VCRMM: Chapter 72 Part 2

Xu Yuheng stretched his stiff body. Then he raised his feet and walked toward the nearby forest, ready to pick up some firewood.

Unlike his younger brother, who liked staying at home, he especially liked to run outside when he was young and he didn’t lack the skills of hunting in the wild. Even the difficult work of drilling wood to make fire wasn’t a problem.

There were many traces of small animals in the forest but there were no large beasts. It was a good place to rest.

He had already reached level five and he couldn’t continue to level up until he did his class transfer. The experience points could be accumulated but he wasn’t interested in killing monsters at the moment.

He collected the firewood and found a stone to block the wind. Then he piled the firewood together and started to make a fire.

Perhaps it had been too long since he made a fire but it didn’t go smoothly this time.

In the end, his palms were all worn out but there were no sparks.

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He liked to run around when he was young but after the unexpected death of his younger brother, he became very depressed and no longer liked going out.

He knew that Xiao Li still would’ve died even if Xiao Li hadn’t gone on the flight but he just couldn’t forgive himself. He had personally buried Xiao Li’s life.

If only he hadn’t asked Xiao Li to go on that blind date. If only on the day before the departure when he called, he should’ve talked about holding Xiao Li back rather than urging him to go to the airport…

Xiao Li could’ve lived for a few more years.

Xiao Li still had so many things to do and he hadn’t said goodbye to their family… it was all his fault.

Xu Yuheng’s hand holding the branch trembled a bit.

His vision also became blurred.


He took a deep breath and threw down the branch. Then he took off his glasses, looked up and pressed the back of his hand against his eyes.

Footsteps came from nearby.

Presumably, Baifeng had caught a fish and came back.

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help panicking. He didn’t want Baifeng to see his embarrassing appearance. His image couldn’t collapse.

He turned sideways and stood up. He took a few steps forward and pretended to pick up branches.

After picking up a few branches, his emotions were finally under control. Nothing could be seen except for the redness of his eyes so he was ready to go back.

It was just that…

He heard Baifeng’s cheers.

It was far away and coming from the other side of the lake.

He looked up into the distance. He could see the figure of Baifeng holding a branch in his hand. He had caught a fish in the fork of the branch and was lifting it up high.

The fish’s tail swung wildly and water droplets splashed around, reflecting colorful lights in the sun.

It was a very beautiful scene.


If Baifeng was by the lake, who was the owner of the footsteps he just heard?

Xu Yuheng was shocked and turned around vigilantly.

He was completely stunned when he saw the figure crouching next to the firewood pile.

The silver-haired youth had his long hair tied in a ponytail, revealing a perfect side profile that was incomparably familiar to him.

The young man wrapped his hands around the branch Xu Yuheng had just dropped and rubbed it quietly. He looked serious and focused, as if the entire world was just the piece of wood.

A small spark jumped out and landed on the dry leaves to the side. The leaves were quickly ignited and started burning.

Xu Yuheng stared blankly at the young man who was looking up at him and smiling triumphantly.

This scene was so familiar.

He had taught Xiao Li to make a fire like this. Every time Xiao Li succeeded, he would smile like this.

This cunning little expression and the vivid smile—it was as if the person who could only live in his memory was… born again in front of him.

“Second Brother!”

The young man clapped and stood up while calling out to him with a smile, “I came to find you!”

After seeing that he didn’t respond, the young man walked up to him and waved a hand in front of his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared silly? Is it a surprise?”

Xu Sili looked at his second brother, eyes curved in an arc of joy and purple eyes shining brightly.

In his memory, only a few months had passed and his second brother was still the same as he remembered. He didn’t feel strange at all after meeting his brother.

Xu Yuheng still stared at him in a daze.

A long time passed before he reached out his hand and carefully touched Xu Sili’s face. Once the real touch came, he couldn’t help trembling.

He held the young man’s face in his hands. The slight pain coming from his somewhat torn palms let him know that he wasn’t dreaming at this moment.

The young man with silver hair and purple eyes did indeed have a face exactly like his younger brother. More importantly…

His expression, movements and even the way he spoke were all familiar to Xu Yuheng.

“You are… Xiao Li?” He asked in a trembling voice.


Xu Sili’s face was distorted by the hold but he didn’t become angry. He only pulled down Xu Yuheng’s hands, took out medicine powder from his storage capsule and sprinkled it.

This was trauma medicine developed based on the health potion. The effect was amazing.

Once the powder touched the wound, Xu Yuheng’s broken palm healed rapidly. The wound couldn’t be seen at all.

Xu Yuheng stared at the young man stubbornly. He opened his mouth several times but was speechless.

For Xu Sili, it was only a month or two but for him, it was already nearly 10 years.

How many decades were there in life?

It was as if something was blocking his heart. He wanted to smile but his facial features squeezed uncontrollably in the middle.

This was Xiao Li.

His younger brother Xiao Li…

“Ah Heng, Xiao Li is no longer here.”

“That is just a piece of virtual data. Do you think data can replace Xiao Li?”

In his ears, the voice of his brother Xu Fengqing was heard without warning.

Xu Yuheng instantly felt that his heart had been hollowed out and he was bleeding.

