VCRMM: Chapter 67 Part 1

Li Lai was a wind elementalist close to two stars. He had just been promoted to lieutenant colonel and would escort 10 elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City this time.

He had followed the escort team to and from Orchid Moon City three times so he understood the dangers of this journey.

His expression could be imagined once he saw that among the people assigned to him, it wasn’t just the 10 elementalists with barely visible strength. There were also nearly a hundred ‘braves’ who couldn’t even be compared to three year old children.

He immediately went to Admiral Joyce to report it.

However, the order was to take these ‘braves’ with him!

The only good news was that he didn’t have to care about the lives of these ‘braves.’ He just had to escort the 10 instructors to Orchid Moon City and return the same way.

Admiral Joyce said this and Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai had no choice but to leave angrily with another lieutenant colonel who came with him.

This lieutenant colonel had also taken the task and he would lead the escort to Glass Sea City.

Looking at the backs of the two lieutenant colonels leaving, Admiral Joyce looked darkly at the controllers sitting in front of the monitoring screens.

“Start the surveillance follow-up.”

“We will obey!”

The moment Admiral Joyce gave the order, two bee-shaped flight monitors took off from the base camp and headed to Orchid Moon City and Glass Sea City respectively.

The two flight monitors were sent from Imperial City a few days ago and were extraterrestrial high tech.

The shape was a bee and it was only the size of the fingernail of an adult’s index finger. It was extremely hidden and could fly tens of thousands of kilometers in the wilderness.

Its own super signal transmitting equipment wouldn’t be affected by distance and it could stably transmit the scenes back. It could also absorb sunlight as energy so there was no need to worry about energy shortage.

After the initial adjustment and adaptation, it had been flexibly applied to military operations.

The presence of these two flight monitors meant that the front-line army had extra pairs of eyes. They were able to know the situation ahead and better formulate an action plan.

This undoubtedly improved the operational efficiency and significantly reduced unnecessary casualties.

For this escort mission, two bee monitors would also participate in it and immediately transmit information back. Headquarters would process the information and convey it to the two leaders.

On the surveillance screen, the figure of the players appeared.

Admiral Joyce’s face darkened slightly again as he looked at this group of loosely disciplined braves. His entire body was enveloped by low air pressure.

His request was rejected by the Lord Marshal.

There was also no mercy. If he continued to insist on keeping the braves at the base, his position of commander would be replaced.

He had no doubt that if he really said one more word, the marshal would remove him.

Si Sheng might be young but he was the patron saint of the Roland Empire and the soul of this entire army. Admiral Joyce couldn’t defy him.

Thus, Admiral Joyce had to put up with it.

He couldn’t watch his men die. The only thing he fought for was the ability to ignore the safety of these braves.

If necessary, he could even give them up.

Admiral Joyce’s eyes flashed with disgust as he looked at the braves still smiling in the surveillance video.

He would make the emperor understand that the weak were the weak. They should honestly stay in their own position, not meddling in other things and making trouble for others!

The players didn’t know they were being monitored.

After meeting their leader and fellow elite soldiers in the square, they followed their respective teams and boarded the military shuttle again.

The shuttle took off slowly and crossed the wall barriers.

The moment they crossed the gate, the barrier of the protection magic circle opened a hole and closed quickly after they passed through.

Then the shuttle started to sink. It was close to the ground as it moved all the way forward.

After three years of effort, the front line army had cleared the interstellar beasts on the southern border. They had pushed the border forward by a few kilometers.

It was just that the guardian magic circle couldn’t expand outward. The ground might be safe but the sky was still unprotected. Thus, the shuttle could only fly close to the ground to avoid provoking an attack from the air overlords.

In terms of the air, the Roland Empire didn’t have any effective combat capabilities.

“The modeling of this game is really amazing!”

On the shuttle, several female players gathered together while whispering. Their eyes fell on the 100 elite soldiers on the other side and a few were starry-eyed.

