VCRMM: Chapter 67 Part 2

Meanwhile, Ah Caizi’s live broadcast had long been opened.

Now most people in the forum were watching her live broadcast and they were discussing the mission frantically. Some players from other main cities also got involved in order to make suggestions.

The most tragic ones in this game event were probably the closed beta players of the Twilight Frost and Seizing Star main cities.

There had been some taunts in the forum that the players of Imperial City were the game planner’s children, the players of Orchid Moon and Glass Sea were those picked up and the players of Twilight Frost and Seizing Star were Mr Wang from next door. (TL: A term used to jokingly refer to the neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one’s wife.)

Now after the new elite mission came out, everyone had a high degree of awareness. The ones who did the daily missions to level up were the real children!

The benefits might be late but they could never be absent.

This further increased the enthusiasm of novice players to do the daily missions during the open beta. Of course, it was still too early to say this.

Soon, there was a big god on the forum who sorted out all the interstellar beasts mentioned by Li Lai. After it was seen by Qing Yan, she directly led her teammates to download a copy.

This was the benefit of the game-embedded forum. The information of the forum could be used directly in the game.

Some people had experimented previously. Due to the rating difference, they could rarely detect the information of NPCs.

Yet if players downloaded the data sorted out by the forum, the system could automatically detect and display the NPC information with the highest matching degree in the database.

This setting was very interesting and it greatly satisfied the tastes of the players who liked research.

What was more inspiring than the data they compiled being used by everyone?

Li Lai was still explaining but he wasn’t just talking to the braves. It was the 10 instructors as well.

They were elementalists. Their combat effectiveness might not be strong but if they knew this information in advance, they might be able to help at a critical moment.

“The Neria River has the second highest difficulty. It is thousands of meters wide and there are countless river beasts in the water. At present, the largest one observed so far has a length of over 400 meters.”

On the light screen, an image of a river beast appeared. It looked like a fish but its size was magnified countless times.

“Of course, we don’t need to go into the water.”

Li Lai continued speaking, “There is a huge bridge over the Neria River that has survived for a hundred years. Now there are only two iron locks left that we can use to cross.”

“What we need to pay attention to when crossing the Neria River is this silver flying fish.”

A picture appeared.

“The flying fish are around an arm’s length. They aren’t very aggressive but they can jump out of the water to push their prey into the water.”

“Once you fall into the water, the probability of survival is basically zero.”

“In addition to these two dangerous places, there are other difficult environments. I hope everyone is mentally prepared.”

Li Lai’s face was calm and his unhurried pace of speaking gave people the impression that he could be trusted.

“If attacked by interstellar beasts, we must not stick to the battle unless we are forced to do so. It is because once we are held back, we might fall into the desperate situation of being besieged by countless interstellar beasts.”

“Once that time comes, no one will be able to save us.”

“Remember, our goal is to push forward. Advance and advance at the fastest speed! Don’t be disturbed, regardless of whether the interstellar beasts encountered are strong or weak.”

“In the wilderness, you are no longer yourself. You are a whole. Think about your teammates before doing anything.”

At this point, the shuttle descended slowly. They had reached the real border and were no longer suitable for the use of flying machines.

Li Lai had the soldiers and elementalists go down to the ground first. However, he had the players stay behind.

Once everyone else left, his eyes fell on the players.

At this moment, the players had long restrained their attitude out of fear the leader would be unhappy and kick them out of the team.

The intelligence of the NPCs of Starry Sky was too high. They couldn’t guess based on NPCs from other online games in the past.

It was just that they gave Li Lai too bad an impression.

His eyes swept over everyone one by one and his voice became stern. “I have no requirements for the braves. I just hope that you won’t make trouble!”

“I don’t understand why His Majesty let you participate in such a dangerous mission, nor why the marshal and admiral agreed.”

“In my opinion, your strength isn’t enough at all!”

Li Lai said bluntly, “You are as fragile as a three year old child. Even three year old children are stronger than you. I feel deeply uneasy about you joining.”

His words made all the gamers hold their breath and even the Buddhist gamers like Su Mo couldn’t help frowning.

They were despised by the NPCs!

Li Lai continued like he didn’t notice. “I know you might not be convinced but it is the truth.”

“I don’t know what special abilities you have that allows you to smile when facing such a dangerous task without any sense of crisis!”

“I hope you can at least be obedient. I will save your lives as much as possible so you won’t die in vain and become the nourishment of interstellar beasts.”

“Yet in a time of crisis, I can’t guarantee that I won’t make the decision to abandon you.”

