VCRMM: Chapter 70 Part 1

Last time, his head was hot. After sending out the fan post, Xu Sili hadn’t cared about it.

Originally, he wanted to make the Si Sheng in another time and space feel grossed out but after calming down, he thought this post wouldn’t be popular, nor did it have the elements to appear in front of Si Sheng.

Later, he was busy with the players’ mission. There was a thought to delete it in the middle but he was delayed by other things. Thus, it was kept this entire time.

Now he was finally opening the post again.

[Si Sheng x Snow Roland, the CP post. Do you support it?]

Xu Sili was uncomfortable just looking at this title. He was about to delete it when he glanced at the views count and paused.

Views: 10,000,000+

Points added: 1,000.

Xu Sili, ‘Huh???’

Did he have a problem with his eyes? This broken post alone exceeded 10 million views?

Xu Sili couldn’t believe it but the yellow ‘hot’ at the end of the title made him believe it.

His casual post was actually popular?

The daily activity of the posts in the fan works area was very high but based on what Xu Sili studied that day, it was very difficult to become hot.

This required the number of views to exceed one million in a single day and the number of replies to exceed tens of thousands.

So what was going on here?

Xu Sili entered this post in a complicated mood. The first post was a photo of him and Si Sheng hugging on the bell tower.

In fact, it wasn’t a hug—Si Sheng surrounded him from behind and was guiding his spiritual power. Still, it looked very intimate.

It was just this one picture. How did the accumulated viewers exceed 10 million and the single day replies 10,000?

Xu Sili continued to scroll down in confusion.

“D&mn! Look at this good thing that I found?”

“Is this a new CP? Hahaha, my marshal is really a general gong!”

“Who is Snow Roland? Does it have anything to do with my little Joan?”

“There is no impression. Is there this character in the game?”

“I remember! This seems to be Joan’s older brother, the last Roland Emperor!”

“Oh, that short-lived ghost who died after a month as the emperor?”

“Yes, I heard he was killed by Si Sheng.”

“How do you know?”

“Didn’t His Majesty Joan act crazy toward Si Sheng every day because Si Sheng killed his brother? Then after Si Sheng defected from the Roland Empire, Joan couldn’t find him to make trouble.”

Xu Sili saw this and couldn’t help being stunned.

Si Sheng defected from the Roland Empire? Was it because of Joan?

This message jumped out of nowhere, and Xu Sili was dumbfounded to see it.

What ability did Joan have to force Si Sheng to defect?

Then Xu Sili soon remembered the post he had seen before seemed to say that after the death of Snow Roland, he was succeeded by his brother Joan Roland.

At that time, Joan was only 10 years ago. According to the timeline of the future forum, Joan should be 20 years old now.

Based on Joan’s aptitude, he must’ve grown into a remarkable figure.

Xu Sili frowned and continued to look at the countless replies.

“F&ck, what type of shocking melon is this?  Why didn’t I know about it?”

“Go and look at the information compiled by a big shot. It has all types of detailed clues as well as screenshots from players who have walked through the plot.”

“Ah, there are too many words. Just tell me what is going on. Weren’t Joan and Si Sheng very good before? I supported their two-person CP, the raised emperor shou and the cold and domineering marshal. Yet the result somehow ended up a BE?”

“To tell the truth, Si Sheng suddenly defected and escaped from the Roland Empire. Then he became a wild boss who was chased and attacked by the players. Later, the leader of the star thieves jumped out to protect him. The plot proceeded so quickly that I was always in a fog.”

Xu Sili was also in a fog but fortunately, someone started to explain it.

“What is so confusing? Joan’s previous good relationship with Si Sheng was just a lie. At that time, the empire was very miserable. Joan didn’t have any real power and could only hug Si Sheng’s thigh.”

“Didn’t we come later? Then Joan rose up. He had endured the humiliation and burden for so long. Now that he was strong enough and had the confidence, he naturally started to take revenge.”

“Is this real or fake? Joan’s brother was really killed by Si Sheng? Then what about Si Sheng? I remember he has always been loyal to the Roland Empire, right? He never usurped the throne in so many years.”

“Who knows? It might be that Joan did this in order to regain the flag of power. In any case, this plot is quite wonderful. I recommend you see the information post compiled by the bigshot.”

“Hmm, I’ll check it out when I have time.”

Xu Sili read this series of replies from beginning to end. Finally, he couldn’t bear it and decided to look for the information post later.

He didn’t expect that Si Sheng would actually betray the Roland Empire. Or was he forced by Joan?

The joy and admiration in the little boy’s purple eyes when looking at Xu Sili were pure and soft.

