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VCRMM: Chapter 71 Part 2

It was quiet inside and outside the cabin. Only Xu Sili’s singing echoed in the ears of the three teenagers.

After restoring their health to the peak, the singing continued to stimulate their bodies and increased their elemental affinity without a trace.

A long time passed before Xu Sili finally stopped singing.

The three teenagers in the cabin had reached their peak form and even the negative buff on Su Lin’s body had disappeared.

He retracted his gaze in a satisfied manner and turned his head sideways to see Si Sheng staring at him intently.

Xu Sili was a bit uncomfortable as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved. “Your Majesty sang very well.”

Xu Sili blinked. Eh? This wasn’t right…

“Can you hear my singing?”

He might’ve been singing but the volume wasn’t too loud. He was mainly controlling the sound elements so there was no need to be too loud…

Then Xu Sili quickly thought of something.

This strong man could also control the sound element! It wasn’t a surprise that he heard Xu Sili’s singing.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and shifted his gaze, hiding his embarrassed emotions.

Si Sheng saw the young man’s evasion and didn’t say anything. His eyelashes lowered slightly, covering the beautiful gray-blue eyes.

His thin lips were slightly pursed and his cold, handsome face once again showed a bit of depression and grievance that didn’t conform to his design. He was like an abandoned puppy.

Xu Sili glanced at this person and couldn’t help biting his lip.

He couldn’t stand Si Sheng’s appearance the most…

He turned to leave but before he could move his feet, he couldn’t help turning back and asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

Si Sheng was probably waiting for this question. He raised his gray-blue eyes that were as deep as the starry sky and stared at Xu Sili quietly.

Xu Sili’s heart jumped.

He heard Si Sheng’s deep voice ring out in this grove.

“This servant hopes that one day Your Majesty will sing for me.”

He added a special emphasis. “Sing only for this servant.”

Xu Sili stared at this person blankly.

The man’s words echoed in the forest and the moving sound elements clearly hit his eardrums like they were hitting his heart directly.

Thump thump.

His heart beat a bit faster.

Xu Sili stared into Si Sheng’s eyes. His appearance was reflected in those eyes and the dazed youth was a bit overwhelmed.

They stared at each other for a long time before Xu SIli seemed to think of something. He hurriedly looked away and said, “Uh… let’s go back. It has been a long time since we went out…”

He didn’t answer the previous request.

Si Sheng’s eyes lowered slightly, concealing the gloom that flashed through them.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

He didn’t press it and summoned the shadow leopard with his mind.

The shadow leopard landed on the grass, green eyes moving between the two people. He obviously felt that the atmosphere seemed a bit wrong.

He didn’t dare say much and lay obediently on the ground, fulfilling his duties as a mount.

Xu Sili took the lead in climbing up.

Si Sheng moved behind him, hugging him with one hand and trapping him in Si Sheng’s arms. It was something Xu Sili was accustomed to but at this moment, his face was inexplicably hot.

Xu Sili suppressed the strange feeling and ordered September to take off.

The shadow leopard was accustomed to listening to him and after spending so long together, he already understood that the master’s words could be ignored but the little emperor’s words definitely couldn’t!

He roared before the shadow wings were released. He flapped his wings and flew toward the blue sky.

The harmonious atmosphere when they came here no longer existed and things seemed a bit stiff at the moment.

His two masters didn’t speak and the shadow leopard didn’t dare make a sound. Yet when he entered the palace, he suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

It wasn’t a crisis. It was just an inexplicably uncomfortable feeling that something unpleasant was about to happen.

The shadow leopard frowned. He wanted to investigate further but Si Sheng had already sent him back to the contract space.

September had no way. He could only wait for the next opportunity to come out and see.

Xu Sili returned to his bedroom and sent Si Sheng away, but the strange emotions didn’t stop.

He had been… getting weirder and weirder lately!

The young man walked around his bedroom before deciding to go to the dark room to continue watching the progress of the escort mission.

On the surveillance screen, a long canyon that could accommodate only one person passing through it appeared. The middle part of the canyon and the escort team of nearly 200 people was concentrated in this canyon.

At the entrance of the canyon…


An unknown interstellar beast was stuck there. It roared angrily and tried to break in, while the players and NPCs…

They were beating it?

That’s right. The entrance of the canyon was narrow so the interstellar beast couldn’t rush in for a while. The vice-captain, who was a metal type warrior, was blocking the front.

The vice-captain had already strengthened his body with the metal elements and there were two light elementalists who kept using light healing skills on him. Ah Caizi also stood behind him, casting water healing spells on him from time to time.

So although he was a little banged up, he was still strong and pulled all the aggro.

Behind him, his comrades kept shooting at the interstellar beast with laser guns. Not long after, there was an unwilling roar.

The interstellar beast fell to the ground with a bang and received a direct headshot from a player.

This player was a boy called Hua Sui.

“I was robbed by Hua Sui again!”

“If he grabbed it then he grabbed it. In any case, everyone’s experience is equally divided. If it was killed by the NPC, we wouldn’t be able to receive the experience.”

“Hua Sui is awesome!”

Hua Sui raised his chin indifferently.

Xu Sili was a bit confused looking at this scene.

No, weren’t they on their way? Why were they here all of a sudden and… taking advantage of a bug to level up?

