VCRMM: Chapter 65 Part 2

Su Mo didn’t see the other person’s shocked expression and directly equipped the armor.

Once he put on the armor, the glow of light appeared again.

The light faded and a heavy copper quality metal sword appeared between the two men.

The heavy sword was more than a meter long. Once placed standing against the ground, the height just reached Su Mo’s lower abdomen.

He reached out to hold the hilt of the sword. Su Mo felt the simple and heavy strength of the sword and nodded with satisfaction.

The first time he entered the game, the direction Su Mo chose was the warrior system. The spiritual system might sound cooler but he still preferred the feeling of hitting flesh.

Don’t look at his tall and lean physique. His initial strength attribute actually reached 10 points. After rising to Lv 5, it was now 15 points.

The weight of the heavy sword was just right.

It was just that his small body carried such a big sword and the impact was too strong.

Jianyu Xingchen was so shocked that he was speechless.

“Boss, you… are you the son of the planners?”

He stammered and asked.

F&k, this was using 2,000 reputation in one shot! He had run all day and night doing missions and had only accumulated over 300 reputation. It seemed that comparing himself to others would only make himself angry!

Su Mo rolled his eyes.

In fact, it was his Chi Yu who gave him reputation points for helping build the houses, even though he didn’t help much.

“Go back.”

He carried the heavy sword on his back and chose the invisibility mode of the armor.

It wasn’t only the armor that could be invisible. The weapon connected to it could also be hidden and this was quite powerful.

In this way, he didn’t seem so ostentatious.

Jianyu Xingchen had already admired him and decided to firmly hold Su Mo’s thighs in the next mission.

There would definitely be profit if he followed the boss!

At this time, the cabin was still noisy.

The two one star elementalist teachers sitting in the corner looked at each other and saw the helplessness and worry in each other’s eyes.

They had no sympathy for the braves around them.

“Edith, we might never see each other again.” The slightly bald middle-aged man sighed slightly and spoke to his female companion.

“Teacher Belen, don’t be so pessimistic. Even if we are separated in two places, we can still use the communicators to communicate.”

Edith softly comforted him.

She was much younger than Belen. Strictly speaking, they should have a teacher-student relationship but now they had become colleagues.

“I’m afraid… there won’t be this chance.” Professor Belen spoke in a somewhat depressed manner.

Edith was silent before asking, “Teacher Belen, why did you sign up to go to Glass Sea City?”

Professor Balen shook his head. “The most senior people are getting older and those with low seniority can’t live. The establishment of the elementalist branches is such a big event. If I don’t go then who will?”

He looked at the woman and said hesitantly, “It is you. You are so young and have a bright future. Why do you need to take this risk?”

Edith smiled. “How can I let the teachers take the lead in everything? Besides, if I reach Orchid Moon City safely, I’ll be the head of the branch and on equal footing with you.”

Professor Belen was both angry and amused but he was in a much better mood due to it.

He looked at the brave people.

These braves consisted of both males and females. There were great differences in body shape and appearance. They weren’t ugly but they gave people an unreliable impression.

He couldn’t understand the emperor’s regard for these braves. They looked so weak. So what if they tested for an elementalist talent?

Did the emperor expect them to become real elementalists in such a short time?

They couldn’t even feel the elements!

“Teacher, you don’t have to worry. In addition to the braves, there are experienced elite soldiers. They are a reliable force. It is precisely due to their existence that the empire can continue to exist today.”

Edith looked worried but she was more optimistic than Belen.

“Hopefully…”  Professor Belen sighed.

The players who were talking to each other didn’t know how unreliable they looked in the eyes of NPCs.

At this point, a player came over to increase his good impression.

“Professor Belen, Professor Edith, please excuse me.”

He carefully saluted the two people. It was clumsy and funny but at least he was more polite than some of his companions.

Edith and Professor Belen glanced at each other. Then they looked at the player and asked, “What can I do for you?”

Edith wasn’t optimistic about the strength of the braves but she still showed the humility and kindness of a teacher. She could even be called gentle.

The player suddenly grinned and rubbed his hands together. “Professor Edith, we are all elementalists now and we are going to escort you to the other main cities soon.”

“However, we don’t have any elementalist skills right now… can you and Professor Belen teach us?”

The moment the player’s words ended, 159 pairs of eyes in the cabin all looked over here.

These eyes were full of eager thirst for knowledge. Both Edith and Professor Belen felt a bit of pressure.

“Elemental training isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight.”

