VCRMM: Chapter 66 Part 1

Xu Sili was initially stunned listening to Professor Belen’s impassioned words. Then he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Make the players go back?

Why don’t you go and ask the player right? My guess is that if you really say this, they will refuse you in minutes!

Xu Sili shook his head and spoke in an unfathomable tone, “Professor Belen, it seems that you understand what makes the braves special, but—”

“Compared to their elementalist talent, their racial characteristic is more magical. If you can see this, you might be able to understand my intention behind arranging this.”

Professor Belen froze. A magical racial characteristic?

He hesitated for a moment before saying respectfully, “Your Majesty, can I ask that you make it clearer?”

Xu Sili thought about it and found there was nothing wrong with saying it. Moreover, letting the commander of the escort team know about this would allow the players to better play a role.

Otherwise, based on their current strength, it was estimated that it would be difficult for players to get the attention of the commander.

Thus, he explained to Professor Belen that players could be resurrected.

As for how he knew? Didn’t a player die when the server just started? Just use him as an example.

Listening to the emperor’s explanation, Professor Belen felt like he had fallen into a dream. It was difficult for his mind to return for a long time.


Wasn’t this a joke?

Was there really such a racial characteristic?

It took a long time for him to regain his voice and he couldn’t help saying, “Your Majesty, isn’t this conclusion too hasty?”

“Maybe… maybe the brave man did die and it was his brother who reappeared?”

Xu Sili glanced at him.

He knew this was going to happen so he hadn’t told the NPCs before. If he said it, he would have to explain a lot and they might not believe him.

He didn’t want to waste anymore time so he waved his hand. “Once you get to the border, tell the commander about this.”

“As for whether it is true or not, you will find out yourself.”

Xu Sili didn’t continue to argue and cut off the communication.

He looked at the surveillance footage and didn’t bother to care about it any longer. He got up and left the dark room. He stretched and the moment he was about to go out for a walk, the communicator rang.

It was Xiao Wu.

The little robot hovered on the communicator and called out happily, “Brother, good morning~”

“Good morning.”

Xu Sili smiled in a good mood.

Xiao Wu didn’t run over for nothing. He looked at Xu Sili and said, “Brother, there is a new message on the Star Network side. It is the Mu person from before. Do you want to take a look?”

Now Xiao Wu’s speech had completely lost its mechanical feeling. He was like a soft and dedicated little cutie.


Xu Sili blinked. 

Oh, he remembered. It was the researcher who wanted him to sing for his sister. Xu Sili refused but he hadn’t given up. The researcher said he would consider coming to Escher Star.

“Yes, I’ll look at it.” Xu Sili nodded.

“Okay, Brother. Please wait.”

Soon, a few lines of text appeared on the light curtain.

Xu Sili glanced at it and couldn’t help raising his eyebrow.

This researcher… he was really ready to come! He had also done a lot of research. He knew that Escher Star was indeed unsafe and he even applied to the Interstellar Alliance for help.

 Now he needed the consent of the planet’s owner, the emperor, to allow him to enter through the safe passage.

Otherwise, it was doubtful if this brother and sister could safely dodge the attacks of the sky interstellar beasts, let alone the Bewatt Empire.

Xu Sili couldn’t help but touch his chin.

It seemed that this researcher’s energy should be quite large. He was able to find the Interstellar Alliance directly and he really received help.

Xu Sili didn’t mind having a good relationship with this person.

In this way, he had Xiao Wu reply to the other person, agreeing to authorize him and his sister to come. Then Xu Sili turned off the communicator and walked to the singing room.

The only two skills he had learned could be upgraded today. He didn’t know what changes would occur but he was quite looking forward to it.

In the singing room, the sunlight penetrated through the tempered glass and illuminated the whole room brightly. It made people feel bright and comfortable.

The young man in loose clothing walked barefoot on the soft carpet. He took a guitar and sat down on a chair by the window.


His fingers flicked and the strings gave off a gentle and serene melody.

The sound insulation of the singing room was very good. Even if someone shouted from inside, it was impossible to hear from outside.

In addition, he was now able to perfectly control his voice within the range he wanted.

The low singing echoed through the room.

The sound elements came alive, frolicking and jumping like children. However, an invisible barrier blocked them before they could spread through the walls.

Beyond the wall, the sound elements wandered calmly without being affected. They weren’t as crazy as the sound elements in the singing room.

Xu Sili sang quietly while injecting his magic into the sound elements. It might just be an ordinary guitar but he could feel that after matching with the musical instrument, his ability to control the sound elements had enhanced a lot.

[Ding~ Successfully launched the ranged skill ‘Sprouting’, proficiency +1.]

[Ding~ The proficiency of Sprouting has reached 100 and the level is increased to Lv 2.]

Xu Sili blinked and he couldn’t help sighing with relief when he saw that Sprouting had gained one level.

