VCRMM: Chapter 70 Part 2

He looked at the post and his expression changed unpredictably. This made the people next to him look a bit worried.

Su Lin and Gu Lie had already refined the health medicine. Now they needed to provide a batch of medicine for the imperial family in a short time.

At this moment, Xu Sili didn’t continue to get in their way. He walked out of the cabin and walked toward the town with only Wen Jishan and Si Sheng by his side.

“Your Majesty.”

At this time, Wen Jishan who was observing Xu Sili couldn’t hold back and called out to him with some concern.

“Are you okay?”

Xu Sili took his attention away from the post.

He looked at Wen Jishan and opened his mouth. He was about to say something when his eyes swept over Si Sheng and he shut his mouth.

It was so embarrassing…

It was obviously Si Sheng who provoked him but now he was the uncomfortable one. If he wanted to blame someone, he could blame—

These netizens who were too good at imagining things!

It was worthy of being the audience of the fan works area. How did they make up so much with just one picture? Even novels didn’t dare to be written like this!

He snorted lightly and looked away. “Go and be busy. Once things here are almost over, go to Doha Town.”

“There are things over there that you need to preside over. After all, Chi Yu is only engaged in construction, he can’t handle the rest. Leaving it completely to the administrator of Doha Town… I can’t rest assured.”

Wen Jishan smiled slightly.

He wasn’t tired about being so trusted. Rather, there was a bit of self-satisfaction. He said in a respectful voice, “Yes, Your Majesty. Once the final matters over here are handled, I will go to Doha Town to preside over the overall situation.”


Xu Sili nodded and sent him away.

It was just that after Wen Jishan left, Xu Sili saw Si Sheng beside him and felt a bit regretful.

He shouldn’t have let Wen Jishan go so fast…

Si Sheng sensed Xu Sili’s gaze and looked over. His gray-blue eyes stared at Xu Sili and were slightly curved in a beautiful arc, shining in the sunlight.

“Your Majesty.”

He called out softly, the deep voice carrying a type of doting and gentleness.


Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng.

Yes, Si Sheng was really gentle now… the whole air he gave off was different.

He used to be cold and dark but now he was warm and soft. This meant Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling trust and attachment. If Si Sheng was by his side, there was a type of peace of mind that there was someone to carry the burden if the sky fell down.

Was this really just a disguise to regain his freedom?

Xu Sili pursed his lips and looked away. “Let’s find a place to sit.”

Mercenary Town was running very well now. The support measures were also kept up. After all, there were so many noble and rich elementalists. How could there be fewer leisure and entertainment places?

Not long after he started walking, he saw a milk tea store.

It was opened in the center of the town and business was booming.

That’s right, milk tea had now become popular in Imperial City.

At the beginning, it just spread out from the palace maids. Since it was from the imperial family, it became popular immediately. After all, it was very simple to make and not difficult to imitate.

Wen Jishan saw a business opportunity and came directly to Xu Sili to ask for the milk tea formula. Then he started the pilot program in Mercenary Town. The result could be predicted.

Combined with the extra bonus of running a dessert store, selling milk tea every day created a lot of financial income for Mercenary Town.

Xu Sili casually ordered two cups of milk tea and sat down with Si Sheng at a small, round table outside.

Xu Sili drank milk tea and felt very comfortable and quiet as he looked at the crowds of people on the street, feeling their love and vitality for life.

“Si Sheng, what are you thinking now?”

He looked at the man next to him and couldn’t help asking.

Si Sheng held the milk tea and couldn’t help looking at Xu Sili.

The man’s eyes were focused and deep as his gaze stayed on the delicate and beautiful face of the young man. He felt Xu Sili’s gaze and answered softly, “It is very good.”

There was nothing better for him as long as he could stay by Lord God’s side and be watched by him like this.

Xu Sili was a bit uncomfortable by this man’s burning gaze and finally withdrew his gaze, responding vaguely.


No matter whether it was sincere or not, just let it be.

After sitting for a while, he couldn’t help thinking of the fan post. He finally opened the future forum and focused on the post again.

“Like and follow, like and follow!”

“Ahhh f&ck, it is so good. How did the post owner get this picture?”

“It is real right, right?”

“A little more, a little more~”

“Tell me there will be new pictures if the post is hot!”

“Ahhhhh, I want to see Si Sheng fall in love! This man is amazing!”

Xu Sili had been scrolling down and there were many similar replies at the end, mixed with some small theaters and plots made up by the readers.

After the post was hot, there were some messages asking the post owner to fulfill the promise.

The moment he reached the end, the urging was still constantly refreshing.

Xu Sili felt somewhat troubled.

So did he still want to continue?

He really hadn’t expected that the post could be so popular.


Xu Sili was tempted not to look at it after seeing the gradually growing points in his account balance. However, once he successfully paid the points for the magic medicine and got the formula, he only wanted to say—


So fragrant.

