VCRMM: Chapter 68 Part 1

Inside the dark room.

Xu Sili had just turned on the surveillance screen when he saw the players jumping up and down.

He saw Li Lai’s sluggish expression and guessed something. He couldn’t help smiling. He made tea in a good mood and started to watch the play.

Today was the first day of the escort mission.

He didn’t know if this group of sand sculptures was a blessing or a curse… In his heart, Xu Sili still hoped they could complete this order a bit more beautifully.

If fewer soldiers could die, why not give the players more rewards?

The wilderness plains.

The Light Body technique wasn’t a flying technique. At most, it could only make the body float one centimeter above the ground.

The principle was to cover the surface of the body with a layer of wind element, so that the caster became lighter, more agile and reduced the impact of gravity resistance.

The players might’ve learned the Light Body technique but it was one thing to use it and another thing to use it well.

Fortunately, the physical coordination of these 11 players weren’t bad. After practicing a few times, they quickly mastered the skill and the other watching players salivated.

“I say, is this a light footwork skill? Can a wind elemental master fly in the sky in the future?”

“Ahhh, I would’ve chosen the wind system if I knew! It looks great!”

“It is too much. I want to learn this!”

Ah Caizi had chosen the water system and she now regretted it. She turned the camera toward the wind players moving around in the air and cried with the people in the live broadcast room.

The people comforted her and sent her many gifts, but many of them were secretly prepared to choose the wind system in the open beta.

They could fly in the sky!

Who didn’t have the dream of flying when they were children? Now it was possible in the game?

It wasn’t until a long time passed and the players who mastered the Light Body technique boldly wanted to go into the jungle that the shocked and sluggish Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai finally found his voice.

He hurriedly shouted, “Everyone, come back and assemble!”

The plains area was still safe but the jungle was different. Rushing in was just looking for death.

Before leaving, everyone had worn the instant messaging headsets. At this time, Li Lai’s low voice was heard and the player’s curiosity that had just emerged was snuffed out.

This team leader wasn’t easy to mess with. The task might not be completed if they were kicked out of the team and then the land construction permit fragment would be gone!

They obediently moved back.

Li Lai looked at these 11 wind spiritual elementalists in a very complicated mood. The 10 elementalist instructors also experienced this mood.

 It was such a difficult skill that they took so long to learn, yet these people learnt it at once!

Wasn’t it going against the natural order of things?

Li Lai’s mood was extremely complicated but he quickly adjusted and became excited.

11 wind elementalists who had mastered the Light Body technique!

He clenched his fists and looked at these 11 ‘unnaturally talented’ braves. At this moment, he had the same idea as Professor Belen.

They should go back to the academy to study rather than being pointlessly sacrificed in the wild as rations to the interstellar beasts!

In front of the monitor, Admiral Joyce was stunned. It wasn’t until the controller next to him gave him a reminder that he hurriedly closed his mouth.

He looked at the braves moving in the air on the screen and couldn’t help asking the adjutant next to him, “Currently on the front lines… how many wind elementalists are there?”

The adjutant gulped and replied, “Around 80 or so…”

“How many spiritual ones?”

“No more than five.”

Admiral Joyce took another deep breath.

On the entire front lines, there were only around five wind spiritual elementalists yet right now in front of him, there were… 11 among the 81 braves.

Moreover, they all learned the Light Body technique!

They learned it so easily as he watched!

Admiral Joyce once again had the idea of leaving the braves behind but this time, it was no longer because he was afraid they would drag down the team. It was because—

He cherished talent.

“Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai, is it time for us to go?” On the monitor, the eager voices of the braves were heard.

Admiral Joyce’s gaze swept over the wind spiritual elementalists standing at the front of the team.

All of them had burning eyes and faces full of excitement. It was as if whatever danger ahead wasn’t worth mentioning to them and they couldn’t wait to set off.

Such spirit was touching but Admiral Joyce felt it was just…


What a stupid decision!

He hesitated for a moment with a distressed expression before finally dialing the number of the marshal’s communicator again.

He would stop them even if it meant being removed from his position! However—

“Admiral Joyce…”

The person who appeared on the other end of the communicator was Qiu Zheng, the marshal’s adjutant.

Si Sheng directly threw the communicator to Adjutant Qiu!

Adjutant Qiu wiped the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief. He felt a small pressure facing the admiral’s dark expression.

“You should know that Lord Si Sheng’s loyalty is to the emperor. He must have a reason for making such a decision.”

