VCRMM: Chapter 62 Part 2

Baifeng ate the carrot before clapping his hands and jumping down from the tree.

Then he spoke to Xu Yuheng. “Brother Yu, I’ll go out to find some information. Stay here and watch the children. Jayne…”

At this point, he scratched his head.

“Jayne seems to be scared and doesn’t know what to do. If you are free, you can enlighten him. He is very pitiful.”

Xu Yuheng looked at him.

“Didn’t you say that this is just a game?”

Baifeng pouted. ”It is different.”

Xu Yuheng didn’t bother to care about him. “Okay, go out and be careful.”

“Hey, don’t worry. This town is very safe. In addition, what is the big deal about dying?”

Xu Yuheng glanced at him. He immediately shut his mouth, smiled and waved his hand. Then he flipped over the wall and went out.

Xu Yuheng saw his agile movements and raised an eyebrow.

He might’ve known Baifeng for several years but their contact was limited to online games. Previously, they were separated through the screen. Now they could actually make contact through the Starry Sky Age and it felt quite fresh.

Today’s Baifeng felt a bit different to him.

In the final analysis, the game Starry Sky Age was too real.

Xu Yuheng looked at his hands and clenched them tightly. Still, it was just a game after all.

Since he was unhappy, get rid of the person who made him unhappy.

Xu Yuheng returned to the room and found that Jayne was still sitting by the bedside in a daze. He saw Xu Yuheng coming in and showed a bit of vigilance and only relaxed when he recognized Xu Yuheng.

“Brother Yu,” he cried out obediently.

For Xu Yuheng who was already in his 30s, being called brother by this child made him feel a bit burdened.

It was only when he saw his appearance that was at least 10 years younger in the glass window that he was relieved.

He was pretending to be young so he should continue pretending to the end.

“You didn’t sleep?” He walked to the bed and looked down at the other two children.

They were 3 or 4 years old and were at an age that didn’t know worry as long as they could eat and drink. After reaching a safe place, they settled down naturally and were sleeping soundly.

The older brother Jayne obviously wasn’t so carefree.

“I… I can’t sleep.”

Jayne sniffed and his eyes turned red again.

The black-haired young man with glasses slowly crouched down in front of the child. He raised his eyes and asked gently, “Why can’t you sleep?”

Jayne saw this gentle appearance of listening and pressed his lips together, eyes red. “We have no money…”

“After Grandma died, the valuables in our house were robbed… Baker came to ask for money but we didn’t receive the subsidy this month… we don’t have money to give him and we don’t have money to buy anything to eat…”

Little Jayne looked very frustrated.

“I tried to find a job but no one wanted me. Woo… I don’t know what to do…”

“Brother, what do you think I should do in the future?”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help being moved by the sight of tears dripping down his cheeks.

He once again scolded the planners but was gentle as he reached out to help the child wipe his tears. Then he hugged the child and lightly patted him on the back.

“Don’t cry. There will be a way.”

He comforted in a low voice.

The child leaned against his shoulder and sobbed slightly.

He was soft and obedient. This young voice made people feel unbearable when they heard it.

Xu Yuheng let out a long sigh.

Jayne didn’t want to sleep and Xu Yuheng didn’t force it.

Once the emotions calmed down, he took out a communicator, placed it on Jayne’s wrist and patiently taught him how to use it.

Jayne was ignorant and didn’t understand the value of this thing. He only knew that he could use it to contact Brother Yu and Brother Baifeng.

He heard Xu Yuheng say that it should be hidden and not shown to anyone so he quickly and cautiously covered it with his sleeve to ensure it wouldn’t be exposed.

Xu Yuheng touched his head. This communicator was just in case. It might not necessarily be used.

He just wanted to contact players in the same city to see if he could find a helper when a system notification appeared in front of his eyes.

[Ding~ You have successfully triggered the elite mission – Seeing Injustice. Description: Baker is a bully in the central town of Orchid Moon City and does bad things. You have decided to kill him for the people.]

[Note: This is a special elite mission. You can choose the reward in advance but it must be completed within the specified time. If the mission fails, the reward will be confiscated.]

Xu Yuheng was taken aback.

This mission trigger mechanism was really casual but… an advance reward?

He chose to accept.

[Ding~ You have successfully accepted the elite mission ‘Seeing Injustice.’ Experience points +999, Roland Empire faction reputation +999, Invisible Armor (copper) +1, Escher coins +10,000.]

[Please kill ‘Bully Baker’ within three days or all rewards will be withdrawn.]

Following this notification, a heavy cloth bag and protective armor that glowed faintly appeared before him out of thin air. Jayne stared at the sight.

However, he already understood the magic of this older brother. It wasn’t particularly strange now.

Xu Yuheng grabbed the bag of money with one hand and the armor with the other one. 999 experience points was received and he directly reached Lv 5.

[Ding~ Your personal level has reached Lv 5. Please go to the Elementalist Academy for a talent test to determine your future career direction.]