It finally rose after singing it 100 times.

He hurriedly opened the skill panel and looked at the upgraded song attributes.


[Type: Escher Star Folk Song

Affiliation: Sound skill

Level: Lv 2

Role: A ranged skill that can immerse the audience in the general energy of the spring breeze, gaining a vigorous, thriving state and stimulating growth.

Combat effect:

1. Restore 20 points of health every second until the end of the song.

2. After listening a certain number of times, the listener’s element affinity will be slightly enhanced.

Magic consumed: 100.

Current proficiency: 100/500.]

It rose from 10 health points per second to 20 health points per second! In other words, 1,200 health points could be restored in one minute.

It took five minutes to sing the full song i.e. it was a song that could restore 6,000 health. This was a very good health recovery technique at this stage!

Xu Sili smiled slightly. As for the second characteristic, it changed from ‘extremely slight enhancement’ to slightly enhanced.

He just didn’t know how big the difference was…

In addition, it took 500 proficiency points to reach lv 3 which meant he had to sing it 400 more times.

Xu Sili shook his head and closed the skill panel.

He might like music but he had always been gifted. In his previous life, he rarely sung a song so many times in such a short period of time except for a national tour.

100 times was already enough, let alone 400 times.

Xu Sili decided to take his time. There was no hurry.

He had moved his mouth constantly and felt a bit thirsty. He had just put down the guitar when he heard a knock on the door.

There was only one person who could knock on the door of his room.

“Come in,” he spoke lazily.

Obviously, the volume wasn’t loud or small. It shouldn’t have been heard but he saw the doorknob turn gently. Then a familiar tall figure appeared in his vision.

“Your Majesty.”

The man looked at him and smiled slightly.

The beautiful gray eyes, like the Milky Way in the sky, shone with small lights that fascinated Xu Sili.

As Xu Sili was feeling stunned, Si Sheng had already come to him with a tray in hand. He thoughtfully said, “Your Majesty, do you want to rest for a while?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips while looking at the tea set and pastries placed on the tray. Then he stood up, took the tray and placed it casually on the table next to him.

“Don’t do these things in the future.”

He put the guitar back in place and said to Si Sheng.

Si Sheng blinked when he heard these words and looked at him with some confusion.

However, the young man didn’t look at him. Xu Sili just picked up the biscuit on the plate, nibbled at it before dropping it.

The biscuit struck the porcelain plate and made a clear sound.

Then he lifted the teacup again. His rosy lips were pressed against the rim of the cup and he took a sip before saying, “You are the marshal. You don’t need to do this for me.”

He was doing all the work of the maids and Janice had been growing mushrooms out of idleness these days.

Si Sheng clenched his fists slightly. Then after a long time, he suddenly whispered, “That… then this servant won’t be the marshal.”

This time, Xu Sili froze.

He looked sideways at Si Sheng. The light in this man’s eyes had become dimmer. He still had that handsome, indifferent face but at this moment, he revealed some pitiful grievance.

He blinked, put down his teacup and walked toward this person.

The young man came to Si Sheng. He raised his hand, gently touched Si Sheng’s cheek and asked doubtfully, “Si Sheng, what’s wrong with you?”

Si Sheng didn’t talk. He slightly lowered his eyes and stared at the young man in a deep, focused manner.

In the end, it was Xu Sili who lost the battle.

“Okay.” He pursed his lips and couldn’t help asking, “Don’t you feel annoyed?”

He felt it was a bit too much to let the powerful Si Sheng do this type of trivial matter. Also… he didn’t want to see Si Sheng wrong himself to please him.

Si Sheng looked at the young man. Just as Xu Sili was about to retract his hand, Si Sheng held it again.

The young man’s hand was delicate and smooth. It was very different from his rough hands and it emitted a soft body temperature that made him nostalgic.

How could it be annoying?

In order to take care of his Lord God this way and be close to him in this way was something Si Sheng had longed for.

However, this love could only be buried in his heart.

He said softly, “Your Majesty’s affairs are all important matters for this servant.”

Xu Sili was held by him but had no sense of being taken advantage of. It was just that Si Sheng’s deep and charming eyes made him feel a bit hot.

F&k, why was this guy so good at talking?

Did the game group add sweet words to him when transferring his data?

Xu Sili silently looked away but he couldn’t bear to withdraw his hand.

He looked at the musical instruments in the room and could only say, “Well… I wonder how the weapon store in Mercenary Town is doing?”

The topic change was very blunt and Xu Sili was a bit embarrassed by the end.

Si Sheng followed along with his words and said, “Your Majesty, do you want to go and see it?”

Xu Sili hadn’t gone out for a long time. The last time he visited Doha Town for an inspection, he only circled around in the sky once. Then he was delayed by other things.


He nodded happily. It was convenient to have Si Sheng there.

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