VCRMM: Chapter 60 Part 2

Xu Sili added a number of armors to the shopping cart and looked at transportation vehicles.

The largest type was a military shuttle.

Things like warships and spaceships were out of the question but without these military shuttles, it would be difficult to resist the attack of interstellar beasts in the sky.

He also bought a batch of civilian transportation tools such as floating cars, trucks, buses, etc. In any case, the price was acceptable.

Then he looked at robots. He needed to set up a branch of the Mercenary Association in Doha Town and robots were required to be on duty.

The current robots in Mercenary Town were bought five or six years ago. He updated and replaced them with newer versions.

The cost of everything was nearly 200 million cosmic coins.

Xu Sili couldn’t help being speechless when he saw the final total but he now had money. He also bought necessary things so it was worth it.

In fact, the other things weren’t particularly expensive because they were at a discounted price. The most expensive thing was a storage capsule.

It had around 2,000 cubic meters of space or 10x10x20 and it cost 120 million.

Was this expensive?

It wasn’t expensive at all!

It was equivalent to carrying a 200 square meter three-story villa around with him. This didn’t even take into account the public area. It was more than 100 million but Xu Sili thought this was completely acceptable.

He was even pleasantly surprised.

He saw that there was only one left and hurriedly bought it.

After the payment was successful, he saw that he had lost half of his account balance. Xu Sili wasn’t distressed at all but was very happy.

It was cool to have money to spend!

If it wasn’t temporarily unavailable then he would definitely continue to buy it.

“Xiao Wu, how soon will my things arrive?” Xu Sili asked.

“According to the normal speed, it should arrive tomorrow.”

“So fast?”

Xu Sili was a bit surprised.

The headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance should be far away from Escher Star, right?

The little robot explained, “The Interstellar Alliance has the most advanced fixed-point teleportation technology. It can quickly teleport items to the location of another coordinate.”

Xu Sili was startled. Wasn’t this a teleportation circle?

Snow Roland had no memory of it so he didn’t know about it.

He suddenly realized something and shuddered.

“Do you mean that the Interstellar Alliance has Escher Star’s coordinates so they can send things over to a fixed point at any time? Can they also send troops anywhere as long as they have the coordinates?”

The little robot shook his head.

“Brother, the fixed-point transmission technology can only transmit objects. It can’t move living things.”

Xu Sili still looked serious. “Are robots living things?”

“A robot’s program might be broken or interfered with during the transmission so before transmitting, it will be unplugged and enter the dormant state…”

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed.

In addition, the Interstellar Alliance had storage capsules!

This was just terrible.

If these two technologies were combined, it would be a disaster for a low-technology civilization if a war broke out.

The Interstellar Alliance might not be able to see Escher Star but Xu Sili had to be wary, especially with the Bewatt Empire watching.

It would be the end of the Roland Empire if they mastered this technology…

Yet for now, he could only take things as they came.

Xu Sili noted down this information and quit the virtual room without entering the interstellar community.

He was busy now and didn’t have time to wander around there.

Xu Sili exited the game cabin and tried to use the communicator to call Xiao Wu.

At his call, a light and shadow suddenly appeared on the communicator. A cute little robot appeared in front of him.

“Brother, what are you looking for?”

Xu Sili smiled at the young voice. “Nothing. I just called you.”

“I currently don’t need you to do anything. You can go out to play. If you see something you like…”

He just wanted to say ‘Brother will buy it for you’ before realizing that Xiao Wu was an artificial intelligence. He couldn’t use anything that was bought. Xu Sili couldn’t help pausing.

At this time, the little robot asked ignorantly, “Brother, what is like?”

Xu Sili was stuck due to the question.

This type of emotion was innate to humans. How could he explain it?

“It is a happy mood.” He thoughtfully wondered, “Do you understand a happy mood?”

The little robot nodded.

Xu Sili saw this and sighed with relief.

It would be hard to explain it if Xiao Wu didn’t even understand this emotion.

“When you are doing something or holding a certain item, you feel happy. This is what you like.”

The little robot seemed to understand and he said, “Then I like Brother.”

Xu Sili smiled as he heard Xiao Wu add, “I also like talking to people.”

“I am happy when I talk. So this is what I like.”

Xu Sili nodded. “Yes, this is what you like.”

“Now that you have time, you can find something you like to do. Once I need you, I will call you with the communicator.”

“You should be able to hear it, right?”

“I can hear it.” Xiao Wu nodded.

Then he waved to Xu Sili and disappeared into the communicator.

Xu Sili’s smile faded as he looked at the communicator.