[Accumulated experience value: 425. After the career direction is determined, this experience can continue to be used for upgrading.]

This message had appeared previously to Baifeng and was one of the reasons why Xu Yuheng was anxious to leave here.

The elementalist academy was only available in Imperial City!

Yet right now, he was more concerned about the armor. He immediately checked its attributes.

[Invisible Armor]

[Description: The 11th generation protective inner armor produced by the Flanders Interstellar Federation, standard equipment.

Quality: Copper

Effect 1: Wearing it will automatically turn you invisible without adding any weight. 2. Every time you suffer an injury, physical damage will be reduced by 300-450. There is a certain chance of causing a counter injury.

Durability: 100

Status: Bound.

Owner: Yushu Linfeng]

Xu Yuheng looked at the attribute and his eyes lit up.

Physical damage was reduced by 300-450.

He had now reached Lv 5 and his total health was 1,100.

Before, he had tested it with Baifeng. His unarmed damage was between 60-70 per blow and 100-130 using a dagger.

Now his strength had increased by 1 point after leveling up and it was estimated that his damage using a dagger would go up to 150.

However, Baker’s strength was unfathomable. Based on the internal information he knew, he could calculate that Baker’s health was at least 10 times his own.

In other words, an elite monster with over 10,000 health.

If he teamed up with Baifeng, each of them needed at least 40 attacks to take Baker down. Of course, there were the critical hits and weakness damage so this number might be reduced.

However, he had to prepare for the worst.

Just now, Baker smashed through the door with a punch and the unarmed damage was definitely more than 300. He and Baifeng would probably be gone after being hit three times.

Now there was this armor and the situation was different.

Xu Yuheng held his heavy money bag.

10,000 Escher coins was enough for him to buy another good weapon…


He suddenly stopped before opening the faction mall.

There was a new batch of weapons on the faction mall. They were cold weapons like daggers but the quality was up to copper. Their attributes were much better than the wooden quality dagger he was currently using.

In addition, it only took 1,000 reputation points to redeem it.

He had just been pre-paid 999 reputation points and he could fully afford it.

Xu Yuheng pushed up his glasses, a bit of playfulness filling his long and narrow phoenix eyes.

This game…

Was he really not going through the back door like Old Wang said?

Why did he feel like someone was helping him and Baifeng?

As he was thinking about this, there was a knock on the door. Baifeng rushed in happily from outside.

“Brother Yu!”

He exclaimed excitedly. Then he saw the armor in Xu Yuheng’s hand and his eyes lit up. “Wow, you also received the task!”

“I’ve put on the armor. Brother Yu, give me a punch and try it out.”

Xu Yuheng didn’t say anything.

Under Jayne’s watch, he punched Baifeng’s face and Baifeng screamed.

“Brother Yu, don’t hit people in the face! How can you greet my face?”

Xu Yuheng glanced at him and spoke in a low voice, “Talk less nonsense. I didn’t hurt you.”

Yes, both of them had adjusted their pain to 5%. The punch just now felt like a gentle pat at best.

The result of the experiment was:

No matter which part of the body was hit, there was an armor effect. It wasn’t like reality where the protective effect would only occur where they blocked.

At this point, the game was still quite humane.

Both of them spent 100 reputation in exchange for a copper quality weapon. Baifeng had a dagger while Xu Yuheng changed to a long sword.

The maximum physical damage was raised to 250 and this made them feel more reassured about the battle.

Then Baifeng went out again and brought back not-so-good news.

Baker wasn’t alone. There were five younger brothers under him.

They were weaker than him but it was two against six. This was obviously detrimental to Baifeng and Xu Yuheng.

They finally decided to find outside aid.

Players participating in the closed beta were other professional players or veteran players. The ratio of each main city was the same so there was no need to worry about finding newcomers who would hold them back.

Therefore, the players still doing the daily tasks in Orchid Moon City suddenly saw a certain message filling the region channel.

[Baifeng]: Recruiting 50 people to complete the elite task ‘Kill the Bully Baker’. Each person will receive 200 Escher coins when the task is completed. You can’t throw the game. Those who are interested, join the group.]

200 Escher coins per person!

Players saw this message and clicked to apply without thinking about it.

The reason was…

They were poor now!

Due to the daily tasks, they leveled up quickly but they couldn’t change class. Apart from the players in Imperial City, the players in the other main cities were stuck at Lv 5 and couldn’t level up.

Thus, they weren’t worried about experience points at the moment. They were worried about Escher coins!

No one had completed the weekly missions yet. This meant they didn’t know they could get 500 Escher coins for completing it once a week.

So at present, apart from the novice gift pack issued at the beginning, the only way to gain coins was to use reputation points to exchange for it.

However, 1 reputation point could only be exchanged for 2 Escher coins.

