VCRMM: Chapter 73 Part 1

There was silence in the grove apart from the rustling of the leaves in the breeze and the sound of the firewood burning.

Xu Yuheng stared blankly at the scene in front of him.

Apart from him, there was no one else in the grove, let alone the silver-haired young man who was as beautiful as an elf.

Did he just have a dream?

Xu Yuheng lowered his head and saw the crystal ball dropped at his feet and the fine medicinal powder on his palms. He was finally sure that it wasn’t a dream.

The young man’s desperate and sad eyes appeared in front of his eyes and Xu Yuheng felt a pain in his heart.

“Brother Yu!”

At this moment, Baifeng’s voice was heard from behind him.

There was also the moist smell of the lake and the fishy smell of fish.

“Brother Yu, look! I caught two fish. Aren’t they so big? They must be delicious!”

“Brother Yu…”

Baifeng, who was holding the fish like he was offering a treasure, stopped and stared at Xu Yuheng with a sluggish expression.

“Brother Yu, are you… crying?”

Xu Yuheng bit his lip and turned his face away.

After taking off his glasses, his facial features were somewhat similar to Xu Sili. It was just that he was more mature and had a somewhat melancholy temperament.

He didn’t look at Baifeng and only said in a low voice, “I will leave for a bit. You can play by yourself first.”

He finished saying this and went offline.

He left Baifeng alone in a daze. A long time passed before Baifeng threw away the fish in his hand and bent over to pick up the crystal ball on the ground.

In the forest on the other side of the lake, Xu Sili’s figure appeared under a tree. His face was pale and his eyes were still red.

A figure emerged from the shadows of the tree. The coral-red earrings swayed gently.

Chamo looked at the young man, easily aware of this person’s violently fluctuating emotions, and raised an eyebrow.

Xu Sili didn’t look at Chamo. He just stared at the forest opposite him with a bitter smile on his face.

He whispered, “Chamo, go back to the palace.”

Chamo looked at him before following his gaze to the opposite forest. It was far away and he couldn’t see what was over there. He could only see the black smoke from the burning wood rising straight up before being blown away by the wind in the air.

He thought about it before saying, “If you go, it will be a while before you can come back.”

Such long-distance space teleportation was a big burden for him.

Xu Sili lowered his head. “Go back.”

He spoke with a slightly nasal tone. He tried his best to hide it but it was still obvious.

Chamo glanced at him and said nothing.

His body slowly changed and turned into a silver-gray giant wolf. The moment Xu Sili sat on his back, the giant wolf stretched out his tail and scratched the void.

A hole opened in the air. The giant wolf bent down slightly, carrying Xu Sili as he headed inside.

It was a long and narrow passage surrounded by a night sky full of stars. The giant wolf carrying the young man struggled to move forward through the passage.

It was different from the excitement of when he came. Xu Sili slightly lowered his eyes and tears accumulated as he recalled his second brother’s reaction just now.

He blinked vigorously and looked up with a smile.

Obviously, he was a person who didn’t like to smile very much but at this moment, it was the only way he could suppress the sadness that wanted to collapse him.

Finally, the giant wolf rushed out of the passage and returned to the emperor’s palace in the Imperial City of Roland.

It has been less than two hours since Xu Sili left and returned. Apart from Xiao Wu and Chamo, no one knew about his departure.

Chamo saw that Xu Sili was in a bad mood. He turned into a human figure, said goodbye and left. He was going to find Asheng.

The reason he agreed to send Xu Sili to Orchid Moon City was due to Asheng. It could be regarded as repaying the human ruler for taking care of Asheng.

Xu Sili stood where he was, waiting until Chamo’s figure completely disappeared. Then he stood there in a dumbfounded manner like he didn’t know what to do at the moment.

After a long time, he dragged his weak and tired body to the side of the bed and threw himself onto the mattress.

He was in a hurry just now and used Si Sheng’s flashing technique to escape. This was a warrior technique and directly consumed 100% of his physical strength.

He felt sad and confused. Combine this with the exhaustion caused by his poor physical condition and the double blow caused him to collapse for a while.

He had always been worried that players would treat NPCs as data. He never realized that in the eyes of others… he was actually just a bunch of data.

How could he convince his relatives that he was the real Xu Sili?

He closed his eyes and frowned.

His head was very pained.

He was physically very tired.

He couldn’t concentrate on thinking. He knew it would be good to sleep but he wasn’t sleepy at all.

Xu Sili covered his slightly stinging heart and stared at the ceiling while trying to empty his mind.

But… there was no way.

