VCRMM: Chapter 61 Part 1

There was silence in the bedroom.

The wind blew in through the open window, gently flicking the tulle-like curtains.

Xu Sili looked at the man in front of him.

Si Sheng took his hand, kissed him on the back of the fingers, bent his good-looking eyebrows and whispered with a soft smile…

Yesterday, he was very happy.

The words reverberated in Xu Sili’s mind. He kept recalling what happened yesterday in this room, next to him on the sofa…

His face turned red, his ears were hot and his heart was beating a lot faster.

“You… what nonsense are you talking…”

Xu Sili instinctively withdrew his hand.

He didn’t remember what he had just discussed with the little robot. All his thoughts were disturbed by the current ambiguous atmosphere.

Si Sheng gazed at him and the hope in his eyes slowly dimmed. He lowered his eyes and said, “This servant isn’t talking nonsense. Yesterday, Your Majesty…”

Before he could continue, a hand covered his mouth.

Si Sheng was startled when he felt the slightly cold hand. He raised his eyes and faced the young man’s purple eyes that were filled with some shyness.

“Don’t say anything about yesterday, okay?”

His expression was ferocious, like he would kill Si Sheng if Si Sheng dared to mention it again.

Si Sheng blinked.

He saw the young man’s fair skin slowly dyed red due to embarrassment and his heart shook. He nodded very slowly.

Xu Sili released him but didn’t give any more warnings. The man held his hand and pressed it against his cheek.

His body temperature was transmitted through the skin contact of the two men.

Xu Sili was a bit dazed.

Si Sheng looked up at him and smiled gently. “Your Majesty’s hand is a bit cold. I’ll warm it for you.”


The weather was indeed getting colder now but it wasn’t to the point of needing to be warmed.

Xu Sili stared at the other person’s smile and thought that this Si Sheng was ‘given an inch and wanting a mile.’


Well, forget it.

Rather than taking back his hand, he held the man’s cheek and rubbed it hard.

At Si Sheng’s stunned expression, Xu Sili made a playful expression. Then he laughed as he watched the man’s features twist into a grimace.

Of course, even this grimace looked good.

Si Sheng watched this laugh with stunned eyes before infatuation filled it.

He wished that time could stop in this moment.

Lord God was laughing and making trouble while he was the only one in Lord God’s eyes.

However, he failed to get what he wanted. The warmth of the moment was soon interrupted.

Knock knock knock.

There was a knock on the door. The refreshments ordered by Xu Sili were delivered.

He stopped playing around and asked the maid to bring in the refreshment. She placed it carefully on the table in front of him before he sent her away.

The bedroom was a very private place.

He didn’t like outsiders there.

His eyes swept over Si Sheng sweeping to the side. Xu Sili thought about it but didn’t rush him away. Instead, he ordered Si Sheng to sit on the sofa for multiple people.

The moment this man sat down, Xu Sili put his legs up on the sofa and leaned his back against Si Sheng’s arms, adjusting himself into a comfortable posture to sit.

Then he held a book in his hand and ate a biscuit while pretending to read it. In fact, he was looking at the future forum.

Si Sheng was a bit stiff. Then he found that Xu Sili was only using him as a pillow and relaxed.

Slowly, the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably, revealing a faint, sweet smile.

However, Xu Sili didn’t care about this person. He read a post seriously before turning a book page.

In the huge bedroom, there was only the clear sound of paper turning and the subtle sounds of the rubbing and rustling of clothes.

In this rare serenity, a comfortable and intimate warmth was brewing.

Xu Sili, the one who started all of this, didn’t bother to delve deeply into why he let Si Sheng stay behind.

After all, the two of them had broken the bottom line like that. For him, Si Sheng had become the closest existence to him apart from his family.

In this world that could be called unfamiliar, he really needed some type of support. He needed someone who could relax him completely.

At this moment, Xu Sili was in distress.

‘Paddling is All About the Waves’ wasn’t online today as well. It wasn’t known if he had forgotten about the post or if something happened.

Meanwhile, Xu Sili’s 20 forum points had been used up but he didn’t know what the energy stone was. He only obtained the health medicine formula.

Today, he wanted to obtain the magic recovery medicine formula.

It was very important to be able to quickly recover magic power. After all, publishing missions about the elite level consumed his magic.

Currently, the number of players was only 1,000 and he could endure it. Then what should he do when the open beta started?

However, the points needed to browse the formula to restore magic was 10 times more than the health medicine.

It took 100 points.

In addition, this recipe could only be seen in this post.

He thought there would be people who read this dry goods post and then shared it. It was true that he found such a shared post but it was closed and the formula removed.

This aroused his curiosity.

He did some searching and finally found out the reason. It was because this formula wasn’t dropped by the system. The player himself figured it out!

Perhaps the player relied on his predecessors to get some clues. Then he finally formulated the potion after experimentation.

Still, as the first person to produce it in the game, the government granted him a certain degree of intellectual property protection.

To some extent, officials could only do this on the Star Forum. There was nothing they could do about external websites.

