VCRMM: Chapter 62 Part 1

Xu Yuheng suddenly became vigilant. Baifeng, who had been smiling, also looked serious.

The two people looked at each other.

Xu Yuheng raised his feet and advanced while Baifeng tacitly fell one step behind him. He quickly ran into an alley and disappeared.

Xu Yuheng seemed unaware as he walked toward Jayne’s house, his eyes falling on the strong man.

This was an NPC and the level was unfathomable.

He quickly made a judgment. There was a great disparity in strength and he and Baifeng couldn’t compete at present.

At this time, the strong man pounding on the door looked at Xu Yuheng. He looked Xu Yuheng up and down with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Outsider, are you helping these little things?”

Xu Yuheng stood still and frowned deeply. “You are?”

“I am Baker, the boss here!”

The strong man spoke viciously. “Go back and tell your companion that this is my territory. Get out of here and mind your own business. Otherwise…”


Baker threw a punch and smashed a hole in the door. Due to the attack, the entire wooden house shook and the old wooden boards made a frightening sound.

On the second floor of the wooden house, Jayne hid in the closet with his younger brother and sister. The three children huddled together.

Their faces were full of fear as they listened to the movement outside and tears filled their eyes, but they held back their tears for dear life.

Then there was the sound of footsteps outside.

Jayne trembled as his two younger siblings retreated deeper into his arms and shook.

“Jayne, Jamie?”

The low voice was familiar. “Little Lily, are you there?”

“It is Brother Baifeng.”

The youngest child, Lily looked up with round brown eyes. There was a slight light in the closet.

The moment she spoke, the closet opened.

Baifeng saw the three of them unharmed in the closet and was relieved.

“Come out. I’ll get you out of here.”

He picked up the youngest girl while speaking to the other two little boys.

Jayne sniffed and raised a hand to wipe away his tears. Then he helped his brother jump out of the closet and escape through the back window with Baifeng’s help.

In front of the door, Xu Yuheng stared at the big man with a solemn face.

Just then, there was a notification. He scanned the message from Baifeng before looking at Baker with a smile. “I’m just passing by. You can help yourself.”

Then he left neatly.

Baker looked at his back suspiciously. Finally, he shook his head and kicked away the crumbling planks.

“Jayne, come out here!”

“You’ve received the subsidy for this month, right?”

“Where are you? Where are these little rabbits hiding? Don’t let me find you!”

Baker’s angry voice was heard from a distance and Xu Yuheng clenched his fists.

He wasn’t impulsive. He followed the address sent by Baifeng and eventually found them at a small hotel far away.

The three children had been settled down well.

The twins had fallen asleep after eating while the oldest Jayne was keeping watch over his younger siblings. It wasn’t known what he was thinking.

Looking at the three of them, Xu Yuheng frowned and secretly cursed the dog planners for not being human.

If they hadn’t come here today, it was hard to imagine what would’ve happened to the three children and how they would’ve lived.

They might have saved the children now but it would be hard later.

“Brother Yu.”

After seeing Xu Yuheng, Baifeng came over and pulled his arm to go out.

Xu Yuheng followed him without saying a word.

There was a vacant lot behind the hotel. In the middle of it was an unknown tree. It was short but sturdy.

Baifeng climbed up the trunk and sat down, his long slender legs hanging down. His legs shook in the air but there was a pleasant air around him.

Seeing him like this, Xu Yuheng’s gloomy expression became a bit better. He leaned against the tree trunk and habitually reached for the smokes in his pocket. He didn’t find any and remembered that this was a game.

“Brother Yu, here!”

Something was thrown over. Xu Yuheng took it and found that it was a carrot.


He looked up and saw Baifeng nibbling on the carrot with relish. He sighed and also took a bite.

It was crisp and full of juice, but there was a strange taste.

Just as Xu Yuheng was frowning with disgust, he heard Baifeng on the tree saying, “Brother Yu, let’s kill that guy.”

Xu Yuheng looked up at him.

Baifeng lowered his head with a grin. “Brother Yu, this is just a game.”