His eyes turned red again. He forced himself to endure it as he stared at the silver-haired youth in front of him. He had to admit it.

“You are… Snow Roland?”

Xu Sili couldn’t help pausing as he rummaged through the storage capsule. He looked at his brother while feeling worried about how to explain this to him.

“This body does belong to Snow Roland but I am Xiao Li,” he said. “After the plane crashed, my soul entered the game.”

“I have been waiting for you since the closed beta started. It is a pity that you were born in Orchid Moon City. I didn’t want to wait until the public beta to meet you again so I found a way to find you!”

Xu Sili said while taking a crystal ball from his storage capsule.

“I can’t take you to Imperial City right now so I brought the crystal ball for you to test.”

“You can successfully change your class once you test your elemental talent.”

He saw that Xu Yuheng was still stunned and knew that his brother might need some time to digest it. Therefore, Xu Sili took his hand and placed it on the crystal ball.

It lit up with a blue light.

“Second Brother, you chose the wind element.”

“A wind elementalist can fly in the sky. It is quite suitable for you.”

Xu Sili smiled brightly and spoke with a softness that could only be found in front of people close to him.

It was just that Xu Yuheng was holding the crystal ball while his mind still hadn’t returned.

Xu Sili ignored him and gave him time to digest it. Xu Sili turned around and prepared to add more firewood to the fire in case the flames went out.

Xu Yuheng watched his back and finally digested it. However, he didn’t reveal the surprise that Xu Sili expected.

The corners of his mouth twitched, revealing a smile that was uglier than crying.

“The game company… unexpectedly..”

He murmured in a low voice but it didn’t escape Xu Sili’s ears.

He was a sound elementalist. He could clearly hear sounds from 100 meters away, let alone when the person was so close.

Xu Sili stopped.

His eyes widened suddenly while Xu Yuheng’s murmur made his heart feel empty.

This short sentence made him understand Xu Yuheng’s thoughts at the moment.

He thought… this was the design and arrangement of the game company?

Xu Sili turned around and looked at Xu Yuheng standing a few feet away.

He saw the sadness and strangeness in Xu Yuheng’s eyes and finally saw Xu Yuheng’s changes clearly.

The man who grew up with him was shrouded in a layer of haze. His appearance might be what Xu Sili remembered but his temperament had changed a lot.

He was a bit depressed and gloomy. He was no longer the handsome, elegant and slightly smug nobleman.

Xu Sili felt the muscles in his forehead tense. His eyes became hot and his brow furrowed deeply.

How did his second brother become like this?

Xu Sili felt his heart was empty. He was very distressed and sad.

“Second Brother, my words just now were true.”

He tried to control his voice, to keep himself calm and convince himself.

Such a strange thing would be hard for anyone to believe. It was normal for his second brother to misunderstand.

“My soul really did enter the game. You can ask me anything and I can answer it!”

He spoke eagerly while recalling the past.

“Second Brother… do you remember?”

“You still wet the bed when you were six years old and placed the blame on me, causing me to be ridiculed by our parents for a long time. You thought I didn’t know but I just didn’t want to expose you.”

“When you were in elementary school, you had me help you send a love letter. As a result, you wrote the name of our oldest brother, causing me to be beaten by him. Also, your birthday is June 20th and your bank card password is your birthday reversed…”

Xu Sili expressed a lot of secrets that only the brothers knew in one breath.

Xu Yuheng was first surprised and then a bit uncomfortable by the words. However, slowly, it turned into a bitter smile.

Xu Sili gradually stopped.

There were no words but the tacit understanding between brothers made him read Xu Yuheng’s eyes.

His second brother didn’t believe him.

His surprise was that ‘Xu Sili’ actually told the game team these secrets, so that the game team designed such a perfect soul crossing into the game.

His fiery heart abruptly cooled down.

Xu Sili fell into an ice cave.

It was because he found… he had no way to explain and no way to convince his second brother that he was indeed his younger brother Xu Sili.

No matter what he said, Xu Yuheng would think it was all designed.

After all, the original purpose of the game character Snow Roland was to be the comfort of his family after death, right?

His soul crossed into the game…

What a perfect story.

It was a story, not reality.


Xu Yuheng raised a hand to get close to him but this time, Xu Sili took a step back.

Xu Sili frowned sadly.

He stared deeply at Xu Yuheng and restrained his trembling voice as he said, “Second Brother, I’m not data.”

I’m not an NPC, I am your brother Xu Sili!

The young man’s eyes were red like they were about to drip blood and his voice was choked up.

Xu Yuheng saw his sad and helpless appearance and froze slightly.


He opened his mouth in order to say something. He wanted to reach out and hug this person like he did when they were children, but his older brother’s words rang in his ear again…

Do you think data can replace Xiao Li?

Xu Yuheng’s hesitation was seen by Xu Sili.

Feelings of sadness and despair rushed toward him in an overwhelming manner.

He stared at his second brother and started to retreat step by step.

Xu Yuheng saw he was about to step in the fire and hurriedly shouted for him to stop, but…

The figure of the young man flashed and disappeared, as if he had never been there.

Proofreader: Purichan

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