away.

He could only hope so.

He hoped that Lord God would one day respond to his feelings…

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