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VCRMM: Chapter 7

Xu Sili looked at the text on the light curtain and frowned slightly. Eliminate or retain consciousness…

This was a bit difficult.

“What did Arnauton ask you to do?” At the window, Si Sheng continued the interrogation.

Mary had been completely controlled by the skill and would answer whatever he asked. At this moment, she said truthfully, “Lord Arnauton said that the situation has changed and to adopt Plan B.”

“Plan B? Tell me more about it.”

Mary replied blankly, “Plan B is to kidnap the new emperor and let him surrender the power of the Roland Empire, so that the Bewatt Empire can take over Escher Star smoothly.”

At this time, Si Sheng suddenly frowned and looked up at Xu Sili. Xu Sili was pondering over the options and he couldn’t help freezing at this glance. The moment he met the man’s dark gold eyes, he made an innocent expression of ‘I am good’ while his heart was beating wildly.

Did this guy find something? Fortunately, Si Sheng only looked at him and didn’t seem to notice anything. He looked down at Mary again. He continued asking, “What if he won’t cooperate?”

Mary paused before answering softly, “Kill him so that the Roland Empire will fall into chaos. We will mix in and secretly stir the water.”

Xu Sili frowned. He was the one who thought too simply before. Snow Roland’s situation… was it so dangerous? How many people wanted to kill him besides Si Sheng?

“You are from Escher Star. Why choose betrayal?” Just then, he heard Si Sheng ask. Mary was from Escher Star after all. Meanwhile, Bewatt were lizard people. In Snow Roland’s memories, he seemed to treat this maid quite well and he didn’t show any abuse or maltreatment.

“Lord Arnauton promised me that I would be sent to the Flanders Interstellar Federation when it is done.” Mary answered in a faint voice. “I will start a new life there. I won’t have to worry about being recruited by the army every day. I might go to the front lines and lose my life at any time!”

Xu Sili couldn’t speak. Mary was an elementalist and she presumably had the rare talent of the dark type. In the Roland Empire, most of the elementalists were stationed in the army to fight against the interstellar beasts on the front lines. She was in real danger of being drafted but Xu Sili knew that the little emperor originally didn’t have this in mind.

“How many more of you are there?” Si Sheng had no expression while the interrogation continued.

“There are only two people that I know of. They are waiting for me outside. If I don’t succeed, they will carry out another plan.”

“Another plan?”

“Yes, I’m not involved in that but they are probably going to open the gate and let the interstellar beasts in…” Mary’s voice suddenly became agitated. “Thus, I must succeed! Even if I have to kill His Majesty, I can’t let them open the gates! It is too dangerous and many people will die!”

Xu Sili, “……”

So the lives of other people were important but not his? However, the original Snow Roland really did want to abandon his people and give the planet Escher Star away. If he hadn’t transmigrated here, if he hadn’t refused…

Then Snow Roland would be killed by Si Sheng and the plot of the Bewatt Empire wouldn’t succeed. It wasn’t known if it was due to her violent mood swings or if Si Sheng had released the control but Mary’s eyes suddenly regained their clarity. She was dazed at first before staring in shock.

“What did you do to me?!” She stared at Si Sheng with a face full of horror. Obviously, she still retained the memory of being controlled. This feeling was probably terrible. It was creepy to think that she told her enemy everything he wanted to know. Si Sheng’s golden eyes regained their original appearance. His gray-blue eyes were calm and indifferent.

“One last question.” He wondered, “Do you know what will happen to the rest of the people after the Roland Empire is destroyed?”

Mary’s face was pale. Her eyes flickered and she remained silent.

“It seems that you know.” Si Sheng tilted his head slightly and declared indifferently, “Then there is nothing left to say.”


He didn’t give her any time to justify herself. There was a flare of light and the shot hit Mary’s forehead. The woman stared with disbelief at first. Her eyes widened before her pupils shrank. She fell to the ground, dead.

Xu Sili opened his mouth with difficulty but felt something stuck in his throat, making him speechless. This was the first time he… saw someone die in front of him. He could see the woman’s unwilling expression as she died, the thick blood flowing from her body and the strong bloody smell that was blown by the wind…

She didn’t turn into lights and disappear. She wasn’t a bunch of cold data but a real living person. Now she was dead.

Si Sheng looked back and saw that the silver-haired young man was pale while his lips trembled. Was he scared? What about the courage that dared to offend Si Sheng just now?

Xu Sili felt a shadow covering him. The tall figure of the man blocked his vision and drove away the terrifying red blood from his vision. It was replaced with the white military uniform fabric embroidered with gold thread.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and stared up at Si Sheng. The man’s light gold hair was blowing slightly due to the wind. The gray-blue eyes were still cold but strangely, Xu Sili was less scared. Obviously, this guy had just killed someone in front of him. Perhaps it was the light screen floating in the sky that gave him confidence.

Xu Sili thought so. Just then, Si Sheng looked up at him while the corners of his mouth lowered. The cold expression made Xu Sili suspect that in the next second, this man would raise the g*n to his forehead again.

However, the thing he was worried about didn’t happen. Si Sheng’s eyes lowered slightly and fell on Xu Sili’s feet as he said in a low voice, “Keep it first. Wait for me to come back after I’ve dealt with those fish.”

Xu Sili blinked. The next second, Si Sheng raised his head. Xu Sili felt something in front of him. He thought this person would do something and his heart jumped slightly. Then when he took a closer look, he found that the Glorious Radium 4000 was thrown over. He instinctively grabbed it. A few shots had just been fired and the barrel was slightly hot, but it wouldn’t burn his hand.