The thing that made him even more dazed was that a player stepped forward and touched the interstellar beast. Then the huge interstellar beast… disappeared!

Xu Sili blinked and quickly sensed something.

He opened the faction warehouse to take a look and found that his warehouse contained the corpses of several interstellar beasts while the laser guns required a lot less energy to use.

Seeing this, he suddenly understood…

So after a player finished off the monster, they directly handed over the corpse to the empire to gain reputation. Then they exchanged the reputation points for the energy pack that was a supplementary material. This way, the NPCs were laborers helping them level up for free?

He had to say that this was a really good idea.

Based on Li Lai’s expression, it was obvious he had been persuaded by the players.

So how exactly did they negotiate the action plan? Didn’t Li Lai say on the shuttle that this operation was to keep advancing regardless of the strength of the interstellar beast?

On the screen, Li Lai flew out of the canyon again and soon led an interstellar beast back. He let the vice-captain attract the aggro in a familiar manner and continued to fight the monster.

Xu Sili, “……”

The awesome ones were the players!

These 81 players had the rhythm of being carried by the NPCs.


The stronger the players, the more damage-free this escort mission would be. It was a good method.

Xu Sili didn’t care about whether the players’ strengths would be imbalanced or not. Players who could create benefits for him were good players. He didn’t mind providing benefits to such players.

Looking at the huge amount of energy packs consumed, he ordered a bunch on the Star Network. They would arrive the next day.

Then Xu Sili looked at the corpses in the faction warehouse and found that they were basically one or two stars.

He couldn’t help pouting.

A three star beast was needed to upgrade Imperial City to level 3. Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling pained when he thought about the three star beast that was split in half by Si Sheng before.

He didn’t even pick up the level three star core!

Xu Sili watched for a while before looking away in a bored manner at the surveillance of the Glass Sea City team.

This side apparently hadn’t found such good terrain. They were still on the road. There were no casualties at the moment but he felt…

It was estimated that the same situation would soon appear on this side.

After all, the players were all connected.

Three days later, Xu Sili still didn’t receive the star core of a three star beast.

The interstellar beasts blocking the roads were basically one or two stars and there were few three star beats. The frozen beast last time was the first and only three star beast encountered this year.

Moreover, Wen Jishan said that it cost a lot to the army.

As for the interstellar beasts killed before, there were some star cores left behind.

The star cores had always been ornamental so they were used as a rare gem among nobles. Now it would take some time to collect them.

Moreover, not everyone was willing to take it out.

This made it difficult for Xu Sili.

In the end, he thought of Si Sheng.

Si Sheng was so strong. It was very easy for him to fight a three star beast.

In addition, the flight monitor had captured a three star rock beast. Si Sheng’s strength was close to eight stars and he could easily deal with a three star beast.

Therefore, he directly sent a message to Si Sheng and passed on the information of the rock beast. He asked Si Sheng to immediately go to the border of Orchid Moon City and return to him with a three star core.

Si Sheng took the order and left the inner city to fight a three star beast on the border.

Xu Sili followed up with the construction of Doha Town while waiting for his star core.

The engineering team of elemental engineers continued to grow so the construction speed was increasing every day. The influx of people from the slums also allowed the population of the town to reach the upgrade conditions.

The problem of food and clothing just had to be solved and Doha Town would soon be able to upgrade to level 2. By then, Si Sheng would return with the star core and Xu Sili could upgrade Imperial City!

Xu Sili imagined the future while continuing to pay attention to the dynamics of the escort teams.

The two team leaders still maintained their rationality and weren’t completely fooled by the players. Once they felt it was enough, they continued to set off on their journey.

However, they were in a much better state.

It was because the supplies that could be exchanged in the faction warehouse were consumed or thrown away by the players in advance. This greatly reduced the burden on the soldiers.

In addition, in the past three days, Xu Sili had put a batch of health medicine in the warehouse. He limited it so that only players on the escort team could acquire it to avoid it being robbed by players of the other main cities.

The protection of the health medicine meant that soldiers could effectively save their lives when attacked. Combined with Ah Caizi and the two light healers, they would be fine when they reached the safe zone!

It was just that as the environment became more and more dangerous, the water and light healing couldn’t keep up. They could only rely on the health medicine to support them.

Fortunately, by the time they finished crossing the Asmo Mountains, there were no soldiers dead except for the ‘glorious sacrifice‘ of a dozen players.

This naturally didn’t matter to the players because they could be resurrected. However, the soldiers were very depressed. Some of them had established deep friendships with the players and even regarded them as life and death friends.

They faced the constant ‘death’ of their teammates and their emotions were greatly affected.

The players later explained that these people could be resurrected but no soldiers believed them. They just felt that the players were too sad and had started to imagine things.

The players were going crazy but they couldn’t prove themselves.

It was because players were usually killed by interstellar beasts. In such a crisis situation, it was difficult for their teammates to take away their bodies.

The explanation wasn’t clear and the players had to give up. In any case, the soldiers would understand it when they saw the resurrected later.

Yet in general, there were no players in the escort team who treated NPCs as data without emotions.

The friendship cultivated in adversity was so profound and sincere, making it unforgettable.

Xu Sili felt such a change.

He was naturally relieved and delighted. Then he soon received another piece of news that made him even happier.

Under Niya’s healing, Chamo finally regained consciousness!

Proofreader: Purichan


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