He felt so lonely. A loneliness he had never felt before overwhelmed him.

Ever since he came to this unfamiliar world, meeting his family had become a faith that supported him.

He had imagined all the scenes of meeting his second brother but he hadn’t expected it to be like this.

What should he do now?

Even his second brother was like this. What about his more rational big brother or when his parents entered the game? What would they think of him? Would they believe him?

One unsolved question after another kept hitting Xu Sili’s mind. He closed his eyes tightly but he couldn’t control the sad emotions that made him feel like he was about to die.

Si Sheng…

The figure of the blond-haired man appeared before his eyes.

Xu Sili bit his lip.

Si Sheng… why hadn’t he come back? 

Xu Sili missed him.

He wanted to hug Si Sheng and wanted this man to be by his side. Would he be feeling so desperate if Si Sheng was here?

He opened his eyes slightly and brought up the puppetry panel.

Si Sheng…

Then after glancing at this man’s attributes, Xu Sili was startled and abruptly sat up on the bed.

He saw Si Sheng’s health column say:

Health: 2,680/1,125,860

Why did Si Sheng only have a trace of health left?

Panic filled Xu Sili. In his cognition, Si Sheng was always invincible. He never thought that Si Sheng would die.

Now there was only a tiny bit of health left. This clearly told him that it would take only one blow to clear Si Sheng’s health bar!

The health bar being emptied… meant the person was dead!

An old forest that was far from Imperial City and also a distance from Orchid Moon City. Various mutant plants grew here in a lush manner.

Originally, there were still countless interstellar beasts living here.

Now should be the time when the rulers of this planet came out to hunt but today, the forest was particularly deserted.

No, it couldn’t be regarded as deserted.


There was a deafening concussive sound as the unwilling roar of a beast resounded through the sky. Finally, it crashed to the ground.

Before dying, its huge beast pupils stared forward. Its bright pupils reflected a blond-haired man holding a long sword.

The man looked at the beast blankly. Apart from indifference, there was also a frightening killing intent in his gray-blue eyes.

He wasn’t in good shape either.

Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and the military uniform on his body was dyed black-red. Some of the original colors couldn’t be seen.

The man didn’t seem to realize it as he raised the long sword in his hand and stabbed the head of the giant beast.

A hard object the size of a fist was dug out. The hard object was like the most beautiful gem in the world as it shone faintly in the sun.

The man was about to put away the gem when a terrible roar came from the distance.

An interstellar beast that looked exactly like the one under his feet roared angrily and rushed over from the distance. The roar caused the surrounding interstellar beasts to explode and die.

The man coughed out another mouthful of blood.

He looked at the fast approaching interstellar beast, his expression a bit dignified. Rather than fear, he held the hilt of his sword tightly like he was ready to fight.

Just then—

A line of text appeared in front of his eyes.

The man blinked.

The interstellar beast reached him in an instant. It raised its big paw that was like a hill and slapped the man with resentment and rage.

Huge wind pressure was created.


The sound of the impact was deafening and caused more violent shocks in the mountains and forests. The ground and peaks continued to collapse and countless creatures were wiped out.

Then the anger of the interstellar beast suddenly stagnated.

It raised its paw only to find…


Everything was gone, whether it was the human man who killed its partner or the nine star core of its partner.

Roar! Roar!

The angry voice continued to ring through the mountains and forests. It angrily pounded anything it saw, causing the deaths of countless interstellar beasts.

The interstellar beasts that were a bit further away had already fled early and didn’t dare get closer to there.

The Imperial City of Roland, the emperor’s residence.

Si Sheng’s eyes opened and the familiar surroundings made him unguarded.

The silver-haired youth who rushed toward him made his temperament change even more.

The corners of his lips curved slightly.

He was obviously covered in blood but he showed an incomparably gentle smile toward the youth that didn’t contain any hostility.

Such gentleness and purity were completely different from the cold and ferocious judgment of a killing god from just now.

Lord God… finally summoned him.

This was what Si Sheng thought.

If it wasn’t for Lord God, he would’ve probably been in trouble at the moment. Now all the troubles were far away from him.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Bloody hell, I’m gonna end up crying my eyes out at this rate. Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago

Omg I feel so sad for XS:( I’m a bit surprised that SS is this damaged, I hope he recovers and comforts XS:(
Thank you for your hard work!

2 years ago

Si Sheng just killed an interstellar beast 1 rank higher than him. Respect 😳

11 months ago
Reply to  Beshiiie

Isn’t he level 75 or something? Essentially 7 star.. the core is nine star… that should be two level above him right?

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