VCRMM: Chapter 65 Part 1

The military shuttle carrying 162 players and 20 elementalist teachers took off from the inner city and flew toward the imperial border.

They would arrive this evening if the journey went well.

At this moment, the interior of the shuttle was noisy. 162 players gathered together. Even if they were speaking on the team channel, they were as noisy as a vegetable market. They had no worries about the future. There was only joy and excitement on their faces.

It was like this wasn’t a trip to the death but a trip where there was treasures waiting to be unearthed.

At this point, Qing Yan started to speak on the team channel.

“According to the mission tip, we will arrive at the front line this afternoon. Then we will follow the commander’s orders to divide into two teams to head to the main cities of Orchid Moon and Glass Sea.”

Qing Yan’s voice became a bit heavy.

“This epic mission isn’t simple. According to the mission description, I think it might be necessary to set up branches in all the four main cities before our mission is completed!”

The players were stunned. Wasn’t it okay to escort their targets and establish an elementalist branch in the target main city?

They hurriedly pulled up the interface of the epic task.

[Elementalist Branches (Epic)]

[Description: The empire will soon send elementalist teachers to the four main cities of Orchid Moon, Glass Sea, Seizing Star and Twilight Frost to set up elementalist branches in the main cities. This is a historic moment!

The road leading to the four main cities is full of powerful interstellar beasts. This road is dangerous and the elementalist teachers need the help of the braves.

Mission content: Please help the elementalist teachers establish elementalist branches in the main cities.]

F*k! It looked like it was true?

Based on the mission description, it really did seem like they had to complete the establishment of branches in the four main cities before it could be completed.

“In addition, look at the following precautions.” Qing Yan’s voice was heard again.

The players who hadn’t looked closely at the contents of the mission scrolled down and saw the last line of small letters.

[Note: If an NPC dies during the escort mission, it will affect the completion rate of the mission.]

Was there a problem with this line? They were escorts and they really couldn’t let anything happen to the NPCs.

Some puzzled people asked questions.

Qing Yan sighed and said, “The mission targets aren’t the only NPCs we are going with this time.”

A lot of people finally reacted.

“Sister Yan, do you mean those soldiers dying will affect our completion rate?”

“That’s right.” Qing Yan nodded. “That is the only way the difficulty can be worthy of the epic rating.”

The two professional gods, Lin Mu and Wang Yang, agreed. “We feel the same way.”

“So everyone should be cautious and work together to finish this task beautifully.”

Everyone agreed with this.

In less than a week, they were able to reach Lv 5. They weren’t rookies and focused on improving their strength.

For such an epic task, there was no need to mention how generous the rewards were.

The players in the other main cities couldn’t change class without them escorting the elementalists over to build the branches!

Then when they received the rewards for this task, their strength would be greatly improved compared to the players in the other main cities. This was their innate advantage.

After personally experiencing the charm of this game, none of them doubted that it wouldn’t be popular in the future.

Now was the perfect time for them to grab resources.

This was why their professional teams sent them into the game in advance. As for the other veteran players…

It was over!

“There is time now. We should split up the teams in advance.”

Lin Mu said, “Both teams were equally important. I hope you put in any effort during the mission.”

“We have limited information. At present, I think we should split into my group and Qing Yan’s group. Do you have any opinions?”

Both of them were great gods so the players had no objections.

The remaining 160 people were equally divided into two teams based on their respective capabilities and specialties.

Of course, they were currently Lv 5 and the attributes gap was small. They mainly looked at health, attack and defense to achieve balance on both sides.

“Brother Hua, I haven’t seen you all week. I previously sent you a message but there wasn’t a reply. Did you set it to mute?”

After dividing up the teams, Qing Yan approached Hua Sui and spoke with a smile.

She looked at the teenager in front of her and felt there seemed to be more changes than the first time they met. She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

In fact, the reason she came to chat was because she was curious. Where did Hua Sui go after being taken away by Li Zhecheng? Did he trigger any special missions?

It was a pity that the teenager didn’t give her a chance to talk.

“Get lost!”

Hua Sui’s eyes were faintly bloodshot and he no longer had the playful smile from when he faced Li Zhecheng. At this moment, he was a bit grumpy and gloomy but overall, he felt more stable.

Qing Yan had a thick skin and was completely unmoved. She continued to tease him with a smile.

Su Mo was sitting by the window in the back row. He got up and went to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and contacted Chi Yu via the communicator.

A small light screen appeared. A young man with red hair appeared on the light screen and he looked at Su Mo with a frown.

Su Mo saw him and smiled.

“Chi Yu, I’m on the shuttle and should be able to arrive at the border in the afternoon.”

The young man in the video pursed his lips. His pair of good-looking eyes were slightly red at the moment.

“Su Mo, I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

He frowned deeply and his eyes were filled with worry and uneasiness.

Su Mo blinked. “What’s wrong? Why are you apologizing?”