The soldiers were in full gear. Not all of them were good looking but their fierce and masculine demeanor were inexplicably shocking.

“Lieutenant Colonel Li Lai is so handsome!”

“I didn’t expect him to be a lieutenant colonel in Starry Sky. Sob, I didn’t pay attention to him before. Now that I’m seeing the real person, he is really handsome!”

“Is Li Lai also a card from Game of the Gods? How come I don’t have an impression of him?”

“Yes, it is a white card. He is an officer who likes to cook and there is a bonus when running a restaurant.”


Li Lai stood at the front and was expressionless, but looking closely, one could see his gritted teeth and veins faintly bulging from his forehead.

He might’ve been mentally prepared but the discipline of these braves was still so poor that he wanted to beat up people.

Where did they think they were going now? An outing?

As a result, the players soon received a notification that their favorability had decreased.

[Ding~ The favorability of Li Lai has reduced by 1,000 and is in the ‘disgust’ range. He might kill you at any time. Please be careful.]

F*k, a drop of 1,000 favorability?!

Qing Yan also had an ugly expression.

She obviously hadn’t done anything this time. She was discussing the next strategy with a few professional gods. How could her favorability be decreased?

After the inquiry, she found that everyone had lost 1,000. She should’ve been linked with them.

So it seemed like…

Her Li Zhecheng was too good! Whoever offended him would have the favorability decreased and he wouldn’t implicate others.

Qing Yan cursed lightly but she finally remembered to use the team channel to restrain the players.

She whispered, “This is an epic mission. Everyone, wake up. No one wants the mission to fail, right?”

“Just think of it as role play. We are now soldiers. Look at the NPC soldiers and follow what they are doing. Don’t wander around and obey the orders.”

Qing Yan was still very prestigious. The 80 players immediately calmed down and controlled their relaxation. Their attitude was much more correct.

Li Lai glanced at everyone.

He didn’t know why these braves suddenly became serious but it didn’t affect his perception of them.

A group of rabble!

Seeing that they finally settled down, he didn’t waste any more time and started to talk about the operation.

“This time, we will escort 10 elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City and establish an elementalist branch in Orchid Moon City. Therefore, we don’t need to escort the children back to Imperial City this year.”

This was actually good news for them. Of course, this was if the braves weren’t involved.

“Once we reach the front line, we can no longer use the shuttle. At that time, we will need to walk to Orchid Moon City. It is expected to take seven days.”

“We must rush to Orchid Moon City within seven days.”

“It is because the rations and materials we can carry can only last for seven days. We will be in great trouble if we can’t reach Orchid Moon City in seven days.”

Hearing this, the players suddenly realized a very serious problem.

This mission actually lasted for a week!

If the NPC team left during their offline period, they would be left where they were and the mission would fail!

However, they weren’t NPCs. The game cabin might have nutrient solution supplements but it wasn’t enough to support them for so long.

Besides professional players, who could play the game day and night? This mission was too unreasonable! Did it not want to let the players finish it?

The imperial palace.

Xu Sili looked at the contents transmitted by the flight monitor. This device was newly bought and he sent it to the front line. He set up a surveillance station in the dark room.

He heard Li Lai’s words and finally realized that something was wrong.

This was indeed a very big vulnerability and was very restrictive to players. But—

If the players’ mission failed then it failed. It wouldn’t make any difference to him as long as Li Lai could successfully reach Orchid Moon City.

However, he still had to increase the stakes to let the players work hard to get the job done.

He opened the mission editor and organized the language.

Just as the players recoiled a bit, a notification suddenly appeared in front of them.

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the epic mission – Elementalist Branch – Orchid Moon City.]

[This is a side mission of the epic mission, Elementalist Branch. Please escort the 10 elementalist instructors to Orchid Moon City and establish the elementalist branch number 010.]

[MIssion Reward: A large number of experience points, reputation, land construction permit fragment x1.]

At this moment, it wasn’t just the players of Imperial City. The players who had reached Lv 5 in Orchid Moon City and Glass Sea City also received the elite mission corresponding to their main city.