Professor Belen coughed before speaking seriously, “You are trying to learn skills without even going through the introduction. Be careful not to receive the backlash!”

His cold face didn’t scare off the player, who continued to wheedle. “Then Professor, please teach us how to get started.”

“We are going to escort you right now and have to fight the mighty interstellar beasts. Shouldn’t we increase our strength slightly?”

Professor Belen glanced at him and frowned deeply. He stared into the player’s eyes and thought this person was whimsical.

Wanting to improve at this point?

If it was so easy to be an elementalist, there wouldn’t be so few one star elementalists!

Xu Sili couldn’t help laughing as he sat in the palace and watched through the surveillance of the flying shuttle.

The players really had the virtues he wanted.

He just didn’t know…

Would these two professors teach the players?

In fact, he wanted to see the players learn from the elementalists. Would there be a strong talent different from NPCs?

Otherwise, the difference in strength between NPCs and players would really be too big. The 10 times the difference in health couldn’t be offset by the resurrection talent.

Professor Belen fell silent and the other players followed suit.

That’s right, they could learn skills!

Weren’t these two professors going to be teachers? Then teach them.

Unable to help it, Professor Belen glanced at Edith and nodded at her.

Edith stood up.

“Since all the braves want to learn, I will take the time to talk to you about the basic training.”

The so-called basic training method was to first feel the elements. The second step was to use the right method to absorb the elements.

The spiritual system and warrior systems were slightly different. The spiritual system was meditation while the warrior system was body tempering.

The moment Su Mo and Jianyu Xingchen returned to the cabin, they saw a system notification in front of them as soon as they heard Edith’s words.

[Edith is now teaching you the basic training method— the body tempering method. Do you want to learn it?]

Su Mo’s eyes lit up and he immediately agreed to study it.

Then he found that he had entered a mysterious state. Edith’s words were full of abstract concepts but he understood them.

Based on the method she taught, he closed his eyes and felt some colorful spots of light around him.

Most of them were golden light spots—the elemental affinity he chose was the metal system.

He raised his hand and the golden light spots rushed toward him, scrambling to enter his body.

It was a magical feeling.

Su Mo was immersed in this and forgot to move on.

There was a strange silence inside the cabin. The players had either closed their eyes or their eyes had lost focus. They were clearly in a special state.

“Teacher Belen…”

Edith saw this scene and looked at Professor Belen in a disbelieving manner.

Professor Belen also stared with round eyes. His lips trembled and he was speechless.

They were both one star elementalists and had been teaching for many years. It was easy for them to see—

These braves were actually getting started!

Edith had explained it once and they just… understood it all?

What was this amazing talent?

Professor Belen was a bit dazed. Had these braves really not been exposed to elementalist training before?

At this moment, no one could answer him.

The players were immersed in the basic training and completely forgot about everything. They didn’t notice the shock of the two professors at all.

By the time someone emerged from that state, calm had already returned to the faces of the two professors.

It was probably only Xu Sili who knew that they were pretending.

Professor Belen barely maintained his demeanor as he said, “Congratulations, you have gotten started.”

The players saw his calm expression and didn’t think it was so great. They quickly urged, “Then Professor, please teach us skills!”

The corners of Professor Belen’s mouth twitched.

He restrained the urge to swear and looked at the dozens of graduates who had followed him and Edith to Glass Sea City and Orchid Moon City to set up elementalist branches.

“The brave want to learn so teach them.”

The instructors also recovered from the shock and looked at the players like they were monsters.

How long did it take them to get started?

It seemed to be almost a year!

Meanwhile, these braves just listened to it once and did it? The point was—it wasn’t just one or two. It was everyone!

They were confused but they weren’t sloppy at all when teaching.

For skills, the players… could still learn it well!

The two professors and elementalist teachers all fell silent when they saw the skills flying around the cabin and almost affecting the flight.

Then Professor Belen thought about something before getting up and walking out of the cabin.

Xu Sili was watching through the surveillance video when he suddenly received a message from Dean Justin that someone wanted to contact him.

Xu Sili probably guessed something and nodded in agreement.

He saw the somewhat balding Professor Belen appearing on the light screen of the communicator. Professor Belen’s expression was very strange but his excitement and determination could be seen.

“Your Majesty, I would like to request that you cancel the escort mission of the braves!”

“They need to go to the Elementalist Academy for further study. Please let them go back to study! Maybe one day, these brave people can really save the empire. Please don’t let them die prematurely!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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