Xu Sili believed it without hesitation—

The future Joan must’ve been trying to get revenge for his brother and started to target Si Sheng after enduring it for so many years.

Joan was originally a child good at enduring hardships and his affinity was the dark element. Perhaps in the later stages, his personality would also be affected, right?

After all, he was only a 10 year old child when he became the only one left in the Roland imperial family.

It was hard to imagine what type of darkness he grew up carrying.

Xu Sili thought of this and couldn’t help feeling pain.

Fortunately in this timeline, Joan didn’t need to go through this again. He could grow up without any worries.

Poor little Joan of that future forum’s timeline.

Xu Sili might’ve never seen it but he had a lot of feelings in his heart when he thought that after so long, Joan still remembered the hatred from his brother’s death and was so ruthless that he wanted to seek revenge against the incomparably powerful Si Sheng.

Rather than seeking revenge on Si Sheng, he hoped that Joan would emerge from it and obtain the happiness that belonged to him.

Having said that..

How did his post become popular if it was like this?

Xu Sili’s expression was full of confusion. He couldn’t help exiting this reply thread and continued to look down.

“Wow, I’m off to finish reading the bigshot’s post.”

“The bigshot has just updated! He found evidence that Snow Roland was involved with the enemy leader, Arnauton. He was suspected of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the empire.”

Xu Sili was stunned once again.

This bigshot was too terrifying. Even this could be found?

According to the timeline of the future forum, this was all 10 years ago, right? He couldn’t help wanting to say ‘awesome!’

“I really didn’t expect that there was such a background. Starry Sky Age is too awesome. This plotline is too long!”

“Ahhh, so the image in the first post is real?”

“I wanted to say when I first saw it that this doesn’t look like a painting at all. Isn’t it a screenshot of the game? How else can it be so realistic?”

“F&ck, I’m so excited. Combined with the textual research of the bigshot, I have made up a big drama of love and hatred in my mind!”

“Si Sheng is really handsome and gentle! At that time, he was deeply in love with Snow Roland, right? Look at that expression, look at that expression…”

“Ahhh, it’s so good now!”

The next few replies were by the same ID. It could be seen that this person was really excited.

He quickly scrolled down and there were new people who clicked in to comment.

“So Si Sheng killed Snow Roland because Snow Roland betrayed him? Snow Roland was with the leader of the enemy country so he was killed by Si Sheng?”

“No, it can’t be! Doesn’t Snow Roland have to be blind to choose that Arnauton? Don’t forget that the Bewatt Empire are all lizard people!”

“Speaking of which, the lizardmen are ugly.”

“What is going on? Why did Si Sheng kill Snow Roland? They obviously seem so in love.”

“Yes, the picture at the beginning is really beautiful!”

“It turns out that Si Sheng is like this when he is in love. He is so gentle and pampering. I’ve fallen.”

“Am I the only one who thinks that Snow Roland is also beautiful? A silver-haired beautiful young man! Isn’t Joan black-haired? His brother turned out to be silver-haired!”

“The upstairs person might not know it but Snow Roland is based on the superstar Xu Sili who died 20 years ago. Of course he is beautiful. It is a pity Snow Roland died before the game was launched so there are no pictures left.”

“Eh? What is this melon?”

“Make good use of the search tool and type in Snow Roland. The first set of essence stickers will have his information.”

“Okay, I came back after reading it. By the way, I also searched for King Xu’s songs to listen to. Whimper, a classic, is worthy of being a classic. It isn’t outdated even after 20 years.”

“By the way, Snow Roland is so beautiful!”

“I want to see his face! Why not give a straight shot of his face! Quick, I’m not short of this bit of traffic!”

Xu Sili looked at the post and the expression on his face changed constantly. It could be called very exciting.

He hadn’t expected that his post would catch up with the post that a bigshot dug up about Snow Roland. Then as soon as the image at the beginning came out, it made the melon-eating masses misunderstand.

Si Sheng and Snow Roland were in love? Due to Snow Roland’s betrayal, he became indifferent? Although he killed his lover with his own hands, he still supported his lover’s brother and defended the nation for him?

There were even more outrageous things later, saying that Si Sheng used Joan as a substitute for Snow and fell in love with Joan in the process of developing him.

Unexpectedly, Joan endured the humiliation and burden in order to get revenge for Snow. He finally dealt a blow to Si Sheng and the wife-chasing crematorium directly burned to ashes.

Sh&it, it seemed real!

Xu Sili would’ve almost believed it if he wasn’t one of the parties involved.

It was outrageous.

Proofreader: Purichan

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