“I don’t like that Baker.”

“I want him dead.”

Xu Yuheng looked at him quietly.

It was for a long time before he retracted his gaze.

He chewed on the carrot and tasted the strange taste again. Then he said, “Okay, let’s give it a try.”

Baifeng heard the words and smiled in an even happier manner.

“Brother Yu, isn’t this carrot delicious?” He asked.

“It’s okay.”

“That’s a lie. You don’t like it at all.”


Imperial City, the small town of Doha.

Xu Sili and Si Sheng sat on the back of the shadow leopard and looked down at the village below.

The arrival of the elementalist engineering team meant the wasteland around Doha Town was being reclaimed. Old trees were uprooted and potholes were quickly filled with earth elements.

On the other side of the main road, a more spacious road was extending.

Once it was completed, more manpower and materials could be brought here to speed up the construction of Doha Town.

[Ding~ The conditions have been met. Imperial City – Mercenary Town Lv 1 is automatically upgraded to Lv 2. The elemental concentration has increased, the birth rate of elementalists has increased, the land fertility has increased and the production efficiency has increased.]

[Ding~ Mercenary Town – the Lv 2 upgrade was successful. Experience value +5000.]

5,000 experience was received. Xu Sili originally had more than half his experience bar filled. Now it rushed forward again to the end and didn’t stop until a large amount of the new experience bar was filled.

[Ding~ Your experience value is full. Your personal level has risen from lv 18 to lv 19. Intelligence and spirit +4, physique +2, strength, agility and defense +1 and free points +10.]

Xu Sili was taken aback.

He remembered that he had risen to lv 18 on the day the closed beta started. It required 10,000 experience to reach lv 19 so he thought it would take some time to increase.

Unexpectedly, Mercenary Town was upgraded successfully and directly gave him 5,000 points!

Looking at the 10 free points, Xu Sili skillfully added them to intelligence and spirit.

[Snow Roland]

[Personal level: Lv 19

Distance to level up: 2,568/11,000

Health: 109,000/109,000

Magic: 3,250/3,250

Physique (109), Intelligence (74), Strength (19), Spirit (117), Agility (18), Defense (18)]

The attributes panel had improved again.

Xu Sili found that his spirit detection range had increased by 10 meters again. His thinking became clearer and the surrounding sound elements became more active.

This was the benefit of intellectual and spiritual improvement.

He couldn’t help being moved.

The feeling of leveling up while lying down was really cool!

Si Sheng, who was holding him from behind, raised an eyebrow slightly. Then the corners of his lips curved up.

The power of Lord God was gradually recovering.

In any case, this was good news.

Of course, it was possible that after the power was restored, Lord God would no longer need him like now…

Si Sheng slightly lowered his eyes. There was a bit of loss in them.

Xu Sili wasn’t aware of it. He was just about to share his joy with Si Sheng when his communicator suddenly rang.

It was Xiao Wu.

He had asked Xiao Wu to monitor the players. Was there news so soon?

Xu Sili glanced at it and immediately knew what happened.

There were players who were plotting to kill an NPC.

Xu Sili didn’t allow players to kill NPCS. Let’s not mention the fact that NPCs were living people to him. How many years did it take to give birth and raise an NPC?

Don’t forget that urban upgrades were needed to meet the demand of the population. The current population was more than enough but it wouldn’t be enough in the later stages.

Every NPC was precious. He absolutely didn’t allow players to kill NPCs to level up!

Therefore, this matter was within the range of Xiao Wu’s surveillance.

However, after scanning the information of the NPC, Xu Sili also felt… he should be killed!

This NPC was a bully-like person. He lived in the central town of Orchid Moon City and lived on protection fees. Now… he had intentions against three orphans?

For orphans, the Roland Empire had a preferential treatment policy. These families could get some subsidies every month.

In the case of the three children, they actually should’ve been sent to the orphanage. Perhaps it was because their grandmother had just passed away but the information hadn’t been updated or other things delayed it. Thus, they still relied on the subsidies to live.

