VCRMM: Chapter 64 Part 2

In fact, there were actually two members of the game development team among the closed beta players. However, they were very confused at the moment.

According to the plan, NPCs going to the main cities to establish branches shouldn’t happen at this time point and there should be no players involved.

After all, the closed beta files wouldn’t be deleted. The strength of the closed beta players should be suppressed so that the gap with the public testing players wouldn’t be too big.

The fact that so many players reached Lv 5 within a week of the game launching was also unexpected by the game planners.

It was all due to the daily missions!

The staff member who found the situation had reported the problem. Then after investigating the main brain, no bugs were found. The developments were in line with the reasoning.

The game team was surprised to get this result but once the game world started, they couldn’t stop or rewrite it forcibly.

So they could only act as bystanders. As for the fact that too fast a progress in the game could affect the game experience of the public beta players…

Let’s think about it later!

As a result, the game continued without any interference.

Xu Sili wasn’t so relaxed.

When deciding the task rating, he gritted his teeth and chose the epic mission. In other words, every player who successfully picked up the mission would consume 100 points of his magic.

It was set as an elite mission but the establishment of elementalist branches was indeed historic.

This would definitely motivate players and enhance their sense of belonging to the empire!

This might cost him 20,000 points of magic. Of course, not all 200 players would be able to sign up.

At present, only half the players had reached Lv 5. The remaining players needed to reach the Elementalist Academy within 24 hours and raise their level to 5. This wasn’t a small challenge.

This was also a screening.

Why should he consume his valuable magic for those who were usually lazy and didn’t work hard on the daily upgrades to improve their strength?

The escort mission was no joke. A lack of strength would slow down their teammates!

For this epic mission, the standard he asked for was no losses.

It didn’t matter whether it was the elementalists being escorted or the 200 elite soldiers and two military officer level officers. He didn’t want any of them to die.

It was time for the players to show off their skill!

Yet even if it was only half the players, it wasn’t a small burden for Xu Sili who currently had a magic limit of 3,700.

So after the release of the mission, he sent away Si Sheng and left his bedroom to find Asheng.

He was now meditating with all his heart and soul. He could restore 10 magic points in a minute i.e. 600 in an hour.

If there was the human-shaped magic gathering array Asheng next to him, the rate could be doubled and it was 1,200 an hour.

Even if this was enough, it made Xu Sili recall the magic recovery potion.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t looked at the future forum in two days. He didn’t know what happened to the fanwork post…

In fact, thinking about it later, that post was a bit brainless. He didn’t know how he sent it out on impulse.

He would wait until evening to go back and delete it. In any case, it shouldn’t be popular. After all, the silhouette of two people holding each other on the clock tower wasn’t an eye-catching restricted picture.

Xu Sili thought about it while walking toward Joan’s residence.

As a result, he encountered an unexpected figure on the road—Qiu Zheng.

Xu Sili had a very good impression of this shy and capable Adjutant Qiu. He just hadn’t expected that after the other person bowed to him…

“Your Majesty, have you finally come to learn how to deal with government affairs?”

Looking at the bright eyes behind the glasses, Xu Sili remembered that he had asked Qiu Zheng to move to the palace in order to facilitate his work.

It seemed like… he lived around here?

Qiu Zheng looked at the emperor with joy but his smile soon froze.

He saw the emperor blinking before looking at him with surprise and disbelief, as if saying, ‘I am a poor man who has just ascended to the throne for two months. I don’t have any real power or position. You are asking me to handle the affairs?’

Qiu Zheng looked at Xu Sili and hesitated before gritting his teeth. “Your Majesty, although…”

“Adjutant Qiu, this emperor has important things to do.”

Xu Sili said lightly. “If you have something you can’t make a decision on, you can find the marshal. His decision is my will.”

Then he left happily despite Deputy Qiu’s collapsed expression.

Dealing with government affairs?

It was better to meditate and have fun!

Qiu Zheng watched the back of the leaving emperor and gave a deep sigh. Then he straightened his back slowly and continued to deal with the piled up government affairs in high spirits.

He must be able to leave work on time today.


Since it was a task for all players, it was equivalent to a full server announcement. Xu Yuheng also saw this mission in the distant Orchid Moon City.

He was now on his way to the border with Baifeng. If they were lucky, they might arrive in 10 days.

The speed wasn’t fast but Xu Yuheng regarded it as a hike. In addition, this was a game so he didn’t feel tired.

Moreover, the scenery of Orchid Moon City was very good due to the low level of development. Even on such a wild map, the details were very real and natural. No flaws could be found.

“Brother Yu, look at this. It is so beautiful!”

