VCRMM: Chapter 71 Part 1

The energy stone turned out to be the star core!

Xu Sili looked at the information he had just found, his beautiful purple eyes shining slightly as he smiled.

He had seen the post of the star core before but he hadn’t understood what it was. He only thought of it as an ordinary material.

He inadvertently became curious and searched for what the star core was. The result was an unexpected discovery.

The star core was somewhat similar to the inner core of beasts. It was produced from the interstellar beasts and was divided based on the level of the interstellar beasts.

In order to upgrade the main city to level 3, he needed a three star energy stone. In other words, the star core of a three star beast!

He hadn’t expected such a popular setting.

After all, the players’ main mission was to clear the interstellar beasts. So in addition to the main mission, there must be something in the interstellar beasts that attracted players. This was reasonable to deduce.

The star core was a very important material.

It could be used for equipment manufacturing as well as upgrading the main cities and activating the maintenance array. It was even one of the important materials for the manufacturing of warships and spaceships.

Later after the players entered the interstellar part of Starry Sky, they got into contact with the mechas and the star cores also became a very rare mecha crafting material and energy stone.

In the beginning, the Roland Empire accumulated a bit of wealth through the sale of star cores. Later, it rapidly developed and the star cores were no longer sold and were kept as a strategic reserve.

In short, the star core had many uses!

Right now, no one in the Roland Empire knew about this because the function was only unearthed by players after the beta.

Xu Sili had to admire the imagination of the players.

Of course, it was possible that this setting was referred to in some games or novels so the players could easily think of it.

After knowing this information, Xu Sili hurriedly closed the post and brought up his treasury panel.

Ever since the faction warehouse was opened, he could view everything he owned in the panel. This was very convenient.

Xu Sili browsed through it from the beginning and blinked.


He rummaged through the entire treasury but found no traces of any cores.

He was stunned for a moment before soon understanding.

The role of the star core hadn’t been discovered yet. The interstellar beasts’ flesh and bones were treasures and even the fur was a rare material, but the star core…

It was probably treated as garbage.

Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling pain at this thought.

It had been nearly a hundred years after the natural disaster and how many interstellar beasts had been killed?

Yet not a single star core was left…

Xu Sili didn’t dare think about it any longer. He turned his head to send a message to Wen Jishan, asking him to issue an order that from now on, the star cores had to be dug out of all interstellar beasts and handed over to the empire.

The policy release took time so he sent another quest to the mercenary platform to acquire star cores.

100 points for a one star core, 1,000 points for a two star core, 10,000 points for a three star core and so on…

This price was a bit low at present. After all, it was treated as garbage in the past. Then someone suddenly bought it for a high price. There was a problem no matter how they thought about it.

However, Xu Sili had his own persistence.

He admired and was soft-hearted toward these mercenaries so he didn’t cheat them.

Of course, if someone deliberately didn’t sell and wanted to raise the price then he would let it rot in their hands. In any case, the army and players would keep providing him with star cores once the policy was implemented.

The place of purchase was the headquarters of the Mercenary Association. There were robots to help him receive the goods so he didn’t have to worry about this.

Xu Sili released the task and looked at the life class acquisition quest.

Among the 38 players left, only 24 had reached level 5. Among them, there were around five to six each of the wood elementalists and fire elementalists.

Xu Sili wasn’t too greedy. He would first absorb these people to help him make the first batch of health medicine.

The presence of this batch of health medicine meant the probability of surviving was greatly increased, whether it was a soldier on the front line or the escort team going deep into the mountains.

As for his newly obtained magic pill recipe…

Xu Sili hesitated for a moment but still sent a copy to Su Lin.

This boy wasn’t an NPC with a special talent but he had already surprised Xu Sili twice. The first time was with the Snow Valley and the second time was with the health medicine.

He had the energy to research so maybe these development things could be thrown to him.


Xu Sili remembered the haggard appearance of the three children that he had just seen, especially Su Lin whose face was so thin that there was no flesh on it, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit unbearable.

They were still 16 or 17 year old children…

He thought about it before putting down the milk tea in his hand. “Si Sheng, let’s go.”

Si Sheng got up and followed. He watched the young man walk slowly and leisurely on the street in the direction he had just come from and didn’t ask anything. Si Sheng just silently followed.

Xu Sili didn’t return to the cabin.

He stood in the forest behind the cabin. The weather was getting cooler but the trees were still green. It would probably take some time before they turned yellow.

The environment here was very good.

Xu Sili took a deep breath and extended his spiritual power.

Now he was level 19 and his spiritual power could detect up to 50 meters away. Su Lin’s cabin was just within his detection range.