Qiu Zheng carefully persuaded him.

“Admiral Joyce, you won’t be wrong as long as you follow the order…”

Admiral Joyce felt he was suffocating but he really didn’t have a good way to handle Si Sheng, this young man who was very strong and had a cold personality.

In the last three years, his hair had become a lot whiter…

Finally, he could only sigh and end the communication.

Meanwhile, on Li Lai’s side…

The lieutenant colonel couldn’t understand it as he looked at the players. He also felt that he couldn’t bear the consequences.

Would the elementalists with such strong talent die in his hands before they could grow up? There was really no way for him to guarantee that they wouldn’t die!

In fact, it was already good to guarantee that half of the people present would survive. All the soldiers on this mission already had the mindset of sacrifice.

“You guys…” Li Lai opened his mouth.

“Lieutenant Colonel, let’s go!” The girl who had been the first to raise her hand spoke excitedly.

She looked soft and weak but she didn’t seem to have the slightest fear. This made Li Lai feel…

Sick! This was a group of unreasonable madmen!

No matter how much regret he felt, Li Lai didn’t say anything about letting them go back.

He was a soldier.

Obeying orders was a principle engraved in his bones.

It was okay for them to quit before departure but now the task had begun. Letting them go back would make them deserters. This was a stain that could be washed away for a lifetime.

Li Lai took a deep breath and regained his composure as the commander.

At least with them, the probability of completing the task had increased. Being able to bless their teammates with the Light Body skill would greatly reduce his burden.

Li Lai thought of this and immediately started to teach them how to bless other people with the Light Body technique.

Players had just reached level 5 and the maximum mana was 75 points. Fortunately, the mana consumed by the Light Body technique was extremely small. Only 2 mana points were consumed per hour.

In other words, if they blessed 10 people at a time, including themselves, it would consume 20 mana in an hour and they could probably hold on for three hours.

After measuring it, Li Lai decided to let these 11 wind elementalists be responsible for more than a hundred soldiers and teachers. Meanwhile, all 81 of the braves, including the wind elementalists, would be handed over to him.

The instructors didn’t understand it but as the party being protected by soldiers, they couldn’t express any objections.

After the players succeeded in receiving the blessing of the Light Body technique, they were so excited that they jumped into the sky. It was only under Li Lai’s death glare that they converged.

Yet in this way, it exposed some players whose limbs were uncoordinated. It was difficult for them to grasp the balance after their bodies became lighter.

Before Li Lai could say anything, these players all found a partner who was willing to help them, showing a high level of consciousness and cooperation.

In fact, this was because Qing Yan directed them from the team channel.

Li Lai didn’t know this. He still disliked the players with uncoordinated limbs but at the very least, he had a much better impression of the braves.

The assignment was completed so the escort team set off.

The bee monitor flew into the jungle and immediately fed back the captured images to the base camp. The commander also started to give instructions based on these images.

Xu Sili also looked serious as he sat in front of the monitor.

Once in the jungle, the first challenge that the escort team faced was a variety of aggressive plants.

These plants were almost everywhere. Their skin was hard and they weren’t afraid of fire. Some even grew more luxuriantly in fire, causing immense trouble to the imperial army clearing the road.

The players followed Li Lai and quickly moved through the jungle.

Less than a minute after they entered, they encountered a crisis—a few thick vines struck at them without warning!

Li Lai was very experienced and had already given orders before the vines attacked. Under his leadership, everyone cleanly evaded the attack of the vines.

“Don’t stop! Keep running!”

“This is the area of the devil vines. It lasts for around five kilometers. We can’t stay here or we will be entangled!”

Following his commander, everyone including the players ran forward with all their might.

They guarded the soldiers carrying the elementalist instructors in the middle, opening the way to prevent the elementalist instructors from being affected.

At this moment, the effect of Li Lai’s arrangement became apparent.

Players weren’t soldiers and they hadn’t been professionally trained. They had much worse dodging ability. However, every time the vines aimed at them, the wind elements around their bodies would take them to avoid it.

It was Li Lai!

The wind elementalist who was close to two stars showed a strong ability to control the field and this greatly reduced the error rate of the players.

The NPC soldiers had rich experience and were comfortable against the devil vines. They could move quickly in the jungle and were rarely disturbed by the vines that suddenly appeared.

Even if they couldn’t dodge it, they could cut at the devil vine with an extremely fierce blade.

The nervous players who perceived this relaxed.

It was so cool to have bigshots who took them to fly!

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