VCRMM: Chapter 73 Part 2

“Your Majesty.”

He called out to Xu Sili as he watched the young man rush to him step by step.

The young man opened his arms like he wanted to hug Si Sheng. Then he stood and trembled, his red eyes filled with panic as he looked Si Sheng over.

He was like a frightened little rabbit. He was so cute that people wanted to hold him.

Si Sheng was very eager to hug him.

During their separation of a few days, thoughts tormented him every moment and made his heart suffer, but…

He still refrained.

Now his body was covered in blood and he couldn’t stain the clothes of Lord God.

Si Sheng took half a step back lightly. He looked at Xu Sili and was slightly relieved when he saw that nothing had happened.

“Your Majesty summoned this servant. Did something important happen?” He asked softly.

However, the young man didn’t answer him.

After the initial panic, his hands trembled as he reached inside the storage capsule for bottles of medicine.

These seemed to have been developed by the boy called Su Lin and it could restore health and magic.

The young man pulled him down so hard that he sat on the bed, ignoring the blood on his body.

“Your Majesty…”

He had just opened his mouth when the young man grabbed a handful of pills and stuffed them into Si Sheng’s mouth.

Xu Sili didn’t pay any attention to the ones that scattered. He just kept shoving the pills into Si Sheng’s mouth one by one.

“Eat… you eat it…”

His voice was trembling with a choked up cry.

This made Si Sheng feel a bit stunned and he saw the water in the young man’s eyes.

Lord God…

He kept swallowing the pills that the young man put in. These pills did have the effect of restoring health and magic but for him, it was just a drop in the bucket.

All the health medicine was finished but Si Sheng’s health only recovered by a quarter. Still, it was better than only having a trace of health left.

At this moment, Xu Sili had blood all over his hands, arms and body.

However, he ignored it.

He stared at Si Sheng with purple eyes that seemed to turn red-purple.

“Why did you do this?”

He lowered his voice with an ultra-low pressure that was about to burst out.

He just told Si Sheng to deal with a three star beast and retrieve its core.

He didn’t believe that the combat power of a mere three star beast was so strong that it could make the level 79 Si Sheng like this.

Xu Sili thought of the Bewatt Empire.

Did Arnauton send someone to ambush Si Sheng? If he hadn’t looked at Si Sheng’s panel just now, would he not have found it until Si Sheng was dead?

Xu Sili’s heart throbbed at this thought and he was full of hatred for the Bewatt Empire.

Under his gaze, Si Sheng spread out one hand and a ball of clear water slowly condensed in his palm.

It was an extremely simple operation but at this moment, he did it with a type of feeble slowness.

Xu Sili looked into his eyes and felt distressed again.

He just didn’t understand… what was Si Sheng gathering the water element to do?

Under his doubtful gaze, Si Sheng washed his hands with clean water. Then he reached into his clothes and pulled out something wrapped in a handkerchief.

Xu Sili became even more confused.

He watched as Si Sheng unwrapped the handkerchief, revealing the object wrapped inside.

It was a beautifully shaped flute.

At almost the same moment it was displayed, Xu Sili felt a rich sound element.

The sound elements gathered on the flute and the jade-white body of the flute was even dyed a faint purple.

Xu Sili stared blankly at the flute and felt his heart stop beating for a moment.

It was a very mysterious feeling—


There was no mistake. He felt a strong desire in his body the moment he saw this flute.

He longed for this flute. He wanted to have it and to make it his own!

It was just that he didn’t do so.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and used Insight on the flute.

[Flute of the God of Music]

[Description: According to legend, it was forged by the companion of the god of music. After the fall of the god of music, it was exiled to the world.

Quality: Myth

Equipment Effect: Double all attributes.


1. Enhancement: Passive skill. When equipping this flute, the effect of sound skills will be increased by 10 times.

2. Dash: Active skill. It can increase the effect of the sound system skill by 100 times in a short period of time. It lasts for 10 minutes and the cooldown is 1 hour.

3. Guardian: When using this flute to play a sound skill, a protective shield is formed around the body that can absorb 99% of elemental damage.

Unlocked: Unknown.]

Xu Sili’s heart beat violently when he saw the attributes that seemed like it could go against the sky.

A magical weapon.

These were the first words that came to his mind.

Then… why did Si Sheng take this out?

Si Sheng didn’t say anything. He just held the flute and handed it to the young man. The meaning was quite obvious even if he didn’t say anything.

Xu Sili didn’t grab it. He just stared at Si Sheng. The speculation in his heart made anger and fear surge, almost drowning him.

Seeing him remain silent, Si Sheng said, “Hasn’t Your Majesty always been unable to find a weapon that you liked? What do you think about this flute?”

“If you aren’t satisfied, use this first. Then I will find a better one for you…”

“Why did you get hurt?” Xu Sili interrupted him coldly.

Si Sheng paused and lowered his gaze.

He didn’t want to lie to Lord God so after a moment of hesitation, he had to be honest. “The ruin was occupied by an interstellar beast. I got the flute and when I came out, I encountered a nine star beast…”

“However, I defeated it.”