Xu Sili had a headache but he understood the reason.

After all, the person who invented the potion also existed in his timeline. If the formula was taken by him ahead of time, the other person would probably be losing a lot of benefits.

It was because forum points could be directly exchanged for income.

Xu Sili mourned silently for the man for a moment before continuing to think of ways to earn points.

These were the methods to earn points:

1. Check in. 2.  Write dry goods posts. 3. Answer questions. 4. Read a certain amount of posts.

Checking in gave too few points. It was 2 points a day. As for the dry goods… he had a 10 year time difference with the future forum. What dry goods could he have? The same went for answering question posts.

So in the end, reading posts was the only thing left.

He could get 1 point for every 1,000 posts read and there were bonus points for discussion.

Xu Sili selected this direction and searched in the forum for the most read posts.

He excluded some guide posts and finally found an area where the amount of reading was large and the number of comments was very high. It was basically…

The CP posts in the doujin area.

This had a lot to do with Game of the Gods.

The original game itself had a huge number of CP fans. Starry Sky Age didn’t deliberately engage in this area but the conditions were too favorable.

After all, highly popular characters from Game of the Gods were linked and they were exquisitely modeled. They were given a new storyline and had a new charm.

Xu Sili wanted to block it but in the end, he couldn’t bear his curiosity.

It was because he immediately saw acquaintances.

[Wen Jishan X Li Zhecheng] Sweet Daily Life after Marriage~

Oh my god!

Xu Sili’s eyes shook and he secretly entered.

It was a fan art post.

These artists…

They were talented.

Seeing the clear image that didn’t reveal key parts but were full of color, Xu Sili felt that he couldn’t look directly at Wen Jishan and Li Zhecheng.


Wen Jishan was the one who was on top!

Fu*k… f*k…

Xu Sili read the entire post and he repeatedly shouted this countless times in his heart.

How could this be?

Was the gentle scum Wen Jishan actually so manly? The guard captain… was so weak that he was actually thrown down by such a weak Wen Jishan?

Oh, he couldn’t look them in the eye anymore.

He inwardly complained while still hoping his guard captain could rise.

The two people had such a difference in level yet the guard captain was actually thrown down by the chief administrator. This was really unscientific.

He didn’t know if there was a counterattack post…

Xu Sili quit the post and found—there really was one? In addition, the popularity was particularly high.

This post was full of stories.

In the setting, Wen Jishan was obsessed with work and there was only work in his eyes. This made the silently watching faithful dog slowly blacken.

One morning, Wen Jishan woke up and found he was locked in a strange room. Li Zhecheng was standing in front of him.

Wen Jishan calmly said he was going to work. Then… Li Zhecheng started to go crazy and the two of them did indescribable things.

At the end, Wen Jishan signed a series of humiliating agreements before continuing to work with his wounded body.

Xu Sili was moved.

His chief administrator loved work so much yet Li Zhecheng, this lazy guard with thick eyebrows and big eyes, dared to bully his chief administrator!

Sure enough, the guard captain was really suitable to be the one at the bottom!

Xu Sili quit this post and silently bookmarked the last post while also giving it a like.

Then he was about to exit the fan zone, determined not to enter such a terrible area again. However…

He glanced at the front page.

F*k, why were there so many posts about Si Sheng?

Si Sheng’s name occupied half of it in a basically arrogant manner.

Si Sheng x Wen Jishan.

Si Sheng x Li Zhecheng.

Si Sheng x Qiu Zheng.

Si Sheng x …

Xu Sili’s face turned green when he saw this.

He could read about Wen Jishan and Li Zhecheng with gusto but when seeing Si Sheng with others…

It was unbearable!

The silver-haired young man suddenly sat up from where he was originally lying lazily. There was an angry expression on his face that made Si Sheng feel confused.

He blinked and a rare confusion appeared on his face.

Xu Sili glared at this person, an unknown fire burning in his heart. In fact, he knew that the Si Sheng on the forum was from another timeline and had nothing to do with the person he was facing.

In addition, that Si Sheng had killed Snow Roland.

Thinking of this, the fire that had just subsided started to burn again.

He stared at Si Sheng and couldn’t help kicking this person.

This guy wanted to kill him in the beginning!

Of course, this kick didn’t hurt Si Sheng at all and only hurt himself.

Si Sheng saw his pained frown and reached out to hold his foot. He gently hugged it and his hands lit up with the blue light of water healing.

“Does it hurt?” He asked warmly.

Seeing the care and regret in the gray-blue eyes, Xu Sili gave a low snort but his anger subsided.

He withdrew his foot and moved to another posture. He placed his head on Si Sheng’s thigh and hummed, “Peel oranges for me!”

Si Sheng was still dazed and at a loss about the young man’s sudden outburst of anger. Now seeing the young man resting on his lap and reading, he smiled again.


He took off his gloves, washed his hands with the water element, peeled an orange for Xu Sili and finally fed it directly to Xu Sili’s mouth.

Xu Sili was busy reading the posts so he directly opened his mouth to eat.

He chewed while reading.

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