VCRMM: Chapter 69 Part 2

In front of the monitor, Xu Sili slightly smiled as he saw the players slowly getting along with the NPCs.

It seemed that he didn’t have to worry about the fusion of players and NPCs for the time being.

As for this escort mission…

They were thinking too beautifully. If the next journey was as difficult as the devil vines’ forest, it might not be realistic to not die.

Xu Sili sighed deeply.

He stopped looking at the monitor. Even if he did watch it, he didn’t have a better way to help them at the moment.

At this moment, his communicator vibrated.

Xu Sili took a look and found that it was from Wen Jishan.

Truth be told, the construction of Mercenary Town was coming to an end so the administrator had rarely come to him recently.

What was the reason for suddenly looking for Xu Sili today?

Xu Sili clicked to accept and Wen Jishan’s face appeared on the screen.

He still had the look of a gentle, educated scumbag but he was obviously a bit tired. The moment he saw Xu Sili, he bowed and gave a salute.

“Good day, Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili nodded and bluntly asked what was wrong.

The relationship between monarch and ministers had always been so direct. Wen Jishan stood up straight, his slender fingers supporting his glasses as the lenses shone with a sharp light.

“Your Majesty.” Wen Jishan said, “Do you want to go and see Su Lin?”

Su Lin?

Xu Sili blinked. He hadn’t heard about this child for a long time since Su Lin grew the Black Valley.

“What’s wrong with him? Did something happen?”

“I don’t know where to start…”

Wen Jishan hesitated slightly and thought for a moment. “Did Your Majesty hand over a recipe to Dean Justin?”

Recipe? Was it the health medicine formula?

Xu Sili nodded.

What did this have to do with Su Lin?

“Su Lin got the recipe from Dean Justin and started to study it.”

“It is said that the medicine developed with this formula can be used to restore the health of the wounded and help some critically ill patients keep their lives.”

Wen Jishan said, “This child seems to be haunted by this matter.”

“After getting the recipe from Dean Justin, he started to study it day and night. He forgot to eat and sleep and didn’t even go to the farmland. He has fallen into madness.”

Xu Sili frowned before he nodded. “I understand. I will persuade him.”

He had Su Lin’s communicator number, not to mention that he now had Xiao Wu. It was convenient for him to contact Su Lin.

During the time when he fooled this kid into planting Snow Valley, he said he would develop a health medicine for the soldiers on the front lines. Xu Sili hadn’t expected Su Lin to always remember this in his heart. It seemed that he was a bit stubborn.

This was also Xu Sili’s problem. He had a responsibility to enlighten the child.

“Your Majesty, this servant hasn’t finished speaking.”

However, Wen Jishan continued to speak and casually dropped a heavyweight bomb.

“He seems to have succeeded in the development.”


Xu Sili suspected that he was hallucinating.

“You said that he succeeded in developing it?”

He had been worrying about the health and magic medicine. Unexpectedly… Su Lin quietly succeeded in the research?

“It can’t be considered a success.” Wen Jishan shook his head. “The potion has been made but further experiments are needed to determine the efficacy.”

Xu Sili understood but he was a bit puzzled.

“So why do you want me to persuade him?”

“Here’s the thing…” Wen Jishan explained the situation and Xu Sili finally understood it completely.

After all, it was a medicine. Experiments might’ve been done on the domesticated interstellar beasts and results showed the health potion had a very good effect. However, after all, it was something to be taken by people and still needed to be useful to the injured.

So Su Lin was actually ready to harm himself and experiment on himself!

Xu Sili also felt that this child might be crazy but the matter was of great importance. It was no wonder that Wen Jishan attached so much importance to it.

Health medicine!

Su Lin was so powerful!

No matter whether he was crazy or not, this child must be well protected and couldn’t be lost in the slightest.

“Yes, I’ll go to Mercenary Town.”

Xu Sili said, “Ask him to prepare a potion for me to check it out.”


Wen Jishan answered positively. There was nothing else to report so he hung up.

Xu Sili exited the dark room with great joy. Then he sent a message to Si Sheng, asking him to hurry over so they could go to Mercenary Town together.

Last time, he had gone to Mercenary Town to see the weapon store. It was a pity that the weapon store had just been established and there was nothing good. Xu Sili had gone around and come back sadly.

His message was sent and around 10 seconds later, Si Sheng appeared in front of him.