He took out the fist-sized star core. This star core was considered huge compared to the one or two star cores that were the size of an ordinary mung bean.

In addition to the nine star core, there was also a three star core. This was the task that Xu Sili gave him and he did it well.

It wasn’t known which one of his words touched Xu Sili’s nerves but Xu Sili, who was already on the verge of collapse, suddenly detonated.

“Why did you do such a superfluous thing!” The angry voice of the young man resounded through the palace.

Si Sheng was stunned.

He looked at the young man. This beautiful and delicate face had become more gorgeous with anger. His pair of purple eyes were red as if they were about to drip blood.

“Did I ask you to go and find me a weapon?”

“Why did you do things on your own? Do you think you are so great? Did you think I would be grateful to you?”

“Why did you disobey my orders? Why were you… so badly injured?”

“Don’t you know that you almost died?”

The young man rebuked him angrily. Then at the end, he leaned his head back, covered his eyes with his hands and cried.

“Wu wu… do you know how worried I was? I was about to be scared to death!”

“Why do you want to do this to me? Why do this to me? Wu wu… what would I do if you died?”

Si Sheng was dumbfounded after seeing the young man’s hysterical appearance. He never thought the other person would explode like this.

He watched the young man weeping sadly like a wounded and abandoned little beast who was lonely and sad. Finally, he could no longer bear it.

The man stretched out his hands, pulled the young man closer and hugged him tightly.

Xu Sili obediently hugged him.

He felt this man’s powerful arms and buried his head in the blood-stained chest, whimpering lowly while venting all his sadness, worry and fear.

Si Sheng listened to the low cries and felt a burst of pain in his heart. It was a hundred times more painful than being hit by the attack of an interstellar beast.

It was just… was Lord God crying for him?

Lord God was so worried that he cried…

This recognition made a wave of shock surge in Si Sheng’s heart. This soon turned into a gentle wind and his heart throbbed with joy.

However, his heart ached again when he heard the young man’s hoarse voice crying and the desperate collapse in the cries.

“Your Majesty, this servant is fine. It is all this servant’s fault. Don’t cry.”

His comforting words couldn’t stop Xu Sili.

He had too many negative emotions in his heart.

No matter whether it was his heart being hurt by his second brother or the shock caused by Si Sheng’s near death, it made him physically and mentally exhausted.

At this moment, he buried his head tightly in Si Sheng’s arms and felt this person’s pulse and heartbeat. It seemed that this was the only way he could find some comfort in his heart.

He sobbed lowly and had never recognized his heart so clearly as he did in this moment.

He could no longer do without Si Sheng—on all levels.

“Si Sheng, don’t leave me…”

The young man tugged at Si Sheng’s shirt. His voice was thick and nasally. It sounded aggrieved and pitiful.

“I only have you.”

Si Sheng’s heart throbbed. He hugged the young man tightly and whispered, “I won’t leave you. Even if you drive me away, I won’t leave.” 

The man’s voice was slow and hoarse with a tender affection that was about to overflow.

Xu Sili sniffed.

He felt that strange emotion rising in his heart again but at this moment, he no longer rejected it. He no longer deliberately ignored his desire to get close to Si Sheng.

He tilted his head slightly and rubbed against Si Sheng’s jaw lovingly.

Due to this intimate hug, he was inevitably stained with blood. Like Si Sheng, he was about to become a bloody man.

Xu Sili had always loved cleanliness but he didn’t care in this moment.

Si Sheng felt that today was his lucky day.

The fight with the nine star beast was a big crisis for him. Not only was he seriously injured but he almost died.

At this time, he felt that everything was worth it.

The two people hugged each other for a long time. Neither of them said anything. The faint affection flowing between them was beyond words and could be felt without anything being expressed.

After a while, Xu Sili managed to barely calm down. He looked up at Si Sheng and said, “I’ll play the flute for you.”

Si Sheng’s injury was very serious and using Sprouting along with the flute could help him recover quickly.

He remembered the injury but Si Sheng didn’t seem to take it too seriously. He reached out, touched Xu Sili’s pale cheek and shook his head. “You look very tired. Please rest for a while.”

The physical exhaustion brought about by the use of the flash technique still affected Xu Sili.

He frowned while trying to stay awake.

Si Sheng just wrapped the young man in his arms, gently stroking the soft, silver hair. He frowned when he saw the young man’s hair stained with blood.

Xu Sili was forced to lean against Si Sheng’s chest. He was actually really tired. He was physically exhausted and then he cried a lot. The tiredness kept rising and his eyelids started to fight to open.

However, he didn’t want to sleep. He didn’t want to lose consciousness like this.

At this moment, he felt a dizziness that was a very familiar feeling.

Si Sheng teleported with him again.

Where was Si Sheng taking him?

Xu Sili barely managed to open his eyes and saw the palace where the bath was located.

He watched Si Sheng hug him before raising his hand to mobilize the water and fire element array under the pool. The bath was soon filled with water that was steaming hot.

In the fog, he saw the man reach out and start to undo his clothes…

Proofreader: Purichan

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