In fact, he still had some worries.

Xiao Wu was currently too innocent. If he was exposed to too much complex information, would it affect his understanding of the world?

Yet sooner or later, this step would have to be taken.

Xu Sili couldn’t keep Xiao Wu with him at all times.

Xiao Wu was a real life and should have the life and freedom that belonged to him.

Xu Sili sighed and shook his head. He decided to continue to observe.

What should he do next?

The construction plan for Doha Town was released. He couldn’t take any follow-up until Wen Jishan and Chi Yu took action.

He thought about it and decided to place the information about the acquisition of the dragon blood grass and Siberian cocklebur on the mercenary platform and faction warehouse.

The current materials definitely wouldn’t be enough once the health potion was developed. He should start collecting them now.

After this, Xu Sili asked Janice to prepare some refreshments. Then he intended to visit the future forum to see if he could find more good things.

It was just that as soon as he turned off his communicator, he suddenly looked sideways vigilantly. He held the laser g*n hanging from his waist and looked in the direction of the door.

Xu Sili was relieved when he saw the familiar tall figure.

The new knowledge of the Interstellar Alliance’s technology made him a bit suspicious so he overreacted when he noticed something was wrong.

“When did you come?”

Xu Sili let go of the g*n and asked angrily.

This guy was always like a ghost. Sooner or later, Xu Sili would be scared to death.

“Just now.”

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved.

He disappeared in place and flashed right in front of Xu Sili, gazing at the other person with gray-blue eyes.

It was the first meeting after yesterday’s incident. Not only was Si Sheng not embarrassed but he seemed to be more intimate.

On the contrary, Xu Sili was a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, it was just a little bit.

The silver-haired youth bypassed the sofa where something happened yesterday and sat down on another sofa, arrogantly crossing his legs.

Si Sheng looked at him with a meaningful smile.

The conversation between Xu Sili and the little robot sounded in his ears as he walked toward the young man.

“Your Majesty, this servant has something that I want Your Majesty to help resolve.” He spoke softly.

Xu Sili blinked before nodding. “Say it.”

The blond-haired man didn’t speak directly.

There was the sound of the sofa slowly sinking down as the man raised his hand to the side of Xu Sili’s face and leaned slightly close, voice low and gentle.

“Your Majesty, when you stay with this servant…”

“Are you happy?”

Xu Sili was startled. He hadn’t expected Si Sheng to ask such a question.

Was he happy?

He frowned and raised his eyes, meeting the man’s gray-blue eyes.

It was such a beautiful and deep pair of eyes but there was a bit of anxiety in the depths. It was an emotion that Xu Sili couldn’t quite understand.

He couldn’t help pausing.

In any case, this was a look that made him feel distressed.

Xu Sili cocked his head. He was very puzzled by the thought just now.

Why did he need to feel distressed about such a powerful Si Sheng? Of course, it was really heartbreaking when Si Sheng was a small slave.

However, this powerful and handsome man wasn’t the virtual character he raised.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. He wanted to avoid this question but when he looked into the other person’s eyes, he ended up whispering, “I should… be happy?”

Then he saw the man smiling.

The man whispered, “Then can this servant… ask Your Majesty for a reward?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips while feeling strange.

He knew what Si Sheng wanted but even if he wanted to give Si Sheng freedom, he couldn’t do it—

He didn’t know how to unlock the puppetry technique.

“Your Majesty?” The man urged him for an answer.

Xu Sili pressed his lips together tightly. He shifted his gaze away softly, thought about it for a moment and nodded with a soft hum.

Si Sheng might be disappointed but Xu Sili could give him a promise. Then once there was a chance, he would find a way to unlock the technique.

Even if he now… slightly didn’t want to let Si Sheng go…

The thing he didn’t realize was that Si Sheng didn’t say anything else. Instead—

Si Sheng gently touched his hand.

He couldn’t help lowering his head to look at the man’s long, powerful fingers that were slowly holding his hand with the thumb resting on the back of his fingers.

Xu Sili stared at this person blankly.

What did Si Sheng want to do? Wasn’t he going to ask for a reward?

Under Xu Sili’s confused and indulgent gaze, the man took his hand and leaned over, kissing the back of his fingers religiously.

Xu Sili suddenly felt hot.

It was even hotter than the feeling of holding this person yesterday.

His face turned red as he looked at Si Sheng. Si Sheng’s lips were curved in a smile, his gray-blue eyes deep and charming as he showed a rare gentleness.

“Your Majesty, thank you for everything you have done for this servant.”

“Yesterday, this servant was very happy.”

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