VCRMM: Chapter 66 Part 2

After changing his clothes, Xu Sili rose out of the palace with Si Sheng on the back of the shadow leopard.

He left the gate of the inner city and looked down to see swarms of people walking on the main road. They were densely packed like ants.

Xu Sili looked at the flow of people—it was the slum he had seen before.

The old and dilapidated bungalows were connected together, many without even tiles to cover their heads. They could only live in tents.

Where were they going now?

“September, fly slowly. Let’s go ahead to take a look,” Xu Sili ordered.

The shadow leopard was already accustomed to Xu Sili’s orders so he roared and carried the two men forward.

Finally, they came to the fork in the road.

The main road, which previously extended all the way to Mercenary Town, had been changed by the elementalist engineering team and was now separated by a fork in the road that headed toward Doha Town. 

Xu Sili looked at the direction of the flow of people and probably understood something. He called up the panel of Doha Town and sure enough, the population was increasing rapidly.

It should be that the houses in Doha Town had been built so Wen Jishan organized these poor people to let them settle in Doha Town.

In the crowd, he did see the figures of the soldiers.

Xu Sili’s lips curved as he looked at the gradually emptying slums and the people rushing to Doha Town below.

Previously, he would feel depressed every time he passed by here and saw the slums.

Now… everything was getting better.

Maybe once the construction of Doha Town was completed, the next upgraded urban area could be the slums.

It was close to the inner city so in fact, the location wasn’t bad. It might be able to develop into a special area.

For example… the player’s guild territory?

The large mercenary groups had private territories that were generally funded by their wealthy backers. Currently, the number of players was too small to establish a mercenary group but this didn’t mean it couldn’t be established in the future.

The players must be included in the mercenary system.

He planned to extend the mercenary system to the whole country. It just wasn’t possible right now due to the limitations of the communicator but he would surely be able to do it with the development of the nation.

Then the mercenary platform would be very convenient.

The guild territory was also a way to stimulate players to work. A territory could definitely make the guild players be full of chicken blood day and night.

In any case, he now had a lot of empty land and there was nothing he couldn’t give to the players. He could let them build independently and spontaneously and he just needed to lie down and collect taxes.

Xu Sili planned it in his heart. Then for this epic mission…

Should he reward them with a piece of land?

However, these 162 players definitely weren’t in a guild. Would they fight?

Then why not change the original beast fighting arena into an arena and let the players fight there? Then he could still charge some entrance fee and the television broadcasting could continue to be carried out.

After all, Mercenary Town was now prosperous and it was no longer suitable for running the beast fighting arena. If it wasn’t well controlled, it was likely to bring huge losses like the riot of the interstellar beast last time.

The young man’s lips curved up happily and the little abacus in his heart crackled.

Si Sheng was holding him and felt the young man’s mind wandering again.

Si Sheng felt a bit helpless but there was a spoiled smile on his lips. Driven by his thoughts, September waved his wings and flew in the direction of Mercenary Town.

Mercenary Town.

Su Lin’s residence.

After successfully growing the Black Valley and producing thousands of jin at a time, Su Lin stopped farming. The farmland was now being taken care of by the new wood elementalists.

He didn’t hide it and made the growing method of the Black Valley public. This way, these wood elementalists could quickly gain points while letting Mercenary Town build granary after granary.

Meanwhile, he plunged into the library of the Elementalist Academy, going through various ancient books and materials to find clues to develop a health recovery potion.

He once boasted in front of the emperor that the blood recovery potion should be developed as soon as possible so that the soldiers on the front lines would no longer die due to untimely treatment.

It wasn’t just talk.

Su Lin had always kept this matter in mind so he desperately worked to grow the Snow Valley. He might’ve suffered a lot but he didn’t give up.

In the end, it took him a month to really grow Snow Valley!

The result was gratifying but Su Lin wasn’t carried away by it. He had just taken the first step in the journey. There were still many difficult problems to overcome.

It was worth mentioning that the use of magic to ripen the plants day and night squeezed him to the extreme every day but this allowed Su Lin to successfully enter the threshold of a one star elementalist.

He was the first spiritual elementalist to correct his training path and in just over a month, he rushed directly from a poor student at the bottom to the rank of a one star.

This shocked countless people but also heated up his classmates.

Su Lin would occasionally hear words of admiration and worship but he knew he was nothing compared to the emperor.

The emperor was the true genius!

Unfortunately, not many people knew this.

In the eyes of many people, the emperor was still the newly enthroned young monarch. He was too young to fully convince the public, even if he had grown.

Su Lin felt that these people were speaking nonsense.

Where would he be without the emperor? What about the current Mercenary Town?

