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VCRMM: Chapter 69 Part 1

The players looked at each other when they heard Li Lai’s words. Wasn’t this something that should be asked clearly before departure? Did he only think about it now?

Despite the complaints in their hearts, the players still obediently reported it.

The moment the server was opened, the players of Imperial City were thrown to Mercenary Town by Xu Sili. Mercenary Town was full of elementalists so it created an illusion for them—

Elementalists were a universal setting in the game and it wasn’t a big deal that they became elementalists.

Thus, they obediently reported their elemental talent and learned skills.

They had just learned it yesterday on the way from Imperial City to the border so most people had only learned one skill. A very small number had learned two.

Even so, the statistics made Admiral Joyce and the others watching the scene in front of the monitor take a deep breath.

Li Lai, who was standing on the rock, felt his eyes darken and he almost lost his stability.

He knew it would be exciting but he hadn’t expected it to be so exciting!

These 81 braves were all elementalists!

Without even looking at the affinity, there were more than 70 spiritual elementalists alone!

Out of 81 braves, there were more than 70 spiritual elementalists… what type of concept was this? This year, the number of one star elementalists sent by the Elementalist Academy to the front line was one.

It was true that the improvement of the testing method meant that more and more spiritual elementalists were being found in the rear, but it was absolutely impossible for them to develop combat strength in the short term.

The years of warrior training had destroyed them and only a very small number of geniuses could correct it in such a short amount of time.

However, they were those whose talent wasn’t up to the standard in childhood. How could there be so many geniuses? Therefore, even though they changed their training method, they could only stay in the rear to carry out engineering and construction.

Meanwhile,the 70 spiritual elementalists in front of him were different. They had already learned at least one skill!

This meant as long as they accumulated enough experience, they could continue to cultivate and grow up over time.

Not to mention, half of them were the rare elemental systems of wind, thunder, light, dark and sound. The wind elemental system had 11 people alone and the number of thunder, dark and light were also amazing. It was probably only the sound and water systems that had the least.

Even the two light elementalists…

They also mastered the healing technique!

Li Lai’s heart almost stopped beating when he knew this result.

This was a rarer skill than water healing!

It was because water healing might have excellent healing effects but it needed to be in contact with the body of the injured person to be effective. This was very limited. Meanwhile, light healing was different.

It could act on injured teammates in the air, saving the lives of teammates at critical moments. This was a very rare skill that could often play a major role in combat.

Currently, there was only one light healer in the empire who stayed in his hometown of Twilight Frost City and was also fighting on the front line.

Li Lai couldn’t help being curious.

“Have you met a light healing master?” He asked doubtfully.

How could they learn the healing technique if they hadn’t seen a light healer? However, the light healer was far away in Twilight Frost City. How could they meet him?

“Light healer? Who is that? We haven’t met them.” The two players of the light system were confused.

Li Lai found it even stranger.

“Then how did you learn the healing technique?”

Did they teach themselves to understand? Don’t be funny!

Li Lai himself was a powerful wind elementalist. He believed that some people had a strong talent for comprehending skills but he didn’t believe that people could have an epiphany and realize skills out of thin air.

Not to mention, both of them had epiphanies!

“Oh, it was taught by teacher Ji Ya.” They pointed to an NPC instructor.

The suddenly named Ji Ya couldn’t help jumping.

She was the only light elementalist in the NPC team and was only close to half a star in strength. She had just transferred to the spiritual department.

The light element was too scarce and there was no suitable candidate at the Elementalist Academy so they let her go.

Her ability and knowledge was still sufficient to teach five year old children the basic cultivation techniques.

At this moment, she was pointed out by the two braves and hurriedly shook her head. “I don’t know how to heal. I just explained the principles and tips left by the professor for them. After that…”

She didn’t say anything else but everyone at the scene understood her meaning.

For players, one-click learning wasn’t a big deal. After all, the system said it could be learned and they agreed to learn it.

The process was simple and easy so there was still a normal expression on their faces at this moment.

The group of NPCs fell silent for a moment.

So what was this? There was no need to teach? Just listen to the principles and tips to learn the skills?

Were these braves going against Heaven?

Li Lai looked at the 81 braves in front of him and his heart couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Even the elite group he led only consisted of one-third elementalists and basically all of them were of the warrior department.

He never imagined that he would be able to lead a team composed entirely of elementalists and that most of them were of the spiritual department!

This was too exciting…

The lieutenant colonel swept his eyes over the braves.

The elementalists were indeed true elementalists but they were also really weak!

He couldn’t help exploding in his heart.

Before he set out, he didn’t understand why the emperor crammed such weak people into his team and he still couldn’t understand it now.

It was just that now he also felt a bit of collapse.

Previously, he could safely throw away these people. Then what about now?

He smiled bitterly and shook his head. “You should rest, replenish your physical strength and heal your wounds.”

Then he looked at Ah Caizi.

“Miss Water Healer, I have to trouble you with the wounded.”

He was gentle and even somewhat respectful which immediately flattered Ah Caizi. The wave of ridicule in the live broadcast room made Ah Caizi blush.

She nodded hurriedly and went to heal the wounded.

As for the two light elementalists, Li Lai also asked them to help.