The subsidies might be a small amount but they could fill their stomachs and barely make ends meet. Now someone was aiming for it?

What was the difference between this and murder? Xu Sili wouldn’t be distressed at all if such a scumbag died.


Could these two players beat him?

Xu Sili touched his chin and found these people on the list of 1,000 players.

Yushu Linfeng: Lv 4.

Baifeng: Lv 5.

They both had the ‘wind’ character and it was obvious at first glance that they were friends.

However, this strength was really too weak!

A Lv 5 player only had 15 physique and 1,500 health. Xu Sili couldn’t see the level of Baker but he was a bully. It was absolutely impossible for him to only have 2 physique.

The difference in strength was very big.

Moreover, in addition to the 30 minutes wait time after death, the player would also lose 10% experience. This had been seen on the future forum.

This also made Xu Sili aware of a problem.

At this stage, players in Imperial City could go to the elemental academy to transfer at Lv 5. Then what about the other four main cities?

They might not be restricted and could continue to level up, but they couldn’t learn elementalist skills.

Was this a game bug?

Perhaps or perhaps not. After all, this was still the first closed beta. There was a high probability that some patches would be added later.

Even so, Xu Sili didn’t want to be so passive.

Recently, the elementalist academy was going to send testers to the four major cities to test for talented children. Qiu Zheng had reported this to him.

Once the time came, the army would go out and escort the children with difficulty back to the main city.

So why not set up branches directly in the other four main cities?

In the past, the restriction meant there was a problem with elemental concentration. Children would be concentrated in Imperial City to learn. Now the upgrade of the main city was inevitable. Why bother to go back and forth and increase possible casualties?

The more Xu Sili thought about it, the more it made sense.

Moreover, Imperial City needed to be upgraded but the other four cities couldn’t be left behind. Otherwise, if Imperial City was at Lv 3 and the other cities were still at Lv 1, the teleportation circle couldn’t be built.

The construction of the teleportation circle must be mutual.

Therefore, he needed to take advantage of the players in the other four main cities. If they successfully transferred to become elementalists, wouldn’t he get an engineering team?

They could earn reputation points while his cities could be upgraded quickly. This was a win-win thing!

Xu Sili made a quick decision and immediately issued orders to Qiu Zheng and Dean Justin.

He would take advantage of doing the test in other cities to send a teaching team over to each major city.

They didn’t need much strength. Each team would be equipped with a one star elementalist and nine elementalists of different affinities who were below one star.

There were more than 30,000 elementalists under one star, not counting the students, who were in the local army. It wasn’t a problem to send away 36.

He was even planning to send four elementalist engineering teams over but the journey was too difficult. He was afraid there would be unnecessary damages if he increased the number of people the army had to protect.

It was better to send a teaching team over first. He could figure out a solution to the engineering team later.

If only he wasn’t the emperor. Then he could ask Si Sheng to take him to the other major cities.

However, there was no way. Imperial City was too important and the current Roland Empire couldn’t afford any trouble.

Xu Sili sighed. He put down this matter and continued to focus on the current plan.

He had to go back and organize all of it. At this stage, the other four main cities were inadequate. He had to allocate manpower and material resources to fill up the gap.

Maybe he could take advantage of the players in this case.

He looked at the feedback from Xiao Wu and suddenly realized something.

The things in the faction warehouse could be teleported to the player after they paid the right reputation points.

Strictly speaking, it was drawn directly from his storage capsule to the player’s hands without any obstacles.

After receiving the courier from the Interstellar Alliance, Xu Sili hadn’t filled up the treasury. Even so, he found that these items could still appear in the faction warehouse.

In other words, the faction warehouse was approximately equal to the faction leader’s warehouse, whether it was the state treasury or private treasury.

He didn’t have any ideas at this time but now he was aware of the loopholes.

If this was used well, it was a bug-like setting!

Xu Sili became more excited the more he thought about it. He even found that these two players seemed even more pleasing.

No, he couldn’t let them suffer.

Players with a sense of justice must be cultivated well.

He pondered on it before adjusting the mission panel to write a new elite mission.

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