He always remembered the day when the young emperor gently tapped him on the shoulder and spoke words of affirmation to him.

He would not disappoint the emperor!

However, staying in the library for several days didn’t give him any clues. Just as he was feeling extremely depressed, Dean Justin handed him a potion formula.

The dean said it was given by the emperor.

The moment he saw Snow Valley among the materials, Su Lin understood—this was the formula for the health recovery potion!

Su Lin didn’t know where the emperor had obtained it but he knew that as long as it was given by the emperor, there would be nothing wrong with it.

This was the formula for the health recovery potion!

However, it was useless to have the formula alone. It was also necessary to refine the finished product. In particular, the last step of elemental quenching was only for elemental pharmacists who had long been lost.

Su Lin wasn’t discouraged. On the contrary, he was very excited.

Having the right formula could save him a lot of detours! Now what he had to do was configure the physical object.

Su Lin was full of the research spirit and plunged into the experiment again. He was locked in his cabin every day and only came out when the materials were used up.

On this day, Su Ye finally couldn’t stand it and knocked on the door of his younger brother’s house.

Su Lin came to open the door and looked haggard with big, dark circles under his eyes. He looked at his brother standing outside the door with some doubts.

“Brother, why are you here?”

Su Ye’s usually gentle expression was a bit dark at the moment. He looked at his brother in a worried manner. “Lin, you can’t go on like this.”

“Brother, what are you saying…”

Su Lin was very dazed. He grabbed his hair and remembered why he had just come out. “I’m going to find someone. I can’t speak to you.”

Then he raised his feet to leave.

Su Ye grabbed him. “Who are you looking for? I’ll help you find him. However, you must promise me to take a shower and have a good rest.”

He stuffed the food box in his hand into Su Lin’s hands. “Also, eat something.”

Su Lin opened his mouth but he was flicked on the forehead by Su Ye. “Remember, you aren’t an adult yet. I am your older brother and have the right to manage you.”

Su Lin hugged the food box and rubbed his forehead while stammering out, “Yes. Then… Brother, help me find a fire elementalist to come over. The strength should be half a star or more.”


Not long after, Su Ye pulled Gu Lie over and found that Su Lin had only eaten half the meal when he actually fell asleep on the table.

He sighed. He didn’t want to wake his brother so he took a blanket to cover Su Lin. Then he pulled Gu Lie to sit next to him.

Gu Lie also cooperated.

This month, he and Su Ye had managed the team together and learned a lot from each other.

Now he was no longer as arrogant as before and stopped competing with Su Ye.

But… what was Su Ye pulling him to do?

The border of Imperial City.

Tents were stationed on the west side of the barracks. At the square on the east side, the soldiers were practicing while shouting in unison. The sound could be heard from far away.

Players heard the movement from the shuttle.

Currently, their teaching activities had been stopped for some time.

After all, the flight time was long and not everyone could stay in the game all the time. There were many people who went offline in between and waited until it was almost time to arrive before coming back.

Professor Belen had received Xu Sili’s reminder and secretly observed the players. He found that they disappeared and reappeared out of thin air.

He secretly remembered it in his heart and was ready to explain the matter when he saw the commander.

Once the destination was visible, the players rushed to the window to get a better view of the camp below.

This funny appearance once again made Professor Belen feel that they were unreliable.

The people from the army also felt they were unreliable.

Admiral Joyce was the current decision maker of the border army.

He had received an order from the marshal to investigate the braves and was deeply puzzled.

Even if the emperor didn’t understand, why was the marshal agreeing with this nonsense when he had experienced hundreds of battles?

The escort mission had always been difficult and there was a high casualty rate. This tested the soldiers’ ability and tacit understanding.

He didn’t feel that the temporary dispatch of more than a hundred people would make the escort task smoother. On the contrary, it would bring endless trouble.

He didn’t want the elites he had worked so hard to train to be buried in the mouths of the interstellar beasts due to this stupid order! 

This confusion turned into deep dissatisfaction and anger after actually seeing the players.

Admittedly, these braves had elemental fluctuations. They were all elementalists but…

They were really too weak!

Maybe he could crush them with one finger.

How could such people help in the escort mission? Admiral Joyce seemed to see the destruction of the elite army he had worked so hard to raise.

He absolutely couldn’t allow such people to enter the team!

Otherwise, the 202 soldiers wouldn’t be escorting 20 people but 182 people!

Admiral Joyce’s face darkened eerily and he pursed his lips. He decided to stop such a ridiculous decision no matter what.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Thank you for translating this!!!! I feel like all the stories you translate are all very quality stories! I love this one!

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