Moreover, it could only be exchanged when they accumulated 100 reputation points and reached the ‘friendly’ status. This was undoubtedly difficult for many players.

They might be players but they still needed to eat. If they didn’t eat then they would lose health!

Some people had the idea of stealing.

The problem was that the NPCs had higher health and attack power than them. In addition, many people couldn’t bear to do anything after establishing friendly relations with the elderly and children.

The prices in the small towns weren’t expensive but the Escher coins from the novice gift pack weren’t enough. Now everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the reward of 200 Escher coins.

However, the team leader limited the number of people. After 50 people wanted to join, they received the notification ‘the team is full and you can’t join.’

Many players who couldn’t join couldn’t help sighing. Then someone posted a message to the forum, asking about the task ‘Kill the Bully Baker’ and how to trigger it.

After all, the quest receiver gave away 10,000 Escher coins in one shot. The rewards for this mission must be very rich.

Players who successfully received the task also couldn’t help asking.

Baifeng and Xu Yuheng had long unified their statement and only said that the reward was 10,000 Escher coins and armor. They concealed the remaining 10,000 coins.

Finally, they posted the attributes of the armor.

In any case, the armor was bound and wouldn’t drop even if they were killed. At this stage, Xu Yuheng and Baifeng could say that they were invincible among the players, even if fighting a group battle.

The players were veterans and could all see the power of the armor. Everyone who saw it would drool.

“Ahhh, my god! How is this mission triggered? I want this armor too!”

“Yes, I saw this armor in the faction warehouse and it requires 1,000 reputation to redeem! 1,000 reputation would require me to do daily tasks for 20 days!”

“I admire it!”

There was a burst of ghostly crying and wolves howling in the channel.

Xu Yuheng was a bit annoyed to hear it and coughed coldly.

Baifeng had been busy until now. Xu Yuheng was in the team but his sense of existence was relatively low. It wasn’t until he opened his mouth that everyone quieted down.

It was because this guy didn’t sound easy to mess with…

Xu Yuheng briefly introduced the queset. In addition to killing the elite monster Baker, there were five younger brothers who were also the mission targets.

They were the local evil forces. In the case of retaliation, they counted as one.

For the players with a chaotic nature, there was nothing wrong with killing and setting fire in the game. As long as the health bar could be seen, they were monsters to be overthrown!

A large number of players were excited.

Ever since the game started, they were running around every day to take care of the elderly or children or doing housework. It was suffocating them!

Could they finally fight?

It was also as a group! Just thinking about it made their blood boil.

None of these players were newbies. A holographic online game might be different from traditional online games and there was a stronger sense of reality, but they still only regarded it as a real life CS game.

After all, the bloody images were covered in mosaics. This meant the players weren’t afraid. Rather, they found it funny.

They quickly started planning without any urging required.

52 players were fighting six monsters. There was a strength difference but this was more than enough.

Thus, they must fight beautifully in this battle. There must be zero deaths and injuries or it would be shameful!

Some people opened a livestream. People who weren’t in the team or were from other main cities came to watch the first battle of the game since the game started.

The forum suddenly became lively and people started to help make suggestions.

Once it came to playing games, fighting was cool!

The plan took 30 minutes to complete. Someone was responsible for tracking, some were responsible for the field, some were in charge of attracting aggro and some were in charge of aggro…

There was a clear division of labor and extremely strong action! 52 people clearly arranged the six monsters.

An hour later, Baker collected the protection fee from various places and reunited with his five younger brothers one after another. Then they prepared to go back with their spoils.

Halfway down the road, a little brother who was walking at the back suddenly stumbled on something as he walked. Once he managed to stand firmly, he saw an Escher coin rolling past in front of him.

He looked at his brothers in front of him and then at the coin. Finally, he couldn’t help chasing the coin into the depths of the alley.


A sack slammed down over his head and a stick hit him hard. This directly produced a stun effect.

The little brother behind Baker soon found that one person was missing.

He turned around and heard some strange noises from the alley. He didn’t think too much and simply told someone to go to the alley with him and check what happened.

The player in charge of the command suddenly became nervous.

“Please note, the second and third brothers are approaching Group 1. Group 2 and 3, quickly act. Don’t let the second and third brother interfere with Group 1.”

“Group 1, quickly solve the first brother and support Group 2 and 3.”

“Note, the boss and fifth brother are also shocked. They are around 200 meters from the alley. The fourth and fifth brothers are approaching from behind!”

“Group 4 and 5, get ready!”

“The boss is still there and is moving forward to the designated location. The aggro group, start your performance!”

“Baker, f*k your mother!”

At this time, there was a shout from upstairs.

Baker looked up gloomily.

As a result, he saw a pile of powder pouring at him. This was accompanied by his screams. Then the commander shouted in the team channel.

“Well done!”

“The boss is blinded! Brothers, go! The leader and vice-leader will be in charge of close range output. Everyone else, find the right opportunity to stab from the back!”

“Be stable!”

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