In addition to the magic medicine, he had a lot of drawings and recipes he wanted, especially the storage capsule.

It was just that the points needed for the storage capsule… it could be imagined how expensive such superb technology was!

His current 1,000 points wasn’t enough.

Thinking like this, Xu Sili couldn’t help sneaking a glance at Si Sheng. He quickly withdrew his gaze before he was noticed.


Let’s send another one? It was also for the development of the empire!

Xu Sili made excuses for himself in his heart and shifted through the photo album with a clear conscience.

In fact, he hadn’t taken a lot of photos.

After thinking and going through them, he finally selected one. He gritted his teeth and clicked to send.


The promised picture.

P.S. It is all fanart. It isn’t real.

P.P.S. Once the views reach 50 million, I will send another one.

Then Xu Sili sent out the selected pictures together.

It was the first time he had asked Janice to make milk tea and Si Sheng came to the bedroom to look for him. He had secretly photographed it when Si Sheng was drinking milk tea.

In the photo, the usually indifferent and domineering blond-haired man held a cup of milk tea in his hand and drank it very seriously. He slowly chewed on the boba that caused his slightly bulging cheeks and there was a contrast cuteness.

He thought it was cute at the time and took a photo.

But now…

There were really no other suitable photos. Later… well, let’s wait until the views really reached 50 million.

After sending this photo, Xu Sili closed the post with a guilty conscience and gave the magic recovery medicine formula to Dean Justin. He also told Dean Justin that Su Lin had developed the health medicine.

In order to develop the health medicine, the three of them should’ve become elemental pharmacists right? Or had they just reached the threshold of an elemental pharmacist?

Xu Sili didn’t understand it very well.

He only hoped that the health medicine would enter mass production soon. As Su Lin said at the beginning, countless soldiers would benefit when this health medicine was sent to the front lines.

Now there was also the presence of players. Even in the other main cities, he could quickly deliver the health medicine to these soldiers.

The premise of everything was the production of health medicine.

In fact, the best way was to let the players become elemental pharmacists. Based on the players’ one-click learning ability, they could get the formula without experimentation and quickly master it.

Xu Sili thought of this and released a new mission.

There were still 38 players in Imperial City.

For one reason or another, they hadn’t reached Lv 5 within the time limit and failed to get the epic mission. At this time, they were watching the live broadcasts and felt their intestines turn green with regret.

Even if they couldn’t finish the mission, just going gave them two pieces of equipment worth 2,000 reputation! There was also a variety of free skills to learn…

Naturally there were painful thoughts.

As they watched the live broadcast, they continued to run the daily mission in the inner city.

The proportion of widows, children and elderly might be much lower in the inner city but there they could always receive some ordinary missions that allowed them to build up experience and reputation.

For the players who insisted on doing the quests and who reached level 5 and were preparing to go to the Elementalist Academy, they suddenly received a mission.

[Ding~ Congratulations for triggering the elite mission ‘Life Class’. Please go to the Elementalist Academy to change your class. After the change is successful, you can go to Dean Justin’s office. He might have something to say to you.]

[Countdown 23:59:59]

A player who received this mission was stunned.

What the? Life class?

He was ecstatic once they finally reacted and hurriedly took a carriage to the Elementalist Academy out of fear they would miss it if they were one step late.

After getting on the carriage and knowing it wasn’t too late, the player posted the mission to the forum.

The Imperial City players who hadn’t reached level 5 thumped their chests while the players of the other four main cities were once again jealous.

Xu Sili could imagine the resentment of the players in the other main cities but he didn’t care too much.

He also wanted to send missions to the other main cities but wasn’t it impossible for them to come?

If the road was clear, he would’ve already rushed to see his second brother. Would he need to work so hard?

Speaking of his second brother, Xu Sili finally remembered him after releasing the new mission and couldn’t help checking the progress of his brother’s mission.

Two days had passed and the disaster relief mission was almost completed. The mission progress had just reached 100% when he checked.

In other words, all the villagers in Guluo had received food that could last for at least a month.

After the task was completed, he glanced at his storage capsule and found that there was indeed one floating off-road vehicle missing.

This floating off-road vehicle was the best model. It could adapt to a variety of terrains and even speed through water. It had excellent performance and only needed to rely on the sun to replenish energy.

The only downside… it was a bit slow.

Of course, it was definitely faster than walking. It might not be as good as the average car but it was very comfortable!

Xu Sili calculated the time. After leaving Guluo Village, it would take his brother around a week to reach the border of Orchid Moon City with the suspension vehicle. This should be just enough time to meet the escort team.

He was a bit happy. If his brother returned with the escort team, it would only take half a month for them to meet!

In this happy mood, Xu Sili once again browsed the future forum.

The surprising thing was that he soon found a materials post and discovered what the energy stone to upgrade the main city was!

Proofreader: Purichan

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