Baifeng pointed at the sky. It was late in the evening and the sun was setting in the west. It hung above the mountains and turned the clouds a beautiful yellow-orange.

Xu Yuheng nodded. He looked at the vast plains area in front of him and the beautiful sunset, feeling a peace he hadn’t felt for a long time.

Then he soon withdrew his gaze and continued on his way.

He was going to see his brother. This was a goal that wouldn’t be hindered by anything.

[Ding~ Congratulations on triggering the elite mission – Disaster Relief.]

He had just taken a few steps when a notification window appeared in front of his eyes.

Xu Yuheng looked back at Baifeng. He saw Baifeng’s confusion and knew this was a task that only he received.

Rather than hiding it, he posted the mission description in the team channel.

[Disaster Relief (Elite)]

[Description: Due to famine, Guluo Village in Orchid Moon City has no crops this year. The villagers are suffering from famine and need your help.]

[Quest Content: Please provide enough food to the villagers of Guluo Village.]

[Mission Rewards: A floating off-road vehicle x1, Escher coins 20,000.]

This might be an elite mission but Xu Yuheng hadn’t taken it to heart at first. Then he saw the task rewards.

A floating off-road vehicle?

He had seen it in the faction warehouse and it required tens of thousands of reputation points to obtain.

“Wow, Brother Yu!”

Baifeng looked at the mission and jumped excitedly in place. “We can quickly reach the border if there is a floating car! It is also convenient to do things with a car.”

“Brother Yu, this mission must be done!”

Xu Yuheng also felt that this opportunity was rare. A floating car could save him at least half the time. He calmly checked the map with a communicator.

He could use the communicator to view the real-time electronic map. There was no navigation but it was undoubtedly much more reliable than a paper map.

The Guluo Village mentioned above was only 1,000 meters away from them. He should’ve triggered this mission because he entered the range.

It was 1,000 meters away so this task could really be done.


“Where are we going to get food for them?” Xu Yuheng frowned.

How could they get food when there were no stores in the village? Even if there was food, it should be looted by the villagers, right?

“The faction warehouse!”

Baifeng answered with a smile, like he was already seeing the floating car.

“Do you mean the Black Valley in the faction warehouse? However, that can only be redeemed with reputation points. Our reputation isn’t high enough and we don’t have enough points.”

“Hehe, I just saw the update,” Baifeng explained. “Now we can exchange one Escher coin for one jin of Black Valley. We have nearly 20,000 Escher coins so we can exchange it for 20,000 jin!”

Previously, he obtained 10,000 coins from the novice gift pack and 15,000 from killing Baker. He spent some in the middle and there were still 20,000 left.

In fact, the mission should be around 10,000 jin.

One small village had around a few hundred people. If one person got dozens of jin each, they could probably survive for a while.

In addition, Black Valley was a seed. Perhaps they could grow the Black Valley.

The two people found a method and quickly headed in the direction of Guluo Village. They were ready to end the disaster relief and complete the task to get the rewards.

On the other side, Xu Sili finished a round of meditation and was preparing for a break when he received a report from Xiao Wu.

This elite mission was naturally sent by him.

He could see their movements in real time with the positioning. Then he happened to see Guluo Village and remembered that Qiu Zheng had mentioned it. He studied it carefully before writing the mission.

The moment a player stepped into the range of Guluo Village, the mission would be triggered. He believed that no one could resist the temptation of the quest rewards at this stage, let alone his second brother.

His brother liked cars so much and treated them as wives!

Previously, Xu Sili never bought his own cars. His second brother had given them to him. Now he was returning the gift.

He prepared many gifts and would slowly give them through the missions.

He just hoped his brother could stay well in Orchid Moon City. Either wait for Xu Sili to come over or follow the escort team. However, don’t even think about dying.

After seeing the two little red dots go to Guluo Village, Xu Sili turned off the communicator.

He didn’t use the communicator to contact Xu Yuheng.

There was a risk of being monitored. It probably wasn’t a problem with Xiao Wu around but… Xiao Wu was also an NPC.

Besides, there was no meaning if he didn’t see the person.

Xu Sili once again closed his eyes to meditate. This would supplement the magic consumed by the players.

Finally, after 24 hours, 162 players had found Dean Justin, completing the elementalist transfer and successfully received the epic mission.

More mission details were posted on the forum, sparking a lot of discussion.

It was worth mentioning that at the last moment, Hua Sui left the barracks after being tortured for nearly a week and barely registered in time.

By the end of the registration period, all the players who successfully picked up the task gathered and took the bus to the border along with the elementalists.

Proofreader: Purichan

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