It was just that they were still too weak at the moment and their light healing technique could only work on a single person, not to mention that the healing effect was greatly reduced.

It was better than nothing.

Then Li Lai called his vice-captain, several trusted subordinates and the leader of the braves in order to discuss the next action.

The braves had become a force that Li Lai needed to pay attention to and targets to be protected.

Therefore, he was now willing to understand the ideas of the brave and let them participate in the decision making.

At this moment, all players received the notification that their favorability with Li Lai had increased. It directly increased by 800 and went from ‘Disgust’ to ‘Indifferent.’

There were only a very few people, such as Ah Caizi, who had it increased to 1,500 due to saving people. The favorability directly entered the ‘Friendly’ zone.

As for Qing Yan… she was just like the average player.

This made her a bit unhappy, not to mention that Li Lai had despised their strength before leaving. Therefore, she didn’t have a good attitude.

Li Lai might be willing to let her participate in the decision making but he didn’t plan to indulge them.

After all, he was a strong Lv. 19 person. Before they grew up, the players still weren’t enough to enter his eyes.

“To tell the truth, I don’t have any certainty that I can bring everyone to Orchid Moon City safely.”

Li Lai said bluntly, “I said it earlier that at a critical moment, I might abandon you. It was true and wasn’t a joke.”

“Now it is a bit different…”

Qing Yan raised an eyebrow. What was different?

“You have incomparably powerful talents and it can be said that your potential is unlimited. You dying here will be a loss to the empire.”

Li Lai said heavily, “So next, please restrain the braves. I will arrange them with the instructors in the inner circle and protect all of you as much as possible.”

This arrangement also meant that the dangers to the soldiers had increased. For example, the warriors guarding the rear would have a much greater probability of encountering an accident.

“I hope you will be worthy of the sacrifices of these ordinary soldiers in the future,” Li Lai spoke in a deep voice. “Please be sure to live with their beliefs and serve the empire in the future!”

Qing Yan, “……”

She had opened the live broadcast when Li Lai called her over and now the live broadcast was full of complaints about Li Lai.

This guy didn’t want them to complete the task, right?

There were people in the team channel who said they would come to Li Lai to argue but they were appeased by Qing Yan.

After Li Lai finished speaking, he wanted to discuss more detailed countermeasures with his subordinates when he heard the woman say, “I refuse.”

Li Lai couldn’t help frowning.

Refuse? Refuse what? Refuse to serve the empire?

Qing Yan hugged her arms, looked at Li Lai and said, “To be honest, our mission is to ensure that all of you arrive at Orchid Moon City safely. Naturally, we don’t care if we are missing arms or legs.”

“What do you mean?” Li Lai’s frown deepened.

“It means that even if all the braves die, you can’t die.”

“Remember, no one is allowed to die.”

Her light expression that was filled with an unspeakable domineering air caused a wave of ‘Sister Yan is mighty’ to fill the barrage of the live broadcast room.

Li Lai looked at her for a long time before saying in a low voice, “Childish.”

“Young and childish or not, there is no need to talk about it.” Qing Yan said. “Don’t worry about our lives or deaths. Use us as a knife or a shield. Feel free. We will get what we want as long as all of you can reach Orchid Moon City safely.”

Li Lai couldn’t help sneering. “Oh, can you represent the thoughts of all the braves?”



A uniform response was heard, causing Li Lai to be stunned for a moment. He looked at the braves gathered behind Qing Yan.

They had already retracted their carefree smiles and looked serious at this moment.

“Sister Qing Yan isn’t wrong! It doesn’t matter what happens to us as long as you all reach Orchid Moon City safely!”

“Once again, don’t care about us at the critical moment. Don’t die trying to save us.”

“Of course, if you have spare energy then be sure to take our corpses with you!”

None of the players mentioned that they could be resurrected.

This was a good opportunity to increase their favorability!

It wasn’t just Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai. They also increased their favorability with other NPCs because they protected the NPCs’ comrades.

The players didn’t know the effect of favorability at the moment but they just increased it. Perhaps once the favorability increased, a mission could be triggered?

Not to mention, this group of NPC soldiers was really stupid.

They were ready to fight to the death for the soldiers. Why were these NPCs still looking constipated?

Obviously, they were afraid of death. The expression of the seriously injured soldier after being healed just now couldn’t be faked.

The players were puzzled and the soldiers were even more puzzled.

They knew these braves seemed to genuinely want to protect them. It would be a lie if they said they weren’t moved but…

“You are all elementalists and your lives are more valuable than ours.” A soldier stepped forward.

However, he was quickly refuted by the players.

“Wrong! Everyone’s lives are equal.”

“Speaking of which, why should we waste time discussing who should be sacrificed? It should be no one!”

“Yes. Don’t waste time. Hurry up and discuss what to do next!”

Then they dragged the NPCs to discuss the next plan of action. It didn’t matter the level or rank. They opened it directly and in the end, even Li Lai was taken away.

Proofreader: Purichan


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2 years ago

XD Those ragtag bunch of players has successfully swept away the NPC soldiers on site! Lol I find the misunderstandings and ‘deliberations’ between the braves and the soldiers (aka players and NPCs) to be very amusing~~

1 year ago