VCRMM: Chapter 61 Part 2

Si Sheng’s popularity on the Star Forum far surpassed other characters. Xu Sili was puzzled about this. Clearly, Si Sheng’s popularity had been at the bottom in Game of the Gods.

Had people finally discovered his little slave?

In the end, Xu Sili found out—it was him to blame.

It was because the card characters in Starry Sky Age were all adjusted based on his game data.

His preference for Si Sheng led Si Sheng to be the well-deserved number one. His character naturally possessed unparalleled charm.

This was reflected in the number of posts in the fan area…


Xu Sili scolded again, his expression still ugly.

He was very upset.

Yes, that timeline’s Si Sheng killed Snow Roland, causing his family to feel pain again.

So it was unpleasant to see him living so happily.

Was there any way to retaliate against him?

Xu Sili looked at the fan zone and suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Since Si Sheng killed Snow Roland, he must be very disgusted with Snow Roland, right? What if someone made a CP with him and Snow Roland…

Xu Sili smiled very badly.

He couldn’t do anything from a different time and space but at the very least, he could make Si Sheng feel slightly grossed out!

The CP fans dancing around in front of Si Sheng wasn’t too much!

It probably wouldn’t work but it was just a few posts. He had nothing to lose.

Xu Sili started to think about how to do it.

It wasn’t that easy to make a post hot. All the popular posts in the doujin area were basically images and comics.

This was the best way to attract the audience’s attention.

But… he couldn’t draw pictures.

Still, it didn’t matter. He couldn’t draw pictures but he could take them!

Xu Sili flipped through his album and found that he had really taken a lot of photos with Si Sheng.

The first one was a picture of him and Si Sheng under the starry sky. They were standing on the clock tower of the inner city and overlooking the square below them.

At that time, Si Sheng was holding him and guiding his spiritual power.

Just based on this picture, they were quite intimate. In addition, the side profile was clearly shot and it was obvious who they were.

It is you!

Xu Sili selected this picture and didn’t add any filters. He started to directly edit the content of the post.

He hadn’t written this type of CP post before so he directly referred to the format of the hottest post in this area. The title was written blindly and the image was uploaded. Then he promised to send a second photo if this post became popular.

Xu Sili checked it before clicking to send.

He clearly made it himself but looking at the prefix of [Si Sheng x Snow Roland], he was still vaguely unhappy and even wanted to delete it.

However, it wouldn’t necessarily become popular…

Xu Sili exited this area and chose not to look at it.

He discovered there were many areas and went directly to the dry goods area.

There were various medicine formulas, architectural blueprints, spaceship blueprints, battleship blueprints and even… storage capsule manufacturing technology!

Xu Sili’s saliva was about to drip.

However, he didn’t have enough points.

He once again remembered the popular posts in the doujin area that had basically exceeded 100 million views. How many points would that be?

If only he could draw…

Wait, this was wrong.

He couldn’t draw but he could… shoot photos.

As for the materials… there was no shortage on his side. As the emperor, he could use his privileges to create it directly.

However, this was too much.

Xu Sili’s expression had a hint of awkwardness.

The posts were naturally fake. He clearly knew that Li Zhecheng and Wen Jishan just had a simple colleague relationship.

Even if he wanted to shoot photos, he could only do it secretly.

How could he do such a wretched thing when he was the emperor?

Yet looking at these dry goods… Xu Sili felt that it was too difficult!

He scratched his head irritably.

Forget it. He wasn’t in a hurry in the short term.

Xu Sili closed the future forum and his pretend book before sitting up.

He stretched and looked at Si Sheng.

“Marshal, you can go if you have something to do. I am going to practice singing.”

Xu Sili didn’t neglect his personal training. Currently, Roland’s Good Night Song had a proficiency of 80 and Sprouting had a proficiency of 90.

Today it could reach 100. He didn’t know what changes would occur once the proficiency was full.

Si Sheng felt a bit regretful. There might’ve been the strange episode in the middle but he was having a good time. He hoped to stay a bit longer.

He looked at Xu Sili and asked in a low and pitiful voice, “Your Majesty’s singing… this servant wants to hear it.”

Xu Sili blinked before hearing Si Sheng continue, “This servant can also control the sound elements. Perhaps I can be of help to Your Majesty.”

It seemed… possible.

Si Sheng was a top talent in all elements. He didn’t seem to understand singing songs but in terms of controlling the sound elements, he was better than Xu Sili.

“Then let’s go together.”

Xu Sili stood up from the sofa and moved to the singing practice room at a lazy pace.

Si Sheng followed him.

He had only taken two steps when he stopped and went back to get the tea.

At the door of the singing room, Xu Sili paused to look at him. Once Si Sheng approached, he turned around and went inside.

The door of the singing room closed, isolating all sounds.


Orchid Moon City, the central town.