They all boiled over once they saw the description of the land construction permit.

[Collect 50 pieces of land construction permit fragments. You can exchange it for one piece of land in the faction warehouse to construct a mercenary group territory.]

Oh my god!

Mercenary group territory? Didn’t this mean a guild base?

There might not be the shadow of a guild—After all, it was only the closed beta right now. However, it didn’t stop the players from being excited and enthusiastic.

This was a treasure!

Anyone who had ever played games could understand the value of this thing. Even if they didn’t join a guild, this land construction permit fragment could be sold for a good price.

Due to the potential shown by Starry Sky Age, there was absolutely no reason to worry that this permit fragment couldn’t be sold!

The Orchid Moon and Glass Sea players who were originally complaining all shut up at this moment. They didn’t seem to need to contribute and could still gain the mission reward?

Except, of course, the players who hadn’t reached Lv 5 yet.

The players of the Twilight Frost and Seizing Star cities who hadn’t received the mission yet were starting to rejoice. Maybe they could grab a share of the reward later? Now they had to hurry up and do their daily tasks to level up!

The impact of the land construction permit fragment was enormous. The players’ energy and spirit were suddenly raised to a higher level.

Originally, most of the 162 players were professional players. It might be hard to spend seven days and nights in the game but…

This was a land construction permit fragment!

Just now, they had received messages from their respective clubs. No matter what, they had to complete this task and get the permit fragment!

A few of the clubs also waved their hands and offered incomparably generous rewards.

It was no wonder that the club attached so much importance to them. The closed beta had only started a week and Starry Sky Age had already swept through the major game evaluation websites, video websites and hot search lists of the hottest social networks.

Holographic games had been on people’s minds for many years. In fact, some of them had been produced in recent years but the quality was generally poor and hadn’t caused any waves.

Starry Sky Age was different.

This technology was definitely the best in the world. It was hard to believe that the video footage of Starry Sky Age wasn’t a false promotional ad shot later.

It wasn’t until more and more closed beta players started the live broadcast and there were more high quality videos that netizens had to believe that this holographic game was real!

This alone was enough to ignite the enthusiasm of game lovers.

Of course, the only drawback of Starry Sky Age at present was that the game cabin was too expensive! Moreover, the restriction of one person per cabin caused great dissatisfaction.

However, if the cheaper game helmet could be released during the public beta then this problem would be solved very well.

Now these forward-looking clubs had started to seize the game resources.

They had to take this guild base!

The players clenched their hands with excitement.

Wasn’t it just seven days? It was just putting in long hours and staying up late!

In any case, their body was in a dormant state in the game cabin and there was no risk of sudden death. Moreover, according to the NPC setting, the NPC would definitely need to rest and eat along the way. They could take advantage of that time to go offline.

The land construction permit fragment! They had to get it!

Seeing the players’ big eyes brighten one by one and the expression on their faces becoming extremely excited, Li Lai felt…

This group of braves might have a brain disease.

He sighed inwardly and he suppressed his worries about the future journey. He continued to give his explanation.

“Between Imperial City and Orchid Moon City, the most dangerous areas are the Asmo Mountains and Neria River. After crossing these two natural dangers, we have completed around 80% of the mission.”

Li Lai said solemnly, “The jungle of the Asmo Mountains is dense. There are countless offensive plants and one or two star interstellar beasts located in it.”

A light screen appeared beside him. Various interstellar beasts that had been detected were constantly emerging.

“We have even found traces of three star interstellar beasts in recent days.”

On the screen, a huge figure appeared.

According to Li Lai’s explanation, this three-star interstellar beast was called the rock beast. They could disguise themselves as huge rocks that were difficult to find with the naked eye.

This was also discovered by the flight monitor.

The soldiers listened carefully even though the information was already memorized by them.

The players also got rid of all their distractions. This information could greatly improve the completion rate of the task and they naturally valued it. Some people turned on the recording.

Proofreader: Purichan

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