Xu Sili was in a hurry to go to Mercenary Town. The moment that Si Sheng appeared, he was forcibly dragged to the small yard outside to summon the shadow leopard and fly to the town together.

Xu Sili was full of anticipation but Si Sheng hugged him from behind, pressed his head to Xu Sili’s shoulder and whispered, “Your Majesty, are you in a hurry?”


Xu Sili nodded and told him about Su Lin’s development of the health medicine in a joyful and excited manner.

Si Sheng smiled before his eyes turned cold. “Since you are so anxious, why didn’t Your Majesty summon this servant just now?”

Huh? Xu Sili blinked.


Then he remembered that his puppet technique seemed to have the summoning function in addition to using Si Sheng’s skills.

“Your Majesty, you have never summoned this servant.” Si Sheng’s voice was low and deep, with a bit of a sense of loss.

Xu Sili felt very guilty.

He didn’t know why. Obviously, he had mentioned this topic before but he couldn’t be as confident as before.

“I forgot,” he answered. “I’ll definitely summon you when there is a chance.”

“In addition, you are living in the palace now. You are so close and can arrive in a flash.”

Si Sheng didn’t say anything and just hugged him tightly.

Xu Sili was defeated. “Yes, I will definitely summon you next time. Rest assured.”

Then he quickly changed the subject and continued to talk about the health medicine.

Si Sheng was also a bit embarrassed and didn’t press it. He listened carefully and thought about this potion with excellent efficacy.

Soon, they arrived at Mercenary Town. Under the leadership of Wen Jishan, they came to Su Lin’s cabin.

Su Lin had already cleaned up the place after he heard that the emperor was coming. It was still messy but at least there were places to sit.

His brother Su Ye was also here. The thing that surprised Xu Sili was that Gu Lie was also here.

Didn’t this vice-captain have a particularly bad relationship with Su Ye? Looking at them now… how could they seem a bit inseparable?

Xu Sili was amazed. Then his eyes fell on the potion that Su Lin carefully displayed.

The dark red pill exuded a faint fragrance and the smell was lingering.

Xu Sili didn’t say anything and used Insight on the medicine.

[Primary Healing Potion (Copper)]

[Description: A potion made with good technique.

Effect: After taking it, restore 100 health per second for 3 minutes. The cooldown time is 1 minute.]

Da&mn, this was a good thing!

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up. 100 health per second was 6,000 health per minute. This was quite impressive even for an NPC with a lot of health.

“Your Majesty, in addition to the dark red one, there is another one that is lighter in color.”

Su Lin said while pointing to another potion.

Xu Sili heard this and immediately used another Insight technique.

[Primary Healing Potion (Wood)]

[Description: A shoddy medicine.

Effect: After taking it, instantly restores 2,000 health. The cooldown time is 30 seconds.]

Oh, this was an instantaneous health medicine!

The total amount of recovery wasn’t as good as the one that continuously restored health but in special moments, it could save lives!

Xu Sili instantly analyzed the disadvantages and advantages of these medicines. After all, he had played games before.

He didn’t expect that one health recovery medicine could make potions with different effects. This was something that Xu Sili hadn’t expected and was simply a bonus!

“Su Lin, do you have a way to mass produce these medicines?” Xu Sili asked.

Su Lin was startled and couldn’t help saying, “Your Majesty, these medicines haven’t been experimented with…”

“There is no need to experiment.”

Xu Sili smiled slightly.

“Have you forgotten? I have a special ability to see other people’s talents.”

Su Lin naturally knew that he had become what he was today due to the emperor seeing his talent!

He looked at Xu Sili with burning eyes.

“My ability seems to have changed a bit. After looking at these two potions, I can roughly see their efficacy.” Xu Sili said with a smile. “It is indeed a potion that can restore health and vitality. We need to put it into mass production now!”

Su Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly explained the method.

It was only then that Xu Sili knew there was the credit of other people in this matter.

The cooperation of Gu Lie and Su Ye and the research guidance of Su Lin allowed the three talents to successfully make these pills.

It might be an accident but Xu Sili was still very happy. He asked them to find a way to make more health medicine. As for the refining method, he temporarily didn’t ask them to hand it over.

He still felt it was necessary to protect intellectual property rights.

Wait for a while and use a gentler method to obtain the refining method.

After seeing that the health recovery medicine was successfully developed, he couldn’t help thinking of the magic recovery potion.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t been on the future forum for a few days.

Xu Sili opened the forum and couldn’t help glancing at the fan post that he posted last time…

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