“Brother Xu, are we still going to Jayne’s house?” Baifeng walked beside Xu Yuheng and asked.

At this moment, they were walking on the street.

This town might be the center of Orchid Moon City but it was far less prosperous than the inner city of Imperial City.

On the contrary, it was very desolate. The streets were mostly filled with some weak elderly people and children. Young and strong men were rarely seen.

Xu Yuheng looked at the map he had just bought and answered, “We are leaving the city today.”

He had been delayed here for three days.

He had risen to level 4 through the daily tasks but Xu Yuheng still felt this was too slow.

He had studied the map. It took at least one month for ordinary people to walk from the central town to the military front line. It was also difficult to find suitable transportation in the area.

Thus, they had to set off as soon as possible.

The first closed beta only lasted one month. He didn’t want it to end before seeing his brother.

“There should be wild monsters on the road. It is possible to kill monsters and level up as well.”

Baifeng was somewhat reluctant.

He muttered, “However, I promised Lily and the others that I would come today… I can’t break my promise.”

Xu Yuheng rolled his eyes. “Didn’t I tell you not to move to the last ring?”

“However, the last ring gives 50 points of experience…”

Baifeng lowered his head. “We’re really not going?”

Xu Yuheng sighed.

Whoever came up with this ring task really wasn’t a person, especially the last ring.

A simple sentence would give them 50 points of experience. It wasn’t a temptation that was impossible to resist but for players who valued promises, it seemed to be a direct shackle on them.

Could they easily let go of the mission when thinking of these lonely and helpless old people or these children that looked at them eagerly, especially after favorability increased?

Xu Yuheng gritted his teeth. “Go and say goodbye to them.”

“Don’t do anything extra today!”

“Hahahaha, okay!” Baifeng became happy. “Little Lily, I’m coming! In addition, Jayne and Jamie are really cute, don’t you think?”

“They’re okay…”

Xu Yuheng’s lips twitched. How could they be as cute as his Xiao Li?

“Hey Brother Yu, look at the faction warehouse!”

Baifeng suddenly exclaimed. “The faction warehouse is updated again! Wow, so many good things!”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help opening the faction warehouse at these words.

There were a lot more things than last time.

There was armor of various levels, food, communicators and even… floating vehicles?

Xu Yuheng’s eyes brightened. This was really giving him a pillow while he was dozing off!

Then he saw that it required 10,000 reputation points and he sighed helplessly.

If the reputation points could be traded then he could think about it. However, the current game didn’t support recharging money so it wasn’t feasible.

“Brother Yu, you should redeem your reputation points for this!”

Then Baifeng’s excited voice was heard.

Xu Yuheng looked over and saw that there was a watch-like thing in his hand. It seemed to be a communicator.

“What is the use of this?”

Players had their own communication network so he felt this communicator was very useless.

“Brother Yu, this is a communication device for NPCs. You can contact NPCs directly!”

Baifeng continued, “I saw one on the mayor’s hand and I’ve inquired about it. This communicator is very expensive and we can definitely sell it at a good price to NPCs!”

“You only need 10 reputation points to redeem it. Brother Yu, didn’t you get 100 reputation points from the gift package? Hurry up and redeem 10 in one go. Then we will be rich!”

Xu Yuheng’s eyes brightened when he heard this. He wasn’t stupid and he knew this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. He hurriedly operated it.

However, it could only be exchanged one at a time and it took at least one minute to exchange physical objects from the faction warehouse. Therefore, the process wasn’t fast.

The two people had redeemed the fifth one and were ready to redeem the next one when there was a pop-up notification.

[The item has been sold out.]

Xu Yuheng was taken aback for a moment. Then he looked at the faction warehouse and the communicator icon had indeed disappeared.

Nevertheless, Xu Yuheng smiled as he looked at the five communicators in the hands of him and Baifeng.

At the very least, three could be exchanged for money.

He had no idea that his baby brother was currently swearing in the palace.

Xu Sili never thought that he would be exploited by people just because he forgot to set the exchange limit for a while.

He could see the list of people who exchanged for the items.

He saw a duplicate name appear and realized the problem. Then he hurriedly took the communicators off the shelf.

He might still have 9,000 in stock but he was upset about being exploited. He immediately asked Xiao Wu to monitor the people who repeatedly exchanged it.

Hmph, he wasn’t that easy to take advantage of!

On the other side, Xu Yuheng didn’t know what was in his communicator and he turned around with Baifeng to head to the house of the Jayne siblings.

The three siblings were orphans. They used to have a grandmother but she died last month. Now they were relying on other good people in town to help them and their lives were very difficult.

If the communicators sold for a good price, Xu Yuheng didn’t mind leaving some money for them.

They hadn’t reached the house when from a distance, they saw a figure with a large body blocking the entrance of the three children’s home.

He could feel the ferocity of the man even from far away.

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