Xu Sili stared up in a daze. This man had already turned and walked toward the door, leaving him with just an indifferent back. Si Sheng walked to the door, only to suddenly stop and glance back. “Don’t die.”

He dropped this sentence with no beginning or end before stepping out of the bedroom.

Xu Sili couldn’t recover for a long time. Eh? What did this mean? He stared down at the laser g*n in his hand. After firing a few shots, the values hadn’t changed much. The durability had dropped by 1 and the energy was reduced by 5%. Therefore, Si Sheng left this g*n… to let him defend himself?

Xu Sili was very confused.

Just then, the guards outside the door abruptly rushed in. Xu Sili hurriedly held the laser g*n, defending in front of himself. He stared at the guards warily. They saluted him respectfully and fearfully. Before he could say anything, they ran to deal with Mary’s body. The expression of fear was probably caused by Si Sheng. They hadn’t reacted so much when Xu Sli first came back.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and didn’t relax. He was almost killed twice in a row and this made him a bit frightened. In this strange alien world, the situation faced by the new emperor Snow Roland was too dangerous. The strength he currently possessed wasn’t enough to keep him alive. Even…

Xu Sili silently thought about the skill panel and another light screen jumped out. The only singing skill he had learned, Capture, was on cooldown. The cooldown time was still…

29 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes. It was a full month. Xu Sili’s expression slightly stiffened. He held the laser g*n tightly in his hand and closed the skill panel. He wasn’t surprised by the cooldown time of this skill. After all, it was really too powerful. It ignored the level difference and could easily turn others into his puppets. Still, it was troublesome. It meant he didn’t have any more skills to defend himself.

His eyes fixed on the guards.

[Respect], [Friendly], [Friendly], [Respect]…

The only thing he felt thankful for was the favorability system. This at least allowed him to discern the enemy at a glance and he didn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back. It was just that…

Snow Roland’s personal relationships were really worrying. As the emperor, he wasn’t even respected by all the guards around him. It was no wonder that the popular support rate was so low there was a risk of rebellion. Xu Sili felt helpless but he didn’t immediately act. It was useless to say anything without strength.

Soon, the guards took away the dead Mary and asked the maids to change the carpet. Janice arrived and directed the maids to clean up the mess. She intended to approach Xu Sili but she saw him holding the g*n alertly and stopped. She just increased her efforts to urge the maids to act.

Before long, the bedroom was cleaned up and the air purification turned on. Perfume was also sprayed, completely eliminating the strong bloody smell. Once everyone left and only Janice was left, Xu Sili relaxed a bit.

Janice came to the bed and looked at him lovingly with her red eyes. “Your Majesty, are you okay?”

Xu Sili was still a bit uncomfortable, especially when her head had the ‘mom fan’ suffix above it. In any case, he had a bit of trust in her.

“I’m fine,” he answered calmly.

Janice blamed herself very much. She was shocked and angry at Mary’s betrayal. “Your Majesty, I was negligent this time. I will thoroughly investigate the maids in the palace and give you an explanation!”

Xu Sili nodded but he felt that Si Sheng was probably already doing it. Just then, he heard her ask, “Then Your Majesty… do you need me to stay with you tonight?”

She said it was for company but it was actually for protection. She was also worried that the young man would be too frightened to sleep. Xu Sili was somewhat moved. However…

It was the first time they had met. Even if the other person was loyal instead of malicious to him, it was impossible to sleep in the same room as a stranger of the opposite s*x. Xu Sili thought about it. “Go and sleep next door.”

The palace of the Roland Empire had nothing. There were probably many empty rooms. After all, the only royal family members were him and Joan Roland. It had been passed on for so many years. This ending was quite bleak now that he thought about it.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Janice replied respectfully. “Do you have anything else you want?”

Xu Sili was about to shake his head when he paused. “Give me a glass of milk.”

“Yes, I will get it for you straight away.”

It didn’t take long before Xu Sili was left alone again. He held a cup of hot milk and felt his slightly cold hands gradually warm up. He inadvertently swept his eyes over the window, recovered his mind and hurriedly looked away. The person wasn’t killed by him. He didn’t need to be so nervous and afraid.

Knowing the truth and doing it was another matter. Xu Sili held the glass and drank all the milk inside. Once the milk ran out, he found that his fluctuations in mood had calmed down. He placed the cup of milk on the bedside table and finally made up his mind. He pressed an option on the light screen.

[2. Retain consciousness. The puppet will maintain its original independent personality and self. It is uncontrolled and has the right to disobey orders. However, it can’t do any actions that will harm the master.]

What about eliminating Si Sheng’s consciousness? Could having a powerful puppet guarantee that he could live safely in this world full of dangers? He knew too little about this world. It was like Mary who had just attacked him. If it wasn’t for Si Sheng, could he rely on his own subjective judgment to find her and direct Si Sheng to kill her?

Xu Sili didn’t have that confidence. Thus, he decided to take a gamble. Let Si Sheng retain his consciousness on the premise that he couldn’t harm Xu Sili. At least this way, there was the possibility of Si Sheng developing into an ally. He needed this ally before he could protect himself. As for the previous unpleasantness…

Xu Sili’s eyes flickered slightly. Just remember, revenge was a dish best served cold.

As he was thinking this, a small line of words appeared on the light curtain in front of him.

[Ding~ Puppet ‘Si Sheng’ has successfully been contracted.]

[Under the choice of retaining consciousness, you will gain the following abilities:]

[1. The puppet can’t hurt you. Attacking you will cause backlash (the attack is returned with the damage doubled and the critical hit rate is increased).]

[2. You will be able to use the skills that the puppet has learned. The required magic value is doubled.]

[3. You can summon the puppet at any time. If the puppet agrees, he will be sent to you immediately.]

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