Was this Chi Yu crying? What was going on?

“I didn’t know you would be sent to the border to do such a dangerous mission…”

Chi Yu bit his lip and his voice trembled. “If I hadn’t sent you to the Elementalist Academy…”

After testing his talent, Chi Yu took him home that night to celebrate. Then he was recruited by the empire the next day.

It was only then that Chi Yu knew all the brave people who had the talent of an elementalist had to carry out the escort mission.

Chi Yu was very puzzled.

Su Mo might’ve successfully tested for the talent of an elementalist but he hadn’t trained or studied. He was still an ordinary person and he was very weak.

Why did the empire send him to escort the elementalist teachers? The wilderness was so dangerous. Wasn’t this sending him to death?

Chi Yu was determined to rebuild the empire and he hoped the empire would become better. If necessary, he could go to the front lines to fight.

However, Su Mo was different.

He was an outsider and so weak. Wasn’t it too much to ask him to die and make a meaningless sacrifice?

For a moment, Chi Yu’s faith in the empire and the emperor shook.

Could the braves be treated like this just because they weren’t natives? This was a bit hard for him to accept.

Su Mo was stunned. Then he realized that Chi Yu’s red eyes were for himself and he felt ecstatic. The feeling of his excitement made him want to fly to his sweetheart.

It was a pity that now he could only look at Su Mo through the light screen.

“I thought it was because of something else.” Su Mo shook his head and smiled. “Don’t worry, I will come back safely.”

“Once I come back, I will be a great elementalist. If someone doesn’t listen to you, I’ll beat them up for you!”

Chi Yu might’ve been appointed the chief engineer but he was too young. The engineering team under him were elementalists and it was inevitable that some people didn’t accept him.

Su Mo saw this but his strength didn’t allow him to act. He could only remember these NPCs one by one so he could pay them back later.

Chi Yu smiled reluctantly. He felt that Su Mo was just comforting him and didn’t take it too seriously.

After all, he had never seen someone so old become a strong elementalist.

He looked at Su Mo, his clear red eyes warm and gleaming. They were bright as he said gently and seriously, “You have said it. You must be safe. I will wait for you in Doha Town.”

Su Mo heard this and nodded. “Yes, yes! Once I return, I will cook good food for you!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be absolutely fine!”

Seeing him promise without any worries at all, Chi Yu was infected by him and felt a bit better.

Su Mo wanted to say more words but he heard someone knocking on the door. Chi Yu also noticed it.

He knew that Su Mo was on a military shuttle and it could be regarded as entering the army. He was worried that Su Mo would be punished so he hurriedly said farewell and hung up.

Su Mo was reluctant but the call was over. He had no choice but to open the door and go out.

As a result, he saw none other than Jianyu Xingchen standing in the corridor while still maintaining the action of raising his hand to knock on the door.

Su Mo’s eyes suddenly became ferocious.

“What are you doing?” His voice was cold.

Jianyu Xingchen felt a deep chill. He had clearly adjusted the realism value to 0. How could there still be this type of feeling?

“Boss, what are you doing there?” He asked curiously.

Players didn’t have those needs…

He saw Su Mo go in so he came over to see and talk to him.

Who knew that the person inside didn’t move for a long time? Jianyu Xingchen finally couldn’t help it and knocked on the door.

“What’s the matter?” Su Mo was very grumpy.

It wasn’t easy for him to make progress with Chi Yu but this guy actually came to interrupt him!

Was this a person?

“Hahaha, don’t be angry.” Jianyu Xingchen was still smiling.

He understood Su Mo. This boss had a hard mouth and a soft heart. He always protected Jianyu Xingchen at critical moments. Jianyu Xingchen wouldn’t lose anything even if Su Mo spoke a few harsh words.

“Look at the good thing I brought you.”

He pulled a dagger out of his backpack. “I got it when I fought NPC robbers. Boss, I think you don’t have a weapon yet?”

“Here, I’ll give it to you.”

Su Mo indeed didn’t have a weapon. After all, he couldn’t use it. Still, he had followed Chi Yu all the time and was in contact with elementalists every day. He actually completed many high quality tasks.

In particular, his reputation had risen particularly fast.

“Keep it yourself.”

Su Mo spoke lightly. He could feel Jianyu Xingchen’s kindness so his expression improved.

“Boss, but…”

Jianyu Xingchen wanted to say something when a light flashed between him and Su Mo.

He knew that this happened when there was a transaction with the faction warehouse. Then his jaw dropped.

This was copper quality Invisible Armor!

It was worth 1,000 reputation points!

Proofreader: Purichan

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Thank you for your hard work!

Grave digger
Grave digger
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CY and SM are so cute, I could read and entire story about them alone.

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Me, too. I looked at other translations (which are not as good as Rainbow’s!) And there should be some extras at the end about SM and CY! I can’t wait!