VCRMM: Chapter 72 Part 1

Xu Sili received the news and immediately rushed to Joan’s palace.

Keep all good things within the family. Asheng was a humanoid spirit gathering array and she was arranged at Joan’s place. In any case, there was no shortage of rooms there.

Ah Huang was always with her so he naturally lived there.

Every time Niya treated Ah Huang, i.e. Chamo, she came directly to Joan’s palace.

It was now daylight and the two children were attending the Elementalist Academy. Only Ah Huang and Niya were left in the palace, as well as the maids who served them.

Xu Sili walked into Asheng’s room and the first thing he saw was no longer a big yellow dog but—

A slender and tall figure stood by the window while looking out at the view.

It should be a man with silver-gray short hair that revealed faint earlobes and coral-red earrings that dangled in the air.

He noticed something and turned sideways to look back.

There was a gentle gleam in his brown eyes as he smiled. This made Xu Sili stop his feet.

“Your Majesty, save me!”

A somewhat frightened female voice was heard.

Xu Sili glanced sideways and saw Niya standing there. There seemed to be an invisible wall in front of her that she was beating with her fists, expression full of panic.

The man glanced at Niya.

The wall of air around Niya seemed to shrink again, making it impossible for her to continue pounding on it.

She struggled so hard that she could no longer move much. This made her panic even more intense.

Xu Sili frowned. The next second, the gray-haired man appeared in front of him.

He was already accustomed to Si Sheng’s flashing so he didn’t panic when the man approached. He just took half a step back and used the Insight skill.


[Race: Silver Wolf (Escher Star Ancient Beast)

Level: Lv 40

Health: 45,756/198,500

Magic: 15,800/198,500

Talent: Space manipulation

Negative States: Weakness and serious injury. His body is completely unstable and he might fall into a deep sleep at any time.]

Sure enough, it was Chamo!


The complete body of an ancient beast turned out to be a human form?

“Your Majesty?” Chamo cocked his head to look at Xu SIli with a bit of interest in his eyes. The long earrings swayed even more violently in the air.

Xu Sili frowned again.

He couldn’t see the shadow of the big yellow dog from this man at all.

He didn’t shy away. He looked directly into these brown eyes and said softly, “You are Chamo.”

Chamo nodded while his eyes wandered around the room.

“This place is nice but…”

He narrowed his eyes and there was a bit of danger in his voice. “What about Asheng?”

Xu Sili wasn’t cowardly.

The level difference was large but Chamo was only outwardly strong and had half his health. It was his space manipulation skill that was difficult to handle.

“She went to school.”

He looked at Chamo and asked curiously, “You don’t remember… what happened when you were injured?”

Chamo frowned slightly.

His skin was very white and had a sickly and weak pallor. There was no blood and his skin was transparent and flawless. The blue blood vessels could vaguely be seen.

It was hard to imagine that such a handsome and clean person would have a subconscious mind like… Ah Huang.

Chamo obviously didn’t remember or he wouldn’t have imprisoned Niya. After all, it was Niya who rescued him in principle and allowed him to regain his consciousness.

“It seems you don’t remember.”

Xu Sili came to this conclusion and couldn’t help nodding.

He didn’t mind Chamo’s rudeness. After all, Chamo was an ancient beast and wasn’t required to use human etiquette. He also needed help from Chamo later.

Xu Sili looked at Niya and said, “If you treat the water healer like this, I don’t know if she will be willing to heal you later.”

Chamo was still injured and hadn’t fully recovered from his injuries. Under these circumstances, he dared to treat a doctor like this. Chamo could really do it.

Chamo looked between him and Niya and seemed to make a judgment after weighing things.

The next second, the struggling Niya was finally rescued. The restraint was lifted so suddenly that she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

It was pretty sensible.

Xu Sili smiled and didn’t rush to have Chamo do anything. Instead, he said, “Asheng will be back from class soon. You can wait a bit longer and then you can go eat.”

Chamo looked at the young man in front of him.

He undoubtedly had a noble temperament, which showed his identity, but it wasn’t quite the same as the human nobles Chamo had encountered before.

There was a type of clear and clean aura that was elegant and graceful without the slightest turbidity or complexity.

“Which nation are you the emperor of?”

Chamo asked in a loud voice.

His accent was a bit strange but his gentle and clean voice was inexplicably comfortable to listen to.

As a voice-con, Xu Sili’s impression of Chamo improved even though the question could be called rude.

“The Roland Empire.”

He answered very nicely.