Xu Sili felt it was amazing every time he used his spiritual power to explore things.

The details weren’t particularly clear but he actually saw ‘Su Lin’ and the others.

Xu Sili saw that they were seriously making potions and smiled slightly. His mind moved slightly and a leadership skill that he had never used before was displayed in front of him.


[You will be able to specify a person to strengthen one of their attributes for a short time. The strengthening lasts for 10 minutes.

Special effect: Ignore the level gap.

Magic consumed: 500]

He designated Su Lin as the target and increased intelligence and spirit. Then when he used the Insight technique to check it, he found that…

Su Lin’s intelligence and spirit attributes were directly increased by ten times.

Xu Sili was speechless.

This enhancement was too powerful!

He couldn’t help glancing at Si Sheng. Wouldn’t Si Sheng be invincible if this skill was used on him?

It was awesome even if it was only for 10 minutes!

No, it wasn’t just awesome. It was super-god.

After all, Si Sheng now had more than one million health. Wouldn’t it be 10 million if his physique was strengthened tenfold?

It was terrifying.

Xu Sili was shocked by his own idea but… it was indeed feasible.

If the original Snow Roland didn’t collaborate with the enemy and wasn’t killed and instead relied on the leadership skills of Insight and Guide, assisted by Si Sheng and later the players of the fourth disaster, Snow Roland could really be called invincible!

The game team had put a lot of thought into his role but unfortunately…

Xu Sili shook his head and continued to focus on Su Lin’s group of three.

Su Lin was looking at the communicator, perhaps checking the recipe he had just sent.

Thanks to the blessing of the skill, it was obvious that Su Lin’s expression suddenly changed. Then he took out a pen and paper and copied down the formula.

The intelligence and spirit stats were used to improve thinking ability and make the brain clearer. Xu Sili knew this.

This skill lasted 10 minutes and it wasn’t known what type of inspiration it could bring to Su Lin.

Xu Sili didn’t care much. What he could gain depended entirely on Su Lin.

He retracted his attention and looked at Su Lin’s status bar again—he was overtired and his health was dropping at a very slow rate.

Wait, this was wrong…

Xu Sili was slightly stunned. He saw that Su Lin’s maximum health limit had actually decreased instead of increasing!

The speed wasn’t very fast but it still shocked Xu Sili.

He never thought that the maximum health could actually be reduced? He frowned and thought about it. Then he quickly understood.

Health referred to life and represented vitality. Su Lin didn’t get timely rest due to his day and night research. This was actually a great consumption on his body.

This also affected his lifespan, so the maximum health was reduced.

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He might have an urgent need for the magic medicine but this didn’t mean he hoped Su Lin would do such a thing at the cost of his life.

It wasn’t a wise approach to exhaust the fish in his pond.

Looking at Su Ye and Gu Lie, the health potion was obviously being made by them. They looked at ease even without Su Lin’s participation.

Xu Sili thought about it before staring at Su Lin. Then he opened his mouth slightly and sang in a low voice.

Roland’s Good Night Song.

It was a very quiet and gentle piece of music that made listeners feel like they were in the warm embrace of their mother, falling into a deep sleep without realizing it.

Today, he managed to limit the range of his skill to specific people.

He saw Su Lin suddenly stop writing. Su Lin’s eyelids started to flicker as he tried his best to resist sleepiness, but he finally had to fall asleep. Xu Sili couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

If he had known this, he wouldn’t have strengthened Su Lin’s stats so early.

It lasted 10 minutes but the burst of inspiration was only maintained for two minutes. Yet in just two minutes, Su Lin’s maximum health dropped by 100.

Of course, this wasn’t a big deal compared to the overall number but who knew if there would be any side effects or not?

Xu Sili didn’t want to gamble. He liked this child called Su Lin.

He didn’t know if it was the negative effect of Guide or due to Su Lin’s physical problems…

He noted down the problem and decided to experiment later.

Su Lin fell into a deep sleep and Xu Sili’s sleeping song was quickly finished. Even so, he didn’t stop and continued to sing Sprouting.

Sprouting was a skill that could restore health so it should be good for life. In any case, there was no harm in listening to it more. It could also improve elemental affinity.

This time, even Su Ye and Gu Lie heard the song.

Gu Lie muttered as he controlled the fire element, “Is the mayor playing Sprouting again? I think today’s version sounds better than the previous version.”

Su Ye’s face was calm as he focused on the cauldron.

“Concentrate, don’t lose your mind.”

Gu Lie couldn’t help pouting after being lectured but he was no longer the type to do a tit-for-tat confrontation with Su Ye like in the academy.

The red-haired teenager was obviously upset but he only made a low noise.

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