“It isn’t too late for you to voluntarily quit. If you take the initiative to quit, I believe His Majesty and Lord Marshal won’t embarrass you.”

Li Lai’s words could be described as serious and earnest, but the players had strange expressions as they listened to him.

Admittedly, it was unpleasant to be despised but the leader didn’t seem to have a bad heart.


It was impossible to quit. They had to follow the team even if it meant being shameless.

“Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai, you don’t have to worry about this. If there is danger, you should hurry and run. Don’t care about us!”

“That’s right. Don’t do anything stupid like sacrificing your companions in order to save us.”

“Right right, your life is more important. Of course, if one of us dies, we hope you can take our corpses with you if you have the strength.”

They could be resurrected when they died but if the team left, they would also be left behind.

Dying was failing, unless their corpses were brought along. Then they would be good again after 30 minutes!

Li Lai looked at the braves and once again felt their brains were sick.

He had already said all the good and bad things. He couldn’t do anything if they didn’t listen.

It was useless to say anything else. Li Lai no longer talked nonsense. He just had someone send over the equipment and distribute it.

Every player was given the same armor as the soldiers and a laser gun. Once they touched the gun, all the players were as excited as children.

Soon, Li Lai realized the problem.

Could their braves shoot?

The border base had a training room. The expected departure time was the next morning so he led the players to test them out.

Soon, there was a result.

Only half of these braves could barely meet the standards. The others couldn’t meet the standards at all! This was also a still target. If they shot a moving target, their performance was estimated to be worse!

Li Lai’s expression was as dark as possible. He was silent as he directly confiscated the laser guns from half the players and replaced them with a short blade.

He was very worried that these people would shoot their teammates!

Players couldn’t attack those in the same team but it was hard to say for NPCs. After all, even now, Li Lai was a target that could be attacked.

Therefore, the players were reluctant to part with the laser guns but they obediently cooperated and changed to the cold weapon.

In any case, the armor and weapon were already a bonus. People couldn’t help sighing that an epic mission was different.

The players watching the live broadcast couldn’t help feeling envious.

This armor and weapon combined was 2,000 reputation! They were so sour…

Jianyu Xingchen put on the armor and took out the laser gun to show to a player who had changed to a cold weapon. He saw the other person’s depressed expression and smiled proudly.

Hey, he was the master of playing CS (Counterstrike)!

Shooting targets was nothing.

He saw Su Mo putting away the laser gun beside him and couldn’t help sighing, “Boss, you exchanged your armor too early! It is a pity…”

1,000 reputation! That could’ve been exchanged for 2,000 Escher coins. Just thinking about it made him hurt.

Su Mo rolled his eyes.

What pity?

The armor he exchanged was bound but the one issued by the army wasn’t. He could take it back and give it to Chi Yu.

If only he could get an invisible helmet. Chi Yu ran around the construction sites all day and a safety helmet was needed.

That night, players settled at the temporary base built at the border line. The next morning, they would leave for Orchid Moon City.

Qing Yan and Lin Mu had set up a temporary channel to exchange information and discuss the next action. Meanwhile, some players went offline to deal with real life things and prepare for staying online for the next seven days.

It had to be said that seven days and nights was still hard enough to think about.

Hua Sui didn’t fit in with the people around him. He found a corner alone and was preparing to go offline when he heard a familiar voice.

“You are Hua Sui?”

He looked back and saw it was Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai.

The teenager looked at him coldly.

This week was worse than death for him. No one knew how he made it through the boot camp.

He couldn’t die and his sense of realism couldn’t be lowered. Even if he went offline, the training time wasn’t decreased.

He had to actually train in the new recruits camp for two weeks before he could complete the elite mission. There wasn’t any discount at all!

Li Zhecheng was really cruel. He was the most hated NPC right now except for Hamm.

Once he was strong, he would look for Li Zhecheng sooner or later!

As for giving up? That didn’t exist.

Wanting to beat him with this little setback? No way!

Hua Sui looked at Li Lai with a cold expression.

He still didn’t like NPCs but he had to say that his barracks life during this period still made him have some feelings for the army.

The devil Hamm was very annoying but due to Hua Sui’s young age, his NPC comrades took good care of him. It even allowed him to feel the sincerity and warmth he had never felt in reality.

However, it was only limited to that small group of people.

He wouldn’t empathize with other NPCs.

Li Lai walked over to Hua Sui and looked him up and down.

This thin and weak teenager looked like nothing special. It was hard to imagine that he could complete the most difficult recruit training and stick to it for nearly a week.

“Hamm just contacted me and he said you are special.”

Li Lai said, “I hope you don’t disappoint me. This mission… live well.”