It was fine to treat Chamo as a bodhisattva as long as Chaomo could take him to meet his second brother.

Chamo’s eyes widened slightly. He seemed a bit surprised as he looked at Xu Sili again. “So weak.”

Xu Sili, “……”

He wanted to punch someone.

It was estimated that Chamo’s time of sleep wasn’t short or his injury made his memories stuck at one hundred years ago.

Otherwise, he would never ask what nation’s emperor Xu Sili was. After all, the natural disaster meant Roland was the only nation remaining on Escher Star.

At that time, the Roland Empire should’ve been very powerful and those who could become emperor probably weren’t weak. Chamo’s emotions were normal.

Even so, Xu Sili was still unhappy.

After all, he was level 19 and he was about to reach level 20. He was already a top strong person in today’s Roland Empire!

Chamo seemed to sense Xu Sili’s displeasure but he didn’t say anything. He just curled his lips up in a smile. The smile looked so gentle and beautiful.

Xu Sili didn’t want to pay attention to him and turned around to leave.

The matter of going to Orchid Moon City could be discussed later when Asheng came back. Chamo obviously didn’t trust him.

He had just walked to the door when he stopped again and looked at Niya on the ground.

Niya was still in shock from being so frightened just now.

She had thought that Ah Huang was just an ordinary dog. Even if he had a special physique, he was probably just a domesticated interstellar beast. 

She never expected that he would turn into a human!

He also controlled her in the blink of an eye. She didn’t even know what power he was using.

As an aristocratic woman with a small heart, Niya couldn’t help feeling hate in her heart after she regained her freedom.

She really didn’t want to treat Chamo any longer.

His injuries were already serious and it took her a lot of energy to heal them. She didn’t expect that she would be treated like this after rescuing him!

He was dreaming if he wanted her to treat him again.

Just as Niya was thinking this, the young man’s cold voice was heard, “Niya, continue to help him heal and it will be counted as 1,000 people for you.”

Niya was stunned.

Counted as 1,000 people for her? Did this mean 1,000 wounded people?

There might be day and night consultations in Mercenary Town but how easy was it to complete the target of 10,000 people?

She really wanted to make false reports but the people she treated were all registered.

In addition, her communicator would automatically count it for her! She couldn’t do any tricks.

It was because Xu Sili had Xiao Wu go out.

Her actions were already under the surveillance of the artificial intelligence. She couldn’t escape such surveillance as long as she used a communicator.

Niya had already accepted her fate but she hadn’t expected such a good thing to happen!

Saving Chamo was worth 1,000 people!

A good thing like this didn’t happen all the time. What was the point of being a bit angry?

She used to be arrogant but now she was tortured to the point where she no longer had her bad temper.

She was stripped of her noble title. It didn’t matter if her family was willing to take care of her.

Under the emperor’s order, she could only live in a commoner’s house, wear the coarse cloth and linen clothes and be served by one maid.

The only decent thing was that it wasn’t disclosed to the public. Even so, such a life was unbearable for her.

Her eyes immediately lit up when she heard Xu Sili’s words.

She stood up, politely curtsied and said, “I will obey your order, Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili nodded and left the room.

He couldn’t leave immediately so he would spend this time arranging his departure!

He would leave quietly and come back quietly, preferably without anyone knowing so as to not cause turmoil.

“Brother Yu, there is a lake in front of us. Let’s stop by the lake.”

Baifeng leaned out of the open roof and spoke very excitedly as he looked at the lake in the distance.

It was a very beautiful lake.

The area wasn’t large but the lake was clear. It connected with the blue sky and sparkled. The wind caused shallow waves.

Xu Yuheng glanced at it from a distance. Then he looked at the energy meter of the floating off-road vehicle. It was indeed time to recharge.

He nodded and drove the car to the lake before stopping.

Baifeng waited for the car to stop. Then he jumped out of the car and exclaimed excitedly, “I saw a fish in the lake! I will go and catch it. This wild fish must taste very good.”

He took off his coat and lifted the hem of his pants as he rushed toward the lake, ready to catch fish. Xu Yuheng smiled lightly and felt a bit more relaxed.

He was tired from driving for several hours in a row so he turned on the switch of the energy board.

The energy board stretched out from its folded state to both sides of the car, allowing more sunlight to shine on the converter. Xu Yuheng confirmed there was no problem and opened the door to get out of the car.

He took a deep breath of fresh air. This refreshing feeling made it easy to overlook that this was an online game. It was as if he was really traveling outside.

Maybe this was the beauty of holographic games.

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