Then he handed over a laser gun.

Hua Sui frowned and didn’t accept it.

“Take it,” Li Lai said, “This gun was given to me by Hamm before and now it is yours.”

“Did he ask you to give it to me?” Hua Sui finally spoke.

Li Lai shook his head.

“He didn’t say that but I understood what he meant. You are a good seedling. I hope you can grow up and serve the empire in the future.”

He stuffed the gun into Hua Sui’s hands, patted him on the shoulder and turned away.

[Glorious Radium 3000]

[Description: The 9th generation laser gun produced by the Flanders Interstellar Federation, standard equipment.

Quality: Silver

Effect: Each hit will cause 1500-2000 points of physical damage, 500-1000 points of light system damage and there is a 5% critical hit damage bonus.

Durability: 90

Energy: 100%

Owner: Hamm]

This was actually silver equipment and it was one level higher than the other players’ copper equipment. It had a full 1,000 more damage and there was a critical hit damage bonus.

At this stage, it could be considered divine equipment.

Hua Sui pursed his lips and looked at the properties of the laser gun, his eyes slightly reddened.

Why do such a superfluous thing?

Working together for the empire? Don’t be funny!

The teenager smiled coldly but when he looked at the gun, he couldn’t help pausing. Finally, he carefully put away the laser gun.

After a while, his body slowly disappeared.

The time soon arrived the next day and the escort team was ready to go.

The leader of the instructors going to Orchid Moon City was Edith.

Before leaving, Professor Belen had told her shocking information and asked her to deliver it to Li Lai. However, she hadn’t found an opportunity to tell him before they set out.

Of course, she was only half-convinced in her heart and it was estimated that this leader wouldn’t believe her.

After leaving the front line base, the team officially entered the wilderness without any safety and started a brisk march.

Li Lai was a level 19 wind elementalist. In this team, he was the strongest in any aspect.

Before entering the jungle, he added the Light Body technique to everyone.

The Light Body technique was one of the more difficult to master among the wind system’s basic spells. It was inevitable that there would be some pressure for him to bless 200 people in one go.

There was no way. The wind elementalist system was one of the five rare elementalist systems. There weren’t many wind elementalists in the army and even fewer spiritual elementalists.

In addition to him, there was a one star wind elementalist in the team but he was a warrior and couldn’t bless his teammates with the Light Body skill.

As for the half star elementalists, they weren’t even in his consideration.

He was just about to give the order to leave when the players, who had been acting good and obedient so far, couldn’t help making a noise.

It was a girl who looked soft and weak. She hesitantly raised her hand once he asked what was wrong.

“Say it.” Li Lai looked fierce.

The female player couldn’t help shaking. This game was too real and it was really not friendly to introverts.

 Still, with Qing Yan’s gentle encouragement, she still asked, “That… Lieutenant Colonel, can you teach us the Light Body technique?”

Li Lai’s mouth twitched and even Admiral Joyce at headquarters couldn’t help feeling cold.

He knew that these braves would cause trouble! So why did the emperor send them here? Did he want to take this opportunity to find dissidents? Admiral Joyce’s brain made up many things.

Li Lai stared at the girl and asked coldly, “Are you a spiritual elementalist?”

They thought that everyone could do the Light Body technique? He felt it was necessary to teach these braves a lesson. Yet as soon as he finished speaking, he saw this girl nodding.

“Yes, I’m a wind elementalist from the spiritual department,” she answered clearly. Then before he could say anything, approximately 10 companions came to stand beside her.

“Yes, we are.”

Li Lai blinked. Ten… all of them?

The elementalist instructors had strange expressions. They stared silently at Li Lai for a moment before Edith suggested, “Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai, why not teach them? The braves… their talent is very good.”

Li Lai found that this elementalist instructor might not have a good brain. No matter how talented, could the Light Body technique be learned in a few days? It took him nearly half a year. Waiting for these people would just delay the time!

It was only after Edith’s repeated guarantees that he finally agreed to teach it, although he didn’t think it would be of any use at all.


The girl who talked first slowly lifted her feet off the ground before she jumped directly to the top of a tree more than 10 meters away?

Li Lai raised his head, unable to believe his eyes.

She… did it? So easily? Was her talent so strong?

Then… the 10 people who just stood up also succeeded in doing it!

Seeing the braves jumping around excitedly in the air after using the Light Body technique, Li Lai’s eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open. He was at a loss for words.

Did he see an illusion? Was this scene in front of him actually happening?

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I love this story far too much. I can just imagine the complete confusion and disbelief on their faces, seeing the braves learn their techniques in minutes >.<

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